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How much compensation can i claim for jet ski accident claims?

There’s a reason that jet skis are often compared to motorbikes – they’re fast, carry some degree of risk and can be thrilling to ride. While many people enjoy using jet skis on holiday or even as a hobby close to home, accidents can occur, and the injuries can be devastating. If you have suffered a jet ski accident causing injury, and the blame for the accident lands with someone other than you, it may be possible to pursue jet ski accident claims to obtain compensation to cover costs incurred directly because of your accident.

Our guide below covers all the relevant information pertaining to jet ski accidents, including liability, average jet ski compensation awards, and what to do if you’ve suffered jet ski injuries abroad. Read on to learn more about this complex area of personal injury law.

Jet Ski Accident Claims – What do I need to know

Whether you’ve used a jet ski before or are a first-time user, you’re sure to have been tempted by the speed and power of these machines, but they also come with some element of risk. As with anything, if it goes fast, and is powered by machinery, sometimes things can go wrong, but if things go wrong on a jet ski, it can cause terrifying situations and no end of horrific injuries. Whether you have been injured on a jet ski due to it failing mechanically, or you have been hit by a jet ski while in the water, or even if you have collided with another water-based vehicle while on a jet ski, there is likely to be some damage to either you or the other party. If there is clear fault on the side of someone else, however, and you have injuries, then you may look at making one of the jet ski accident claims you’ll read about below. In this guide we talk about making injury abroad claims, as well as talking about how much jet ski compensation you would likely receive for certain specific injuries.

What is a jet ski accident claim?

Jet ski accident

Jet ski accident

Simply put,jet ski injury claims are legal cases that is pursued to allow a person injured in an accident that was not their fault to claim compensation for injuries that they have suffered because of the incident. The compensation awarded in such a case is designed to compensate the injured party for both physical and mental injuries, as well as any out-of-pocket costs that occur due to the incident. These can be travel costs, any prescription charges, and loss of wages when in recovery.

Jet ski injury statistics provided by ROSPA reveal that

  • Around 8% of the 65m trips we take abroad each year are activity holidays (which includes water sport trips
  • In the 5 years between 2000 and 2005, there were 475 drowning incidents suffered by Britons on holiday.
  • Almost 1 fifth of these incidents happen as part of water-based activities such as kayaking or jet skiing.

According to the National Water Safety Organisation, in 2012, 14 deaths occurred in the UK due to motor boats. It is unclear how many of these were jet skis.

If you are one of these statistics and have been left with injuries after jet skiing and it was someone’s fault, then you might have reason to look at who is to blame for that accident and whether you can claim compensation.

Common jet ski injuries

Anything that travels quickly can cause drastic injuries, and since the purpose of the jet ski is to travel fast, it goes without saying that a crash or collision of a jet ski with another watercraft, or anything else, can be catastrophic. However, there are other common less serious injuries that can occur as well. Broken bones, particularly wrists are common, as well as ankle sprains or breaks and falling from the back of a jet ski into the jet can cause jet ski enema. Back pain after jet skiing is commonly seen in claims if it caused by an accident and not the usual rigours of jet skiing. Some people suffer lower back pain from jet skiing without cause for an injury claim. Concussion is also another common occurrence. If part of the jet ski were to ignite, this could lead to burns. One of the more common jet ski injuries is to the spine – particularly spinal cord injuries.

What are the jet ski safety rules?

When it comes to the dangers of jet skiing, different countries have a different approach as to what action should be taken to lower risk. In Spain, for example, engines on jet skis should be lower than 55HP. They must also have a remote-controlled cut-out. Instructions should be given to all users on how to operate the jet ski before they take it out. In addition to this, there is an exclusion zone for jet skis of 200m from coastlines, unless in specifically marked areas.

In Greece, rules include the requirement of jet skis to be regulated by Greek coastguards. It is not permitted for under 18s to rent them, or non-drivers without a licence and proof of age must be seen. Again, the rule about cut-outs also applies here.

Simply put, there are several different rules that apply to each country, but if someone rented you a jet ski illegally and you had an accident, then you might have the ability to claim compensation.

Injured falling from jet ski – can I claim?

Jet ski back problems from falling from a jet ski are something that happens to many people, but it depends on the nature of the fall as to whether you would be able to claim compensation for it. Simply put, it is the reason you fell from the jet ski that defines whether you are able to claim compensation. For example, if you made a mistake in operating the jet ski, leading to you falling and experiencing jet ski soreness, the likelihood is you would not have cause to claim. However, should someone have rented you a jet ski that was faulty or had not been checked to be operating properly, then it is entirely possible for you to look into making a claim. Here at Legal Expert, we will be able to assess your injury from falling from a jet ski to ascertain whether a claim can be made.

I was hit by a jet ski and injured – would I have a claim?

This is similar in explanation to the paragraph above. It depends on who was at fault. If you were swimming in an area that was clearly marked out for jet skis and a jet ski hit you, then you would be the one in the wrong. Therefore, it’s likely you’d have no claim. However, if someone was using a jet ski dangerously, or a fault with the jet ski caused it to hit you, causing injury, then you should have a valid cause to claim.

Whatever the reason, even if you feel you might have been even a little bit at fault, then call us to check. We will be able to ascertain who is at fault and if anyone has a case to answer.

Things you may want to look at claiming for aren’t just limited to the physical injuries you’ve suffered. There are likely to be other costs you have incurred by your incident that can also be compensated for. Even things such as a care claim. If you have had someone come and help with tasks that otherwise you would have done yourself, but couldn’t after your accident, then your carer should file a care claim for such care. Another thing people don’t know they can claim for is travel costs. It is likely you have had to make journeys to doctors and other appointments that are relating directly to the incident, and if you have then these costs could be reimbursed as part of the compensation payout you go on to receive.

Medical costs can also be recouped. Whether they have been incurred overseas or in the UK, if they can be evidenced as part of the claim, then it is likely you will get your monies back should the case be won.

Other costs can include funeral expenses, earning loss in the future as well as the money you have already lost, and even any modifications that might need to be made to your home should you be rendered unable to use your home properly after your accident.

Fatal jet ski injury claims – what are the rules?

When the worst happens, and someone is killed as a result of a jet ski accident, then those left behind must come to terms with what has happened emotionally as well as financially. Sometimes these losses can be compensated for financially, and things like funeral costs as well as financial support for dependents can be claimed.

This is as part of the Fatal Accident Act, which is law. According to this law, a claim can be made should an accident be someone else’s whether through dangerous behaviour or negligence.

If you have lost a loved one in a jet ski accident, then why not call to see if we can help you claim compensation. While it won’t bring back your loved one, it might go some way towards securing a financial future for those left behind.

I suffered a jet ski accident abroad – can I still claim?

Rules for claiming for incidents that happen in another country can be complex, as they take into account the rules of the country that you have had the accident in, as well as other legal precedents that might exist. However, one thing we are good at is making the complex more easy to understand and should you call us with your story, we will be able to look into whether you have a claim.

The best thing you can do after an accident abroad, as with any accident, is gather as much information and evidence as you can, as this can simplify your claim. Keeping receipts for hospital bills, or taking photographs of the jet ski as well as the scene of the accident and your injuries can be vital in proving your case.

I signed a waiver before my jet ski accident – can I make a claim?

Whilst you may think that any right you have in a jet ski accident go away if you’ve signed a waiver, this is not necessarily the case. Signing a waiver as to accidents does not always absolve the person providing the waiver from any blame, especially if the accident is due to sub-standard or poorly maintained equipment. Again, ringing us or emailing us on should provide some guidance on whether you have a reason to claim.

Time limits for jet ski accident claims

This question depends on the country the accident happened in, For example here is details if your accident happened in the United Kingdom. Jet ski accident claim time limits do apply. Normally with water injuries, a two-year limit exists, but as you sit outside of the vehicle, it is not classed as a boat as such and the time limit for claims is, as with most personal injury cases, 3 years from the day your accident occurred. If the injured party was under 18 when injured, then they will have 3 years from the date they turn 18 – if another adult has not submitted a claim for them previously.

What amount of compensation can I receive for jet ski accident injuries?

As jet ski accidents can be complex, there are any number of injuries that can occur. Therefore, there are many different injury award brackets. Below, we illustrate common brackets for some of the more common injuries seen in a jet ski accident. Remember, if yours is not in the table, then it doesn’t mean you can’t claim for it. Just call us and we can give you an idea of the type of bracket your injury will fall into.

Injury to the headAcute£215,000 to £310,000
Injury to the headMedium levels£12,500 to £200,00
Injury to the headMinor Levels£1,500 to £9,500
Injury to the faceAcute£15,400 to £73,200
Injury to the faceMedium levels£12,200 to £27,300
Injury to the faceMinor Levels£1,700 to £12,350
Injury to the earAcute£69,100 to £108,500
Injury to the earMedium levels£22, 300 to £34,500
Injury to the earMinor Levels£4,300 to £37,500
Injury to the eyeAcute£81,200 to £205,300
Injury to the eyeMedium levels£7,100 to £49,400
Injury to the eyeMinor Levels£1,600 to £7,600
Injury to the backAcute£29,750 to £123,300
Injury to the backMedium levels£30,750 to £8,750
Injury to the backMinor Levels£350 to £9,850
Injury to the neckAcute£35,500 to £112, 450
Injury to the neckMedium levels£29,600 to £42,300
Injury to the neckMinor Levels£1,800 to £ 6,200
Injury to the shoulderAcute£9,500 to £37,000
Injury to the shoulderMedium levels£6,250 to £9,750
Injury to the shoulderMinor Levels£350 to £6,700
Injury to the armAcute£74,200 to £227,250
Injury to the armMedium levels£30,100 to £99,750
Injury to the armMinor Levels£4,500 to £30,250
Injury to the elbowAcute£29,200 to £42,250
Injury to the elbowMedium levels£11,400 to £23,900
Injury to the elbowMinor Levels£3,100 to £9,750
Injury to the handAcute£46,300 to £151,250
Injury to the handMedium levels£22,500 to £47,750
Injury to the handMinor Levels£700 to £22,300
Injury to the wristAcute to Minor Levels£2,550 to £44,500
Injury to the fingerAcute to Minor Levels£375 to £69,330
Injury to the legAcute£75,100 to £215,000
Injury to the legMedium levels£21,750 to £104,100
Injury to the legMinor Levels£1,800 to £17,900
Injury to the kneeAcute£39,700 to £72,970
Injury to the kneeMedium levels£20,250 to £33,200
Injury to the kneeMinor Levels£4,750 to £19,600
Injury to the ankleAcute£10,300 to £53,100
Achilles Injury/iesMedium levels£5,300 to £30,100
Injury to the footAcute£64,000 to £152,750
Injury to the footMedium levels£18,500 to £52,900
Injury to the footMild£5,300 to £11,050
Injury to the toeAcute to Medium levels£4,500 to £43,250

No Win No Fee jet ski accident claims – what’s involved?

When you’ve been in an accident, often you will have to lose out on part of your income due to the fact that you’ll have to miss work. In extreme cases, you might not be able to work in the foreseeable future, if at all. This can leave people in dire financial straits and often, the last thing they’ll look at is taking legal action because they fear they can’t afford it. This, however, is something we like to inform our clients is not necessarily true. No Win No Fee jet ski accident claims can be pursued, with legal bills only being settled out of compensation granted. No compensation? No problem, you won’t be liable to pay any bills.

How we can help you with jet ski injury claims

At Legal Expert, we feel we have a duty to assist those who have suffered some unpleasant incident in claiming what they should. We feel that negligent or dangerous behaviour should be acted upon, in the interests of avoiding recurrences of terrible accidents. Our professional team are used to hearing details of accidents and can pick out the facts behind even the more complex stories to offer not only an understanding ear, but also solid advice that you can count on. Our customers usually appreciate our sound advice and the assistance we can provide at what is often a difficult time.

When you speak to us, we will be able to tell you, usually straight away, whether you should consider making claims for jet ski compensation. We can provide solicitors covering your area that have much experience in this part of the law, and who can help make your case for compensation to the relevant parties.

Call Legal Expert today for Jet Ski injury claims advice

We don’t expect your initial reaction to reading this guide to leave you 100% sure that you want to make a claim. We know you may have questions, whether they relate to jet ski injury statistics or even the amount of compensation you might be looking to receive. However, after calling 0800 073 8804, you should be talked through the process by our team of experts, who will be glad to furnish you with all the information you could wish for, with no obligation to take it, or use our service. There’s really no reason not to get in touch.

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