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Fareham Personal Injury Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims

By Stephen Moreau. Last Updated 20th September 2021. Welcome to our guide on starting a claim with the assistance of Fareham personal injury solicitors. If you live in Fareham and you’ve been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, then personal injury solicitors may be able to make a personal injury claim for compensation. This guide explains what type of claims you can make, how long you have to make them and how to choose the right solicitor.

How our personal injury claims team can help you

Fareham personal injury solicitors

Fareham personal injury solicitors

To protect those injured in accidents that were caused by somebody else there is plenty of legislation in place to govern compensation claims. Legal Experts panel of personal injury specialists have years of experience in giving people advice about the chances of success for their claim.

In some cases, you can still make a claim even if your injury was caused years ago as the legislation allows the time limit for claims (3 years) to begin when you are made aware of your injury, for instance, if a doctor diagnoses a condition that you have been living with for years then the 3 years begins from when you spoke to the doctor.

What are the criteria to be eligible to make a claim?

When it comes to winning cases there are a number of things that Fareham personal injury solicitors need to demonstrate which are:

  • The injured party (you) were owed a duty of care by the defendant
  • The duty of care wasn’t met by the defendant (through their own actions or their staff)
  • And because of the lack of duty of care, you became injured or became ill.

It these can all be demonstrated then Fareham personal injury solicitors would deem your claim has a good chance of success and therefore are very likely to offer a No Win No Fee service.

As mentioned above, there are time limits in place for making personal injury claims and so we recommend you begin your claim as soon as possible so that your personal injury lawyer can begin to gather evidence to support your claim.

Tips for when you are choosing between solicitors

Finalising a compensation claim can take a long time (sometimes many months and, in very severe cases, many years). It is important to choose the right personal injury solicitor as they can have a big impact on your claim, your recovery and your life moving forward.

Even though all solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) the level of service provided can vary from firm to firm and it is therefore recommended that you take the time to read reviews from previous clients before using any particular Fareham personal injury solicitors.

Read reviews of local and national solicitors

When researching which solicitor to use to make your personal injury case you may think that, as most offer a No Win No Fee service, you can just pick any, but we’d recommend against that. A good starting point is the reviews, on review sites or on the solicitor’s own website, from previous clients.

Following this, it’s worth considering the success fee a solicitor will charge you if they win your case. This is the percentage that they will keep for their services should they win (and many clients are surprised at the variance), and it can have a big impact on your future if the solicitor’s fee is high.

Once you’ve read reviews it’s important to speak with the solicitor directly to get a feel for how you’ll get along with them. It may sound funny but personality and interaction between the solicitor and client is important.

Why the location of a solicitor does not matter

It is very important to state that it does not matter where your solicitor is based in the England or Wales area. The solicitor can be based anywhere in England or Wales and still make a valid compensation claim. That said, we always ensure that the medical experts we use are local to our clients, so Fareham residents would always see a medical expert in Fareham to assess their injuries.

Legal Expert can help with any personal injury claim for Fareham residents, accidents that happened in Fareham and other parts of the UK besides.

Personal injury claims that our specialist team can handle

At Legal Expert we deal with any and all injury claims: small or large, common or not. As long as somebody else is to blame, and we think we can prove it, then we’ll take your claim on using our No Win No Fee service. The next section will show some of the more common claims that Fareham personal injury solicitors deal with regularly:

Asbestos, mesothelioma and other industrial disease claims

Asbestos related cancer (Mesothelioma) claims are one of the types of claims that can be made years after they happened. Essentially if you are diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness then you can begin your claim within 3 years of the diagnosis. Other industrial claims that can be made are:

Any type of industrial disease or illness can be claimed if the employer can be proven to be liable for it i.e. by not taking any action to prevent it or not providing the correct equipment.

Clinical and medical malpractice claims

Medical malpractice and clinical negligence can potentially be claimed for by personal injury solicitors as the professionals in hospitals, doctors surgeries and health centres have a duty of care to the patient at all times.

Claims can be made for any injury sustained while receiving treatment or care including cosmetic treatment, dental treatment and hospital treatment.

Specific kinds of medical negligence claims our solicitors can assist with include the following:

Fareham accident at work claims

Every employer in the UK has a duty of care to its staff to ensure their safety while on work premises and while completing their work. This means that buildings and facilities should be safe, well maintained and in good working order and any problems (that have been reported to them) should be repaired in a timely manner.

If your accident happened at work and you believe it was because of something your employer didn’t do or could’ve prevented, then we can help you to make a work accident claim against your employer.

We can help with a vast range of different accident at work claims, such as the following:

Reported accidents at work in the Fareham area

This table shows all of the individual accident reports that have been logged in the Fareham local authority area:

Accidents report at work in the Fareham local authority area 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14
General accidents 18 22 14
Injuries caused by machinery 3 4 1
Harmful substance exposure 4 4 0
Falling from heights 15 5 7
Animal-related injuries, such as dog bites 1 0 1
Manual handling related injuries 49 27 21
Physical assault 10 5 9
Slip, trip or fall accidents 48 30 28
Struck against an object 3 5 2
Hit by a moving vehicle 2 3 0
Hit by a falling object 21 8 6

Trip, fall, or slip claims

Slips, trips and falls can often look clumsy and be the cause of laughter, but they can cause very serious injuries which require months of surgery and aftercare to try and put right. Depending on the severity of the injury, compensation from a slip or fall can be very high if the injury is life-changing. Some of the reasons why a slip or fall could be somebody else’s fault include:

  • Damaged paths, walkways, kerbs and potholes. These claims are usually made against local authorities or landowners.
  • Trip hazards that aren’t visible due to poor lighting and broken lighting.
  • Slippery and wet floors that haven’t been cleared up or where warning signs weren’t in use.

We can help with slip and fall claims in Fareham regardless of the reason so long as somebody else was to blame.

Serious and severe type of injury claims

Serious injury claims such as brain damage, paralysis and amputations can cause great anxiety for the claimant or somebody claiming on their behalf. Legal Expert have experience in these types of claims and can help you if you want to make a claim for a serious injury sustained in Fareham.

It is essential that you research a personal injury solicitor, as mentioned above, but even more so when dealing with a serious injury claim. Our solicitors are experts and at the same time compassionate and will deal with your claim professionally and at a suitable pace to ensure you don’t get swamped down with legal jargon.

Fareham road traffic accident claims

If you need Fareham personal injury solicitors to make a claim for a road traffic accident where you were a driver, a passenger or even a pedestrian then Legal Expert can help so long as the accident was somebody else’s fault. We’ve dealt with numerous road traffic accident claims and have the expertise to ensure the claim is compiled properly before putting it before the other party involved (or their insurer).

Different types of road accident claims which we can help with include the following:

Road traffic accident casualties in the Portsmouth area

We’ve listed all of the fatal and serious accidents in the Portsmouth area which includes the Fareham area.

Statistics released by the Department for Transport (DfT) offer insight into how often road users in the Portsmouth area (near Fareham) become casualties that are either killed or seriously injured (KSI). In 2018, the following road casualties were recorded in the Portsmouth area:

  • A total of 115 killed or seriously injured road casualties were reported in the area during this year.
  • 45 of the casualties were cyclists.
  • 25 pedestrians were among the reported road casualties.
  • 21 of the casualties were motorcycle riders.
  • 20 of the casualties were car occupants.

No Win No Fee solicitors for personal injury claims

People who are looking for Fareham personal injury solicitors often ask what a solicitor actually does when providing a No Win No Fee case and there’s actually more involved than you may first think.

Firstly, they offer a free, no-obligation, consultation where they discuss the accident and injuries with the client. At this point the solicitor will make an initial assessment of the case and, if they think the case has a good chance of success, will offer the client a No Win No Fee agreement (or Conditional Fee Agreement as they are also known). The client can then decide, based on what’s been said, the fee and the reviews they’ve read, if they want to use that solicitor or not.

Next, after the CFA has been signed, the solicitor will speak with legal and medical experts regarding the severity of the injuries and to ensure there are no technicalities or legal loopholes that would prevent the case from being successful.

After that, your personal injury solicitor would put together a case against the defendant and send it to their insurer or solicitor and await a response.

Once they receive an answer the solicitor would assess the response and discuss it with the client and advise if they think any offer of compensation was fair, if it should be countered, rejected or even taken to court.

If the case went as far as court, then the solicitor would represent their client legally in court and present the case against the defendant using more medical evidence and legal experts.

The final thing a personal injury solicitor would do, in the case of a successful claim, is make a payment to the client after taking their success fee (that was agreed in the CFA) from the compensation payment.

What do I pay and when?

No Win No Fee means that if your claim is not successful then you do not have to pay the solicitor for the time, they spent preparing your claim or any other costs that they personally incurred because of your claim. This is the essence of No Win No Fee and why so many people make claims that they wouldn’t normally be able to afford.

When your solicitor does win your case then they simply retain a percentage of the compensation as a success fee and then send the remainder of the compensation to you directly.

How can I start a claim?

One of the good things about Legal Expert is that we are willing to offer legal advice on your claim today, for free, even if you’re not ready to begin your claim right away. It is essential that you are fully prepared before starting a claim against anybody and that you have all of the answers you need so give us a call if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to answer them for you.

How to contact our specialist team

Now that you know how No Win No Fee works, we hope you’re ready to begin your personal injury claim today. If that is the case, then you can contact one of our specialists today by:

  • Telephone: Call us on 0800 073 8804 now.
  • Live Chat: If you prefer to communicate online then our team are contactable via live chat on any page of our website
  • Request a call back: Let us know a convenient time to call you back and we’ll arrange it.
  • Online Form: Fill in our online claim form, it’s quick and easy.

Helpful resources and contacts in Fareham

If you’ve had an accident in Fareham and are looking for personal injury solicitors that could cover the Fareham area, then we hope that this guide has answered your questions and explains how Legal Expert can help you. We’ve included some other useful resources that could potentially assist if you’ve had an accident in the Fareham area.

Fareham Police Station
Quay Street
PO16 0NA
Tel: 101

Local Crown Court
Portsmouth Combined Court Centre
Winston Churchill Avenue
PO16 2EB
Tel: 02392 893 000

Local Hospital
Fareham Community Hospital
Brook Lane
S031 7DQ
Tel: 01489 587400

HSE – The Health and Safety Executive who offer advice to employers and employees regarding safe working practices.

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Personal Injuries – This guide gives more details about what type of personal injuries you can claim for.

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Thank you for reading our guide on starting a claim with the assistance of Fareham personal injury solicitors.

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