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Medical Negligence Solicitors For Bolton – No Win No Fee Claims Guide

By Daniel Stark. Last Updated 4th November 2021. Welcome to our guide on medical negligence solicitors for the Bolton area. Are you looking for a solicitor and legal advice regarding medical negligence? Get in contact with Legal Expert to be provided with top clinical negligence lawyers who cover cases in areas such as Bolton, and clinical negligence solicitors in the North West. We are a trusted legal advice service that provides victims of clinical negligence across the North with the right solicitors covering these areas to represent their compensation claim.

Call us today on 0800 073 8804 for your free consultation. We will be able to ascertain whether or not you have a legitimate accident claim to make, estimate how much compensation you could receive and will provide you with an excellent medical negligence specialist covering Bolton to win your medical negligence claim.

solicitors Bolton This guide to finding the right solicitor to work with, is written for claimants looking to make a medical negligence claim in the Bolton area. If you live in the North East, we can also provide you with expert clinical negligence solicitors in the North West, or elsewhere in the country if you live further afield.

Medical negligence is defined as substandard care delivered by a healthcare provider towards a patient, which results in the victim becoming injured, ill or having an existing medical condition worsened. If the patient (Claimant) can prove the following then you could be eligible to claim medical negligence compensation:

  • That you the claimant was owed a duty of care by the medical institution that treated you, such as doctor’s surgery or hospital (the defendant)
  • That the defendant breached the duty of care they owed you
  • That the defendant’s breach of duty of care was an avoidable accident that caused your injury or illness, or worsened an existing condition.

To win your medical negligence claim, you will need to use solicitors covering your area who specialise in medical negligence to represent you.

Are there any other important factors to consider when looking for medical negligence specialists and legal advice in your area? Firstly that most medical negligence claims have to start proceeding within three years of the medical negligence accident taking place, or the Claimant realising that they had been injured.

There can be exceptions to this rule under special circumstances. Another important factor to consider when claiming for medical negligence injuries is that you can actually claim compensation on behalf of your next of kin, is if they are now deceased or mentally incapacitated.

How to find Medical Negligence Solicitors For Bolton

If you are seeking solicitors and legal advice who covers claims in the Bolton area, this can be a difficult process. It is important that you choose the solicitor with the right expertise to represent your case. This can make a huge difference to whether or not you can win the case, and how much compensation you could be awarded.

Research Solicitors and Legal Advice Services

Many people who are looking to use medical negligence solicitors for Bolton will consult online medical negligence specialists reviews to research the correct solicitor to use. Others ask family and friends who can recommend a solicitor, to learn from their personal experience.

Another way to find the solicitor with the right expertise to represent your medical negligence case is to use a legal advisor like Legal Expert. It is within our interest to provide you with a specialist medical solicitor who covers Bolton and who has the expertise and experience to represent your medical negligence compensation claim.

Do I Need to use Local Medical Negligence Specialist?

You may think that if you were injured in a Bolton hospital that you have to use medical negligence solicitors in Bolton. This isn’t true. You are free to use any law firm in the country. Their physical proximity to you or where you were injured has no impact on whether or not you are permitted to hire them.

What’s more important are the firm’s reputation and track record. It’s very easy to work with a lawyer without ever meeting them face-to-face. All aspects of a claim can be handled remotely by using things like emails and phone calls.

NHS Medical Negligence Statistics

The NHS have many medical negligence claims made against them each year. Each year, they release an annual report that shows the figures relating to the claims that they handle. As you can see in the graph just below; in 2020/21, the NHS had to spend £2,209 million on medical negligence claims made against them.

It’s important to note that these figures are a composite of all NHS facilities such as:

What is not included in these figures are claims made against private healthcare facilities. You can still make a claim against a private hospital, but these are NHS stats only.

Medical negligence solicitors statistics graph

Medical negligence solicitors statistics graph

What Kinds Of Medical Negligence Claims Does Our Team Help With?

Have you experienced medical negligence which has left you with a lasting injury, or the worsening of an existing medical condition? You could be owed tens of thousands of pounds in medical negligence claim. Below are some medical negligence examples of common injuries we often deal with.

Medical Negligence At The Royal Bolton Hospital

If you need experienced clinical negligence in the solicitors North West, for a claim for NHS medical negligence at a hospital in Bolton, or medical negligence in a private hospital, then you could be entitled to claim compensation. Call Legal Expert to be provided with the right solicitor to win your claim today.

Claims for Dental Negligence

Have you experienced medical negligence at a dentist’s practice? Whether your dentist, orthodontist, oral hygienist or dental nurse was at fault, we can help you to make a dental negligence claim no matter where you are based.

NHS & GP Medical Negligence Solicitors

Have you experienced medical negligence in Bolton because of your GP? Whether it was an NHS GP, or a private GP, Legal Expert can provide you with the right NHS & GP medical negligence solicitors to handle your claim.

Cancer Medical Negligence Claims

The sooner that cancer is caught and the sufferer’s treatment begins, the easier it is to treat. Therefore a late diagnosis of cancer or cancer misdiagnosis can be a devastating medical accident, which is fatal in some cases.

If you have evidence that you were misdiagnosed with cancer and the late diagnosis worsened your medical condition then you could be entitled to claim thousands of pounds in compensation. Trust Legal Expert to provide you with a medical negligence solicitor, Bolton or elsewhere today.

Nursing Home Negligence Cases

Have you, or your next of kin who is mentally incapacitated or now deceased suffered medical negligence at a nursing home, or care home in the North West? Common incidents of medical negligence that happen in care homes or nursing homes include the unnecessary transmission of infections, the mismanagement of an existing medical condition or a slip, trip and fall accident. If you or your next of kin were injured, made ill or had an existing medical condition worsened in a care or nursing home, then you could claim medical negligence compensation.

Childbirth Medical Negligence Claims

Childbirth medical negligence can lead to birth injuries, which can affect the mother, or even leave the child with lifelong medical conditions or disabilities. Birth injuries can be caused by the doctor failing to notice distress in the foetus, or using the wrong tools, as well as other forms of medical negligence during childbirth.

If you or your child has been harmed by medical negligence during childbirth that happened at a hospital in Bolton, then Legal Expert can help you. You could claim tens of thousands of pounds in compensation, so let us provide you with a solicitor who can win your childbirth medical negligence claim.

The Process Of Making A Claim

If you have been the victim of medical negligence, then there is a process you should follow to increase your chances of success. While there are more things you’ll have to do, we’ve only included a few of the more important ones in this section. Medical negligence solicitors for Bolton will be able to help you with all of these steps.

Approach Those In Charge Of The Medical Facility

This is the case for both private healthcare facilities and those run by the NHS. However, for a private facility, it’s likely to be the owner or manager that you would complain to. For the NHS, it would be the manager or someone similar.

You should inform them of the negligence that you have experienced, and what the effect on your health was. Additionally, tell them that you intend to make a claim against them for compensation. If they admit liability, then it’s possible they could offer you a settlement relatively quickly. But, be wary. The initial offer could be quite low when compared with the potential value of your claim. It’s best to ask medical negligence solicitors for their advice before accepting any offers.

Seek The Advice Of Medical Negligence Solicitors For Bolton

Whilst you don’t legally need to hire a solicitor to make a claim, it is advised. The process can be very confusing, so having an experienced professional to help you understand can be a great advantage.

Clinical Negligence Compensation Calculator

If you are seeking solicitors and legal advice in Bolton, with regards to medical negligence that you have experienced, Legal Expert can help you make a medical negligence claim. Consult our clinical negligence compensation calculator to get an estimate of how much medical negligence compensation you could receive.

Alternatively, for a more accurate estimate that takes your particular circumstances into account, call Legal Expert today for a free legal consultation. The table below includes information on the value and number of claims made against NHS trusts in the Bolton area

Healthcare ProviderClaims Recieved 2015/ 16Number of Incident 2015/ 16Payments Made
Bolton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust76*3,455,096

Time Limits On Medical Negligence Claims

Most claims have a 3-year time limit placed on them from the date you were injured. This means that you must issue court proceedings before this window expires. If you miss this deadline, then you’re likely to find it much more difficult to have your claim addressed. In some cases, it will be impossible.

However, some injuries may not be detected right away. You may only be diagnosed further down the line. If this is the case, then your 3-year time limit can begin from the date your injury is detected. This is known as the date of knowledge, and it must be backed up with evidence.

Children cannot make their own claims. Therefore, their time limit only begins on their 18th birthday. Before this date, it must be made on their behalf by an adult known as a litigation friend. This is often their parent/guardian but can be any adult with the child’s best interests at heart.

Those with a reduced mental capacity can also have their time limit suspended. It will begin when and if they are deemed capable of making a claim themselves. If this is never a possibility, then their time limit remains suspended. Litigation friends are also relevant in these types of claims.

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors In Bolton

All of our medical negligence solicitors for the Bolton area operate on a No Win No Fee basis. What this means is that if you choose to hire us, you won’t be expected to cover your solicitor’s legal fees if your claim is unsuccessful.

Inversely, if your claim is successful, then your lawyer will take a small percentage from your settlement as payment. The amount that they take is pre-arranged, so you won’t be shocked by any last-minute fees.

It is possible to make a claim without the assistance of medical negligence solicitors for Bolton. However, it isn’t advisable to do this. We always recommend that you operate on a No Win No Fee basis with a reputable lawyer. This is because if you do not have such an arrangement in place, you may still be expected to cover your lawyer’s legal fees even if you do not win your claim. This will not happen with us. As mentioned earlier, if we do not help you win your case, we will not charge you.

Speak to Legal Expert Today

If you have experienced medical negligence that happened in Bolton, speak to Legal Expert today. We are a well-respected solicitor’s firm, who provide clinical negligence claimants with medical negligence solicitors who cover the North West.

Many of our clinical and medical negligence solicitors have been practising personal injury law for many years. Call us, Legal Expert today, to begin your claim for medical negligence compensation, or fill out our online claims form.

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Thank you for taking the time to read our guide on medical negligence solicitors in Bolton.

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