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Mediterranean Cruise Accident Personal Injury Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation For A Mediterranean Cruise Accident Claim?

Mediterranean Cruise personal injury claimFrom the Port of Arles and Villefranche in France to Barcelona in Spain, Rome to Italy and a variety of ports and destinations across Greece, the Mediterranean is home to some of the world’s most popular cruise destinations, routes and lines. Whether you are looking to visit stunning towns and cities with centuries of history and culture, want to sample amazing foods, are a history buff, or simply want to enjoy the beautiful seas, a cruise around the Mediterranean can have it all. But, what happens if you have a Mediterranean cruise accident? In this guide to Mediterranean cruise personal injury claims, we look at how you could be injured whilst on a cruise, what you should do if injured, how to make and fund a cruise injury claim, and a look at how much compensation you may be awarded in different circumstances.

To find out more, please read this guide and when ready to do so, you can contact our specialist holiday injury solicitors by calling the number at the top of this page.

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A Guide To A Mediterranean Cruise Accident Personal Injury Claims

In this guide, we are looking at how people could suffer accidents at sea or in port on a cruise ship and the circumstances in which they could then claim compensation for such injuries. If you have suffered an injury while on a cruise ship that you feel was as a result of the negligence due to the staff of the ship or the cruise provider please call us to discus your case.

There are ways in which you could be injured whilst on a cruise around the Mediterranean. For example, with a close environment often containing thousands of people, an illness could very quickly spread if proper measures are not taken. Or you could be injured due to negligence in maintaining the interior or exterior passenger areas of the ship. The circumstances of your injury are less relevant than your ability to clearly show that someone else was responsible for it happening, either through negligence or error.

Below you can find out more about these type of cases. To contact us about your cruise ship accident at sea claim, contact us using the methods at the bottom of this page.

Busiest Mediterranean Cruise Ports

Before we move on to looking at examples of accidents on boats or ships (such as a cruise ship), first we will look at which ports in the Mediterranean are busiest in terms of total cruise ship passenger numbers.

Cruise Ship PortTotal Passenger Numbers (2017)Mediterranean cruise ship port ranking
Barcelona (Spain)2,712,2471
Civitavecchia (Italy)2,204,3362
The Balearic Islands (Spain)2,110,6633
Marseille (France)1,487,3134
Venice (Italy)1,427,8125
Piraeus/ Athens (Greece)1,055,5596
Tenerife Port (Spain)964,3377
Naples (Italy)927,4588
Genoa (Italy)925,1889
Savona (Italy)854,44310

You could be eligible to claim for cruise ship accidents whether you were injured on a cruise which started from, finished in, or visited these or any other ports in the Mediterranean.

Accidents And Injuries That Could Happen On A Cruise Ship

Cruise ships are a very large environment with potentially thousands of people taking part in a wide range of different activities in different parts of the ship. As such, there could be different ways in which people could be injured either when on board a cruise ship, whilst on organised excursions on land or when transferring between the ship and land, such as on a tender craft.

Examples of cruise ship accidents could include the following:

  • Slips trips and falls. There are many ways this type of accident could happen and different injuries which could result from them. There may have been damage to a floor, a spill which has not been cleared up, or other hazards in walkways.
  • Recreational activity accidents. Cruise ships are home to a variety of leisure and recreational facilities on board, such as swimming pools, gyms, and other activities. Accidents could happen if facilities are not maintained properly, or if people are not instructed how to safely use facilities.
  • Accidents and injuries on excursions on the land. Your cruise might have included a variety of excursions at certain destinations. If you were injured on excursions booked as part of your package, you could be able to make a personal injury claim against a Mediterranean cruise line or the package holiday provider.
  • Accidents which could happen when moving around the ship, such as when using elevators and escalators.
  • Injuries caused by an object falling on the person.
  • Burn injuries which could be caused by anything from a hot coffee burn or hot tea burn to food being served too hot or things like radiators or showers being set far too hot in your cabin.

If you have sustained any of these or other accidents, contact a holiday injury solicitor to help define whether you are eligible to pursue a claim.

What Could Cause You To Be Sick On A Cruise Ship?

As well as helping people to claim compensation for accidents and injuries on a cruise ship, we could also help you to claim compensation for illnesses on a cruise as a result of cruise staff negligence. Common illnesses on cruise ships could include the following;

  • Allergic reactions to foods. If you have food allergies and are served foods you are allergic to even though you have informed the relevant staff of your allergies and are still served foods containing the allergens, you could claim compensation. Similarly, it may be possible to claim compensation for a case of food poisoning, though these can be harder claims to make as it must be medically proven.
  • Norovirus, also known as the winter vomiting bug, can spread very quickly in a closed environment like a cruise ship unless adequate steps are taken and taken quickly.
  • There are a variety of other illnesses which could be commonly suffered by guests on a cruise ship, including salmonella, gastroenteritis, shigella dysentery, Legionnaires disease, giardiasis, and E. Coli.

If you have suffered these or any other type of illness whilst on a cruise which you contracted due to negligence in the part of the ship’s crew or staff, talk to a holiday injury lawyer to find out if you could make a compensation claim.

Food Allergy Compensation Claims

If you have any food allergies, you will be aware of how serious the effects of eating or drinking any foods which you are allergic to. Consuming foods or drinks you are allergic to could lead to mild, moderate or in the worst cases even fatal reactions.

Symptoms of an allergic reaction could include;

  • Swelling which presents on the face, in the throat or mouth, or in other parts of the body.
  • Difficulty swallowing. This may be related to the above symptoms.
  • Difficulty breathing as easily as normal.
  • Dizziness and feeling lightheaded. These symptoms may be related to or exacerbated by those above.
  • Sickness and/ or nausea.
  • Symptoms which seem similar to hay fever.

You can find out more about the symptoms of allergic reactions as well as how food allergies can be treated in this guide from the NHS.

Accidents And Injuries That Could Happen In Cruise Ship Accommodation

Your cabin, suite or another form of accommodation on a cruise ship should be your home away from home and a space to unwind in at the end of the day. However, as with hotel rooms, your accommodation on a cruise ship could also possibly be a place where you could be injured. You could suffer burn injuries if showers or radiators are faulty, or suffer from bed bug infestations and bites if hygiene is lax. If the room has not been maintained very well, you could also suffer accidents if furniture collapses or breaks when you are using it. You could also trip and fall if the flooring has not been maintained and securely placed.

To make a cruise ship compensation claim for an accident in your room or cabin, talk to a personal injury solicitor today.

Leisure Activity Accidents And Injuries

In general, cruise ships will have a variety of different facilities and activities which guests can take advantage of during their cruise. Facilities commonly seen on cruise ships include swimming pools, dance floors, clubs and bars, spas and gym facilities, as well as a plethora of other forms of activity.

People could be injured when using such facilities if the facility has not been correctly maintained, or if the participant is not instructed in how to use the facility safely. Gym equipment could cause injury unless instructed how to use it properly and spills on a dance floor which is not cleaned up could cause a slip trip or fall.

If crew negligence led to your injury when participating in activities on your cruise and caused your injury, find out if you could make a Mediterranean cruise personal injury claim with one of our holiday injury lawyers.

Accidents And Injuries That Could Happen On A Transfer Coach Or Bus

Cruises are very often booked as a package holiday with everything from food and beverages through to accommodation, excursions, and transfers included in the package. Your package might have included transfers to and from your cruise ship at port, or a coach or bus journey taking you to a pre-booked excursion.

If your coach or bus is involved in an accident due to a lack of maintenance, negligence or driver error/ negligence and you were hurt as a result, you could claim compensation from the package cruise provider as you were injured during part of your package holiday. The bus or other vehicles may have been operated by a different company, but as long as it was booked as part of your complete package holiday you may have grounds to claim. Contact a specialist cruise ship injury claims solicitor such as Legal Expert today to see if you have a valid case.

Cruise Ship Tender Transfer Accidents

Cruise Ships can not always moor at a quay or jetty in a harbour. This could be because the destination harbour is too shallow, or otherwise unsuitable to larger vessels to dock. Cruise ships can also be prevented from getting into port if the weather or sea conditions do not allow the ship to do so. In these circumstances, a smaller vessel, commonly known as a tender will transport passengers to and from the cruise liner. If you had to use such a vessel and were injured through no fault of your own whilst doing so, you may be able to claim for your personal injury on a cruise in the Mediterranean.

The quickest and easiest way of doing so is to discuss your claim with a solicitor experienced in helping people to make cruise ship compensation claims.

What Duty Of Care Does A Cruise Ship Operator Owe You?

In the same way, the airline accident claims division often make use of the Montreal Convention, cruise ship personal injury claims will very often leverage the Athens Convention.

The Athens Conventions will apply to what is called ‘international carriage by sea’. This is applicable when the port of embarkation and disembarkation are in different countries, OR where these ports are in the same country, but where the ship stops at a port in a third country.

Cruise lines have a duty of care to ensure the safe passage of all aboard, passengers and crew. This liability begins at the embarking port and finishes when you disembark the ship for the last time. In the event that your claim is being made under the Athens Convention you will only have two years in which to make your claim.

Time Limits For Making A Cruise Ship Compensation Claim

To make a personal injury claim if injured on a cruise in the Mediterranean or any other sea, you must do so within a set time limit. We have included these personal injury claim time limits below so that you can quickly see if you can still make a personal injury claim.

Type of cruise accident claimPersonal injury claim time limit
Accidents at sea claimed for under the Athens Convention.2 year from the date of disembarking the ship.
Package holiday claims booked by a UK tour operator in the UK may include transport and excursions.3 years.

To make sure that you start your Mediterranean cruise personal injury claim within the time limit applicable, talk to a personal injury solicitor today. Call Legal Expert and we can advise on this.

Accident Personal Injury Claim Calculator

In the table below we have provided examples of injuries you could sustain in accidents onboard a cruise ship and how much compensation they could be awarded. For more information about how much your unique claim could be worth, talk to our experts today.

Injury TypeCompensation Brackets Injury Information
Minor Neck Injury Up to £2,150 to £6,920Lower bracket is for full recovery within several months to neck injuries that last from 1/2 years that possibly acceleration and/or exacerbation injuries. Injuries of this kind tend to be soft tissue in nature.
Minor Back Injury Up to £2,150 to £10,970Injuries in these brackets tend to be concerned with length of time of injury, severity, ability to work etc and include injuries such as sprains disc prolapses and soft tissue injuries.
Moderate or Minor Injury to the ElbowUp to £11,040Brackets include: simple fractures, tennis elbow syndrome and lacerations.
Very Minor Wrist Injuries£3,090 to £4,160Undisplaced or minimally displaced fractures and soft tissue injuries.
Fracture of Index Finger£7,990 to £10,730Fracture has been repaired, not fully able to grip.
Moderate Hip Injury £23,310 to £34,340Hip replacement or surgery needed or necessary in the future to significant pelvis or hip injury but permanent disability not a great risk.
Moderate Knee Injury Up to £12,050 to £22,960 Twisting and bruising of the knee where recovery is almost complete to dislocation, torn cartilage or meniscus which results in minor instability, and minor disability.
Modest Ankle InjuriesUp to £12,050Less serious, minor or undisplaced fractures, sprains and ligamentous injuries.
Food Poisoning £3,460 to £8,360Varying degree of cramps accompanied by diarrhoea to significant abdominal pain, alteration of the bowel and fatigue.
Trivial Scarring£1,500 to £3,090Scarring is minor.

What Can I Be Compensated For If Injured On A Cruise In The Mediterranean ?

When making a claim for a personal injury on a cruise in the Mediterranean, there are other damages which you could claim compensation for aside from those for your injuries. Examples of what you could claim compensation for include;

  • Different forms of personal expenses. This could include the excess on a travel insurance policy or medical costs.
  • The loss of enjoyment or experiences on your holiday which were affected by the injury or the illness.
  • Lost income, earnings and in work benefits which were affected by your illness.
  • The costs of any additional care which you may need as a result of your injury or illness.
  • Projected and anticipated future losses. This could be expected medical care, projected losses of earnings and lost pension contributions.

For advice on how to claim for a cruise ship accident at sea, contact us today on the number above.

Steps To Take If Injured On A Cruise Ship

If you are injured in an accident at sea and wish to make a cruise ship personal injury claim, there are steps which you could take which could enhance the chances of your claim. Similarly, there are steps which you should take whether or not you intend to make a claim.

  • Ensure your injury or illness is thoroughly treated.
  • Report your injury or illness to the ship’s staff. Make sure it is recorded in the ship’s log and accident report log.
  • Collect evidence such as medical reports, take photos of your injury and where it happened, as well as details of anyone who saw your accident happen.
  • Keep the receipts of anything which you have to pay for as a result of your injury or illness, such as paying for healthcare abroad.

Next, we look at how no win no fee services could help you to claim compensation for a cruise ship accident in the Mediterranean sea.

No Win No Fee Accident Personal Injury Claim On A Cruise

If you choose to make your Mediterranean cruise accident claim with our team the biggest benefit may be being able to do so through a no win no fee agreement. These types of agreements effectively remove any risk in making a claim. They do so by taking away any requirement for you to pay any costs before or during your claim. They also mean that in the event that your claim does not secure you compensation, you do not need to make any payments to the solicitor at all. In your agreement, there will also be details of what you are expected to pay. Generally, these are set as a percentage of your final award. This will be agreed between you and your solicitor.

Why Claim With Legal Expert?

With Legal Expert, you can make a claim secure in the knowledge that you are doing so with expert personal injury solicitors who are experienced in holiday accident claims. You can also benefit from using a no win no fee solicitor. To make your claim with our experts, use the contact details below.

Contacting Our Team

To contact a cruise ship injury claims solicitor you can call us on the number at the top of this page, use our contact form to request a callback, send a message via our online chat facility, or send an email with details of your claim to

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