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By Mark Ainsdale. Last Updated 5th May 2023. Welcome to our Ealing personal injury solicitors guide. On this page, you will find a full guide to choosing a good team of Ealing personal injury solicitors or a personal injury claims service that can cover the Ealing area to process an accident or injury claim for you.

You should find all of the advice and information you need to begin learning how your claim will be handled, and how you can best prepare for it. We will start this guide by looking at the issue of eligibility, and whether you can make a claim. We will then give some tips on how to choose a good legal firm, followed by a number of sections that cover the most frequent types of claims. Finally, we will introduce the Legal Expert injury and accident claims service, which is a simple and risk-free way for residents of Ealing to have their claim processed.

If you have any unanswered questions when you get to the end of this guide, please give Legal Expert a call on 0800 073 8804. One of our team will be standing by to take your call and get you the answers that you need about how to claim.

Ealing personal injury solicitors

Ealing personal injury solicitors

Legal Expert’s Research Into Personal Injury Claims Against Ealing Council

Legal Expert hs uncovered that personal injury claims cost Ealing Council £150,532 in the past year after making a Freedom of Information request.

The local authority confirmed that a total of 44 personal injury claims were made against them from April 2022 to April 2023.

The main cause of these claims was slip, trip or fall accidents. Over 77% of claims were caused by these types of accidents.

Other causes for personal injury claims included:

Ealing Council has a duty of care to ensure any premises, spaces or highways they control are reasonably safe for visitors and employees.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by council negligence, you may have grounds for a valid claim. You can get in touch at any time for a free consultation.

How Do Personal Injury Claims Work?

If you have a valid cause to make a claim (more on this in the section below), you can ask a personal injury solicitor to process a claim for you. Your solicitor will then gather all of the facts of the case, and approach the defendant and inform them of your intention to seek compensation. The defendant will then engage a solicitor to represent them. Negotiations take place, to prove liability and attempt to reach an out of court settlement. If no out of court settlement is reached, the claim will go to court for a decision to be made.

Legal Expert is a fully experienced and skilled team of injury and accident solicitors that can help you through this process in your own claim. Please get in touch with our Ealing personal injury solicitors to learn more.

Check That You Are Eligible To Claim Compensation

In order to be able to make a claim, you must have a valid cause to pursue compensation from a third party. Generally speaking, if you are caused harm by the actions of a third party, you could potentially be eligible to approach them for compensation. A third party could be any unique legal entity such as:

  • A private individual.
  • A shop, supermarket or restaurant.
  • A privately-owned company.
  • A hospital, dental practice or clinic.
  • A taxi driver.
  • Your landlord.
  • The company you work for.
  • The local housing authority.

As you can see, this list could go on and on. The only thing that needs to be true, is that some kind of separate legal entity was at least partially to blame for your accident, and that the action they took which harmed you could have been avoided.

On top of this, you can also claim for accidents that you were partly the cause of. The third party involved will plead a lowered percentage of liability, and compensation will be calculated accordingly.

The issues of eligibility and liability can be confusing. If you are still not clear on whether you have a valid claim, call Legal Expert on the number at the bottom of the guide. One of our team will be able to tell you if you have a claim or not.

Why Having The Right Legal Team Is Important To Getting Compensation

When choosing a personal injury solicitor, West London residents need to understand that the proficiency of their solicitor will affect the outcome of their claim. Consider the following facts:

  • How skilled your solicitor is in processing your claim, will have a direct effect on the likelihood of you winning your claim.
  • How proficient your legal team is in handling your claim, could have a very significant positive effect on the amount of compensation you get.

Put simply, a better solicitor has more chance of winning your claim and securing the most compensation. Therefore, it is vital that you find the best legal team for the task. Legal Expert is a specialised injury and accident claim firm. We focus on helping people to get the compensation that they are entitled to. We can help anyone in Ealing who needs to make a claim. Call us on the number at the end of the page to find out how we can assist you.

Compare Solicitors Through Customer Reviews

As the section above stipulates, you need to find the best solicitor to process your claim. Unfortunately, this can be a time-consuming task unless you can find an intelligent way to create a shortlist of prospective legal firms to then vet. One way you can do this, is by reading solicitor reviews. When you are reading the reviews, keep the following mind.

  • The review needs to cover a claim that is very similar to your own.
  • The review needs to be current enough to still be relevant.
  • The solicitor needs to have taken the claim on under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA).
  • The review will need to state how much the solicitor took as a percentage of the compensation as their fee.
  • The review must be positive and explain why the legal firm was a good choice.

If you consider facts such as these above, you will be extracting the best value from the reviews. However, it is still going to be a pretty lengthy process comparing reviews and creating your shortlist. If you don’t have time to carry this task out, you can let Legal Expert help you. If you call us on the number at the end of the page, one of our team will discuss your compensation claim with you, and inform you of your legal options. Our Ealing personal injury solicitors can also help to get your claim started if you are ready to do so.

Why Your Solicitor Could Be Based Anywhere Across The Country

It is surprising how many claimants we speak to here at Legal Expert, who are under the impression that there is some legal requirement for them to use a local personal injury lawyer to process their claim. This is not the case; you are able to use any solicitor you wish, with no restriction regarding their location.

With this fact in mind, you will now need to decide whether the ease of dealing with a local firm, outweighs the fact that a specialised accident and injury solicitor could have a better chance of winning your claim.

Logic dictates that you use a specialised personal injury solicitor to make your claim, removing location form the selection criteria completely. For example, Legal Expert focuses on helping people that have been injured or become ill, to get the compensation that is rightfully theirs. We offer this service nationally, to all people in the UK. We can also arrange for you to receive local help, such as a free medical examination. Give us a call on the number at the bottom of this page to find out exactly how we can assist you.

What Types Of Accident Do Our Injury Claims Team Conduct In Your Area?

Legal Expert specialises in injury and accident claims, meaning that we can help people with the full range of claim types within these two categories. We take on any claim where the client has a valid cause to pursue compensation. This can range from simple claims for slipping on a wet floor, through to complex claims involving clinical or professional negligence.

There are a number of types of claims that we see far more often than others though. In the next few sections of this guide with will take a look at some of these common claim types. If your claim doesn’t seem to fit into any of these sections, don’t worry, we can still help you. You can call one of our team on the number at the end of the guide, and explain the circumstances of your accident. They will then tell you how we can assist you with how to claim.

Industrial Diseases

If you become ill, or develop a disease as a result of your employer in Ealing not providing you with a healthy working environment, you could be able to make a personal injury claim. Legally, your employer must make sure that the place you work is free of health hazards. If they don’t, they would be liable to pay compensation.

An important fact to note here, is that in illness claims, the three-year time limit within which you must make your claim runs from the date your condition was first diagnosed. Not from the date the incidence causing it took place, as is the case with accident claims. This means you can pursue previous employers who have exposed you to a health hazard for compensation.

Legal Expert and our Ealing personal injury solicitors can help people claim for work-related illnesses and industrial diseases. If you call us on the number at the end of the page, one of our team will explain how we can help you with your own claim.

Medical Malpractice Or Negligence

Both the NHS and the UK Government make an effort to cut down on the number of occurrences in government-run and private healthcare establishments. Despite this, negligence is still fairly common.

Any time that a medical professional has a duty of care towards a patient, and they fail in this duty of care causing harm, then negligence could have taken place. However, it needs to be proven that the action the medical professional took that led to a patient being harmed were avoidable for a valid claim to exist.

If you have been injured by a doctor, nurse, surgeon, or any other medical professional, Legal Expert might be able to help you to make a claim. Call us on the number at the end of this guide to find out how. You may also like to check our negligence claims guide here:

A guide to claiming for medical negligence

Accident At Work Claims In Ealing Broadway

Any firm in the UK that employs staff, is legislated by a whole range of regulations set by the Health & Safety Executive, as well as general laws such as the Occupiers Liability Act. This legal framework is designed to protect employees, by forcing the employer to provide a safe working environment. If the company fails to comply with all of these legal obligations, and a member of staff is injured as a result, then a personal Injury lawyer should be able to process a claim.

Legal Expert has helped many clients to receive compensation due to an accident in the workplace, and we are sure that we can do the same for you. Speak to one of our team on the number at the end of the page to proceed with your claim today.

Ealing Broadway And Ealing Reported Accidents In The Workplace

In the table below, you will find workplace accident figures for Ealing covering 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Electrical accident402
Machinery accident181614
Explosion accident001
Fire accident001
Chemical accident1223
Falling accident232131
Animal accident410
Lifting accident1158183
Slip, trip, fall accident92105104
Struck (by unknown)16147
Vehicle accident1186
Hit by object accident693145
Crushing accident013

Slips, Trips & Falls At Work Or Elsewhere

One of the most common types of accidents in the UK, both at work and in a public place, are slip, trip and fall accidents. These are often innocuous accidents that people shrug off, yet sometimes they can cause very grave injuries. Especially in older people, for whom a traumatic injury such as a broken pelvis can be life-threatening. Typical hazards include:

  • Wet or dirty floors.
  • Broken or damaged floor coverings.
  • Uneven paving stones and potholes.
  • Obstructions left on a footpath.

No matter how your slip, trip or all came about, Legal Expert should be able to help you to make a compensation claim for it. Speak to one of our Ealing personal injury solicitors on the number at the end of the page today to learn how.

Serious Injury Claims

UK accident law makes a provision for people who have had their lives ruined by the actions of a third party, in the form of the high level of compensation they are awarded. In some cases, this can mount up to millions of pounds. Using a legal team that can get you the absolute maximum amount of compensation is critical, so that you are not leaving large sums of money on the table. Legal Expert always tries to maximise every insurance settlement. We can help you with your serious injury claim. Call us on the number at the bottom of the page to proceed.

Car Crash And Road Traffic Accident Claims In Ealing

Ealing accident statistics

Ealing accident statistics

Road traffic accidents are the most common type of personal injury claim that we handle here at Legal Expert. We have handled claims from simple cases of whiplash caused by a low-speed collision, through to the loss of the family breadwinner in a serious car crash. We can help you if you were injured due to the actions of another driver, and also in some types of non-fault accidents. Call us on the number at the end of the page to start your RTA claim today. You may also check this guide that covers road accidents in full:

A guide to making a claim for injuries caused by a road traffic accident

Casualties Reported In Car Crashes And Other RTA’s In Ealing

The table below shows the different types of road traffic accidents in Ealing from the start of 2015 to the end of 2017.


No Win No Fee Compensation Claims Team

Legal Expert is an accident claims lawyer, that can take your claim on under a Conditional Fee Agreement. We will defer our fee until we have actually won you a compensation settlement. This means that our service is entirely risk-free financially, see the section below for information on our fee structure.

Use Our 100% No Win No Fee Service

When Legal Expert processes your claim under a No Win No Fee deal, we really do mean it. When you first contact us, and we start on our claim, there is no fee. As we process your claim, and this could take months in complex cases, there is still no fee for the duration. If we fail to win you any compensation, our fee is a total of zero. If we do win you a payment though, we will take our fee from the money received, and forward the rest on to you.

How To Launch Your Accident Claim

Starting a new claim with Legal Expert is very simple. When you call the number below, one of our team is going to be waiting to go through our new claims process with you. This is a question and answer session, that tells us all we need to know about your claim. Once we know enough, our Ealing personal injury solicitors will be ready to proceed with your claim.

Contact Us Now

If you are ready for Legal Expert to process your compensation claim for you, place call us on 0800 073 8804. One of our team will be ready to take all of the information that we need to begin working on your No Win No Fee claim straight away.

Useful Contacts For The Borough Of Ealing

Ealing Police Station

67-69 Uxbridge Rd


W5 5SJ

Tel: 101


Opening hours: 24 hours.

Ealing Magistrates’ Court

The Court House

Green Man Ln



W13 0SD

Tel: +44 20 8955 0555


Opening hours: Weekdays, 9am to 5pm.

Ealing Hospital

Uxbridge Rd



Tel: +44 20 8967 5000


Opening hours: 24 hours.

Here are additional guides and more information that you might find useful at this stage:

Ealing Personal Injury Solicitors FAQs

What is a Letter Of Claim?

This is the written statement that the victim makes with their intention to sue the defendant.

What happens next?

The defendant has 28 days to respond and accept liability, otherwise legal proceedings will then begin.

What is the solicitor’s role at this stage?

So, the solicitor will begin to negotiate a potential settlement with the defendant.

When do I receive my first compensation offer?

This could come anytime after the defendant begins to accept responsibility.

Should I take the opening offer?

No, because the chances are high that you will later receive a stronger second offer.

What happens if I turn down an offer?

If you do this, you can’t accept the same offer later on, though you could accept a subsequent offer.

Can I make a counter-offer?

Yes, you can suggest an offer of your own with the hope that the defendant deems it suitable.

How might a counter-offer succeed?

This will succeed if you can properly justify why you and your solicitor believe that the figure is appropriate.

Thank you for reading our Ealing personal injury solicitors guide.

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