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Holiday Accident Claims In Benidorm – How To Make A Personal Injury Compensation Claim?

Holiday accident claims Benidorm

Holiday accident claims Benidorm

When it comes to travel, there’s a lot to consider, from packing to which travel route to use, but overall, holidays are supposed to provide us with a break from the stresses of everyday life. If, however, something goes awry while you’re on holiday, then you might come home with more stress than you arrived with. If this is the case, and the cause is an illness or an injury you have been left with as a result, then you might want to look into making holiday accident claims in Benidorm, not just to compensate for any loss of enjoyment of your hard-earned break, but also to help ease the suffering you might have experienced. But, it isn’t always easy dealing with holiday accident claims in Benidorm when you’re not used to dealing with lawyers and the legal side of things. That’s why you need to be furnished with all the details of what to do and who can help, and this is what the guide below will cover.

Whether you were injured in road traffic accidents in Benidorm, or you’ve had a balcony accident in Benidorm, or you’ve suffered holiday injuries in any other way, then 0800 073 8804 will instantly connect you to someone who can help. A legal expert, over the phone, will provide you with a plan of action that could lead to a stress free way to get accident abroad compensation for your accident claims in Benidorm. The guide covers all the emergency information you need when you’re experiencing injury or illness abroad, as well as showing how a personal injury claim in Spain can be handled by a UK  no win no fee personal injury solicitor. All you need to do is click below to get to the section that applies to your query, or call us for further assistance.

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A guide to Benidorm holiday injury and accident claims

Whether you’ve suffered a car crash in Benidorm or a Benidorm balcony fall, holiday accident claims in Benidorm are no joke. You could be left with a range of injuries – sometimes life changing – and are likely to feel aggrieved that your holiday was ruined. If this is the case, and what has happened to you was not due to your own fault, then holiday accident claims in Benidorm are eminently possible, with a personal injury lawyer fighting to gain you as much compensation as possible for what you’ve had to endure. The guide we have produced below contains well-researched information from reputable sources that you can use to educate yourself on the intricacies of holiday accident claims in Benidorm. We will show you how to get in touch with the relevant authorities if you’ve had a Benidorm car crash, what to do about healthcare if you’ve had a fall on holiday, as well as how to claim compensation for a holiday ruined by someone else’s fault.

Package holiday accidents and injuries in Benidorm

Have you been injured on a package holiday to Benidorm either at your hotel, on your flight, by contracting food poisoning through eating food or drinks included in your package, or whislt participating in any activities which were included in your package? If so, you could be eligible to claim compensation in the UK through the travel company booked with.

I had an accident in Benidorm, what should I do now?

There are a number of actions you should be taking if you’ve had an accident in Benidorm, whether you are considering making accident claims in Benidorm at the time or not. This will ensure you have everything you need should you decide to go ahead and make a claim later on once you’ve returned home.

Initially, you’ll need to start looking at getting medical help. Services for healthcare in Spain are good, and the resort’s medical centres are used to dealing with English people so there likely won’t be much of a language barrier. It is vital you are seen as soon as possible after the holiday accident, whether a car crash or a fall, not just to be able to prove you sought help, but also to get the right treatment and stop any injury or illness getting worse.

As well as this, it is wise to consider asking for witness contact information, and/or taking photos with your smartphone or camera of where the accident occurred, as well as the injuries – if you’ve received them. Keep any type of receipts for costs incurred too.

You also need to ensure you tell your travel insurance provider, as well as your tour operator – if you booked with one – about what has happened. They will give you advice on what to do as well.

Finally, once you have returned to the UK, you should ensure you get in touch with us. At Legal Expert, we’re able to give you free legal advice over the phone as well as being able to connect you to a Benidorm covering solicitor that can handle your claim.

Information for contacting the Benidorm emergency services

If you have holiday accident claims in Benidorm, the likelihood is you’ll have contact the emergency services over there. For ease of contact we’ve included the relevant details here.

Calling the Civil Guard  is as simple as calling 062 from your mobile or landline. If you require the National Police, then the number is 091/092 for local police and the fire service can be reached on 080. For other health emergencies, you can dial 061.

If you need consular assistance, then the nearest one is in Alicante:

British Consulate Alicante

Edificio Espacio
Rambla Méndez Núñez 28-32
6ª planta
03002 Alicante

+34 965 21 60 22

The nearest accident and emergency departments can be found at:

  1. Address: 12, Venezuela street. Tel. +34 965 85 26 83
  2. Address: 1, Juan Fuster Zaragoza Ave. Tel. +34 965 86 60 46

Accessing medical care in Benidorm

Aside from knowing where you can get medical treatment in Benidorm, it’s important to know how to access medical care from a financial standpoint. It is essential when travelling to Benidorm that you take out policies for travel insurance to cover yourself, your luggage etc, but you should also get hold of an EHIC, which allows you to benefit from the reciprocal healthcare agreement that exists between the UK and Spain. You can apply for this quickly and easily online.

Spanish personal injury claim time limits in Benidorm

There are, just as there are in the UK, time limits on holiday accident claims in Benidorm. It is important therefore that you look into claiming as soon as you possibly can after you have been injured or fallen ill. We have illustrated the limits below but if anything is unclear, do feel free to get in touch.

Where your illness or injury happenedDate for Limit
In Benidorm hotels, on Benidorm pre booked trips, On flights to or from Benidorm booked with a UK package holiday operator.3 yrs
On a trip to Benidorm that was not booked with a UK package holiday operator1 yr but could very. Do contact our team for specifics.
On a flight that was privately booked. This is for international airports. For other airports please contact the team.2 years

Accident abroad compensation claims we conduct

No matter what type of holiday accident claims in Benidorm you might have, whether road traffic accidents in Benidorm or food poisoning from the buffet, it is sure to be something we can help with. We cover holiday accident claims in Benidorm that help you claim in Spain from right here in the UK. Below, we’ll go into more detail about specific types of holiday accident claims in Benidorm that the lawyers we can provide have experience in dealing with. If you don’t see the specific type of injury or illness you’ve encountered below, then don’t assume you can’t make holiday accident claims in Benidorm. Anything that happens that’s someone else’s fault and leads to you suffering injury or illness in Benidorm is worth investigating, and we can tell you over the phone whether it would be in your best interests pursuing holiday accident claims in Benidorm with one of our provided lawyers.

Benidorm hotel accident and injury claims

If your hotel staff, tour operator or even a contractor at the hotel you’re staying is negligent, leading you to suffer injury or illness, then you should be able to make holiday accident claims in Benidorm against them. It is important for you to know that these kinds of claim can include, but are now limited to the below:

Falls, trips or slips within the hotel or in the grounds. These can cause anything from bruising, sprains and strains to broken bones and serious injuries.

Swimming pool accidents – These could be cuts from incorrectly maintained pool tiles, or incorrectly fitted filters and handrails

Food poisoning – If the correct hygiene practices are not followed, you could develop food poisoning.

No matter what the accident or illness, if it has happened due to someone’s negligence, we can help you make holiday accident claims in Benidorm.

Benidorm balcony accident claims

Sadly, unsafe balconies have caused a number of fatalities in recent years. As high up as some balconies are in hotels in Benidorm, any fall from one is likely to cause serious injury. If the balcony safety features, such as railings are found to be unsafe and you suffered a fall from one as a result, then holiday accident claims in Benidorm could arise.

Sadly, as recently as April 2017, a woman was said to have plummeted to her death from a 100ft height. While events are still being investigated now, it highlights how dangerous balconies can be.

Benidorm food poisoning compensation claims

We touched on food poisoning earlier on in this guide but as many claims arise from food poisoning, we thought we would take a little time to go over how it can occur and what damage it would be likely to cause.

Unsafe hygiene practices can lead to food poisoning, which can lead to holiday accident claims in Benidorm. You have a right to expect that the food served to you is prepared hygienically and if it isn’t, it could cause you to fall ill. Unsafe hygiene practices can include:

  • Undercooked food
  • Improperly re-heated food
  • Raw food left against cooked food
  • Poor hand washing practices
  • Food left out too long and exposed to insects

The signs and symptoms of food poisoning are at best unpleasant, and at worst can cause you to suffer other problems that can continue for a while after you’ve returned home from your holiday. Symptoms such as stomach cramping, vomiting and loose stools are very unpleasant and can have an effect on your enjoyment of your time away. In addition, some food poisoning bugs can lead to IBS and other long-term conditions which can affect your life for longer than you’d think. If you’ve suffered any symptoms of food poisoning and want to looking into making holiday accident claims in Benidorm for this type of illness, then we’re happy to help. This way, it may improve the hygiene practices of the place that served the food, and you might be preventing someone else going through the same thing.

Slips and falls on holiday in Benidorm

A lot of people have falls when on holiday, but the difference between on that was an accident and one that leads to holiday accident claims in Benidorm lies with whose fault the accident was. If you fell over your shoelaces that you hadn’t tied, then you would have no cause to make holiday accident claims in Benidorm, but if you’d fallen in the hotel because it was poorly lit, or because there was a trip hazard that wasn’t signposted, or you slipped by the buffet on a spill that hadn’t been cleared up or signposted, then it is likely you would have a claim. If you have had a slip or a fall on the aircraft, getting on or off the coach, or even in the airport, there’s a good chance, if it was someone else’s negligence that caused it, you’d be able to claim compensation for your injuries. Injuries from slips as well as falls can be wide ranging, from small cuts, bruises or sprains, to complex fractures, paralysis and even fatality.

Benidorm road traffic accidents and car crashes

If you’re looking to get out and about on the roads in Benidorm, you would do well to understand that even though Benidorm is a holiday destination, you could still suffer injuries on the roads, whether you are driving, a passenger or even a pedestrian.

In 2017, it was reported that the fatalities on Spanish roads had increased – a number that had risen for the previous year as well. Numbers up to December 2017 meant that 1169 people had lost their lives on the roads in Spain, whereas the year before saw 1161 people perish. This data, which at the time of posting was provisional, came from the DGT, Spain’s Direccion General de Trafico.

Common ways that give rise to holiday accident claims in Benidorm on the roads can include:

  • A car stopping suddenly in front of your vehicle, not giving the driver of your vehicle enough notice to brake
  • A car crashing into yours head on
  • A car knocking you off a bicycle
  • A car turning into yours around a corner
  • A car not giving way
  • A car not stopping at the lights and knocking you over/crashing into you

Whether you have suffered an injury such as a broken arm as a passenger in a car crash in Benidorm, or you have been hit by a car in Benidorm as a pedestrian, fault will need to be established in order that you can make a claim. If you have been involved in any kind of road traffic accident in Benidorm, you should take the advice in the section on what to do after an accident, which can be found further up this page.

Where does my solicitor have to be based?

If you thought you’d need to use a Spanish solicitor to conduct holiday accident claims in Benidorm, you wouldn’t be alone, but you would be mistaken. Many of the people calling our legal experts believe that they’d need the services of a Spain based lawyer, but this is not the case. UK solicitors can handle holiday accident claims in Benidorm as well as other holiday destinations, and we can help match you with one that can.

No win no fee solicitors holiday accident lawyers

You’ll probably have heard the phrase above, but you might not know what it means. To put it bluntly, no win no fee means you don’t put your finances at risk when you pursue holiday accident claims in Benidorm in this manner. The way it works is pretty simple. All you have to do is sign an agreement with the solicitor you use for holiday accident claims in Benidorm, that sets out what percentage of your compensation will be used for legal fees once your claim is settled. Don’t worry, this is subject to a cap. Once signed, your solicitor will go on their way to work hard to make your compensation payout the maximum it can be. Obviously, the more you get, the more they will earn as it is a percentage amount. This is actually a big benefit, as you know they’ll be motivated to get you as much as possible for your holiday accident claims in Benidorm. Once the claim is settled, their fees will be paid and you’ll get the pre-agreed larger percentage of the compensation!

Some people ask us what happens if the claim does not lead to a payout of compensation. In this case, you won’t be asked to pay lawyer’s fees. It really is, in essence, risk free.

Start your claim

Beginning a claim with us is simple. 0800 073 8804 brings you directly in touch with a legally trained expert over the phone. They will be able to hear what’s happened to you, ask a few pertinent questions about your experience, and speak to you to let you know whether your claim is likely to result in compensation. If you like, we can explain answers to any queries you might have about holiday accident claims in Benidorm, iron out any queries about time limits for your specific circumstances as well as explaining how no win no fee comes about and what you’ll need to do in order to begin. We will offer to match you with an experienced personal injury solicitor too. We have carefully selected the solicitors we provide you with in order that they meet certain standards, and you can ask us more about this on the phone too. We won’t push you into taking our advice, or the solicitor we’re suggesting to match you with. We understand that this is a decision not to take lightly, and we don’t want to put stress or pressure on your shoulders. After all, you’ve already been through a lot. Essentially, we’re here to listen, advise and help you make the decision that’s right for you – so why not try us out and give us a call?

Useful links

Giving advice is what we do best, but we know we don’t have the monopoly on the information you might like to know about holiday accident claims in Benidorm, or indeed any other information you might want to know about this holiday destination. Below we have collated some useful links for your own perusal.

The British Consulate General Alicante

British Consulate General Alicante

Edificio Espacio
Rambla Méndez Núñez 28-32
6ª planta
03002 Alicante

Tel: +34 965 21 60 22


NHS Guide to healthcare in Alicante and Benidorm You will be able to find details from the NHS on healthcare in the area.

FCO SpainThe FCO provide travel advice for the region as well.

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