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Holiday Accident Claims In St Lucia – How much compensation can i claim for a personal injury?

On this page, you will find a guide to the legal process of making accident claims in St Lucia. It will educate you about the way that your solicitor will handle your claim for you. It covers all of the basics of how accidents happen overseas, and the claims they can result in, as well as many of the legal considerations of making a holiday claim.

If you would prefer to have somebody explain the contents of this guide to you, rather than read it, then you can call Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804. One of our team will use plain English with no legal jargon, and explain our claims service to you.

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A Guide To St Lucia Tourist Accident Claims

Holiday accident claims St Lucia

Holiday accident claims St Lucia

To answer the question, is St Lucia safe for tourists? then yes, it is in general. But this does not mean that tourists are never injured on the island. Of course, accidents can and do happen. In this guide, we cover many of the causes of accidents in St Lucia, and how a compensation claim for injuries sustained in them can be made. You will find information below that includes:

  • A number of steps you should take, both while you are still on St Lucia and once you get home to the UK, to make sure you have the best chance of making a successful claim.
  • A list of all of the primary emergency numbers that you may need while you are on holiday in St Lucia, as well as information on how to get the help you need when you need it.
  • An overview of the situation regarding healthcare in St Lucia, and how UK citizens can gain access to emergency treatment while on holiday.
  • A table that details all of the personal injury time limits, that your solicitor will need to process a claim within, in order for you to be able to make a claim.
  • An explanation of the UK law regarding package tour vendors, and how Legal Expert can help you to claim for a holiday accident against your travel firm.
  • An overview of the types of holiday accident claims that Legal Expert can process on behalf of our clients.
  • Information on how hotel accidents can happen, and how to claim for your injuries if you are involved in one.
  • Information on food-related illnesses, how they are contracted, and how you can claim for an illness on holiday.
  • Information on how slip, trip and fall accidents are commonly caused, and how you may be able to claim if you are injured by one.
  • Details of adventure and beach activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling on St Lucia, and how you may be able to claim if you are injured while enjoying these activities on holiday.
  • Details of roads safety on the island, and how road safety accidents can happen while you are on holiday.
  • Information regarding assault and crime committed against tourists who are visiting St Lucia on holiday.
  • An introduction to the national claims service that Legal Expert offers to all residents of the UK under a No Win No Fee agreement.
  • A number of useful links that will give you more information on St Lucia travel, and getting help in an emergency.

You may also find these two guides that are linked below to be of use, they each have more information pertaining to making holiday accident claims:

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You’ve Had An Accident On Holiday In St Lucia, What Should You Do?

Making a compensation claim for a holiday accident, is never straightforward, and you are never assured of being successful in your claim. However, there are a number of steps you can take that will give you the best chance possible, of achieving a positive outcome when you do make a claim, and these include:

Steps To Take If You Have Been Involved In An Accident In St Lucia

  • If you were involved in a serious accident such as a car crash, or you have been the victim of a crime or assault, then make sure that the police know the incident took place.
  • If you are visiting St Lucia on a package holiday, you need to make sure that you contact your travel vendor and report the accident to them.
  • Visit a hospital or emergency clinic to get your injuries treated by a medical professional.
  • If you have a valid health or travel insurance policy, and you are going to claim on it to pay for medical treatment in St Lucia, contact your insurer and pre-warn them.

Steps To Take In The UK To Help Make Your St Lucia Accident Claim

  • Begin making a list of all the losses your injuries have caused. This includes both financial losses, and last ad-hoc losses such as missing part of your holiday.
  • Make sure that your insurance company knows you have returned to the UK, if you have been claiming for medical care overseas.
  • Contact Legal Expert, so that we can begin processing a holiday accident claim for you straight away.

Emergency Help And Assistance In St Lucia

If you have been injured in an accident while you are on holiday in St Lucia, then the St Lucia travel advice below will be of use, you will find all of the emergency contact numbers you will need:

  • 999 – to contact the police in St Lucia.
  • 911 – to contact the ambulance service in St Lucia.
  • 911 – also acts as the contact number for the fire service in St Lucia.

Furthermore, you may need special assistance while on holiday, that can only be given by the UK Government. The British High Commission can be reached on +1 758-452-2484.

Tourist Healthcare In St Lucia

If you are injured in an accident while you are on holiday on the island of St Lucia, the information below will be vital in ensuring you get the treatment you need.

There is no reciprocal healthcare agreement between St Lucia and the UK. This means that all medical treatment, even emergency treatment, will be billed for. Healthcare on the island can often be sub-par and is extremely expensive. For some medical procedures, you may need to be evacuated off the island and moved to a larger hospital.

You will need to have a comprehensive medical or travel insurance policy in place to cover the expense of medical treatment in St Lucia. Relying on any insurance you were granted when you booked your holiday, such as that provided by your credit card company, will likely not cover the costs, as treatment is very expensive indeed. Make sure you have a proper, independent policy in place.

If you do have to pay the cost of medical treatment our of your own pocket, Legal Expert could be able to help you to claim this money back. Call us on the number down at the end of the page to find out how.

Personal Injury Claim Time Limits In St Lucia

If you need to make a holiday accident claim, after suffering an accident on holiday in St Lucia, you need to be aware that there are certain time limits that you must make a claim within. These limits are covered on the table below:

Claim TypeTime Limit
Personal injury3-years from the date of the accident.
Personal injury on a cruise liner2-years from the date of the accident.
Personal injury on a plane travelling to or from the island.2-years from the date of the accident.

If you are approaching the end of your time limit to make a claim, then you should contact Legal Expert right now, and ask if we can expedite a holiday claim for you.

St Lucia Package Holiday Accident Claims

If you are visiting the island of St Lucia on a package holiday, then a different claims process exists to claim for any accident you suffer. This is because, in the eyes of the law in the UK, the package holiday vendor is obligated to provide a safe holiday environment for their customers. This is outlined in the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992.

If you are injured in transit to your holiday destination, at the hotel that was included in your package holiday, or on any excursions or activities that were included, then Legal Expert will help you claim against the UK travel firm. This is obviously a much simpler process than having to claim against an overseas company. Call us on the number at the end of this page so we can explain how our holiday accident claims service works.

Injured Or Sick In St Lucia? Accident Claims We Can Handle

St Lucia holiday accident statistics

St Lucia holiday accident statistics

The table above clearly shows that although St Lucia is still a popular holiday destination for UK tourists, the number of UK citizens visiting the island is falling off every year. For most of them, St Lucia provides a relaxing haven, with stunning white sand beaches and world-class water sports and diving. For a few, those that are injured in a holiday accident, St Lucia gives a much different experience. This is a tough place to get proper health care, and emergency treatment.

Legal Expert is experienced in making overseas injury claims, and can help you to make a holiday claim if you were involved in an accident on St Lucia. Below, we have detailed many of the most common types of injury claims we process successfully on behalf of our clients.

Hotel Accident Compensation Claims

A hotel can be a dangerous place, if it has been badly maintained, or if there are insufficient staff to manage its upkeep effectively. If you are injured in an accident for which the hotel is liable, a valid reason to make a claim could exist. Typical hazards that hotel residents could face, are:

  • Wet floors, due to water being carried into the hotel from the pool.
  • Dangerous or badly maintained equipment in the hotel gym.
  • No lifeguard is supervising the pool or no professional supervisor supervising the hotel gym.
  • Food that has been left out on the buffet table causing stomach illnesses.
  • Badly maintained pathways, such as broken paving slabs in the hotel garden causing a trip.

These are just a few of the hazards that could cause an accident in a hotel. There are many more. No matter how your hotel accident happened, Legal Expert should be able to help you claim. Call us on the number at the end of this guide to find out how.

St Lucia Food And Water Safety – Food Poisoning Claims

Food poisoning and other food-related illnesses are always a risk for UK holidaymakers overseas. Not because there is necessarily anything wrong with foreign food, but because we only have a natural immunity to local varieties of the common types of foodborne bacteria. However, that being said, there are many ways that food can go bad, and result in a person coming down with food poisoning, and this includes:

  • Buffet food going bad due to being left out too long.
  • Food being reheated several times.
  • Food not being cooked at the right temperature.
  • Food that is stored at the wrong temperature.
  • Food being prepared in an unhygienic kitchen.

If you suspect that you have contracted food poisoning while you are on holiday in St Lucia, check for the following symptoms:

  • A headache, from mild to extreme.
  • Stomach cramps or abdominal pain.
  • Fever and chills.
  • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea.
  • Muscle or joint pain.

Falls And Slips In St Lucia

to answer the question, is St Lucia Safe? yes, it generally is, but of course, accidents still occur. The most common of all being slips, trips or falls. These accidents can happen any place or time, and are particularly serious for elderly holidaymakers, who may break a major bone such as the pelvis, more easily. Slips, trips and falls in St Lucia can be caused by hazards such as:

  • Dirty or wet floors in a restaurant, that should have been cleaned.
  • Water from a hotel swimming pool being carried into the hotel itself, making floor tiles slippery.
  • Pavement hazards, such as street food vendors and stalls blocking the path.
  • Damaged floor coverings such as warped wooden floors, torn carpet or missing floor tiles.

These are just some of the main slip, trip or fall hazards you might encounter while on holiday in St Lucia, there are many more. Legal Expert is experienced in making this kind of holiday claim; we can help you by processing a claim on your behalf. Call us on the number at the end of the page to proceed.

St Lucia Diving And Water Sport Accident Claims

The diving in St Lucia is considered to be some of the best in the world. Even snorkelling can give visitors to the island a good glimpse of the sea life, corals and fish. And although it is not often that a diving accident in St Lucia happens, when they do, they can be serious indeed.

If you are considering scuba diving while visiting St Lucia, make sure that your dive is booked through a PADI or SSI recognised dive shop. Do not, under any circumstances, go diving with any dive company that is not certified by one of these two schemes. Furthermore, check that every divemaster who will be supervising you on your dive, is PADI or SSI certified. They must have passed their divemaster exam, and reached a minimum number of dives, to be qualified to supervise uncertified divers.

If you are injured while diving, or taking part in any other type of water sports on St Lucia, Legal Expert should be able to help you make a claim. Speak to one of our team on the number at the end of the page to find out how.

Road Traffic Accidents Or Car Crashes In St Lucia

In 2017, there were 706 minor injuries, 171 serious injuries and 5 deaths caused by a road traffic accident St Lucia. Based on these statistics, we see that when it comes to being involved in a car crash, St Lucia visitors should be fairly safe.

However, you do need to be aware that many of the roads on the island, especially those away from the tourist areas, are very badly maintained, and in some cases, are no more than a dirt road. Best advice is to treat them as you would any rural road in the UK, and exercise caution.

Legal Expert is experienced in making overseas RTA claims on behalf of our clients, and we can do the same for you if you are injured on St Lucia in a vehicle collision. Call us on the number at the end of this guide to find out how.

St Lucia Tourist Assault Injury Compensation Claims

In St Lucia, crime against tourists is quite a common occurrence. Until recently, St Lucia was listed as one of the 10 most dangerous places in the world for holidaymakers. And although the local authorities have done their best to clean the island up, there were still over 60 murders on the island in 2017, although only a low percentage of these involved a tourist.

If you are involved in a crime while on holiday in St Lucia, no matter how trivial, it is vital that you report the incident to the police while still on the island. As long as you take this step, Legal Expert should be able to help you make a claim for any injuries you sustained.

Can I Use A Solicitor In The UK?

Yes, it is advisable to use a UK solicitor to make a personal injury claim for an accident you were harmed in, while visiting St Lucia. Indeed, it would be very difficult to deal with a local solicitor once you have returned to the UK. Furthermore, you would not find a solicitor on the island willing to represent you under a No Win No Fee agreement.

Legal Expert is experienced in processing claims for holiday accidents, and we can help you. Call us on the number at the end of this guide, and we can explain our claims service to you.

No Win No Fee Travel Injury And Accident Solicitors

If you were injured while on holiday in St Lucia, have become ill, or been the victim of a crime, Legal Expert offers our No Win No Fee claims service to all residents of the UK. When you engage us as your No Win No Fee holiday accident solicitor, you pay nothing when we first take your claim on. There is no charge as we process your claim, and no charge at all if we fail to win your claim. When we do win you compensation though, we will take our fee out of the payment we receive on your behalf, and forward the remainder to you.

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