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easyHotel Hotel Personal Injury Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation For A Accident In A easyHotel

EasyHotel, run by the easy group that also include easyJet, are a very popular choice of hotel because of the simple booking process and the budge prices.  They are great to just turn up at, check in and move on the following day with no hassle which is why so many people use them again and again but, for some, accidents can happen and can cause pain, suffering and completely ruin a trip or holiday.

If you’ve been injured at an easyHotel then please call our team today and we’ll assess your accident and injuries and begin a personal injury claim on your behalf. Legal Expert are a specialist personal injury solicitor who operate a no win no fee service so call us today on 0800 073 8804 today.

If you’re not quite ready to begin your claim, then carry on reading our guide which will explain what to do in the event of an easyHotel accident.

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A guide to easyHotel accident compensation claims

easyHotel accident claimsEasyHotel offer budget hotels in excellent locations across the UK and abroad which are very popular for holiday makers, business people, day trippers and people visiting friends and family because they are so easy to book and use (and are very affordable).  For most people easyHotel stays are pleasant and no problems occur but this guide is for those people involved in an easyHotel accident and who want to make a personal injury compensation guide.

We’ll cover the types of accidents that can occur, what to do if you’re unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident and how much compensation your injury could be worth.

The types of accidents that are included in this guide, although we can help with any personal injury claim whether its listed here or not, are:

  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Scalds, burns and shocks
  • Accidents involving lifts
  • Bed bug bites and infestations
  • Food poisoning / Food allergies
  • Injuries caused by damaged or faulty furnishings, fixtures or fittings

It is worth noting that any personal injury claim in the UK must be submitted within 3 years of the date of the accident.  There is an exception to this rule that means the 3 years can start from the date you actually become aware of your injury i.e. you may not realise that an accident caused problems until a doctor diagnoses it at a later date so if the injury can be tracked back to the easyHotel accident then the claim date would be 3 years from the doctors diagnosis.

Circumstances in which you can make a hotel accident claim against easyHotel

EasyHotel has a duty of care (as all hotels do) to protect staff, visitors and guests from any time of risk.  This means that management should assess each area of the hotel for risks, implement changes to reduce the risk, write procedures to ensure the risk is minimised and fully train staff to ensure they know the procedures.

If an accident occurs and staff weren’t following guidelines, or something hadn’t been done properly (like food not cooked to standards or equipment not maintained properly) then the hotel could be liable even though they have procedures in place to mitigate the risk.   Essentially, if somebody has been negligent, then you could claim compensation for any easyHotel accident to recover losses and to compensate you for the pain and suffering caused by the negligence.

Common ways people are harmed at a hotel in the UK

In the next few sections we’ll cover the types of accident at a hotel that can occur and what the causes and consequences can be.  The type of accidents we’ll cover include: Burns, scalds and shocks; Slips, trips and falls; Bed bug bites; Accidents caused by fixtures, fittings and furniture and; food poisoning.

If you’ve had any other easyHotel accident, then don’t worry as we we’re only listing the most common hotel accidents and can make claims for any personal injury in an easyHotel.

Slip, trip, and fall claims against easyHotel

One type of accident that can cause the most painful injuries is a slip, trip or fall accident which can result in major surgery or even multiple major surgeries to try and repair the injured part of the body back to its original state.

An easyHotel accident claim could be instigated if the hotel was responsible for your injury.  Scenarios that could be deemed to be the fault of the hotel include:

  • Slipping on a wet or slippery floor where no warning signs are in place.
  • Tripping on uneven or damaged flooring such as torn carpets, raised and damaged tiles or broken pavements or kerbstones (as the accident could happen in the car park).
  • Tripping over something which isn’t visible because of missing or damaged lighting.

Any of these can cause an easyHotel accident which can lead to injuries such as: broken bones, sprained joints, torn muscles, head injuries and spinal injuries.

Food poisoning claims against easyHotel

Hotel food poisoning, which is caused by poor hygiene standards, can lead to a simple bug which goes away after 24 hours or it can lead to completely devastating and life-threatening illnesses.  It is caused by food being stored, prepared, cooked or reheated incorrectly.  Every hotel will have food hygiene guides and procedures for staff to follow but if they fail to follow those procedures then the hotel could be liable if you want to make a claim for compensation.

An easyHotel accident claim could be made if you are diagnosed with any food poisoning related illness such as E-coli, salmonella or Noro-virus.  These can be caused by any of the reasons mentioned above or, if the hotel restaurant isn’t clean, can be caused by spreading of germs from other guests via contact with door handles or cutlery.

Hotel bed bug compensation claims against easyHotel

Bed bugs are more annoying than they are dangerous but do lead to hotel accident claims because, firstly, the bites are annoying and cause irritation.   Secondly, if the bugs get into your clothing, they can get into your home and cause an infestation which can be costly to remove so this cost can be claimed if it can be proven to have been caused by your stay in an easyHotel.

If you can photograph any evidence of bed bugs in your bed or hotel room (such as brown or red spots in the bedding, or skin shed by bed bugs) then it can be used as evidence to support your claim.

Claims for being stuck or injured in a lift against easyHotel

Another fairly uncommon easyHotel accident is an injury caused by a lift.  Most large hotels around the world provide lifts for guests to move around the hotel and make moving luggage much easier.  If they are correctly maintained then there’s usually no problems but a faulty lift can result in a few types of injuries that, although rare, can cause pain and suffering such as:

  • Being stuck in a lift for any amount of time due to a fault or power cut.
  • Tripping because a lift doesn’t align properly with the doors when it stops.
  • Falling because the lift has jolted.

Burns, shocks, and scalding claims against easyHotel

One of the most painful type of easyHotel accident is a burn, scald or shock and these types of injuries, if left untreated, can continue causing damage for hours so need to be assessed medically.   The types of accident that could be the fault of the hotel that involve a scald, burn or shock include:

  • A member of staff accidentally spilling a hot drink or food over you.
  • Food or drink being served excessively hot but without any warning.
  • Faulty electrical equipment in the hotel room such as kettles, hairdryers or television that cause electrical shock.

Any of these accidents could lead to a compensation claim and should be treated, as a matter of priority, by medically trained staff or by the emergency services.

What other ways could I be hurt at a hotel?

If you are injured by using a fixture, fitting or furnishing anywhere in the hotel that you could reasonably be expected to use then it could mean you are eligible to make a claim for compensation.  This is true for any guest, member of staff or visitor to the hotel such as a delivery driver, maintenance contractor or corporate guest using any conferencing or training facility.

If the piece of equipment is damaged or in a state of poor repair and this was the cause of the accident, then try to photograph any defect of the item to show how it caused your accident as this can be used as evidence to support your claim.

What steps do I take if I am harmed staying at an easyHotel?

When you have an easyHotel accident you may want to put it behind you and get on with your holiday and enjoy the remainder of your time away but there are some simple steps you could take which will help if you want to pursue a claim when you’ve returned home.   If you are able to you should:

  • Inform the hotel staff of your accident so that it is logged in their accident reporting book (or similar system) and ask for a copy of the report. If the won’t, or are unable to, provide a copy then take the name of the member of staff you reported it to.
  • Photograph the scene of the accident and try to collect as much information in the photo to prove what the cause was. For instance, if you’ve been bitten by bed bugs, then try to photograph evidence of them in your bed or hotel room (reddish stains on sheets are usually where a bed bug has been squashed and brown spots are excrement.  Yellow eggs may be present and bed bugs also shed their skin so any evidence of this could be photographed).
  • Ask for any witnesses who saw your accident to provide you with their contact details as we can use them to gather witness statements to substantiate your claim.
  • Seek medical treatment or assessment where necessary. This ensures you start getting treatment for your injuries as soon as possible and at the same time means a medical record of your injuries are recorded which you could ask for a copy of or we can obtain at a later date.

All of the above may seem like hard work but it will ensure a much easier process when you make your easyHotel accident claim.

What can I claim compensation for when hurt at an easyHotel?

The important thing for a personal injury solicitor to do on your behalf when considering an easyHotel accident claim is to ensure that every possible cost is included in the claim as there are a number of elements that can be included and once the claim has been settled, we can’t go back and ask for more.

The main elements we can include in any compensation claim for holiday accident claims are:

  • General damages: These cover the pain and suffering caused by the accident and are a defined range of payments that are dependent on the severity and impact of the injury. It is our job to work with medical practitioners to provide evidence of how severe your injury is so that the amount of general damages is correct.
  • Care costs: If there are costs that you’ve had to pay out because of your injury then you can claim these back. If, for instance, you have to pay somebody to help out around the house because you can’t complete your normal day to day jobs around the house then this cost could be included.
  • Treatment costs: If you have to pay for any medical treatments (including treatments paid for a private practice because the NHS waiting list was too long or the treatment was unavailable on the NHS) then it can be added to your claim. Prescription costs can also be included.
  • Travel costs: If you have had to come home early or been to ill to travel and so delayed the date of your return home then you may have incurred extra travel costs which we would look to include in the claim for your easyHotel claim. Further travel costs can be included for travelling to and from medical appointments.
  • Loss of earnings: If your injury requires you delay your return to work after your holiday or to take time off from work for medical appointments and your employer only pays statutory sick pay then you can claim for the lost earnings. If your easyHotel accident was so severe that you’re unable to work again or unable to complete the same job as before the accident, then we can also seek future loss of earnings in any settlement.

If you’re looking to make claims for any of the above elements, then receipts or credit card bills can be used as evidence of the costs being incurred.  It is also possible to add the costs of any damaged personal property to the claim if it was damaged during your accident.

Personal injury claims calculator

If you’ve been involved in an easyHotel accident you may have seen claims of a personal injury claims calculator being available to work out what you’ll get in compensation. Unfortunately, we know, from our years of experience, that there is no such thing as a compensation calculation without us having discussed the easyHotel accident with you first as every single claim we’ve ever dealt with is different.

What we can do, at this stage in your claim, is to provide you with the table below which shows some injury types and what sort of compensation you can get under the general damages segment of the claim:

Injury TypeRange of CompensationComments
Neck injury£2,700 to £12,000
Minor to severe injuries causing permanent damage

Knee injury£11,820 to £55,590Minor to very severe injuries causing permanent damage
Wrist injury £5,920 to £47,720Minor injuries to very severe resulting in permanent damage
Shoulder injury£6,290 to £38,280Minor injuries to very severe resulting in permanent damage
Elbow injury£12,480 to £48,080Minor injuries to very severe resulting in permanent damage
Arm injury£5,280 to £104,370Minor injuries to very severe resulting in permanent damage
Ankle injury£10,960 to £39.910Minor injuries to very severe resulting in permanent damage
Head injuries£1,500 to £275,000Minor injuries to very severe resulting in permanent damage
Back injuriesA few hundred pounds to £141,150Less severe injuries where recovery is achieved within 3 months to extremely severe injuries that result in damage to the spine
Loss of earnings£5,500 to £550,000
Loss of projected earnings£11,000 to £440,000
Care claimAmount awarded depends on the level of care needed

Don’t worry if your accident or injury is not listed as it’s only a small sample and remember the amounts are only guides.  Our job is to prove the actual severity of your injury as the insurer who is dealing with your easyHotel accident will no doubt try to cast doubt on the level to reduce the compensation amount.

If you would like to know a rough figure of what your claim is worth then call our team who, once we’ve assessed your accident in more detail, will be able to give you an estimate.

No win no fee personal injury claims

No win no fee agreements changed in 2013 and are now know as Conditional Fee Agreements (or CFAs) but in essence still offer our clients the safety net of knowing that if we don’t win any compensation then they don’t have to pay for our service which makes it completely risk free for the clients.

We’ve heard horror stories from clients who’ve been charged an hourly rate by their solicitor and, when the solicitor failed to win the case, ended up with a massive legal bill with no compensation to cover it.

Our CFAs take away the worry of covering the cost of our service as we agree with you, prior to taking on your case, a percentage of your compensation that will be paid to us if we win and we also state in the CFA that if we don’t win any compensation then you don’t have to pay us anything at all which believe is the most fair way to operate and means you don’t spend the duration of the claim worrying about fees.

How to begin an easyHotel personal injury claim

Our team are a professional and dedicated team of personal injury solicitors who, between them, have decades of experience in making personal injury claims.  This means that when they conduct a claim on your behalf, they are efficient because they know what is needed to make a successful claim and what’s not needed.

All of our solicitors are friendly and always try to use plain English when discussing your claim with you and avoid legal jargon wherever possible.  The team, based in the UK, are available throughout the day and can deal with any enquiries you may have and always try to ensure you get the best possible compensation amount that truly reimburses you for your injuries.

In our experience around 99% of our cases are resolved out of court which our clients prefer but we will always consider filing for a court date if we believe an offer does not adequately reflect the injuries suffered by our clients.

How to contact our team

Now you’ve read our guide which covers everything you need to know about an easyHotel accident we hope you’re ready to get in touch with the team at Legal Expert, especially now you know about our no win no fee service.  If so, then there are a number of ways you can contact us:

Our team are available now and happy to talk through your questions and queries before setting up your free initial consultation so please get in touch today.

Other helpful guides and links

Hopefully that’s all the information you’ll need about easyHotel accidents but here are some other relevant and useful guides that may help with your personal injury claim:

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