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Paignton Personal Injury Solicitors

By Mark Ainsdale. Last Updated 20th August 2021. Welcome to our guide on working with Paignton, personal injury solicitors. Are you based in Paignton or the surrounding Devon area? Have you ever suffered a work injury, a slip, trip or fall, a road traffic accident or any other sort of injury or accident because of negligence? If so, then you may be able to claim compensation. Our Paignton personal injury solicitors team have been assisting people in the Paignton area and Devon for many years with their personal injury claims.

Our team of personal injury solicitors are all specialists with experience in representing people with a wide variety of accidents and injuries. With our solicitors on your side, you have the very best chance of getting the compensation you deserve. And this will also go a long way towards allowing you to move on with your life. So please speak to us today about how to claim, and we can get things moving for your compensation case. And you will also only pay solicitor fees if your case wins due to our No Win No Fee agreement.

Our Team Of Personal Injury Solicitors for Paignton Can Handle Any Claim

Personal injury claims can come in an almost infinite variety of shapes and forms, and our team of personal injury specialists are well equipped to handle all of them. We’ve won cases for people across the UK in a whole manner of situations. And the victims receive the maximum level of personal injury compensation. So, these include:

Construction site accidents

Construction sites are now safer than ever, and you’re not even allowed to enter one without having a CSCS card that shows you have a basic knowledge of health and safety. However, accidents still happen, and if you’ve been injured and it is not your fault, then you may certainly be eligible to start a claim. And that is where our personal injury lawyers covering Paignton could assist you.

Office injuries

Most people think that offices are very safe environments and generally they are. However, accidents still happen, and if you suffer an injury whilst on the job, you may be able to claim compensation. A personal injury at work might include the likes of:

  • Slips and trips that may occur as a result of poor safety checks and trailing wires
  • Repetitive strain injury from use of inadequate computer equipment
  • Bruises, bumps or breaks caused by chairs or tables that aren’t fit in an office area.

Factory accidents

Factories are safer than ever before, thanks to the fact that health and safety is a priority these days. However, accidents do happen, and if one does, they can be very serious and have life-changing consequences. Our Paignton personal injury solicitors team can help you with the full range of factory personal injuries and help to get you the compensation and justice you need and are entitled to.

Road traffic accidents

If you’re in a road traffic accident as a driver, passenger or pedestrian, then you could claim compensation. Our personal injury solicitors covering Paignton can help you claim in all instances.

Public transport injuries

Sometimes, buses and trains are involved in accidents or collisions, resulting in passengers suffering injuries. If this has happened to you, you may well be entitled to claim compensation.

Slips, trips and falls

If you have had an accident in a Paignton public place such as the street, in a shop or pub, and it wasn’t your fault, then you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Sporting injuries

If you have suffered an injury whilst playing sport or watching sport and it was not your fault, then our Paignton personal injury solicitors team can help you claim compensation.

These are just some of the types of personal injury claim that we can help you with. If your injury isn’t listed here, then that doesn’t mean we can’t help. Give our personal injury solicitors for Paignton a call, and they’ll be able to discuss your case with you and assess whether you can claim compensation.

Proceeding Forward With Your Paignton Personal Injury Claim

As soon as our specialist legal advisors have fully assessed your accident and have taken it on, the compensation claim process begins.

  1. Your personal injury solicitor for Paignton will assemble all the necessary details of the evidence needed to begin your claim. This will include:

a. Noting the date that the accident happens
b. Recording the locality of the accident (Paignton, Devon, or elsewhere)
c. Recalling the specifics of the incident
d. Noting the specifics of any injuries you suffer and what treatment you receive for those injuries from medical records.
e. Totalling the  financial expenses that you incur because of the injuries
f. Noting what, if any, loss of earnings

  1. A claim letter will then be sent to the persons we have identified as accountable for the accident. They have 12 weeks to respond to the claim.
  2. If liability is accepted, then the matter will be settled without going to court. We will negotiate with the defendants to ensure you get the settlement you deserve and are entitled to.
  3.  If for any reason they don’t admit liability or if they do accept liability, but a settlement can’t be agreed upon, then the claim might have to be settled in court.

At every stage of this process, our Paignton personal injury solicitors team will keep you fully informed of what is going on and will be available to ask any questions you might have about your case. Our clients love the fact that everything we do is open, honest and completely transparent.

Medical Assessment

So, one of the most important aspects of the claims process would be for you to undergo a full medical assessment. It makes sense for you to do this because you need accurate and up-to-date medical evidence to justify the injuries you claim for. And it isn’t enough for you to say that you have the information about a previous medical assessment. After all, what if your leg fracture would later lead to a blood clot? Perhaps your minor neck injury has consequences that would result in you losing movement below the neck? Or maybe your back break is now keeping you in a wheelchair due to imbalance causing a later fall?

Therefore, you must have the most relevant and recent information regarding your present-day state of health. And that is why we ask you to undergo a medical assessment with a doctor overseeing the entire process. That way, you have highly accurate and new evidence from a doctor that justifies everything you say about your health. And as a result, the chances would increase that you could win your personal injury claim to receive compensation. But if you still want to know more about what a medical assessment might involve, we suggest that you contact our team.

Your Compensation Target

When you first suffer an injury, the main thing that you’re thinking about is how you nurse yourself back to good health. But once the dust settles and you calm down, it is time to consider filing a claim. And one of the main points for you to ponder is how much compensation you might receive for your injury. After all, that is the basis on which you are taking legal action; to receive an appropriate level of compensation. But it isn’t just about what you hope to win. No, it’s all about an actual realistic target for the compensation you might win.

Note that there are varying compensation amounts for different injuries and also different severities of injuries. For instance, barring an amputation, a little finger fracture is worth less than, say, a leg fracture. And the more damaging that the injury is, the more compensation you would receive if you win your case. But the amounts can also be very precise, which is why we have the table below. Indeed, it shows typical baseline compensation amounts with strong credibility, coming from the directives of the Judicial Guidelines. However, we should note that these figures remain estimates and are far from guarantees.

Brain DamageVery severeThe person might be able to follow some basic commands. However, they will need full-time care and show little meaningful response to their environment.£282,010 to £403,990
Neck InjurySevereA neck injury that is associated with incomplete paraplegia or results in permanent spastic quadriparesis.In the region of £148,330
Knee InjurySevere (ii)Constant pain and limited movement caused by a leg fracture that has extended into the knee joint.£52,120 to £69,730
Arm InjuryLess severeThe person will have suffered with significant disabilities. However a substantial recovery has taken place or is expected to.£19,200 to £39,170
Back InjuryModerate (ii)Frequently encountered back injuries, that disturb the ligaments and muscles and cause backache.£12,510 to £27,760
Shoulder InjurySeriousA dislocated shoulder with damage to the lower part of the brachial plexus that causes shoulder and neck pain.£12,770 to £19,200
Elbow InjuryModerate or minorElbow injuries such as lacerations, simple fractures or tennis elbow syndrome. The recovery rate will affect how much is awarded.Up to £12,590
Leg InjuryLess serious (iii)Simple tibia or fibula fractures, or soft-tissue injuries, with minor ongoing symptoms.Up to £11,840
Whiplash Injuries With Psychological InjuriesOne or more Lasting for 18-24 months£4,345
Whiplash Injuries One or moreLasting for 18-24 months£4,215

What Next?

Get in touch today with our specialist advisors for Paignton, who will talk with you about your accident and injury and help decide whether you have a case to make a compensation claim.

All of our cases are done on a No Win No Fee basis which means that there are absolutely no upfront fees for you to pay. You only pay an agreed, fixed percentage should you be successful in your claim. In the unlikely event that the claim is unsuccessful, then you will have absolutely nothing to repay. This means that you can go ahead with your claim with complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be hit with any large unseen fees.

Our personal injury services for Paignton are open, honest and transparent. And we’re highly effective at getting you the justice and compensation you deserve. Call our Paignton personal injury team now on 0800 073 8804 or complete our contact form, and we will call you back. Furthermore, we can answer any questions that you might have about how to claim your compensation.

Paignton Personal Injury Solicitors FAQs

Should I accept the initial offer of compensation?

We don’t think you should do this because you’re going to receive a bigger offer later on.

How do you counter offer a personal injury settlement?

You can do this by suggesting an alternative figure with a suitable justification for you to request a figure.

How do I maximize my personal injury settlement?

You could be patient and carefully consider offers, as well as emphasising the emotional impact of your suffering.

How long does a personal injury claim take to settle?

A claim should usually make it to a settlement within 12 or 18 months.

What percentage of personal injury claims reach a settlement in court?

Just 5% of these claims actually end up in court. And that’s because most cases lead to an out-of-court settlement if there is suitable evidence.

How does a judge determine a personal injury settlement?

This happens by looking at the impact and severity of the injuries and the expenses that the victim occurs.

What is a bodily injury settlement?

This is a claim that specifically focuses on injuries that stem from a road traffic accident.

How do I claim for personal injury?

You can begin your claim anytime by speaking with our personal injury solicitors here at Legal Expert.

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