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If you have had an accident in Camden and you need a personal injury solicitors to help you make a compensation claim please read our full guide. The law currently supports a personal injury case that is presented within 3 years of having the accident or diagnosis of certain illnesses (which is not necessarily when the incident actually happened) so this means that you may still be eligible to make a personal injury claim that is the result of something that happened many years ago.

Legislation exists for people like you – people who have suffered and whose lives have been changed because of some type of accident or after developing an occupation-related disease that was not their fault. However many people can still be reluctant to make a claim. This could be because even though no win no fee has been heavily publicised; clients can still find it difficult to believe that a personal injury solicitor will represent them for free and they may also be nervous about standing up to a business or corporation and presume they have little chance of success but this is where our firm – Legal Expert can help you to put these worries to rest.

Many people will then be wondering how does no win no fee work if Legal Expert’s provided solicitors will represent me for no costs upfront? Yes – the legal representation is free to start and you and your solicitor will only receive payment in the event of your claim being successful and that this will be taken as a percentage of the money that is awarded to you. This means that they take the financial hit if your claim is not won and so they take all the risk!

Legal Expert’s provided solicitors are governed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and we support fair and transparent legal charges for our clients. In the event of a successful claim therefore, you will already know upfront what percentage of your compensation award will be deducted for legal services which means no unpleasant surprises!

Camden personal injury solicitors

Camden personal injury solicitors

Legal Expert’s Research Into Personal Injury Claims Against Camden Council

Research conducted by Legal Expert found that between April 2022 and April 2023, Camden Council paid out over £1.1m in personal injury compensation. The data was revealed following a Freedom of Information request that was submitted to the council.

During this period, it was also uncovered that 92 personal injury claims had been made against the council. Whilst carriageway and footway defects made up the majority of these claims, property defects and assault claims were also leading causes.

The complete breakdown of the claims submitted against the council in the last year can be found below:

  • 3 – Assault. 
  • 1 – defective equipment. 
  • 1 – Water Damage. 
  • 60 Carriageway/footway defects. 
  • 2 – Industrial disease.
  • 1 – Playground surface defects. 
  • 2 – Lifting & Moving. 
  • 13 – Property defect. 
  • 3 – Utility Company Apparatus. 
  • 6 – Uncoded.

The figure of £1,108,472.57 paid out by Camden Council was one of the highest amounts paid out by any London borough council. 

Camden Council is responsible for keeping visitors and employees reasonably safe when using their premises, spaces and highways. This duty of care is bestowed on any type of local authority and failure to comply is an act of negligence.

Council negligence could result in you sustaining an injury. If you think your accident or injury was caused by council negligence, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our advisors can assess your case free of charge and may also connect you with our expert personal injury solicitors.

What are Accident and Injury Compensation Claims?

All over the UK, personal injury lawyers want your business to fight a personal injury claim on your behalf. If you type solicitors in London into your browser you will find plenty of Camden personal injury solicitors to choose from but because a personal injury claim can be a lengthy and sometimes complicated process, it is vitally important to choose the best personal injury law firm to represent you. Legal Expert can provide your personal injury solicitor who can cover the UK. This is the care whether you are looking for road traffic accident claims solicitors, medical malpractice compensation, a slip, trip or fall in a public place or work related injury or disease personal injury claim.

An accident and injury compensation claim is a legal case where you seek financial recompense for suffering an accident or injury (or industrial disease etc) where someone else was to blame. This compensation is a form of damages that aims to “reimburse” you for the pain, inconvenience and costs incurred.

Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804 can offer you no win no fee personal injury solicitors who have many years of experience in representing people like you and helping them win the compensation they deserve. The law revolves around one main point in such cases – proving that the duty of care owed to you was breached and that it was this breach that resulted in the accident and your personal injury or disease.

You may be recommended a no win no fee solicitor by family or friends. You can also look online for recommendations but in the time that it takes for you to search for personal injury solicitor reviews you could pick up the phone and call Legal Expert now to begin to discuss your claim and win the compensation you deserve! We are waiting for your call.

How Legal Expert Could Help You Make a Claim for Damages

If we determine that your particular personal injury claim is eligible and can be fought through the legal system then we can provide you solicitors that would be happy to represent you and fight the claim on your behalf. Our panel solicitors aim to win our clients the maximum damages possible so that they can not only draw a line under this difficult chapter and look to the future with not only financial confidence but emotional confidence too; feeling that a wrong has been righted and justice served.

You may be located in Camden and searching for Solicitors London for instance but wherever you are in the country, Legal Expert can provide legal representation via a personal injury lawyer. Your choice is not limited to a Camden based personal injury solicitor.

What Affects My Eligibility To Make A Claim?

In order for any solicitor to win your personal injury case they must be able to determine that:-

  • You were owed a duty of care by the Defendant
  • That it was this duty of care that was breached by the Defendant
  • That it was this breach that was the cause of your personal injury or disease

As previously mentioned, the law currently supports personal injury cases presented with a 3 year window of diagnosis of your personal injury or disease. This means that time can be of the essence and the sooner you get in touch with Legal Expert the sooner one of our experienced solicitors can take up your claim on your behalf.

Please be reassured that your location DOES NOT affect your eligibility to make a claim. We can help you whether you live in Camden, London or any part of the UK. We have a nationwide personal injury claims service and no win no fee lawyers and can provide Camden personal injury claimants with a high quality service.

Five Quick Tips for Finding the Right Solicitor or Lawyer


Look for a solicitor that has years of experience. Legal Expert’s solicitors have up to approximately 30 years of experience.

Success Rate

Look for a solicitor who has a high chance of winning your claim. Legal Expert’s solicitors have a successful track record in winning personal injury cases for their clients.


Look for a solicitor who offers a consistent, high quality service from the beginning to end of your claim. Legal Expert’s panel lawyers are regulated by the SRA who operate strict codes of conduct and offer best working practices to process your claim efficiently with the least amount of stress to you whilst gaining the maximum amount of compensation.


Look for a firm who has a professional yet warm manner where you can have a good working relationship throughout your claim. Legal Expert will put you at ease from your first point of contact. We understand that a personal injury is a difficult and sometimes even life changing situation and we will do our very best to support you from the beginning to the end of your claim.


Look for a solicitor who encompasses all of the above and yet still charges a fair percentage of your successful compensation claim. Legal Expert’s solicitors tick all the boxes and operate a system of fair and clear charges so you will know exactly how much of the compensation you will be keeping to help change your future for the better.

Personal Injury Solicitor Reviews

Although picking up the phone and speaking to one of our Legal Expert team direct, you can also take a look at our reviews left online by previous clients to reassure you that we are everything we say we are. Please be reassured from our reviews that Legal Expert continue to offer the best service and working practices to smoothly and efficiently help to win you the maximum compensation for your personal injury claim.

Do I Need To Use A North London Or Camden Solicitor?

In short; the answer is no. You can use any solicitor that covers the UK to, including one local to where you live but the beauty of Legal Expert is that we are a large professional firm who have quality solicitors with up to approximately 30 years of experience of winning compensation claims for the clients that choose our nationwide services.

The only stage of your claim that would need to be carried out locally to you is a medical examination but this is no problem as there are medical experts nationwide across the UK. An appointment would be made with such an expert at a medical centre local to you at your convenience. Legal Expert believe you have suffered enough and want to do everything we possibly can to cause the least amount of disruption and stress to you in processing your personal injury claim.

Here are just a couple of examples of medical experts near Camden.

Richard FotiadisRegus Holborn Gate, 1st Floor Holborn Gate, WC1V 7QT
330 High Holburn
Syed Zaidi154 Southampton Row, Bloomsbury, The Space Centre, London WC1B 5JX

What Are The Most Common Injury Claims In The UK?

The most common injury claims include road traffic accident claims, clinical negligence, work-related accident and Industrial disease claims as well as slips, trips or falls in public places. Some of these claims will be claims for serious or severe injuries. Legal Expert can handle all these types of claims and more so don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the circumstances of your individual claim.

Industrial Disease Claims

All employers have to follow legislation which includes health and safety practices designed to protect their employees but unfortunately accidents still happen and many Industrial disease claims are retrospective in that clients are claiming for diseases that may have been caused years ago but have only been diagnosed within the last 3 years. Legal Expert support all eligible Industrial Disease claims which can include (but are not restricted to) deafness caused by machinery, skin and lung conditions and Carpal Tunnel. Contact us now to claim the compensation you deserve.

Medical and Clinical Negligence Claims

Legal Expert is happy to provide medical negligence advice to those wondering whether they are eligible to make a clinical negligence claim. This type of claim results from a breach of care that has taken place in a medical or clinical setting. This could be a hospital, GP’s surgery, dentist but wherever it is has taken place; if you have received an injury or had a condition worsened by some kind of accident or error that was not your fault; Legal Expert will be happy to discuss the individual circumstances of your claim and try their very best to win you the compensation you deserve from being let down by the medical profession at a time when you felt most vulnerable.

Slip and Trip Injury Claims

No-one expects to have their life altered by a slip or fall but it can happen. A pothole, a raised manhole cover in the street, a slippery surface at your local leisure centre etc and suddenly you are left with perhaps life changing injuries or at the very least short term suffering and inconvenience that you may be eligible to claim compensation for. Legal Expert have facilitated hundreds of cases for slip and trip injuries. Don’t delay – call Legal Expert today.

Serious or Severe Injury Claims

A large proportion of personal injury claims result in minor injuries which require treatment but do not necessitate hospital treatment as an in-patient. However many people are left with serious and severe injuries that may even be life changing; necessitating adaptations to not only their home to help take care of their physical limitations but also emotional adaptations too. Serious and severe injuries impact on all areas of life and clients often have to come to terms with the long term repercussions such as loss of future earnings etc. Legal Expert appreciate what a difficult and stressful time this can be and want to help you to win your personal injury claim so at least your financial needs are taken care of by way of being compensated for the suffering and inconvenience you are going through.

Are You Eligible To Make An Accident At Work Claim?

Employers have a duty of care to their employees to protect their health and safety at work but accidents still happen due to a variety of reasons such as poorly implemented health and safety procedures etc causing injuries and necessitating time off, loss of income etc. Legal Expert can advise you regarding the eligibility of your accident at work claim and can provide a solicitor to represent you throughout the legal process to claim compensation.

Camden local area authority recorded workplace accidents

Work accidents in Camden Local Authority HSE)2011/122012/132013/14
Shock (Electric)321
Exploding Accidents102
Chemical/Harmful substance1398
Height falls503648
Non Height falls170128119
Hit against25168
Hit by vehicle moving347
Hit by item642754

Road Traffic Accident or RTA Claims

Legal Expert has many years of experience in dealing with RTA Claims all over the UK which can leave clients with a range of injuries from minor whiplash to severe disability. The legal profession supports victims receiving compensation for a RTA that wasn’t their fault. Let Legal Expert begin the process to claim your compensation today.

Number of those killed or seriously hurt on the road in Camden


Find a No Win No Fee Lawyer for Your Claim

The legal process involved in making a claim can be a lengthy and complicated process but Legal Expert aim to gain you the maximum amount of compensation for the minimum amount of stress. Our provided lawyers are experienced in the negotiation process that you may not even see your claim going to court but a satisfactory out of court settlement being reached.

How Do No Win No Fee Solicitors Work?

No win no fee really no upfront payments to you. It is a legal agreement that guarantees you will only have fees to pay IF your case is successful and that these fees will be deducted as a percentage from the compensation that is awarded to you.

Where Can I Find Out More About The Claims Process?

It is important to get all your questions answered before you begin the claim process as this information will help you make the decision whether to proceed and also form the basis of your claim. Legal Expert would be happy to advise you and you can also visit our website for more information.

Speak To Us Today

We can help you from the very beginning of the claims process where you may just be looking for advice, to actually helping to facilitate you starting your claim and seeing it through to the very end of the process where you receive your compensation. You can contact Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804 to speak to one of our representatives, request a call back or fill out our contact form.

Services You May Need After an Accident in Camden

Local Police Station:

Camden Town with Princess Hill

In the event of an emergency dial 999. For non-emergency ring 101

Inner London Magistrates Court Camden:

185 Marylebone Road,




Tel: 0207 2580 151

Local Hospital:

Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust


St Pancreas Hospital,

4 St Pancreas Way,



Tel 020 3317 3500

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