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Haringey Personal Injury Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims

Haringey personal injury solicitors

Haringey personal injury solicitors

By Stephen Moreau. Last Updated 28th September 2021. Welcome to our guide on making a personal injury claim with the support of Haringey personal injury solicitors. Whether you have been affected by medical negligence or suffered another type of injury that was not your fault such as a car accident or workplace injury – the law is on your side. Current legislation exists for victims to apply for compensation for their pain and suffering as well as being reimbursed for any directly related financial costs incurred and personal injury solicitors covering the area provided by us here at Legal Expert will help you to do just that.

Want to know more about making claims for personal injury and clinical negligence or another type of injury claim? 0800 073 8804 puts you directly through to one of our advisors, who should be able to help. However, the information you’re looking for might be below, so do read on.

What are compensation claims?

Compensation claims are legal cases whose primary goal is to win you the compensation (or damages) you deserve after suffering an accident, injury or disease etc that was not your fault and that another party is liable for.

You have three years in which to begin a personal injury claim in most cases, but there are exceptions. With medical conditions, you often have 3 years from diagnosis, which is not necessarily the same time that the accident took place. Consider the case of a gentleman in his sixties who was exposed to asbestos during his work twenty years ago but has only recently been diagnosed as suffering from asbestosis which is negatively affecting every area of his life. This man could be represented by Legal Expert’s provided solicitors to claim the compensation he deserves.

This means that even if your personal injury is a result of something that happened years ago – medical negligence, an industrial disease, a road traffic accident, a slip, trip or fall at work or in a public place etc – if you have been diagnosed with a condition within the last three years that is directly related to that accident then please do pick up the phone to find out if Legal Expert can help you too. As long as someone was liable, you suffered injury or illness due to their inaction, negligence or dangerous action, and you’re within the required limit in terms of time, we should be able to help.

Why You Should Use Legal Expert for Your Claim

The most important factor in having a successful compensation claim is choosing the right solicitor for you; one who can listen carefully to the details of your personal injury and gather all the evidence needed to argue that you are due compensation. These are exactly the kind of solicitors that we can provide here at Legal Expert.

Legal Expert is a firm operating nationwide. We can provide Haringey personal injury solicitors covering the local area. We can help take the stress out of claiming the maximum compensation for your personal injury so that you can begin a new chapter in your life with more money in your pocket and the ability to move on from the incident that has caused you harm.

Qualifying For a Compensation Claim

In order for a Legal Expert provided solicitor (or any solicitor) to win your claim, it must be determined that:

  • You were owed a duty of care by the Defendant (whoever you are claiming against)
  • That this duty of care that was breached by the Defendant
  • That this breach was the cause of your personal injury

Because the judicial process supports a three-year window from your accident or in some cases of illness, your diagnosis in which to make your claim; time is not always on your side. As soon as you get in touch with Legal Expert we can let you know if you’re within the required time limit for your specific claim and we can also help you get the ball rolling, connecting you with the right solicitor for your claim.

Remember, we can connect you with a solicitor to represent you wherever you live whether that is London, Manchester or another part of the country.

Five Tips for Finding the Best Lawyer or Solicitor for Your Claim

Look for Experience – We can provide experienced lawyers to you and provide details of their experience.

Look for a high success rate – Legal Expert’s provided solicitors have a high success rate in winning personal injury claims for clients all over the country.

Look for professionalism – We pride ourselves on our professional code of conduct and offer a high quality of service from the beginning to the end of your claim.

Look for a friendly ear – Please be reassured that all of Legal Expert’s advisors possess a warm, reassuring manner and foster good working relationships with all of their clients.

Consider costs – Please be reassured that Legal Expert’s provided lawyers operate on a No Win No Fee basis. There will be no upfront cost to you – not even a penny! And you won’t pay a penny if your claim is unsuccessful. Any costs will be at a pre-agreed percentage taken from the compensation awarded to you.

Reviews of Solicitors Covering Your Area

You may complete an online search for Haringey personal injury solicitors and receive pages of results – therefore, choosing the right one for you can be a daunting process. If you choose Legal Expert to help start your claim however you are already choosing a firm with experience in helping clients have successful personal injury cases all over the country. If you need to see what previous clients have said about us, then please see our personal injury solicitor reviews left by many delighted clients.

You may wish to look for recommendations for solicitors in your area but there is no comparison to picking up the phone and speaking direct to a solicitor who has years of experience in winning personal injury claims. You could be speaking to one of the Legal Expert team in minutes to get your personal injury claim process underway to win the compensation you deserve.

Should I Use a Solicitor in my Area?

Won’t I need to use personal injury solicitors near me? – is the first question many clients ask us. Well – you can choose to but you don’t need to. This is because when you use a nationwide firm like Legal Expert, most of your claim can be dealt with over the phone, via email and post with your personal injury solicitor. The only stage of your claim that would need to be carried out locally to you is a medical examination, but Legal Expert’s provided lawyers will arrange this easily for you.

Common Kinds of Personal Injury Claims Our Team Conducts

The most common injury claims include road traffic accident claims (such as a car crash claim), personal injury and clinical negligence claims, work-related accident and Industrial disease claims as well as claims for slips, trips or falls in public places. Legal Expert can handle all these types of claims and more. If you are unsure whether your personal injury claim falls into one of these criteria then please contact Legal Expert today and speak to one of our advisors to discuss the circumstances of your individual claim.

Industrial Disease Claims

Asbestosis was used earlier as an example of an Industrial Disease Claim but there are many different types of Industrial Disease Claim that can be handled by Legal Expert including claims for deafness caused by a noisy working environment, skin complaints such as dermatitis from exposure to chemical irritants and hand-arm vibration syndrome caused by repetitive use of machinery etc.

Although employers now have to follow legislation designed to protect employees; disease claims still happen and many clients are those who are only just being diagnosed with health complaints that actually stem from working conditions years ago. Legal Expert can help with eligible Industrial Disease claims to help you win the compensation you deserve. Please contact us today to discuss your own individual claim.

Medical and Clinical Negligence Claims

This is a type of claim where the breach of care took place in some kind of medical/clinical setting as the result of negligence. Perhaps you have suffered an injury during a surgical procedure or you may have had a misdiagnosis of a disease, or perhaps you have had medication prescribed that has put your health in danger?

If you have received an injury or had a condition worsened by a mistake made by a professional who was responsible for your care then Legal Expert will help provide you legal assistance to fight your corner and help you gain the compensation you deserve.

Fall and Slip Injury Claims

These are among the most common types of personal injury claims. Just a simple shopping trip can turn into a nightmare when you slip on a wet floor in a public place with no warning sign and the resulting fall ends in a serious fracture that sees you possibly bedridden for months with a loss of income and the suffering and stress this kind of situation brings.

Whether your slip accident was severe or you are recovering well, it is likely that you will have suffered a financial loss if you needed to take time away from work, as well as pain from the injuries themselves – these should be covered in the claim you make.

Serious Injury Claims

Thankfully, many personal injury claims are for more minor injuries such as strains and sprains, but sadly some personal injury claims do involve serious injury such as extensive burns or fractures which require inpatient hospital treatment. Some even require home adaptations when clients are released to continue their rehabilitation at home, such as ramps and bathing facilities and even personal care. Unfortunately for some clients, these adaptations may be life-long; involving significant financial costs.

Legal Expert understands that no amount of money can make the pain go away but we can support clients in serious injury claims so they can at least emotionally feel a line has been drawn under the past and they can look forward to a financially secure future whilst they adapt to their change in circumstances and lifestyle.

Work Accident Compensation Claims

Despite the many health and safety rules and regulations employers have to follow in order to protect their employees at work, accidents will always happen. This can be due to such reasons as lack of staff, inadequate health and safety training, rules and regulations not being followed or being followed incorrectly, amongst other reasons. An accident can change an employee’s life in seconds and could result in a situation where suddenly they are no longer able to provide for their family as well as suffering the pain and inconvenience of the injuries they suffered.

Legal Expert can be a reassuring support at a stressful time like this – we can advise you on the eligibility of your work accident claim and can provide you with an experienced lawyer to represent you throughout the legal process to claim compensation.

Car and Road Traffic Compensation Claims

Legal Expert has years of professional experience in providing solicitors who excel at winning car crash and road traffic accident claims all over the UK, resulting in compensation being awarded for all kinds of injuries ranging from whiplash to amputation. If you have been involved in an accident in Haringey, London that wasn’t your fault as a passenger, cyclist, motorcyclist, pedestrian or driver, please contact Legal Expert to discuss your claim and begin the process to claim your compensation.

Haringey Local Authority Area Road Accident Casualty Statistics

The Department for Transport (DfT) frequently releases statistics on road casualty reports within Great Britain. Looking at a 2019 annual report from the DfT, we can look at yearly road casualty figures for different London boroughs including Haringey.

According to the report, the following findings have been made:

  • There were a total of 849 road accidents reported in the Haringey area during 2019.
  • In the same year, 110 killed or seriously injured (KSI) road casualties were reported within Haringey. This was a slight decrease compared to the year before when 118 KSI road casualties were reported.
  • 3 of the road casualties reported in Haringey in 2019 were fatal.

Our No Win No Fee Lawyers Are Here to Help

It is true that the legal process involved in making a personal injury claim can be a lengthy process but the sooner you begin your claim with Legal Expert the sooner you will be on the road to physical and financial recovery. We aim to help you gain the maximum amount of damages compensation for the minimum amount of stress. Our provided lawyers are experienced in communication and negotiation and can often reach an out of court settlement that will dramatically cut down the time it takes to win your compensation claim.

What is a No Win No Fee No Claim?

No Win No Fee really is exactly what it says. It is a legal agreement that states you will only pay legal fees from your compensation if your claim is won. This will be a pre-agreed percentage so you will always know exactly where you stand and how the amount of compensation you will receive!

There is no need to let financial concerns prevent you from making a claim with a personal injury lawyer provided by Legal Expert because No Win No Fee involves no upfront cost to you. If your case is not successful you do not owe a penny and if you win your case, you will know exactly what portion of the compensation payout will end up with you and how much will go on legal fees.

How to Learn More About the Accident Claims Process?

Legal Expert offers a free no obligation telephone consultation to answer any questions you have about the accident claims process. This information will help you make the decision to proceed with your claim. You can also visit our website for more information. We have produced many guides pertaining to all kinds of personal injury claims, so there are lots for you to read.

Talk to Our Team Today

Legal Expert’s team of compassionate, professional experts are here to help you so whether you are still looking for advice or ready to begin your claim you can call our team on 0800 073 8804. You can also request a call back or use our online chat service too. We can provide advice on your eligibility to make a claim or connect you with our Haringey personal injury solicitors.

Services You May Need After Accidents or Injuries in Haringey

Local Police Station
284 Hornsey Rd,
N7 7QY
Tel 020 7230 1212
In the event of an emergency dial 999. For non-emergency ring the above number or 101

Local Crown Court
Woodall House
Lordship Lane
Wood Green
N22 5LF
Tel: 020 8826 4100

Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust
Trust Headquarters
St Ann’s hospital
St Ann’s Road
London N15 3TH
Tel: 020 8702 3000

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