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How Much Can I Claim If I Am Involved In A Cruise Ship Accident Injury?

A cruise ship holiday should be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but only for the correct reasons. Accidents at sea are not uncommon, from slips and trips to severe incidents such as the Costa Concordia disaster, and if you find yourself injured in a cruise ship accident you may be entitled to compensation.

Passengers of cruise ships and liners are protected against such accidents by regulations laid out in the Athens Convention, which is designed to ensure the safety of anybody attempting to enjoy a memorable and relaxing holiday. If you have suffered the consequences of an accident on a cruise ship for which somebody else was at fault, contact us.

Cruise ship accident compensation and injury settlements are among the many services that our experienced solicitors can offer, and we will always offer free consultations. With our many years of expertise and experience, we can ensure that you will receive the appropriate advice pertaining to your personal injury claim, and the restitution that you are entitled to.

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A Guide to Cruise Ship Accident Claims

Cruise Ship Injury

Cruise Ship Injury

Part of our service is to look into any kind of cruise ship accident claim that you may be entitled to make following your personal injury or fatality of a friend or loved while at sea, including complimentary consultations that often lead to us representing your case on a no-win no-fee basis. Should you approach us regarding a matter such as this, we can advise on what steps you should take.

Whilst every accident claim is unique and we will not be able to provide a definitive answer as to what compensation figure you can expect to receive, we strongly recommend calling us for a provisional phone consultation if you have been injured on a cruise ship.

What To Do If You Are Involved In A Cruise Ship Accident

It is pivotal that any kind of accident or personal injury is reported and recorded immediately, including incidents that occur at sea – or even while climbing aboard or disembarking a liner.

Imagine that you were involved in a cruise ship accident today. How would you react? Firstly, you should check if anybody else witnessed the incident, whether they were travelling companions or strangers. If so, confirm with these individuals that they agree the mishap was not your fault, and that they are prepared to make a statement to this effect.

Does the cruise ship in question have CCTV that was active in the area? If so, request a copy of the footage.

If you were the victim of a slip or trip that caused personal injury, especially if was due to circumstances that you could not avoid, note the location of the incident and take photographs of everything around you (including the consequences of your injury) using your camera, or even a smartphone. Be sure to report the accident to all relevant authority figures as soon as possible, too. This includes the senior staff of the cruise ship in question and if necessary make a call to the head office of the provider or even any legal authorities such as the police or medical services where appropriate.

You could also be eligible for compensation if you fall ill during a cruise with a condition such as food poisoning. As above, be sure to register and log every element of your condition as soon as the symptoms begin to manifest.

How to Begin a Cruise Ship Accident Injury Claim

Time is of the essence when it comes to cruise ship lawsuit settlements; in accordance with the Athens Convention, you will need to begin proceedings within two years of leaving the ship (or being scheduled to do so, if your claim is in relation to compensation for a cruise that missed port), and the earlier you do so, the greater your chances of success.

As soon as you are able, make contact with us to begin the process of acting as your cruise ship injury lawyer. Part of our offering is providing a free medical from a local medical centre, which is another reason why it is in your best interests to contact us as soon as you are able. We will speak with you over the telephone, or in person if at all applicable, and ensure that we are in full possession of all the facts, our legal experts will discuss whether we are prepared to take on the case. In the majority of occasions we will do so, and as previously intimated, this will be on a no-win no-fee basis.

The sooner you contact us the greater your chances of success will be. Record everything connected to your injury or accident, and get in touch with us.

I Work on a Cruise Ship – Can I Claim After an Accident?

Of course, and most of the same advice as above applies in this case – record and report everything. However, you will be advised to pursue your claim against an Accident at Work format as opposed to dealing with a cruise ship lawyer, especially if you were abroad at the time, as the legalities surrounding these circumstances could differ from those that apply to passengers.

Rest assured, however, any solicitor will take these incidents extremely seriously. Whether your injury was the result of a slip or fall on a small ship or something as severe as the docking accident that afflicted the world’s largest luxury liner Harmony of the Seas and saw a crewman killed, you will be treated with the utmost respect and importance by our team of legal professionals.

What are the Most Common Cruise Ship Accidents and Injuries?

The most common cruise ship injuries and accidents reported in 2016 related to fractures and breaks caused by trips and falls, or sickness outbreaks such as food poisoning or contagious viral infections such as the Norovirus or Gastric Influenza.

Outside of physical ailments caused by accidents and injuries, any of the following could be considered an incident relating to a cruise ship. Investigate with us if you wish to discover whether you are eligible for any compensation for such occurrences:

  • Disasters, such as the ship sinking, grounding or capsizing, colliding with another liner or static object, or even terrorist attacks. Thankfully, these are extremely rare!
  • Mechanical Problems, including fires or a loss of power throughout the liner. More often than not these will result in a cruise being cancelled.
  • Weather-related problems or ‘Acts of God’, including heavy fogs, storms and strong winds. Again, these could cause a cancellation or missed connections as a liner is forced to change direction.

Sadly, crime can also occur on a cruise ship, ranging from petty theft to more serious affronts such as assault or battery. Any crime must be reported to the relevant authorities before you pursue private compensation, but this is something that we may be able to assist with in the aftermath.

Cruise Ship Injury Claims for Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls account for the vast majority of personal injury claims made against professional bodies, especially when they result in broken bones. Such an accident on a cruise

Cruise ship accident

Cruise ship accident

will not only ruin what should be a magical holiday, but could also have a knock-on effect in terms of being forced to miss work upon a return to land, as well as the emotional and psychological impact that can be caused by such a mishap.

If you experience a slip, trip or fall on a cruise ship that could have been avoided, and can provide some proof that any injury was the result of the incident and it was caused by inaction or negligence from the cruise liner operators, begin the process of a claim with us today.

My Cruise Ship Missed Port – Can I Claim Compensation?

The short answer is… sometimes. This depends on the terms and conditions of the cruise liner – if the port was missed or delayed due to decisions made by the ship’s captain this is quite possible, but compensation may not apply to certain ‘Acts of God’, such as freak weather conditions. If in doubt, contact us for a consultation.

What Can be Claimed for After a Cruise Ship Accident or Injury?

There are all manner of reasons to make a compensation claim following an accident or injury on a cruise ship. The five core areas of recompense are:

  • General Damages

General damages refer to any kind of impairment or suffering that would otherwise have been avoided if the accident had not occurred. This could include the physical pain caused by the incident and the aftermath, the mental and emotional trauma of being injured while you were supposed to be relaxing on holiday, any kind of lowered quality of life that may follow as a result of the injury (being forced to retire from sporting participation due to a broken bone, for example), and any physical deformity that may follow. This could include scarification to the face or body, or even being forced to walk with a limp or cane following a fracture to a leg or hip.

  • Care Claim

If you have experienced an injury that has led to you seeking legal recompense, it’s probably a fair assumption that you were not the only person affected. Broken bones can leave an individual unable to complete even the most basic tasks for themselves, which means that a burden of care will fall upon spouses and other family members and friends. If this is the case, the impromptu carer can file a claim alongside your own, declaring any lost earnings as a result of being forced to take time away from work to meet the needs of the injured individual, as well as suffering their own general damages in terms of emotional and psychological distress.

  • Loss of Earnings

Loss of earnings can be a major factor in all compensation cases. A broken bone alone could leave you unable to work for at least six weeks, potentially even longer if you are employed in a physical job, and this is not even taking mental strain into consideration. As discussed, a partner, friend or other family member may also have to take time away from work to provide care following the injury.

Nobody should ever be forced into financial hardship by an accident that was not their fault, so always pursue a claim to cover your lost salary payments at the very least, including any potential impact your injury could have on future earnings. Just be aware that you will be expected to do what you can to minimise these expenses, so get regular certifications of sickness from your GP that declare you unfit to work.

  • Travel Expenses

You may need to travel to several different hospitals and medical facilities in the aftermath of an accident to ensure that you receive the appropriate care for your recovery. This is not an issue for many, but what happens if you have broken a bone in your leg and cannot drive for several weeks? Public transport such as buses and trains can be risky if you are nursing an injury, so taking a taxi multiple times per week can end up being your only option – and that rapidly becomes expensive. Fortunately, travel expenses are often covered as part of the compensation claim, so make sure that you get a receipt from every one of those journeys.

  • Medical Expenses

Much like travel expenses, any costs that you incur on medical grounds – whether that is prescriptions that you would not ordinarily require, private physiotherapy, or even trauma counselling – should be claimed back as part of the compensation process. Keep a track of all expenditures that you incur related to medical treatment following your accident, and ensure that you can back the claim up with the appropriate paperwork such as receipts.

This is an example of some of the more common elements of compensation that you could claim upon your return to dry land, but is by no means wholly exhaustive. Contact us for a consultation to find out more.

How Can I Enhance My Claim’s Chances of Success?

Ensure that you file your claim quickly. Ideally, do it as soon as you arrive back on dry land. The longer you wait, the more opportunities a liner may have to prepare a counter-claim against you, somehow transpire to lose pivotal CCTV footage that proves their responsibility, or take appropriate steps to improve their facilities that may influence an arbitrator’s decision in their favour.

To save yourself a great deal of frustration, follow our advice on recording and photographing everything that relates to the accident – the legal system is based entirely on proof after all.

Ensure that the incident is reported as soon as it happens, to both the operator of the liner and your GP by telephone if possible – and then schedule an appointment with a healthcare professional the moment you are able as a follow-up. The bigger the paper trail you can create, the more likely your claim will be looked upon favourably, and it’s key that you can provide evidence of following appropriate medical steps.

You may well be offered a token gesture by the liner to avoid any kind of legal action on your behalf, such as gift vouchers. It is your decision as to whether you accept this offering, but obviously if you do so you will not be eligible to take further legal action after the event. We advise that you politely decline these offers, as they will almost certainly not match the value of your entitlement that a professional legal service such as ours will be able to obtain on your behalf. Don’t let yourself be bought off so easily, you never know what the consequences of your injury may be into the future.

Finally, however, always make sure that you read the small print associated with your cruise, and follow all appropriate steps to ensure you do not fall foul of any loopholes in the compensation process. Have a clear understanding of your own responsibilities surrounding safeguarding of yourself and others, and those of the travel company you are using, and remain firmly within these levels of accountability throughout your cruise.

Most Popular Cruise Ship Companies

Don’t worry about the idea of a cruise ship holiday as accidents are rare – hence why it is always worth seeking compensation should they occur. Go ahead and book your cruise with confidence, however, below is a list of the most popular suppliers of these memorable holidays, all of whom recognise and abide by the Athens Convention and take passenger safety very seriously.

  • Princess Cruises
  • Cunard Line
  • P&O Cruises
  • Viking Cruises
  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Holland America
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises
  • Thomson Cruises
  • Silversea Cruises
  • TUI Cruises
  • Royal Caribbean International

How Much Compensation Will I Receive from My Cruise Ship Accident Claim?

This is not a question that can be answered without more information from you, which is why we ask for you to give us a call so we can do some fact-finding on your particular case. However, this table, which is based on historical claims and payouts, may provide some insights.

Please, however, allow us to make this clear however – this table is a base guide, not an exact match to the compensation your actual claim may receive, it could be higher or lower.

Type of InjurySeverityAmountNotes
ParalysisQuadriplegia£271,430 to £337,700The typical case of quadriplegia attracting an award in the mid-range of this bracket is appropriate for cases in which the injured person is not in physical pain, has full awareness of their disability, has an expectation of life of 25 years or more, has retained powers of speech, sight and hearing but needs help with bodily functions.
 Shorter durations£41,250In cases where death occurs for unrelated reasons within a short period of the accident a lower sum will be awarded. However some ‘front-loading’ is appropriate
Brain DamageVery Severe Brain Damage£235,790 to £337,700The peak payment will only apply in the event of substantial impact on an individual’s senses and an inability to function at the same physical level as before the incident. In case where permanent vegetation or fatality rapidly follows the incident, and the injured party is not aware of their injuries, any payment will be revolve solely around loss of faculties and will not reach the top echelons.
 Moderate Brain Damage£75,900 to £125,510Very serious disability, which leaves the injured party unable to function independently and reliant on professional care, constitutes moderate brain damage. These life-changing problems could be either physical or mental in nature.
 Minor Brain or Head Injury£1,840 to £10,870The sum of compensation awarded will be affected by the following considerations:
How serve the initial injury was;
How long it took to recover;
the magnitude of any ongoing symptoms;
the incidence or absence of headaches.
The bottom of the bracket will reflect full recovery within weeks.
Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderSevere£50,050 to £84,150To qualify as severe PTSD, the individual must be prevented from functioning at the same level as before the incident, including work.
 Moderate£6,850 to £19,360In these cases recovery will be complete and any continuing effects will not be grossly disabling.
Neck InjuriesSevere£38,030 to £46,810Injuries causing breaks, fractures, a dislocation or notable damage to internal tissue/tendons that lead to prolonged medical problems and any substantial disability of an enduring nature.
 Minor£3,630 to £6,600Complete recuperation within 1-2 years, or aggravation of existing injuries in the same period.
Back InjuriesSevere£62,010 to £73,920Upper payments will require certain factors to qualify for such a level, particularly relating to orthopaedic injury, whether that be to the back or spinal cord. This may include, but is not limited to, permanent and irreversible damage to the roots of the nerves that leads to a loss of physical sensation, a reduction in capability of physical movement, diminished control and function of the bladder or bowel, reproductive difficulties and visually unappealing scarification.
 MinorA few hundred pounds to £2,050A full and complete return to previous health within three months.
Injuries to the Pelvis and HipsSevere£32,780 to £43,890Breaks or fractures that result in long-term mobility problems, arthritis or unsteadiness on the legs that could lead to surgery such as a hip replacement.
 Minor£22,220 to £32,780Despite major injury, there is little to zero ongoing disability.
Arm ForearmSimple and Healable Fractures£5,500 to £16,060A full and permanent recovery.
Wrist InjuriesSevere£20,490 to £32,780Injury resulting in significant permanent disability, but where some useful movement remains.
 MinorIn the region of £6,220An uncomplicated Colles' fracture.
Leg InjuriesSevere£32,780 to £45,840Severe, complex breaks, fractures or injuries to any bone or tissue that results in unsteadiness, the need for sustained medical attention, a long period of non-weight-bearing, the near certainty that arthritis will ensue; extensive scarring.
 MinorUp to £9,900Simple Fractures to Tibia or Fibula or Soft Tissue Injuries.

No-Win No-Fee Cruise Accident Claims

Legal fees can be costly and add unwelcome pressures to an already difficult time, which is why we operate a no win no fee business model.

As the name suggests, you will not be expected to pay for any of our legal services in advance. We will take as much information from you as we can regarding your accident, including any photographs and witness statements (this is why it is so important to gather as much evidence of the incident as it happens), and decide whether we will take on your case – which, in the vast majority of times, we will.

Should your claim then be successful, and as professionals we have every confidence that it will be, as this is the reason we will agree to represent you, our payment will be taken as a percentage of your compensation payment. There is no risk at all to you in using our services, and the outcome could be extremely positive for you.

Why Choose Us as Your Claims Service for a Cruise Ship Accident or Injury?

We have a great many years of experience among our sizable team of legal experts, and we place the utmost importance on client satisfaction.

Our sole focus is on ensuring that you receive the compensation that you deserve following an accident or injury that was no fault of your own. Our record of success speaks for itself, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Call Now for Free Advice and to Start a Claim

If you have been injured in any kind of accident involving a cruise ship, there is nothing to lose and plenty to gain by calling us now and investigating the possibility of legal action. Remember, the sooner you start the process after the incident, the greater your chances of success will be.

All you need to do is pick up the phone and dial 0800 073 8804, where at once our friendly and professional team members will be on hand to take your details and arrange the necessary steps to getting you the compensation you deserve.

Alternatively, you can fill in our online form and request a callback, which will see one of our experts contact you at a time convenient to yourself, or even use the live chat facility found on our website.

Helpful Links

Whilst it is undoubtedly important to take the appropriate legal action against any kind of accident or injury that may have occurred on a cruise ship, do not neglect to look after yourself in the immediate aftermath.

This NHS guide to first aid will help you understand how to deal with an accident as and when it occurs.

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