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Holiday Accident Claims In Krakow – How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Personal Injury?

At Legal Expert we can help people to make holiday accident claims in Krakow after an accident, illness, or injury sustained whilst in the city or surrounding areas. Holidays are something which we often spend a long time planning for, looking forward to, and saving up for. If it ends up with you spending a large part of your trip to Krakow in hospital, at the doctors surgery, or otherwise incapacitated, it can ruin your experience. Coupled with this, being injured or sick whilst in an unfamiliar country can be even more distressing or difficult to deal with.

In the last two decades Poland has become a much more popular destination for tourists from the UK. Each year 650,000 people from the UK visit Poland. Krakow is often the most popular city break destination. This is then followed by Warsaw and Gdansk. In this guide, we will be looking at holiday accident compensation claims in Krakow. We also have a guide to holiday accident claims in Poland which you can find here.

Most people visiting Krakow will have a safe, happy, and trouble free visit. The main things which visitors to Krakow should be aware of (according to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office) are that there may be a higher risk of being a victim of street crime. Advice also notes that people travelling by train, and especially those on overnight trains, are at an increased risk of petty theft. Furthermore, FCO advice also states that recently there have been reports of some women having drinks spiked. As you should in the UK, you should not leave your drink unattended.

Further potential hazards on a trip to Poland which you may need to make a holiday accident compensation claim for include road traffic accidents, with a higher rate of accidents in Poland. There are also risks of Hepatitis A in contaminated drinks or foods. If your injury or sickness in Krakow was caused by someone else acting negligently, especially if that person owed you a duty of care, we could help you to make a compensation claim. You can find our contact information at the bottom of this guide.

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A guide to holiday accident claims in Krakow

In this guide to holiday accident claims in Krakow, we look at some of the most common ways in which visitors to Krakow could be injured, hurt or suffer illness. Many of the circumstances and situations we will look at are caused by the negligence of someone else. People make holiday accident claims in Krakow for things such as food poisoning, car crashes, or slips and falls. Our guide also includes information on what steps you should take after a holiday accident in Krakow, or when you have returned to the UK. Our guides includes;

  • The quickest ways to get in touch with the emergency services in Krakow.
  • Details of some of the most popular package holiday operators to Krakow, as well as hotels in Krakow.
  • Details of the British Embassy in Warsaw (the capital of Poland), and how to use their services.
  • What you need to do before making a compensation claim and how to start one.

Legal Expert can help people to make successful holiday accident claims in Krakow. We offer a comprehensive service and will always place your needs at the heart of what we do. Through the rest of our site you can find a wealth of information on how to make different holiday accident claims.

What to do if you have an accident or injury in Krakow

If you have had an accident or become sick whilst in Krakow, there are several steps which you should take both before you leave Krakow or Poland and when you have returned to the UK. These steps will help people to make holiday accident claims in Krakow successfully.

The first thing that you should do after any accident, when injured or sick is to visit a healthcare practitioner or hospital and get any treatment you need. You should get this treatment as quickly as possible. You should keep an accurate record of all hospitals or doctors you visit, as well as what treatment which you were given, and medications prescribed. If you need to make any payments out of your own pocket, keep records of these payments.

Holiday accident claims in Krakow

Holiday accident claims in Krakow

If possible, at the scene of your accident, you should take photographs of what caused the accident. You should also photograph the area around the scene of the accident. Try to photograph this and also take photos of your injuries at the time of the accident. This can also serve as evidence in your claim.

If there were any witnesses to the accident, or who would have seen what caused your illness, you should ask for their contact details. If you were involved in a road traffic accident in Krakow, also make sure you exchange details with the other driver(s).

At the earliest possible opportunity, you should notify any relevant parties. This may include informing the authorities of any road traffic accidents in Krakow and notifying your hotel of any accidents or illness which happened on their property.

If your holiday to Krakow was a package holiday, you should inform your tour representative as quickly as possible. If there is not a local representative, you should contact the company via their emergency phone number.

If your holiday accident or illness caused you to miss an activity which you had already booked and paid for you may be able to claim compensation for this. Keep records of these.

Emergency contacts in Krakow, Poland after an accident

If you have been hurt in an accident whilst in Krakow, or if you have been harmed by sickness such as food poisoning and require treatment, there are several different numbers which you can phone to get assistance.

The main phone number for the emergency services in Poland is 112. This number works in the same way as 999 does in the UK, taking you through to a main switchboard. There are other numbers which you can call to be directly connected with a specific service.

999 – Ambulance services
998 – the fire brigade
997 – the police

There are also separate services for the mountain rescue as well as water rescue, though these are services which you may not need need on a holiday to Krakow. Depending upon what has happened to you and the severity of it, you may also be able to access services from the British Embassy in Poland. This is located in Warsaw. We have included details of where the embassy is and how to contact it at the bottom of this guide.

Healthcare services in Krakow

Citizens of the EU and EEA are entitled to access medical services through the European Health Insurance Card system. This allows holidaymakers to access services under the same conditions as Polish citizens. Tourists using the EHIC are only entitled to access necessary services and the EHIC does not cover any private medical care. Before being treated it is important that you make sure that the doctor, dentist, or other healthcare practice is part of the Polish National Health Fund, called the NFZ. It should also be noted that you may have to pay for certain procedures, services, or medication, such as for a prescription.

As such it should not be used as a substitute for proper travel insurance. If your healthcare is organised by or through a third party, make sure that you keep the receipts. Medical bills that you have to pay in country can be reclaimed either through travel insurance, as part of the EHIC system, or as part of your compensation claim. If you are treated in Poland, you can expect the same level of care as you would in Britain. One of the main hospitals in Krakow is the University Hospital, contact details as follows.

University Hospital in Krakow
Mikołaja Kopernika 36,
31-501 Kraków,

Tel: +48 12 424 70 00

Personal injury claim time limits in Krakow

The amount of time you have within which to make a personal injury claim after an accident in Krakow will depend on the nature of the accident and whether you are bringing the claim under UK or Polish law. We have included information on compensation claim time limits in Krakow, Poland below.

Circumstances of sickness, accident, or injuryTime limit in which to make a claim
Claims against a package holiday company based in the UK.3 years
Injury or sickness in an independent holiday. This is a holiday where you booked the parts yourself and separate from each other. Not through a tour company.3 years
Accidents and/ or sickness which happend on a flight booked from the UK to Poland.2 years

If you have been injured after an accident or become sick whilst abroad you should start the process of making a claim as soon as possible. Whilst it may appear that you have a lot of time in which to make a claim, the process of doing so can be a bit more complicated outside of the UK.

City break & package holiday accident or injury claims in Krakow

If you booked your city break to Krakow through a package holiday company it can be easier to make a compensation claim for your injuries suffered. This is because your trip (and all of the component parts of it) are covered by legislation brought in in the 1990’s to protect package holidaymakers. As long as you booked your trip through a British travel company and the part of the trip you were injured on was booked under this, you can make your claim in the UK.

For the purposes of your claim, the package holiday will include any part booked at the same time, such as your hotel, getting to and from the airport (if included), flights, and any activities booked through the same company. Note, these activities must have been booked as part of the original package, not added on later.

As Poland is becoming a much more popular destination for visitors from the UK, there are now several UK holiday companies offering package holidays to destinations in Poland including Krakow. These include:

Jet2Holidays – 0333 300 0042
Thomas Cook – 01733 224808

Holiday compensation claims in Krakow and Poland

Poland is a thriving and modern country in the heart of Europe and you should expect many of the same standards of safety which you would expect to find in the rest of Europe. However, that does not mean that visitors to Poland do not experience sickness or injury, as they do to any other popular destination.

Please note, below we have only included some of the most common ways in which people can be injured in Poland and be able to claim compensation for when they return to the UK. We can help people in many additional circumstances.

Krakow hotel accident claims

Have you been injured or become sick as a result of actions or in action on the part of a hotel in Krakow? If so, you may have grounds for claiming compensation. Solicitors who deal with holiday complaints in Krakow will have seen many different instances of people being harmed or made sick by the hotel. By calling Legal Expert we will be able to give you advice on whether or not you have grounds to make a claim, and how we can help you to go about doing so. They will also be able to help you do things such as collect any necessary witness statements and other evidence to support your claim.

Our team can deal with no win no fee holiday complaints against a hotel related to any of the following (as well as many other) circumstances. These might include;

  • Claims against a hotel for injuries sustained whilst a guest of the hotel.
  • Claims against hotels for injuries to other visitors. This may include people using spa facilities, those dining at the hotel, or people visiting the hotel for an event.

Some of the most common forms of complaint we see include those for people having slipped or fallen over at a hotel; people who suffered cuts or other physical injury; people who experienced gastrointestinal distress.

Sickness or food poisoning compensation claims

One of the most common types of holiday accident claim we see are for instances of food poisoning or similar illnesses. Food poisoning whilst on holiday can be a distressing experience and a single bout can often be enough to ruin a sizable portion of your holiday. As such, if you have experienced food poisoning whilst on holiday, you may wish to claim compensation for your travel illness. Common forms of travel illness which you might experience can include things such as salmonella, e coli, or shigella. Food poisoning can start to develop very quickly after you have eaten or drunk contaminated foods or beverages.

Cases of food poisoning are usually avoided by hotels or restaurants following very basic hygiene such as properly storing, preparing, and thoroughly cooking foods. At the time you suffer food poisoning you should inform the hotel or eatery that you have become sick as a result of eating their foods. Whilst they may offer you some form of compensation or recompense, do not accept this. You should not accept anything from them until you have taken legal advice.

Trips and falls in Krakow

There are numerous different ways in which slips, trips and falls could happen whilst you are on holiday in Krakow. The first things which we should note is that Krakow has several cobbled streets and squares. These can present trips hazards at the best of time, and can be more dangerous is bad weather.

The most common types of slip, trip, and fall accidents we see for people taking city breaks in destinations such as Krakow are those which happen in your hotel, or other holiday accommodation. Slips and falls can happen when floors have not been kept in a good state of repair, or when spillages are not cleaned up, or not cleaned up properly. People can also experience slips and falls in hotel gyms or swimming facilities. If we can clearly show that someone who owed you a duty of care breached this, we could help you to make a Polish accident claim.

Road traffic accidents and car crash claims in Krakow

Whilst we do not have specific statistics for road traffic accidents in Krakow, we can see that amongst European Union countries, Poland has one of the poorest records for overall road safety. We can see that in 2012 a total of 3,500 people were killed in car crashes and other road traffic accidents. As such, the number of people affected by car crashes in Krakow or Poland can be as much a 50% above the EU average. Whilst Poland has reduced its overall rate of accidents and casualties since 2001, Poland does still need to take action to further reduce this. Poland does hope to dramatically reduce this rate in the next few years leading up to 2020.

Tourists driving in Krakow and Poland should also note that Poland has one of the highest overall speed limits in the EU. it should also be noted that as many as 9% of accidents on the road in Poland are caused by drink driving or alcohol. Whether or not you were injured in a road traffic accident in Poland, if you have been involved in one, you need to make a full report to the Polish authorities. If you were driving a rental car you should also inform the company, as well as your travel insurance provider.

Does my solicitor have to be based in Poland?

If you need to claim compensation for holiday illness or injury which happened in Krakow, Poland or elsewhere outside of the UK you may still be able to make your claim in the courts of England and Wales, or the Scottish courts system. This is because under UK legislation, accidents, injury, or illness which happened on a package holiday, or where your airline was liable for the accident, claims can be brought in the UK system. In certain cases it may be necessary to bring no win no fee holiday complaints outside of the UK. By contacting Legal Expert, our team will be able to provide you with all the advice and information you need to know to be able to make a claim. By bringing your claim with a solicitor based in the UK you will not need to worry about any potential barriers in terms of language, or different time zones.

Please remember that when making holiday accident claims in Krakow, there can be differences in terms of how much time you have within which to make your claim, as well as the procedure for doing so. As such, you should contact holiday claims solicitors to begin your claim as early as possible.

No win no fee accident abroad claims

Our no win no fee solicitors can help people to secure compensation settlements in circumstances such as physical accident or injury, sickness and illness caused by another party, or road traffic accidents and car crashes in Krakow. No matter the circumstances, if you can show that someone else (who owed you a duty of care) was responsible for what happened to you, we could help you to make no win no fee holiday accident claim. Through no win no fee solicitors, you can claim compensation without needing to make any immediate payments for their services.

By making a no win no fee holiday accident claim, you will not be met with any unexpected bills or surprise costs. We will fully explain how the process works and how our fee structure will work if we do win your claim. In the majority of instances, we will be able to offer you services through a no win no fee agreement. This means that there is no risk in making a claim. If you don’t get any compensation, you will not need to make any payments.

Popular hotels in Krakow, as rated by visitors

  • Hotel Gródek
  • Hotel Copernicus
  • Metropolitan Boutique Hotel
  • Sheraton Grand Krakow
  • Radisson Blu Hotel, Krakow
  • Niebieski Art Hotel & Spa
  • Hotel Ko?ciuszko
  • Hotel Stary
  • Betmanowska Main Square Residence
  • Queen Boutique Hotel
  • Amadeus Hotel
  • Hotel Senacki
  • Hotel Kossak
  • Grand Hotel
  • Hotel Santi

Contacting Legal Expert

Your holiday or city break to Krakow should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. If something happens to cause you harm, Legal Expert is on hand to help you. For expert help and advice with holiday accident claims in Krakow, speak to our specialist and expert team. We can help you to make a successful compensation claim, no matter whether you were injured in Krakow as a result of someone else’s accident, or whether you became sick from food poisoning. You can contact our specialist team today via phone, email, through our contact form, or via the online support.

Call on: 0800 073 8804.

Useful links

Below we have included the full contact details of the British Embassy in Poland, located in the capital Warsaw. We have also included details on where you can find further information about how healthcare services in Krakow work.

British Embassy Warsaw, Poland
ul. Kawalerii 12
00-468 Warsaw

Tel: +48 22 311 00 00
Fax: +48 22 311 03 13

The embassy is open weekdays between 8.30am and 4.30pm.

NHS Medical services in Krakow, Poland
In this NHS guide you can find further information on how medical services can be accessed by visitors to Krakow, Poland.

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