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Personal Injury Solicitors Hamilton No Win No Fee

By Mark Ainsdale. Last Updated 23rd August 2021. Welcome to our guide on working with Hamilton personal injury solicitors. Our team of Hamilton personal injury solicitors specialises in helping people reclaim compensation after suffering an accident that was somebody else’s fault. Our specialist legal team is highly qualified and highly experienced personal injury specialists and is equipped to take on any injury claim.

If you live in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire and suffer an injury, our solicitors can help you get maximum compensation.

Why Should I Use Hamilton Personal Injury Solicitors To Handle My Claim?

Our personal injury solicitors covering Hamilton provide a service that ensures all our clients gets the best representation. And our personal injury solicitors are dedicated to providing top-quality client service as well as unrivalled legal expertise, helping you to feel calm, confident and comfortable throughout the claims process.

Hamilton work injury claimsFrom the moment you begin to work with us, we’ll do everything we can to help you – answering all your questions clearly and concisely without bombarding you with legal jargon.

The initial consultation you receive from our personal injury solicitors Hamilton team is completely FREE, meaning you’ll never have to pay a penny for our services upfront.

Our solicitors for Hamilton work strictly on a No Win No Fee basis. This means we will take a pre-agreed with your percentage of your successful claim payout. We’ll also arrange calls and any meetings at times that suit you, meaning you won’t have to miss work or put your life on hold whilst the case is ongoing.

Should I Make An Injury Claim For My Injuries?

Anybody suffering injuries through an accident that wasn’t their fault (such as an accident at work) could receive financial compensation. It is not only your physical health that might suffer when you’ve been involved in an injury. You might also be left to cope with the loss of your current income, future earnings, emotional trauma; pain and suffering, medical costs; and a decline in quality of later life in Hamilton.

Therefore, our personal injury solicitors covering Hamilton will help to get the compensation you need. And this will pay for any medical costs or psychological help necessary to recuperate from your accident.

What Types Of Personal Injury Claims In Hamilton Can You Handle?

All of them! We specialise in our providing a legal service for anyone who has suffered any injury. Once we’ve determined you have a valid claim, we’ll be able to support your compensation case. And this includes the benefits of our No Win No Fee policy. Our Hamilton personal injury solicitors team can also assist you if you’ve

● Suffered a road traffic accident

We’ve helped hundreds of clients involved in road traffic accidents, including people who were driving and people who were hurt as innocent bystanders. We’ve also claimed compensation for passengers who suffered an injury whilst on Hamilton public transport.

● Suffered an injury at work

Employers have a legal obligation to provide their employees with a safe working environment. Should you have had any injury at work – whether it’s cuts and bruises from a fall or more serious long-term injuries caused by faulty equipment – we can help you to claim compensation.

● Hurt yourself on public property or maybe a business premises in Hamilton

Public property and business premises owners are under a legal obligation to make as sure as possible that their environments are safe. Should you have hurt yourself on public property or business premises, we can investigate your accident to see if adequate safety measures were in place and whether you ought to be compensated.

What Does The Claims Process Involve?

Our Hamilton lawyers make personal injury claims simple and easy in terms of how to claim.  We will take the time to carefully explain each part of the process and ensure you are updated at every step along the way.

Typically, a case begins with a consultation, where our legal team will ask you a few questions regarding your injury to determine whether you have a viable claim. These include: when and where did your injury occur (Hamilton or elsewhere)? Have you any witnesses? What kind of injury/injuries did you suffer?  Have you undergone any medical treatment because of the injury? And do you have any evidence that will support your claim? This can include reports from any eye-witnesses, police reports, photographic evidence of the accident and video recordings of the incident. Our personal injury solicitors covering Hamilton can help you gather this information.

After determining the validity of your claim, our Hamilton legal team will then contact the person/party who you think is at fault for causing your injuries. This person (known as the defendant) must respond to our letter within 12 weeks. If they admit liability, the case can be settled out of court. If they refuse to admit fault, the case will go before a judge.

No matter what direction your case heads in, our Hamilton injury solicitors are guaranteed to stick by you at all times, offering a dedicated high-quality legal service that gives you the best possible chance of receiving financial compensation.

What Amount Of Compensation Will I Ultimately Receive?

Every personal injury claim is unique, but once we’ve heard your account of the accident and gathered as much evidence as possible, our Hamilton legal team shall be able to supply you with an estimated compensation figure. This amount may be subject to change during the course of the claims procedure, but we’ll keep you updated to ensure you understand exactly what’s happening at every stage. We can’t promise you how long it will take either but rest assured that we will do everything in our power to ensure as speedy a resolution to your case as possible.

If you’re in the Hamilton area and sustained injuries due to an accident, contact our personal injury lawyers today on 0800 073 8804. Our friendly team will discuss your case in detail or have an informal chat about possibly pursuing a claim. Whatever you need legal advice about, such as No Win No Fee, we can help. So please speak to us, and we can advise you on how to claim today.

Having A Medical Assessment

When you suffer an injury, it is only natural that you would undergo a medical assessment. By having a check-up with a doctor, you can determine what is up and how to fix it. More to the point, you can also find out how the injury comes about and if your previous accident is the cause. However, the issue with a personal injury claim is that your injuries may be several years ago. Even if you’re still dealing with the consequences, the condition may not be as it was. It’s even possible that you are 100% beyond the pain resulting from your original accident.

As a result, your original medical assessment results may no longer apply. And yet, your medical condition is still the reason for you to file a personal injury claim justifiably. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you should undergo a fresh medical assessment with an independent doctor once your claim begins. Without this, your case may not succeed, even if all of the other evidence is strong. But a new medical evaluation confirms your condition right now and how your condition results from your accident. If you want to know more information, please contact our panel of personal injury solicitors.

Settlement Estimates

Once you have your medical assessment, you can see the true extent of the injury. Furthermore, you can also see if there is a link between the condition and the accident. As a result, the findings of your medical report could then shape the compensation amount that you may receive. And that’s because the extent of your injury will go a long way towards influencing how much you may claim for. After all, a serious, life-threatening injury is very different from a basic sprain that may recover within a few weeks.

Nevertheless, there still may be some confusion about just how much compensation you could claim after your injuries. And what if there is a situation where you suffer multiple injuries, with one perhaps being more serious than another? As a result, we hope that the table below will be of use, as it contains many different potential payouts. And these come from the Judicial College, a medical body with strong credibility and knowledge. But we must also remind you that these figures remain hypothetical. So, please do not take these numbers as a guarantee, and instead, merely use these as guidance.

Brain DamageVery severeThe person might be able to follow some basic commands. However, they will need full-time care and show little meaningful response to their environment.£282,010 to £403,990
Neck InjurySevereA neck injury that is associated with incomplete paraplegia or results in permanent spastic quadriparesis.In the region of £148,330
Knee InjurySevere (ii)Constant pain and limited movement caused by a leg fracture that has extended into the knee joint.£52,120 to £69,730
Arm InjuryLess severeThe person will have suffered with significant disabilities. However a substantial recovery has taken place or is expected to.£19,200 to £39,170
Back InjuryModerate (ii)Frequently encountered back injuries, that disturb the ligaments and muscles and cause backache.£12,510 to £27,760
Shoulder InjurySeriousA dislocated shoulder with damage to the lower part of the brachial plexus that causes shoulder and neck pain.£12,770 to £19,200
Elbow InjuryModerate or minorElbow injuries such as lacerations, simple fractures or tennis elbow syndrome. The recovery rate will affect how much is awarded.Up to £12,590
Leg InjuryLess serious (iii)Simple tibia or fibula fractures, or soft-tissue injuries, with minor ongoing symptoms.Up to £11,840
Whiplash Injuries With Psychological InjuriesOne or more Lasting for 18-24 months£4,345
Whiplash Injuries One or moreLasting for 18-24 months£4,215

Hamilton Personal Injury Solicitors FAQs

What evidence is necessary for a personal injury claim?

You need medical evidence, insurance details, CCTV footage, photographs and witness statements.

How long does a personal injury claim take to settle?

Claims usually last around 12, maybe 18, months.

What percentage of personal injury claims lead to a settlement?

Assuming there is concrete evidence, then the percentage of claims leading to a settlement could be 90%-95%.

How do you prove injuries?

This is about the defendant breaching a duty of care that they have towards the claimant.

Which court hears personal injury claims?

For major cases, the case would go to The Queen’s Bench Division.

What injuries are hard to prove?

Such injuries include the likes of whiplash, sprains, strains and nerve damage.

What are the 4 elements of negligence?

These are the duty of care, a breach of duty, the claimant’s injuries and a link between the two.

What is the most difficult element of negligence to prove?

This is the cause of the injury, as it relies on strong evidence to support what you’re saying.

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