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Holiday Accident Claims In Hong Kong – How much compensation can i claim for a personal injury?

Until 1997 Hong Kong was run by the UK under a lease agreement from China and although it has now been returned to become a special administrative region of China it is still popular with British tourists and many still have ties to family and businesses in Hong Kong.

Holiday accident claims Hong Kong

Holiday accident claims Hong Kong

Most trips to Hong Kong go without any hitches but if you’re involved in an accident it can be a nightmare to deal with and it can ruin the trip for all involved.

If you’ve sustained a personal injury in Hong Kong and would like to make a compensation claim then you can call us now on 0800 073 8804 or if you want to know more about how Legal Expert’s team, based here in the UK, can help with compensation claims in Hong Kong then keep reading and this guide will explain what to do in the event of an accident and how to make your claim.

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A guide to holiday accident claims in Hong Kong (SAR of China)

Over half a million British tourists visit Hong Kong ever year taking in the sights of Victoria Harbour, visiting Disneyland Hong Kong and there’s even a Madam Tussauds which is a very popular tourist attraction in Hong Kong. Mostly people have a good time in Hong Kong without any problems but if something goes wrong then holiday accident claims in Hong Kong can be a nightmare to deal with and can ruin your holiday.

Accidents and illnesses that can lead to compensation claims include: road traffic accidents, injuries in hotels, trips and falls and food poisoning in restaurants, hotels and cafes.

This guide covers the types of accidents than can occur in more detail, what to do in the event of an accident and how to make a claim with Legal Expert when you return to the UK. Holiday Accident Claims in Hong Kong (SAR of China) can be complex which is why choosing a UK based specialist like Legal Expert is important if you want to be compensated fully for your injury.

I had an accident or injury on holiday in Hong Kong, what should I do?

If you have an accident in Hong Kong, that wasn’t your fault, then you’ll need to deal with the immediate impact yourself and then, when you return you can begin to claim compensation for any losses incurred because of the accident.

There are a number of steps you can take while still in Hong Kong that will help your compensation claim. This guide gives more information on accidents abroad but in general you should:

  • Call the emergency services if you require emergency treatment (ambulance and police details are provided in the next section).
  • Let your tour operator know about your accident. This will be logged and can be used as evidence of the accident by the solicitor making your claim.
  • If you need non-emergency treatment, then contact your insurance company as they may have special contracts in place with specific medical centres.
  • Try to gather witness statements or witnesses contact details. Any witness will help to back up your claim that the accident was somebody else’s fault.
  • If you’ve been involved in a road traffic accident in Hong Kong then try to obtain the other drivers contact details, insurance details and number plate. If there is dashcam footage in your vehicle then get a copy.
  • Photograph or video the scene of the accident and if there’s something that caused your accident (like a damaged kerb for instance) then try to get that into the photo.

If your holiday was booked as a package holiday, then you may find this article useful when beginning your claim. There is a further section on package holidays in Hong Kong later in this guide.

Emergency contacts in Hong Kong after an accident or injury

As in the UK, emergency services (police, ambulance and fire service) are all contacted by dialling 999 from any payphone or mobile phone. You will be instantly connected to an operator who should understand English or connect you to an English-speaking operator.

If you’re deaf, then you can SMS the emergency services using 992

Other useful contacts in emergencies while in Hong Kong are:

  • Police hotline: +852 2527 7177 – to report non-emergency crimes.
  • British Consulate emergency number: +852 2901 3000 – call for support if you’ve been attacked, arrested or somebody has died.

In general, treat the emergency services in Hong Kong the same as the UK. If you need urgent help, then dial 999 and seek advice from the operator.

Getting medical help after an accident in Hong Kong

The cost of medical treatment in Hong Kong is high which means it is essential that you take out comprehensive travel insurance. You should keep your insurance documents with you at all times and make a note of the 24-hour help line provided by your insurer.

If you need any medical treatment at all then contact your insurer as soon as possible as they may require you to attend specific hospitals or surgeries who they have contracted to provide treatment.

Emergency healthcare is not free in Hong Kong so even if an ambulance takes you to a public hospital you should let your insurer know. Once you’ve been stabilised you may be transferred to a private hospital, again you should let your insurer know this.

At all points of any treatment in Hong Kong you should keep your insurer updated and don’t pay any money to the hospital or treatment centre unless your insurer advises you to. If you do have to pay, then ensure you obtain a receipt for all payments made.

Personal injury claim time limits in Hong Kong

As with the UK there are strict time limits on holiday accident claims in Hong Kong and, if you claim outside of these time limits then your claim will be rejected.

The table below includes different types of claims and how long you have to make them.

Type of ClaimTime Limit to make the claim
Personal injury sustained in Hong Kong (package or non-package holiday)3 Years
An injury on a flight (booked independently of a package holiday)2 Years
Personal injury claims sustained on a cruise ship2 Years

If you’re unsure if you’re eligible to claim, then please get in touch and we’ll provide advice on injury claim once we’ve discussed it with you fully in a free consultation that we offer to all clients.

Claims for accidents or injuries on a package holiday to Hong Kong

If your holiday was booked as part of a package holiday, then you need to contact you package holiday tour operator to let them know. A package holiday is defined as one which includes more than one element of your holiday i.e. if you bought your flights and hotel room from the operator then it’s a package holiday and will be covered under the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992

Some popular package holiday providers to Hong Kong are:

  • Jet2 Holidays: Emergency number +44 113 387 9501
  • TUI: Emergency number + 44 845 682 0199
  • com: Contact +44 800 083 4000

Other package holiday providers organise holidays in Hong Kong and you should make sure you carry their emergency contact number with you at all times.

Holiday accident claims in Hong Kong can be made for package holidays and holidays booked through other types of operator too so if you’re unsure as to how you booked your holiday then give us a call.

Hong Kong holiday accident and illness claims Legal Expert handle

We’re going to look now at the different type of holiday accident claims in Hong Kong that you may be looking to make. Essentially, as with all personal injury claims, the accident needs to be the fault of somebody else. That could mean they deliberately did (or didn’t) do something, they made a mistake, they failed to operate something correctly or were negligent in any other way.

If you’re unsure who is responsible for your injury (for instance you don’t know who owns or operates a business) then don’t worry as we can investigate this for you but it would be useful to know the exact address or location that the accident occurred.

The types of claims we’ll look at are: Food poisoning; Slips, trips and falls; Hotel Accidents; Road traffic accidents in Hong Kong and; Excursion or activity-based injuries but if you’ve been involved in any other type of accident while in Hong Kong then get in touch as we can deal with all types of claim.

Hong Kong hotel accident claims

Hotel operators have a duty of care to ensure guests stay safe while visiting their hotel. If they fail in this duty of care, then you can claim compensation from them if you become ill or injured while staying in the hotel.

Common types of accidents in hotels include:

  • Food poisoning: We’ll cover this in more detail in the next section, but a hotel has the same responsibilities as a restaurant to ensure food is served at the correct temperature, stored correctly and cooked properly.
  • Swimming pool illnesses: If a pool isn’t cleaned properly and maintained correctly then the germs that should be killed by cleaning can lead to stomach bugs and other illnesses for guests who’ve used the pool.
  • Slips, trips and falls in hotels: If hotels aren’t maintained properly then things like damaged handrails on stairs, poorly lit corridors or damaged carpeting can become trip hazards and cause injuries to guests.

If you’ve been injured or become ill while staying at a hotel in Hong Kong and you believe the accident was somebody else’s fault, then contact us to begin your claim.

Claim compensation for food poisoning in Hong Kong

Our guide to making compensation claims in restaurants covers food poisoning in more detail but holiday accident claims in Hong Kong for food poisoning can be made if you become ill following a meal in a restaurant, hotel, café or bar.

Food hygiene standards are designed to protect customers from becoming ill and enjoying their meal. Some stomach illnesses caused by food poisoning can ruin the whole holiday and even delay your return to the UK. If you become ill and you suspect food poisoning, you should contact your tour operator and then insurance company so they can advise where to go for treatment. Medical records from any treatment can be obtained by Legal Expert later on to corroborate your claim.

Claims can be made if food wasn’t stored correctly, prepared in a clean kitchen, cooked correctly or even if the food was served too hot and caused burning.

Slips, trips, and falls in Hong Kong

It is common to suffer a slip, trip or fall anywhere in the world and Hong Kong is no different. If the fall was due to a mistake or problem caused by somebody else, then you can make a claim for compensation.

There a number of common and painful injuries caused by slips, trips or falls including: broken bones in the legs or arms, broken or bruised hips, knees and elbows, spinal injuries and head injuries which can all lead to holiday accident claims in Hong Kong if they were the result of somebody else’s negligence.

Common reasons for these injuries include:

  • Damaged or poorly maintained pavements, walkways or kerbs. If you’ve had a fall because of a damaged road then try to photograph the damage and we can make a claim against the land owner or local authority responsible for the pathway. Coupled with your medical report, your photograph will be used as evidence to substantiate your claim.
  • Poor lighting can cause you to trip over something that you couldn’t see properly. This could be street lighting, hotel corridors and also poorly lit shops.
  • Slippery floors with no warning signs: If you’ve slipped over where a floor was being cleaned or become wet for any other reason but there were no warning signs used then you could claim compensation for your personal injury. Witness statements can be really useful to corroborate your claim for this type of injury.

Other types of slips, trips and falls can happen and the main thing to bear in mind, if looking to claim, is that your solicitor needs to be able to prove that it was somebody else’s fault. Evidence is important so, as described above, try to gather as much evidence as possible including photographs, CCTV if possible and witness statements.

Injuries on an activity or excursion in Hong Kong

When in Hong Kong some tourists like to do once in a lifetime excursions or activities and while most have a great time there are some cases where accidents have happened because the activity wasn’t organised properly.

Boat tours and cycling trips are common in Hong Kong and it is important that any tour organiser properly risk assesses the dangers for customers, provides adequate training to staff and customers and ensures that any equipment is well maintained. A demonstration of safety equipment should be given and possibly a risk assessment, by way of a questionnaire, should be taken to ensure the activity is safe for you.

If any of these things doesn’t happen it can lead to serious, and even fatal, injuries which can lead to holiday accident claims in Hong Kong for any personal injury caused by the neglect of the company operating the activity.

Road traffic accidents and car crash claims in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of few countries, including the UK, that drive on the left-hand side of the road which can cause confusion as mainland China drive on the right-hand side of the road. Road traffic fatalities are relatively low, but a report shows that in 2015 there were over 20,000 injuries in car accidents in Hong Kong which is about average for the 10 previous years as well.

If you’ve been involved in a car crash in Hong Kong, then you should take the same steps as you would in the UK including obtaining the other driver’s details, including insurance details, photograph the scene of the accident, gather any witnesses’ details and let your travel operator know that you’ve been involved in an accident.

Emergency services should be called for serious injuries or if the other driver doesn’t remain at the scene of the accident.

Does using a UK based solicitor affect my claim?

You may think that holiday accident claims in Hong Kong have to be conducted by a solicitor in Hong Kong but that is not the case. As Hong Kong is 8 hours ahead of the UK it would be difficult enough logistically to make your claim but when you also consider local customs, policies and a possible language barrier it is much easier to deal with a British solicitor.

Legal Expert are UK based and can help with holiday accident claims in Hong Kong and any personal injuries suffered while you were there. Our clients find it much easier to be able to pick up the phone at a convenient time and talk to our specialists who understand all of the procedures required to make a claim in Hong Kong on their behalf.

There is no legal requirement for your personal injury lawyer to be based in Hong Kong and they do not have to practise there to be able to make a claim. Our team of solicitors can help with all personal injury claims in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Personal Injury Claims Calculator

What part of you was injured?How serious was it?What are the effects?Potential settlements
Finger - fracturesSevereSuch injuries can lead to reduced function in the finger. May also include full or partial amputations.Up to £32,210
Hand(s)Minor - severeHigher settlements are made for the loss of the hand. This is valued similarly to the loss of an arm.£800 - £176,660
Leg(s)Minor - severeCould range from a simple fracture up to the loss of the limbs.up to to £247,280
AnkleModest - severeCovers various injuries affecting one or both ankles.from up to £12,050 - £61,110
Foot/ feetModest - severeCovers various injuries affecting one foot or both feet.from up to £12,050 - £176,660
Head or brainMinorSettlements are based on how severe your injury was and how long it takes to recover.£1,940 to £11,200
ShoulderMinor - severeHigher settlements could be reflective of more serious forms of injury.£2,150 - £42,110
BackMinor - severeHigher settlements could be reflective of more serious forms of injury.£2,150 - £141,150
WristA - FHigher settlements could be reflective of more serious forms of injury.Up to £52,490
Pelvis or hipsLesser - more severeAt the top end of this settlement bracket, there could also be injuries to internal organs in the pelvic area. £3,460 - £114,810

No win no fee solicitors for Hong Kong holiday accident claims

Some solicitors charge for their time, using an hourly rate, regardless of if they win or lose the claim for compensation. We think this is unfair for clients and so we offer a risk free no win, no fee service.

Also known as a conditional fee agreement, no win no fee means that when you choose Legal Expert we’ll let you know what our fee will be, and you only pay us if we are successful and win your case for compensation.

In our experience, the majority of compensation claims are settled out of court and if we receive an offer from the other solicitor or insurer we’ll let you know and advise if we think the offer is fair or not.

When we let you know our fee it won’t change, we won’t charge you any extras and we won’t leave you with a massive legal bill that you weren’t expecting.

Top tourist attractions in Hong Kong

Here are some of the most visited places in Hong Kong:

  • Ocean Park, Aberdeen, Hong Kong – Amusement park and zoo
  • Aqua Luna Stanley Cruise – Traditional Chinese junk boat tour
  • Ngong Ping Cable Car – Sightseeing cable car from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping
  • Sky100 HK Observation Deck – 360 degree view of Victoria Harbour on the 100th floor of the tallest building in Hong Kong
  • Disneyland Hong Kong – Disney theme park

Top Hotels in Hong Kong

Here is a list, provided for information, containing some of the largest hotels in Hong Kong:

  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong
  • The Landmark Mandarin Oriental
  • Intercontinental Hong Kong
  • Grand Hyatt
  • The Peninsular Hong Kong
  • The Upper House
  • Hotel Icon
  • Island Shangri-La
  • The Ritz-Carlton

How to contact Legal Expert

If you’ve finished reading our guide about holiday accident claims in Hong Kong and would like to begin your own claim today, then please get in touch with on of our specialist team members based here in the UK. To get in touch and start your personal injury claim you can:

Our team are available during normal office hours and live chat is available 7 days a week.

Useful links

Here are some useful links that may help with holiday accident claims in Hong Kong. If you need more information then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

British Consulate-General Hong Kong
1 Supreme Court Road
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2901 3000
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5.15pm

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