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High Wycombe Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence – No Win No Fee Claims

I Was Harmed At A High Wycombe Walk-In Centre, Could I Claim Compensation?

There are a number of places you could go to if you have suffered a minor injury or illness that may require medical advice and treatment. You could visit a High Wycombe hospital, your GP or, in some cases, you could attend a High Wycombe walk-in centre.  While these centres are meant to offer a safe, effective standard of care, sometimes something could go wrong. If this leads to you suffering undue harm, you may be able to claim compensation for the effects of any High Wycombe walk-in centre negligence you’ve suffered.

High Wycombe walk-in centre medical negligence claims guide

High Wycombe walk-in centre medical negligence claims guide

This guide has been compiled to help you understand more about claiming for injuries suffered as a result of negligence by an NHS walk-in centre in or near High Wycombe.

Below, you will find out more about how cases of medical negligence are assessed, the type of negligence you could suffer at a Buckinghamshire urgent treatment centre, and how such negligence could affect you.

We also offer some insight into compensation payouts, as well as showing you how the team at Legal Expert could provide you with legal support when making a claim for compensation.

If you’re ready to get started with a claim right away or would like to talk to us about your claim, please don’t hesitate to call us for free, no-obligation advice on 0800 073 8804.

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A Guide To Claims For High Wycombe Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence

There are many ways reasons that someone might visit a High Wycombe walk-in centre. Whether someone is suffering from a minor illness or injury or wanting healthcare advice, STI testing or pregnancy advice, they may not be able to attend their own GP surgery, or they may wish to get advice outside of the opening hours of the practice they’re registered with. A walk-in centre provides somewhere to go to obtain advice and treatment for those people.

If you’ve visited a High Wycombe walk-in medical centre, and the advice or treatment you’ve received fell below a certain standard of care, you may be wondering whether this could be classed as negligence. You may also wonder whether you could claim compensation for the harm you’ve suffered because of such negligence. This guide has been created to help you.

Below, we explain what happens if you are unduly harmed by High Wycombe walk-in centre negligence. We discuss the problems you might face, and how they could affect you, as well as taking you through the process of making a claim with the help of our expert team. As well as this, you can find guidance on calculating compensation amounts and insight into making a claim without having to pay for legal services upfront. We hope you find this guide useful.

What Is Clinical Negligence At A High Wycombe Walk-In Centre?

Whether you have received negligent advice, a misdiagnosis, medication or prescription error or negligent treatment at a High Wycombe walk-in centre, you could suffer a variety of unpleasant consequences.

Your medical condition could become harder to treat, or you could suffer for longer than you would have done if things had been done properly.

In cases of minor injury, negligence could result in a wound becoming infected, or a broken bone not healing properly.

It is a healthcare professional’s duty of care to provide you with a safe, effective standard of care. If they do not, and you suffer undue harm as a result, if you can prove that they breached their duty of care, you could claim compensation for the suffering and pain you’ve experienced, as well as the financial expenses you’ve incurred as a direct result.

How Can Negligence Be Identified?

It is important to understand that sometimes, things go wrong due to no fault of the healthcare professional treating you or giving you advice. Some conditions could be very difficult to diagnose and manage. Not all cases where something goes wrong in the management of a health condition could result in a claim for negligence.

Usually, to prove clinical negligence you would have to establish:

  • That the patient was owed a duty of care
  • That the duty of care was breached
  • That undue harm was suffered by the patient as a direct result of the breach

One test that could be used to assess a breach of duty of care by a doctor, nurse or other healthcare practitioner is the Bolam test. This tests the professional’s actions against what is accepted as being the responsible and proper practice at the time. If a professional’s actions are not deemed to have been proper and reasonable, and the patient suffers harm, this could be considered negligence.

Examples Of Negligence

Some examples of negligence could include incidents where there is a:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Failure to refer
  • Negligent treatment
  • Negligent advice
  • Medication error

These examples are covered in more detail in the sections below. If you believe you’ve been the victim of High Wycombe walk-in centre negligence, and have suffered as a result, we could help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

Walk-In Services Covering High Wycombe

If you visit the NHS website and search for a High Wycombe walk-in centre, you might see the below sites listed:

  • SHAW- High Wycombe – This is a sexual health centre based in Wycombe hospital. It offers STI testing and other sexual health services.
  • The Oakridge Centre – This community health centre provides services including emergency dental care, physiotherapy and more.
  • Cressex Health Centre -This centre offers a variety of primary healthcare services, including access to GPs, and family planning services.

High Wycombe walk-in clinic times vary between clinics and may have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, so it is vital to check the High Wycombe walk-in centre opening times and restrictions before you visit.

What Services Do Walk In Healthcare Centres Provide?

There are many differed services that could be provided at a High Wycombe walk-in centre, depending on which one you visit, including:

  • COVID testing – if you have symptoms of coronavirus, you could attend a walk-in COVID test centre in High Wycombe. There is, at the time of posting, one based in Buckinghamshire Council’s Gateway car park, but this could be subject to change.
  • Sexual health advice – you might need family planning advice, STI testing or other GUM services. If so, you might approach a walk-in centre to help you with this.
  • Minor injuries – if you have suffered a minor injury such as a burn, scald, sting, bite, or cut, you could visit a High Wycombe walk-in centre to seek advice and treatment.
  • Minor illnesses – if you need help with a short-term minor illness, such as hay fever, infection or rash, stomach pain or vomiting and diarrhoea, you could visit a walk-in centre to get advice and treatment.

Professionals working at a High Wycombe walk-in centre may in some cases be able to prescribe medication to treat minor injuries or illnesses. They are not supposed to prescribe medication for serious or long-term medical conditions. If they are unable to diagnose or treat you, they should refer you to a service that could.

Negligent Walk-In Clinic Minor Injuries Care

If you’ve suffered minor injuries in High Wycombe, you may feel that your injuries are not serious enough to require attendance at a High Wycombe hospital, and might have sought assessment or treatment from an urgent treatment centre in High Wycombe instead.

Some injuries can be assessed and treated at a High Wycombe walk-in centre, including:

  • Bites and stings
  • Cuts and grazes
  • Minor head injuries
  • Scalds and burns
  • Sprains and strains
  • A suspected broken bone

If you have suffered a minor injury that requires you to seek medical advice it is vital that High Wycombe minor injuries units correctly assess your injuries and provide the correct diagnosis, so you can get the right advice and treatment needed to help you recover.

If you suffer a misdiagnosis of a broken bone, for example, this could lead to long term problems, and your injury may not heal properly. This could lead you to require more invasive treatment, or, in serious cases, it could lead to problems that cannot be remedied.

Or, if proper care is not taken when treating you, for example, if a cut is not cleaned before you receive stitches, it could lead to infection.

If you can prove negligence at a walk-in centre in High Wycombe has caused you harm, our team could help assess your case for free to see if you could claim.

Negligent Walk-In Clinic Minor Infection Care

If you are suffering symptoms of a minor infection or illness, you may not feel it is serious enough to attend A&E at High Wycombe hospital, but you may require medical advice and treatment.

You could benefit from advice from High Wycombe doctors by visiting one of the walk-in centres in the area, which could help with infections and illnesses such as:

  • Vomiting
  • Throat infections
  • Stomach pain
  • Skin infections/rashes
  • Eye problems
  • Ear infections
  • Diarrhoea

An accurate diagnosis is vital in treating any medical problem, as it ensures you get the right advice and treatment to manage your condition. If you are not investigated properly, in accordance with clinical guidelines, and you do not receive the right advice and treatment, this could lead to your medical condition worsening.

This could cause more severe problems and could mean you’d need more invasive treatment to manage the condition. If you believe you’ve suffered harm due to High Wycombe walk-in centre negligence relating to a minor illness or infection, you could be eligible to claim compensation. We could help you do so.

Negligent Walk-In Clinic Maternity Or Sexual Health Care

If you have concerns about sexual health in Bucks, there are a number of places you could visit to obtain advice and treatment. You would expect that if you visit a High Wycombe walk-in centre with pregnancy queries, sexual health advice or STI tests, you would receive a safe, effective standard of care. After all, if things go wrong, it may not only be you, the patient, that is affected. Some examples of how this could occur include:

  • Failure to diagnose STIs – If a sexually transmitted infection is not diagnosed, this could mean your condition could worsen. It could affect your fertility and your health, but it could also mean you go on to infect a sexual partner without knowing it.
  • Negligent pregnancy advice – if you attend a High Wycombe hospital walk-in centre with concerns about your pregnancy and you are given negligent advice, this could harm both you and your unborn child.

The above examples show just how serious negligence by a walk-in centre in High Wycombe could be. If you’ve suffered High Wycombe walk-in centre negligence relating to maternity or sexual healthcare and can prove it, we could help assess whether you could be eligible to claim compensation. Why not get in touch to find out more?

Negligent Walk-In Clinic Medication

Have you had problems caused by a High Wycombe NHS walk-in centre relating to prescription or medication errors? It is essential that if you are diagnosed with a condition that requires prescription medicines, the prescription is for the right medication at the right dosage in order for it to have an optimal effect.

There are, however, several ways in which things can go wrong with prescriptions, including:

  • Wrong medicine prescribed – if you are prescribed the wrong medication, this could not only fail to treat your condition, but it could also cause unpleasant side effects.
  • Dosage too low – if you are prescribed too low a dose of medication, this could fail to treat your condition effectively.
  • Dosage too high – if your dosage is too high, this could cause symptoms of an overdose. Depending on the type of medication you’ve been prescribed, the effects of this could be quite serious.
  • Allergic reactions – if you’re prescribed medication you are known to be allergic to, this could cause an allergic reaction.
  • Drug interaction – if you are prescribed medication that interacts with medication you’ve informed the High Wycombe walk-in medical centre you’re already taking, you could suffer a drug interaction.

Whatever type of medication or prescription error you’ve suffered harm from, we could help assess your case to see if you could claim compensation for High Wycombe walk-in centre clinical negligence. If you can prove a breach of duty and the harm suffered as a result, we could provide you with a solicitor to help you.

How Much Could I Claim For High Wycombe Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence?

The amount of compensation you could claim for High Wycombe walk-in centre negligence could vary wildly depending on the specific injuries you’ve sustained, as well as their severity.

As part of a claim against a minor injuries unit, a minor illness unit or an out of hours walk-in medical centre in High Wycombe, you would need to undergo a medical assessment. An independent medical professional would read your notes, examine you and put together a medical report detailing your prognosis as well as verifying your injuries. This report could be used to evidence your High Wycombe GP walk-in centre claim, and could be used to come to an appropriate value for your case.

We recognise that you might want to get some idea of how much your claim could be worth before you go ahead with it. Below, you’ll find a table containing values taken from the Judicial College Guidelines, a publication which could give you some insight into compensation amounts. If your injury is not included here, please call our team. We’d be glad to give further insight over the phone.

Type if injuries sustained Judicial College Guideline figures Remarks
Male loss of sexual function and total impotence Around £139,210 This bracket could be appropriate for injuries affecting younger men. The payout would take into account the effect on the claimant’s domestic and social life, as well as the psychological effects such injuries have caused.
Male loss of sexual function and total impotence £40,370 to £73,580 This bracket could eb appropriate for those cases that affect middle-aged men who have children already.
Male sterility £52,620 to £66,970 Where there are no aggravating factors and where sexual function is unaffected.
Female infertility as a result of injury/disease £107,810 to £158,970 Scarring, pain depression and anxiety could impact the victim.
Female infertility as a result of a failure to diagnose ectopic pregnancy £31,950 to £95,850 This bracket would usually involve complications. Their severity would dictate the level of award.
A delay in diagnosing ectopic pregnancy £3,180 to £19,170 Fertility would not be affected. The extent of the bleeding, whether transfusions were needed, whether a loss of fallopian tube occurred and the pain and suffering would dictate the award.
Non-traumatic injury causing damage or illness £36,060 to £49,270 Cases of severe toxicosis
Non-traumatic injury causing damage or illness £8,950 to £18,020 Short lived, serious poisoning
Non-traumatic injury causing damage or illness £3,710 to £8,950 While recovery could occur within 1-2 years symptoms such as cramping, fatigue, and bowel function alteration could have initially affected the claimant.
Non-traumatic injury causing damage or illness Up to £3,710 Weeks or says of diarrhoea, pain and cramping.

Special Damages For High Wycombe Walk-in Centre Medical Negligence

While the table above offers some insight into the loss of amenity, pain and suffering caused by your injuries (general damages), it is also possible for you to claim for financial expenses that have directly resulted from your injuries too. These are what are known as special damages. They could include:

  • Care costs – if you’ve suffered injuries so severe that you were left unable to care for yourself, and needed care at home, such costs could be included within your clinical negligence claim.
  • Travel costs – if you’ve incurred travel expenses when visiting your solicitor or attending medical appointments, you could include these costs.
  • Medical expenses – whether you’ve incurred costs for prescription medicines, counselling or physiotherapy, medical expenses incurred as a direct result of your injuries could be included as part of your claim.
  • Income loss – some injuries may necessitate you abstaining from work while you recover. If you’ve lost out on income because of this, you could claim compensation for this.

Evidencing Special Damages

If you’re wondering what evidence you’d need to claim special damages caused by negligence by a walk-in centre in High Wycombe, bank statements, bills, payslips and receipts could all be useful.

If you don’t have evidence of the costs you’ve incurred, you wouldn’t be able to include them within your claim, so it’s important to keep such documents in a safe place so you could provide them to your solicitor when needed.

No Win No Fee Claims For Negligence At A High Wycombe Walk-In Centre

Whether you’ve been affected by a prescription error, a misdiagnosis, or another form of High Wycombe walk-in centre clinical negligence, you could use the services of one of Legal Expert’s solicitors without having to pay any legal fees upfront, or until your claim ends.

All Legal Expert solicitors work under No Win No Fee terms. This means that instead of paying them to begin your case, you’d be asked to sign an agreement instead, promising to pay them a success fee if they were able to negotiate compensation for you.

The document you’d be asked to sign, a Conditional Fee Agreement, would set out the success fee you’d pay. It is usually a percentage of your total payout and is legally capped. You’d only pay this fee if your solicitor won compensation for you. If they did not, you wouldn’t be liable for the success fee or to cover any of your lawyer’s costs incurred while pursuing your claim.

We recognise that you may have further questions regarding No Win No Fee agreements. We’ve put together further guidance to help you, which you can access here. Otherwise, do feel free to call our team with any questions. We’d be happy to answer them.

How To Talk To Our Team

Whether you have further questions about claiming for High Wycombe walk-in centre medical negligence, or you’d like us to check your eligibility and provide you with a lawyer to assist with your claim, there are several ways you can reach us, including:

Where To Find Out More

Principles – The Royal College Of Nursing – The principles of nursing, as set out by the RCN, can be found here.

Values Of The NHS– You can find the NHS Constitution For England’s principles and values here.

Find An NHS Walk-In Centre Near Me – Looking for NHS services nearby? The NHS website could be useful to you.

Wrong Dose Negligence– Getting the wrong dose of medication could be dangerous. You can find more about claiming for this here.

Clinical Negligence By A Doctor – You can find out more about claiming for a doctor’s breach of their duty of care here.

Have You Suffered From A Misdiagnosis – Misdiagnosis claims could be complex. You can find out more about making claims for misdiagnoses here.

Other Medical Negligence Claim Guides That May Be Helpful

Thank you for reading our guide to High Wycombe walk-in Centre negligence.


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