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Burton upon Trent Personal Injury Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims

Burton upon Trent personal injury solicitors

Burton upon Trent personal injury solicitors

Wherever you are in the country, you are at risk of having an accident. No matter what you do, there is some element of risk, and we all take steps to try and reduce these risks as much as possible. But, what if someone else who had some sort of duty towards you, whether that is not to behave negligently or dangerously, and they failed in that duty and you became injured or ill as a result? In cases like this, you might want to seek the assistance of personal injury solicitors that cover your area, such as Burton upon Trent, in order to try and gain some sort of compensation for the illness/injury suffered. At Legal Expert (0800 073 8804) we know only too well the after effects of these types of incident, and we are here to help those who’ve suffered claim what they are entitled to for their suffering and financial losses due to the incident/s in question.

Calling us would be a good idea, but if you’d like to read a little more about claiming compensation for an accident in Burton upon Trent or a medical negligence claim, then it might be wise to read the personal injury solicitors guide we have produced to help you below.

How our team can help victims of accidents which were not their fault

Accidents happen all the time, and are, in the main, not preventable. However, some accidents happen where a person/entity has not managed their duty to prevent such incidents occurring, when they had a duty to do so. There is a large amount of legislation in place to prevent ‘victims’ of this sort of illness or injury from being financially made worse off, as well as legislation that aims to compensate them duly for what they have suffered because of another’s negligence or dangerous behaviours.

Eligibility of accident and injury victims to make a claim

It is not only a one-time incident that can be taken into account, however, and while many personal injury claims fall within a three-year time limit, industrial diseases that develop over time – as well as other specified circumstances – can be claimed for up to three years after diagnosis. So, you may have thought you were outside the limits for claiming when, in fact, you could still make a claim. Our trained advisors would be able to advise you of your limit when you call us, but you might want to read the rest of the page below before calling so that you don’t miss something that could potentially answer one or more of your questions below.

Why it is important to find the best legal team for your claim

Whilst you should always make sure you do your research when it comes to finding a solicitor to take on your case, it is important to be aware of the fact that many solicitors’ websites offer much the same in terms of what they say about the solicitor in question. For example, how many times have you come across the words ‘proven track record’? This could be true on many different levels when it comes to comparing solicitors. One may have a proven track record over 3 cases, while another could have a proven track record of over 200 cases. In this case, which would you choose? There really isn’t any substitute for good research and sometimes speaking to a solicitor will give you a feel over whether you’d be able to work with them long term, which can be important in longer cases that take a while to resolve. You need to know you can communicate effectively with your chosen solicitor, before you choose to use their services.

Check reviews of lawyers and solicitors

Reviews are a great thing, and we see more and more review centric website springing up by day. However, some personal injury solicitor reviews are not always reliable, due to the emotive nature of personal injury cases, so it is important to pick out the facts from the reviews you’re reading about the solicitors you’re looking at. It is also a good idea to compare fees. To put the difference between solicitor’s fees into context, consider the fact that the percentage of no win no fee compensation you’d receive is often widely different between solicitors. For example, if you were to have suffered a severe leg injury/ies, then compensation from a £93,956 might give you anything between £56,373 and £79,862 depending on the solicitor you chose.

When it comes to providing accurate information on solicitors, you might be interested to know that here at Legal Expert, we may be able to provide more information on the solicitors we provide than you’d find on the web. You need to be armed with all the relevant information when choosing a solicitor and we can certainly help with this part.

Should I use a solicitor close to me?

Using a solicitor in Burton upon Trent works for some people, but not for everyone. Imagine having the ability to choose the best solicitors for you, even if they’re based in another part of the country? Well, we’re here to tell you that you can. You can choose from any solicitor covering accident claims, whether they are based in London or Manchester, or anywhere else in the country. Here at Legal Expert, we’re happy to provide solicitors experienced in different facets of personal injury law, so that you get the right one for you, whether it’s a serious injury claim, or a clinical negligence claim or something even more complex.

Examples of common types of personal injury claim

Accidents and injuries can vary a lot, so it is important that you are aware of the fact that no matter what injury or illness you’ve suffered, if it was someone else’s fault, you might be able to launch a compensation claim. Below we’ve listed some of the more common types of claim we see and hear about, but it’s essential you don’t worry if you can’t see yours here, as we’re sure we’d be able to help with that too.

Work related illness or industrial disease cases

Making an industrial disease claim requires a solicitor that truly understands the impact of this sort of issue, and what it entails long-term. There are a great many different industrial diseases that you could have suffered, from mesothelioma, to white finger vibration, to lung disease and more. When it comes to claiming compensation for an industrial disease, you should be looking to recoup any costs you’ve incurred as a result, gain compensation for the suffering as part of the disease as well as future costs and losses (e.g. of earnings) you’re likely to encounter in the future. Legal Expert can help with this.

Medical negligence cases

We all get ill sometimes, and it’s not always straightforward when it comes to getting better. However, when treatment is not done correctly, or makes you worse, or you’re misdiagnosed, you might have cause to put forward a clinical negligence claim with personal injury solicitors, whether they are based in Burton upon Trent or not. Whether it is your GP, a surgeon, or another clinical team or person that has caused you harm by acting negligently or dangerously, in a private hospital or as part of the NHS, we can help with medical malpractice claims. Dental claims can be handled by our service too.

Can I claim for an accident at work?

There are a wide variety of industries operating in the area, and you may be looking to secure the services of a no win no fee lawyer for a work accident claim in the area. There are a wide variety of reasons your employer might have failed to provide a safe working place, such as not providing the proper PPE, failing to risk assess you, not delivering the proper training, or not maintaining work equipment to the standard they should. If they have not maintained the work area, such as clearing trip hazards, or not signposting or clearing up spillages then you could fall and hurt yourself too, leading to a claim. You need not worry about claiming from an employer in these cases, as they are required to have insurance to pay your compensation from, and there is legislation in place to prevent them from treating you differently because of your claim.

Statistics for those hurt in workplace accidents across East Staffordshire Local Authority area

East Staffordshire Local Authority Work related accident statistics (HSE)2011/122012/132013/14
Not otherwise specified223837
Accidents involving Electrics102
Injury/ies due to machinery878
Burns and other fire related100
Substances (Harmful)354
Height falls241211
Injuries to do with animals202
Handling (manual)785250
Non height falls707160
Hitting something1866
Being hit by a vehicle of some kind565
Being struck by an object of some kind323021
Being trapped100

Slip, fall & trip injury cases

Depending how and where you’ve fallen, slipped or tripped, your injuries could vary from a few bruises to complex fractures, internal injuries or life changing injuries. Falls from height are commonly associated with the more traumatic injuries, but if you’ve suffered any type of fall, trip or slip injury, and it could have been prevented if someone had done what they were supposed to do to keep you safe, then you might have a claim for compensation. Claims can go against building owners/occupiers who have not maintained lifts/escalators, or have not cleared up spillages, to local authorities who have not addressed broken pavements for example. If you’d like your position clarified on whether you have a fall or slip claim, do get in touch and we’ll do that for you.

Serious injury cases

If you’re looking for the best personal injury lawyer to deal with serious injury claims, then you need to know that they’ve practised this sort of case before. The reason behind this is that they will need to fully understand not only the current costs and suffering you’re experiencing right now, but will also need to fight for future costs in terms of suffering and financial costs relating to the injuries you have right now. This could be future care costs, future loss of earnings, future physiotherapy, home adaptations and more. While a more inexperienced lawyer may think they have all the bases covered when it comes to compensation for serious injuries, a more experienced personal injury lawyer could see where other costs could be incurred, which could ensure a larger payment for compensation.

Road traffic accident cases and claims

Whether you’re a motorcyclist that has been knocked off their bike by a car, you’ve been hit by a foreign driver, or been in a taxi accident, you’re sure to have suffered injuries that are best, painful but at worst, life changing. Road traffic accident claim events happen on roads all across the country and while most people go on to recover entirely, it may have cost them in terms of time off work and other expenses while they were recovering. However, in some cases, injuries can alter life for that person forever, and they will require funds to adjust to their new life after a road traffic accident. Whatever type of accident you’ve been in, whether on country lanes, or a motorway or busy bypass, it’s essential that you seek compensation from the person at fault to help you to move on any way you can from the incident. Your compensation payout should not only cover the physical harms done to you but if any trauma has affected you mentally, this should be covered as well.

Staffordshire road traffic accident casualty statistics

2011/ 122012/ 132013 / 14

No win no fee accident and injury claims

Scarily, not everyone who has been the victim of an accident that isn’t their fault will make a claim! The reason? Well, sometimes it is because the victim doesn’t have the financial backing to take forward legal action. Or, rather, they haven’t heard of no win no fee.

How fees work in no win no fee cases

This payment structure means that not a penny has to be put upfront to obtain the services of a lawyer for their case. Indeed, not a penny has to be paid out if their claim does not get them a compensation payment. Only if the case is successful does the claimant pay a pre-determined percentage of their compensation payout to the lawyer.

I still need to know a little more, where can I look?

Whatever you’re seeking answers for, it is important to have someone you can trust knows their business inside out so you can be sure that the information given to you is true and accurate. This is what you’ll get by getting in touch with us, whether to ask us something relating to your case, or in order to launch a claim for compensation. We are not a business that will push you into taking action before you are ready, and our advice does not put you under any obligation to use Legal Expert’s services. We can, if you would like us to, provide you with information, or with a solicitor that covers your type of claim. But, more than anything else, we’re here to help make sense of the personal injury claim itself and your position as to whether you have a claim.

Speak to us today

Are you ready to put forth a claim or get legal advice? Then 0800 073 8804 should be the number to dial. Want more answers to your questions? Then the same number applies. If you prefer, you can fill in our contact form and we’ll phone you back. Or, there’s a live chat option right here on the site. Whatever way you want to get in touch, we’re here, ready and able to help you with your compensation claim.

Helpful services for those hurt in an accident in Burton upon Trent

Whichever type of illness or injury you might have suffered, there are certain contact numbers and details you might need to know. We’ve included some relevant contact details below for you, which we hope will help.

Local Police Station

Location of Burton Police Station:
Horninglow Street
DE14 1PA
Tel: 101

Local Crown Court

Derby Magistrate’s Court
The Court House
St Mary’s Gate

Local Hospital

Queen’s Hospital
Belvedere Road
Burton upon Trent
DE13 0RB
Tel: 01283 566333

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