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How Much Compensation For An Accident While On A Packaged Holiday?

Going on holiday is supposed to be an exciting time. No one expects to come back feeling depressed and suffering from a serious injury. However, this can sometimes happen if the package holiday firm you have booked with has been negligent.

Your tour operator has a duty to provide you with a safe and healthy trip. If they have failed to do this, and you have been injured, you will be able to make a claim. Read on for further information.

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A guide to accident claims for injuries while on a package holiday

Package Holiday Injuries

Package Holiday Injuries

Accidents can happen anywhere. If you have been injured while on holiday, and it was not your fault, not only can it ruin your vacation, but also it can have a lasting impact on your life. No matter whether your injuries are minor or major, it is important to recognise that you deserve compensation for your suffering. This is something we can help you to secure. In this guide, you will find plenty of information regarding accidents abroad international personal injury claims, including details on eligibility, holiday claims loss of enjoyment, accident abroad jurisdiction terms, how to claim, and payout amounts.

Holiday accidents statistics

According to research conducted by the Post Office, an estimated 4.4 million British people were injured in the past three years while on holiday. This is a huge figure, and a lot of these people would have been injured through no fault of their own, making them eligible for accident abroad compensation.

What is a package holiday accident?

If you have come down with an illness or sustained an injury while on a holiday that has been booked through a UK tour operate, you may have the basis for a personal injury claim. This is as per the Package Travel, Package Holiday, and Package Tour Regulations 1992. These regulations provide protection for people who suffer an illness or injury while they are on vacation.

These regulations state that a package holiday is any type of deal that consists of at least two of the following incorporated:

  • Accommodation.
  • Transport.
  • Other tourist services, for example, excursions that make up a large part of the trip.

What to do if you are involved in an accident causing injury while on a package holiday

Injury abroad what to do? If you have been injured while on holiday, it is important to try and gather as much evidence as possible. Of course, first and foremost, you need to get the appropriate medical attention. After which, you should contact your travel insurance provider. You should make note of everything that happened, take photographs of the accident location and your injuries, and get the contact details of anyone that witnessed the incident.

Packaged holiday accident claims – Can I claim compensation?

You are able to launch a personal injury claim if you have been injured through no fault of your own while on holiday within the last three years. It is important to determine whom you are claiming against in such incidents. A package holiday claim is a claim made against a tour operator that has provided you with more than one element of your holiday. If you have not been on a package holiday, we can still help you to claim. Simply get in touch for more information.

A list of the top 20 holiday destinations

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular holiday destinations for Brits:

  • Turkey
  • Benidorm
  • France
  • Spain
  • Greece
  • Albuferia
  • Salou
  • Gran Canaria
  • Lanzarote
  • Costa Del Sol
  • Portugal
  • Marbella
  • Ibiza
  • Malta
  • Tenerife
  • Algarve
  • Prague
  • Amsterdam
  • Canary Island
  • Dubai

If you have been injured while visiting one of the destinations above, or any other holiday destination, we can help you to secure the compensation you deserve.

Examples of package holiday companies

There are a number of package holiday companies providing their services for those living in the UK. This includes:

  • Cosmos
  • Virgin Holidays
  • Thomson
  • First Choice
  • Thomas Cook
  • Travel Republic
  • Hays Travel
  • EasyJet
  • Travelsupermarket
  • Monarch
  • Lastminute
  • Onthebeach

If you have booked your holiday via one of the companies mentioned, or via a different package holiday firm, get in touch with us today to find out more about making a claim.

How to begin a package holiday injury claim

If you want to start the process of launching a claim for an accident that occurred abroad, all you need to do is give us a call to get started. We will be with you every step of the way. When you call us, we will provide a free consultancy session. This gives you the chance to ask any questions you may have, and it also gives us the opportunity to ask you some questions too. This is simply so that we can find out the facts about your claim, enabling us to provide you with the best advice. We can also arrange a local medical for you if required.

What can I claim if a family member had been in a fatal accident while abroad on holiday?

If a loved one has been involved in a fatal accident on holiday, you will be able to launch a claim for compensation on their behalf. This is something you are able to do if you are a family member of the deceased, or if you are a dependant of the deceased, i.e. the person that passed away provided for you financially. There are a number of different things you can claim for when it comes to death while on holiday claims, including funeral expenses, general damages, punitive damages, medical expenses, a bereavement award, loss of benefits, future loss of earnings, emotional pain and mental suffering, and long-term adverse effects. We have many years of experience when it comes to fatal accident claims, and we can help you to get the compensation you deserve.

Involved in a car accident abroad while on holiday can I claim compensation?

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident that was not your fault while on holiday, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. This does not only relate to those travelling in a car, but also those using public transport, pedestrians, cyclists, and those travelling via motorbike. So long as you can prove that you were not to blame, you will be able to claim.

If you were injured while on holiday in Europe, the process of claiming is made a lot easier thanks to the 4th EU Motor Directive 2003. This dictates that all European cars need to be listed on one database. This makes it easy to find cars after an accident has happened.

However, if the car cannot be traced, you will still be able to make a claim. The same applies to cases whereby the party at fault does not have insurance. Under such circumstances, The Motor Insurers’ Bureau will pay compensation to the victims of road traffic accidents.

Package holiday slip trip or fall claims

We deal with many different types of accident abroad international personal injury claims, including slip, trip, and fall claims. If you have been involved in a slip, trip, or fall while on holiday, and the incident was not your fault, you will be able to claim compensation. The most important factor in such cases is proving who is to blame for the incident. For example, the local government or council could be to blame if you tripped due to a bad pothole that hadn’t been cordoned off. Alternatively, a local business could be to blame if you slipped on an unmarked wet floor that was unmarked.

My child was injured while we were on a package holiday can we claim compensation?

Package holiday

Package holiday

If your child has been injured on holiday, you can claim on their behalf. They are also able to claim once they turn 18. They will have three years from the date of their 18th birthday to do so. Nonetheless, it is better to claim sooner rather than later, as it makes the claim process a lot easier.

We suffered food poisoning while on a package holiday can we claim compensation?

Food poisoning is one of the most common illnesses and injuries sustained while on holiday. If you have sustained food poisoning or any other type of all inclusive illness during your trip, and it was through no fault of your own, give us a call today to launch a claim.

What can be claimed for after an accident causing injury while on a package holiday?

If you have been injured while on vacation, you can claim for the following:

  • General damages – This is the amount of compensation you will receive for the pain and suffering experienced.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Travel expenses.
  • Loss of earnings.
  • Holiday claims loss of enjoyment
  • Care claim – If you have required help while around the house, the person that has cared for you will be able to file a claim.

The most common types of overseas holiday accidents

Some of the most common types of accidents that occur during package holidays are as follows:

  • Sporting injuries abroad, such as watersports, skiing, or jet ski accident abroad.
  • Injuries caused by a defective or substandard rental car and other road accident abroad incidents.
  • Illness caused by poor hotel hygiene.
  • Boat accident abroad.
  • Excursion injuries abroad.
  • Food poisoning from a hotel buffet or restaurant.
  • Injuries caused on foreign transport or coach accident abroad incidents.
  • Swimming pool accidents abroad.
  • Wet flooring or misplaced objects that have caused a slip, trip or fall.

How much compensation will I get after an accident causing injury while on a package holiday?

If you have been injured in a package holiday accident that was not your fault, you will no doubt want to know how much compensation you could be entitled to. While some personal injury firms may promise you ‘x’ amount, it is actually impossible to provide an accurate figure regarding how much compensation you will receive. This is because every case is different and there are many different variables involved. However, what we can do is present you with the typical compensation amounts for the most common injuries suffered while on holiday. If you cannot find the injury you have sustained in the table before, don’t worry; simply give us a call for further information.

Reason for compensationTypical compensation amountComments
Loss of anticipated earnings£10,000 - £400,000This payout is calculated based on what you currently earn, as well as your future earning prospects. There is potential for higher payout than the maximum in some cases.
Loss of benefits£5,000 - £500,000This is calculated based on the income that you have actually lost. There is potential for higher payout than the maximum in some cases.
Pain and suffering£1,000 - £200,000The level of pain and suffering you have experienced will dictate how much compensation you receive.
Funeral costs£3,000 - £10,000Again, there is potential for higher payout than the maximum in some cases.
Mental anguish£3,550This payout is given in cases where there is fear of death and expectation of end of life.
Death (unconsciousness following a brief period of awareness)£15,950 - £18,100This relates to cases whereby there is lung damage and/or severe burns, which caused serious pain, followed by unconsciousness after three hours, and then death within the space of two weeks. It also relates to cases whereby there were extensive orthopaedic injuries or very severe chest injuries, whereby a recovery was underway, but death was caused eventually due to complications.
Death (unconscious death within one week)£1,050 - £2,126An injury that resulted in unconsciousness, and death followed within a period of one week.
Death (unconscious death within six weeks)£6,400An injury that resulted in unconsciousness, and death followed within a period of six weeks.
Death (baseline)£12,500 - £300,000This relates to the real world values regarding average compensation amounts for all types of deaths.
Illness / damage caused by a non-traumatic injury, for example, food poisoning - severe£29,200 - £39,900This reverse to serious toxicosis, which causes fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, and acute pain. Such cases result in hospital admission, which can last for weeks or days. Some symptoms will be continuing, for example, irritable bowl syndrome, haemorrhoids, and incontinence, and will have an impact on the person’s ability to work and enjoy life.
Illness / damage caused by a non-traumatic injury, for example, food poisoning – serious£7,250 - £14,600This payout is for cases of food poisoning that are serious but short-lived. The individual will experience some symptoms for a few years, for example, disturbance of bowel function, discomfort, and an impact on their enjoyment of food and their sex life.
Illness / damage caused by a non-traumatic injury, for example, food poisoning – moderate£3,000 - £7,250This category is for cases that case fatigue, alteration of bowel function, stomach cramps, and discomfort. The person will make a complete recovery within a year or two.
Illness / damage caused by a non-traumatic injury, for example, food poisoning - minor£700 - £3,000This payout is for cases whereby symptoms last for a few days or weeks. There can be varying degrees of diarrhoea, cramps, and disabling pain.
Minor injuries – recovery within three months£1,050 - £1,860
Minor injuries – recovery within 28 days£525 - £1,050
Minor injuries – recovery within seven daysA few hundred pounds - £525
Severe back injuries£69,200 - £122,350This is for cases involving damage to nerve roots and spinal cords, which causes extremely severe consequences.
Minor back injuries£6,000 - £9,500There are a number of factors that will determine the payout awarded, including the extent of treatment required, the impact of the injuries on the person’s ability to work, and the severity of the original injury.

No Win No Fee package holiday injury claims

One of the main features of our service is the fact that all of our accident abroad solicitors work on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that everyone has the opportunity to make a claim, irrespective of his or her current financial situation. Under a No Win No Fee agreement, you only need to pay legal expenses if your claim is a success, in which case you will have your compensation payout to cover the costs. On the other hand, if you were to opt for a solicitor that charged per hour, there is always the risk that you are going to end up with a huge legal bill and no compensation. This is something you do not need to worry about when you work with us.

This also gives you the peace of mind that we will only take on your case if it has a genuine chance of success; we won’t waste your time. Solicitors that charge by the hour are not impacted by the outcome of the personal injury cases they take on. This represents another risk, as they merely take on your claim to take your money, even though they realise the chances of success are slim. Again, this is something you do not need to worry about when you work with us.

Why choose us as your claims service for a package holiday injury claim?

There are many personal injury law firms in the UK, but you will struggle to find one that provides a service like we do. Not only do we have years of experience in the industry, but we also have a compassionate approach. We care about our clients and we make sure that you are at the heart of everything we do. We know that you are going through a difficult period, and we want to make it easier, not more stressful. We do this by seeking the maximum amount of compensation available in the quickest and most efficient manner. You can focus on your recovery, while we focus on your case. Of course, if you do have any questions, we are only ever a phone call away. We promise that you won’t find better.

Call for free advice and to start a claim

If you have been involved in a package holiday accident that was not your fault, and you are ready to make a compensation claim, all you need to do is give us a call on 0800 073 8804. You will speak to one of our friendly and experienced advisors that will be more than happy to assist you in any manner they can. We can also answer any queries you may have, be it about the claim process, accident abroad jurisdiction, accident abroad no travel insurance claims, or anything else to do with compensation.

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