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By Stephen Dallas. Last Updated 23rd May 2023. Welcome to our guide on Newcastle personal injury solicitors. Have you had an accident or injury in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area? If so, this handy guide contains everything that you need to know in order to make a successful claim in this area. We will show you why you do not need to use personal injury solicitors based in Newcastle or your local area, the different types of accidents and injuries you could claim compensation for, what a No Win No Fee claim is, and how our expert team could help you.

Whether you live in Newcastle-upon-Tyne or anywhere else in Great Britain, our nationwide panel of solicitors could help you to claim compensation. We can organise for you to have a local medical assessment and make the process of claiming compensation as carefree as possible.

Newcastle Personal Injury Solicitors

Newcastle Personal Injury Solicitors

Legal Expert’s Research Into Personal Injury Claims Against The North of Tyne Combined Authority

Research led by Legal Expert has uncovered that personal injury claims cost the North of Tyne Combined Authority a total of £266,669.31 in the past year.

The combined number of claims submitted to Newcastle City Council, Northumberland County Council and North Tyneside Council was 321 from April 2022 to April 2023.

North Tyneside Council paid out the most personal injury compensation (£163,667.60), followed by Newcastle City Council (£96,589.71) and Northumberland County Council (£6,412). 

Pothole accidents were a significant problem for all councils, as were slip, trips and falls

Causes for personal injury claims submitted against Newcastle City Council included tripping accidents on kerbs, paving stones and manhole covers. 

Northumberland County Council also had claims submitted against them for problems with uneven flags.

Handling, lifting and carrying accidents were among some of the reasons for claims against North Tyneside Council.

Any local authority within the North of Tune Combined Authority has a duty of care to maintain any premises, spaces or highways they control and ensure they are reasonably safe for employees and visitors.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by council negligence, get in touch for free advice from our friendly advisors. They could also connect you with our experienced personal injury solicitors.

An Overview Of Personal Injury Claims

A personal injury claim is a type of legal action that people can take in order to seek compensation for an accident or injury which was caused by someone else. These types of claims can be made to claim for both pain and suffering which has been caused by the actions of another party.

The injury might have happened in an accident at work, or whilst on the road. You may be have been the victim of medical negligence, or suffered food poisoning in a restaurant. However you were hurt, if someone else was to blame, you can claim compensation for the harm caused to you.

The claim itself is the legal act of establishing that the defendant is liable for your accident, that they caused the accident and your injuries.

Claims should usually be started within in a three year period which could begin at the date of your injury, or at the date that you find out that the injury was connected to or caused by an accident. Any personal injury solicitors for Newcastle you hire will take you through what a personal injury claim is, and how they can help you.

How To Make A Personal Injury Claim In The UK

If you have experienced any kind of physical or psychological injury and you want to make a personal injury claim, you will need to know the basics of making a claim and how you can fund your claim through a No Win No Fee service.

In most instances, your claim can be settled far before it reaches the courts. However, it is still important for you to have a solicitor to handle the claims process. You will need to be able to clearly show your solicitor, and thus the opposing solicitor or a court, that the defendant did act is such a way as to cause you harm, to be able to claim.

If you do have the basis for a claim, it is highly likely that you will be able to make a claim funded through a No Win No Fee agreement. This means that no money needs to change hands until the successful resolution of the claim.

How much compensation you could receive will be based on how severe your injury (physical or psychological) was, as well as other losses and expenses that you have incurred.

Does My Injury Qualify For A Claim?

Despite suffering an injury, you are not automatically able to claim compensation from someone else. On some occasions, accidents do not have a person at fault to make a claim against. However, in most instances, there may be a personal injury case to be answered.

The most common circumstances which lead to an injury and which are eligible for you to make a claim with a personal injury solicitor are;

  • Medical negligence.
  • Accidents and injuries in the workplace due to employer negligence.
  • Poorly maintained roads or footpaths.
  • A defective item.
  • Contaminated or spoiled foods.
  • Poor or dangerous driving.

In order for you to successfully claim compensation with Newcastle personal injury solicitors, you will need to show that someone else did cause the accident and that they did owe you a duty of care. In general, your claim will be brought against either an individual, company, local authority or other organisation, in short, the person or body responsible.

Checklist To Finding A Good Solicitor

Making a personal injury claim is important as you only have a single chance to claim which you could potentially be owed. As such, it is vital to have the right legal team supporting you. A key part of this is making sure that you choose Newcastle personal injury solicitors or a solicitor from somewhere else that you can rely on. So, what is the best way to do so?

  1. Talk to people you know and ask them to recommend solicitors or law firms that they have experience in using.
  2. Don’t limit yourself to using Newcastle personal injury solicitors.
  3. Look at whether solicitors have recent and successful experience in handling claims which are similar to your own.
  4. Make sure that they are accredited by the Solicitors Regulation Authority to be sure of the quality of their service.
  5. Make an initial enquiry. Talking to a solicitor or their representatives is a great way to get a good or bad feeling about a company.

Next, we will look at two of these recommendations in a little more detail.

Read Reviews Of A Solicitor Written By Customers

Reading online (or offline) reviews of a personal injury lawyer, solicitor, law firm, or claims management company will allow you to see how they have helped people in the recent past. Were people generally happy with the service received? Do the settlements (if public) look good for the injury sustained?

Reading reviews can be a highly effective way to learn more about a solicitor, provided that you cast a critical eye over the reviews and see if they seem genuine or not. You can read reviews of Legal Expert here.

Does My Solicitor Or Lawyer Need To Be Local?

As with so many modern professional services, you do not need to use a solicitor, lawyer, or law firm close to your area. In the bulk of claims, you will not need to meet a solicitor face-to-face. For most claimants we help, the only part of the entire process which may need to be carried out personally and in your area is having your injuries examined by a doctor.

This exam is needed to provide supporting medical evidence and will be carried out by one of our nationwide panel of medical experts. These are based across Great Britain and we have several experts in the Newcastle area.

The solicitor working on your cases will find the best available expert in your area for your medical exam and organise the appointment when convenient for you

Common Personal Injury Claims Our Team Conducts

Personal injury claims allow a claimant to be compensated if someone else’s actions have caused them harm in some way. There are numerous different circumstances and situations in which they can occur, however, some are more common than others. In the following sections, we will look at some of the most common reasons for which someone could need to make a personal injury claim.

A Guide To Serious Injury Claims

These can be some of the most complex and lengthy forms of personal injury cases. This is because a very serious injury could come with or have been caused by very complex and complicated circumstances.

There is not a strict legal definition of what will constitute a serious injury. In general, it might be considered to be one that has had a very serious impact on the person’s life, such as their suffering a catastrophic injury leading to paralysis.

Being able to make a successful claim for this type of injury could help to relieve any financial burden, such as no longer being able to work, which may have been caused by the injury.

Our panel of solicitors from across the country have helped people to claim compensation for their serious and devastating injuries. For further information, you can read our guide to serious injury claims.

Medical And Hospital Negligence Claims

Negligence on the part of any person involved in your healthcare, whether hospital negligence, lack of care by a GP, or medical errors by other members of staff, could have a very serious impact on your health. In the most grave of instances, this could even be fatal, such as a radiographer or other specialist failing to sport the early telltale signs of a condition such as cancer.

Due to the need to prove that a medical professional was at fault, and the fact that this could have a detrimental effect on their career, even ending a doctors ability to practice, the bar for evidence is quite high and such claims can take longer to pursue.

Our personal injury solicitors for Newcastle can help you to get the compensation you deserve. Whether you need to make a hospital negligence claim, or to seek damages for errors made by a dentist, view our guide to clinical negligence claims in Newcastle here.

How To Make An Accident At Work Claim

In Newcastle alone, there are hundreds of instances of accidents in the workplace that lead to recorded injuries. There may be many more instances of accidents occurring which do not cause injury.

Whilst some occupations or industries such as farming, construction, or the armed forces might be more at risk of employees suffering an accident in the workplace, they can happen in any working environment if appropriate health and safety measures have not been taken.

In this guide, you can find out more about how to claim compensation for an accident in the workplace.

Slips And Trips

Whether recorded by the Health and Safety Executive as an accident at work, or by the ROSPA as an accident to the general public, slipping, tripping, or otherwise falling over is one of the most common ways in which people are injured.

Looking at the statistics above, we can see that it is also one of the most common forms of accidents in the workplace across Newcastle-upon-Tyne. They are also one of the most common forms of accidents at work claim which we help people to get compensated for.

Slips, trips and falls can also be a contributing factor when looking at other forms of accident. For example, what is considered to be a manual handling accident could in fact be originally caused by your tripping over. Equally drowning in a swimming pool could in fact have been caused by falling in and not be correctly attributed.

Such injuries can also be caused by public highways and footpaths not being maintained, leading to trips and a twisted ankle or similar injury.

Industrial Disease Claims In The Newcastle Area

Our panel of personal injury solicitors for Newcastle can help people to make claims in Newcastle for industrial diseases. There are many different forms of illness or injury that might be classified as an industrial disease. Some of those which we most commonly help people to claim compensation for include;

Remember, if you need to make a claim for an industrial disease, or to make an accident at work claim, please contact our team to begin your personal injury claim today.

Road And Car Accident Claims In Newcastle-upon-Tyne

As with many parts of the country especially in major city centres, car accidents and other accidents on the road can be quite frequent. Statistics, seen in the table below and taken from the Department for Transport, show that in this area through 2013 there were 859 road traffic accidents. These broke down as;

  • 782 which were slight,
  • 77 which were serious or even fatal.

The following year (2014) this increased to a total of 2014. Local accident hotspots include the junction of the A184 and A167 as well as the crossroads of the A198, and the A186 dual carriageway.

If you have been injured on the road in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, you can find out more about how to claim compensation and why you do not need a Newcastle personal injury solicitor in our dedicated guide.

Total Road Accident Casualties Serious or Fatal Injuries Around Newcastle-upon-Tyne

In this table, we include further statistics for the numbers of people who were either seriously injured or who were killed in accidents on the road in Newcastle. The table separates data by different forms of transportation across each year.

Car occupant14222825

These statistics show that there has been a slight increase each year in the number of those either seriously injured or killed on the roads in Newcastle.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claim Solicitors

The best way to make sure that you know what you will pay and when, and to avoid any hidden fees to make your claim through a company offering a No Win No Fee service. But, what does No Win No Fee mean?

If the solicitor can not win your claim, they will not levy any fees against your case. However, in some instances, there can be other costs, such as those of medical check-ups, a court fee, or other expenses. Some companies may charge for these additional expenses, whilst others may take out an insurance policy to cover such costs.

One thing to note is that because a solicitor may face costs in the event of losing a case, it is highly unlikely that they will take on a claim which they do not think that they can win.

How Much Do No Win No Fee Solicitors Charge?

How much you will have to pay your solicitor, as well as the conditions of doing so will be set out in the contract which you sign with them. There is a legal upper limit which they can charge which is currently set at 25% of the total settlement you are awarded, however, rates may well be lower than this.

The most important thing to note is that you do not have anything to pay if your case is not decided in your favour. The solicitor’s fee, sometimes also called a success fee, is contingent on their securing your settlement. They only get paid if they win your case.

How Do I Start My Claim?

If you have been injured because of an accident which someone else caused you should never suffer in silence.

Remember, in most cases of personal injury claims in Newcastle, the case will be resolved between the two parties without requiring the intervention of the courts.

Your claim needs to be started within three years, so do not delay in doing so. We think the best way to start your claim is to get in touch with a law firm specialising in personal injury claims. You can contact our team via the contact details listed below.

Why Choose Our Services?

Across the country, there are numerous local and national personal injury claims solicitors, lawyers, law firms and claims management companies. So, why choose us?

If you choose to let Legal Expert handle your claim we will use a qualified member of our panel of solicitors. They will work hard to maximise the amount of compensation you are owed. They will also keep you regularly informed of your claim’s progress and can organise things such as local medical examinations for you.

How To Contact Us

If you are ready to get in contact with our team to start your personal injury claim, you can do so by any of the following methods;

  • Call and speak to an advisor on 0800073 8804
  • Email your query to our team at
  • Fill in the contact us form on this page.

Whichever way you choose to get in touch with our team, we are ready to start your claim.

Helpful Services In Newcastle And Additional Guides

Directly after your injury, whilst recovering, or during your personal injury case, there are various services in Newcastle which you might need to access. The most common of these at the main city hospital for treatment, police to report incidents, and potential the courts if your case does need to go this far.

We have included details of these below, we well as those of other guides on our site which you may find helpful.

Royal Victoria Infirmary
Queen Victoria Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne,
NE1 4LP,
Telephone: 0191 233 6161
Open 24 hours

Newcastle City Centre Police Station
Forth Banks,
Telephone: 0191 214 6555

Newcastle upon Tyne Combined Court Centre
The Law Courts
The Quayside
Telephone: 0191 201 2000

School Accident Claims
Find out how to claim compensation if your child was injured in Newcastle or any other part of the country in this guide.

Thank you for reading our guide on starting a claim with the help of Newcastle personal injury solicitors.

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