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Braintree Personal Injury Solicitors

By Stephen Bishop. Last Updated 1st October 2021. Whether you live or work in Braintree, or were visiting the Essex town and were injured in an accident that was not your fault, you may be looking for Braintree personal injury solicitors to help you claim compensation.

Find out how our national claims service can help you. No matter where you are located across the country we can help you and may even be able to organise an assessment of your injuries close to you.

Braintree personal injury solicitors

Braintree personal injury solicitors

Please read on to find out how our specialist personal injury solicitors can help you to get the best possible settlement for your injuries. When you are ready to get in touch with our team, you can find contact information at the top and bottom of this page.

How our specialist team can help you

Our team of personal injury lawyers can help you to claim compensation thanks to their in-depth knowledge of personal injury law in the UK. many of our team members have years or even decades of experience in helping people to make personal injury claims.

In the UK there is a large body of legislation that has been put in place to protect people either in the workplace, when driving, when under the care of a medical professional, or simply whilst going about your usual business in public places. As well as protecting you, this legislation also enables you to seek damages if you are hurt.

How to qualify to make a personal injury claim

Before you can start a claim for damages and compensation, you first need to make sure that you are eligible to do so. In most cases, in order to make a personal injury claim, your accident will either need to have taken place in the last three years or the connection between an accident and injury made within this time. Beyond this point, most people will find that their claim is statute-barred.

Next, you and your personal injury lawyer will need to show that the person you want to bring a claim against did owe you a duty of care under the law. Following on from this, it will need to be shown that in some way they did breach this duty of care. This could be through deliberate action or through negligence. Finally, it will need to be shown that there is a connection between what happened to you, and the harm you suffered. An example of this could be a case of medical malpractice. A doctor will owe you a duty of care as a patient. If they were negligent and you were harmed as a result, you could have grounds to seek damages.

How to choose the best No Win No Fee lawyer for your claim

In order to have the best possible experience of seeking damages and to get the highest settlement for your injury, you need to work with the best personal injury lawyer you can find. As claims can take between a few months and several years to conduct from beginning to end, and as your solicitor will be providing you with legal advice, you need to have a good relationship with them and trust their guidance.

To find out more about choosing a solicitor, see this guide and read the sections below for quick tips.

Personal injury solicitor reviews

One of our first tips for finding the best solicitor for your personal injury case is to look at personal injury solicitor reviews. Look at reviews of both legal firms in your local area, as well as those of national claims services, such as Legal Expert. You will be able to compare how services are provided and see any disparities between different providers.

Discover what other customers say with our reviews.

Do I need to choose a lawyer or solicitor in Braintree?

Whilst you may have thought that you need to use Braintree personal injury solicitors for your claim, you do not need to do so. The same as with many services, personal injury claims can be conducted from anywhere.

In general, the only part of the process which may need to be provided locally is any medical assessment needed to provide additional evidence for your claim. These assessments can be carried out with a member of our expert medical panel and can often take place close to you. If we can conduct your claim, your personal injury solicitor will organise this assessment for you.

What compensation claims can our team help you to make?

Whilst we recognise that each case and the claim is individual to the claimant, and whilst there are many different forms of personal injury claim, there are some which we see people make claims for time and again. You can contact Legal Expert online or by phone for free advice on whether our Braintree personal injury solicitors can assist with the type of accident or negligence which has affected you.

In the following sections, we take you through some of the most common forms of personal injury claims we help people to make.

Industrial disease claim advice

Personal injury compensation amounts for industrial diseases can be some of the largest settlements which we see. This is due to the potential lifelong effects of this type of condition. In the legal sense, industrial diseases are illnesses that can be attributed in whole or in part to your workplace, working conditions, or job role. A common example of this is being exposed to toxic materials at work. The most common forms of industrial diseases are those affecting the lungs, such as mesothelioma. They can also extend to conditions such as vibration white finger syndrome or even deafness caused by your work.

Further reading – Industrial Deafness Claims 

Clinical negligence claim advice

Have you been left with an injury or illness due to poor clinical care provided to you by a doctor, nurse, dentist, or another healthcare practitioner? If so, you may have grounds to seek damages against that provider. Our team can provide you with medical negligence advice. We will be able to assess your situation and let you know what help we can provide to you.

Clinical negligence claims we can help people to make include those on the basis of;

Work accident personal injury solicitors

Across the UK our No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors have helped people to claim compensation after an accident in the workplace. We can help people in industries as different as the armed forces and hospitality. An accident in the workplace could lead to you being hurt, or contracting an illness. If you can show that your employer was responsible for what happened to you, our team could help.

Slip, trip, and fall injury claim advice

Statistics and anecdotal evidence continue to show that falls and trips continue to be the most commonly reported way people are injured, either at work, or elsewhere across Essex, and the country as a whole. In many instances, a fall can be the cause of other forms of accident. For example, tripping over could lead to someone falling into a pool and drowning.

Whilst walking in public spaces people and trip and fall over due to damaged or broken pavements which have not been fixed by the council. Commonly falls can result in injuries to the wrists or ankles. If you have had any form of accident in the street, whether caused by your local council, or a private business, you can click here to see how to claim damages for these.

Further reading – Slip and Trip Claims

Serious injury claim advice

Our Braintree personal injury solicitors understand the long-term and in some cases even lifetime implications of a serious injury. The consequences of these injuries can be traumatic for the victim of the injury, as well as those close to them who may have to provide care and support. Personal injury compensation amounts for serious injuries can often be much higher than seen for other forms of claims. This is because the settlement will often include damages to help the claimant deal with the consequences of the injury over their lifetime.

Road traffic accident claims solicitors

No matter the form of transport you were travelling in, whether you were a driver, passenger, or even a pedestrian, if you were hurt in an accident on the road which was not your fault, our team of road traffic accident claims solicitors could help.

To see our personal injury calculator for road traffic accidents, click here. And if you have been involved in an accident on the road with a foreign vehicle, click here to see how much compensation you could be able to claim.

Reported road traffic serious injuries and fatalities in Essex

As mentioned just above, we can assist with road traffic accident claims in Braintree and outside of Braintree. But just how common are road traffic injuries in Braintree and other towns which make up the county of Essex? To help answer this, we can look at annual statistics published by the Department for Transport (DfT). According to the DfT’s 2019 annual report on road casualties, the following was reported in Essex:

  • There were 744 killed or seriously injured (KSI) road casualties confirmed in Essex 2019.
  • Compared to previous years, the figure for 2019 was fewer compared to the previous three years (2016-2018) but more when compared to each of the seven years prior to 2016.
  • The KSI road casualties figures in Essex between 2016 and 2018 were 835, 775 and 783 respectively.
  • In 2019 alone, the total number of reported road casualties in Essex which were exclusively fatal was 40.

If we contrast these to the latest reported road casualties published by the DfT covering 2020, we can see that:

  • There was an estimated 1,460 road deaths
  • 2020 saw a reduction of 22% in the number of people killed or seriously injured on the road, with the total estimated at 23,529.
  • Casualties of all severities saw a 25% reduction, notably because of the coronavirus lockdown between April to June and November.

No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors

Across the country, Legal Expert and our solicitors have been able to help people on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that you can access the best personal injury solicitors for your claim, without having to worry about the costs of doing so. These services are provided under what are conditional or contingent fee agreements.

The contract between you and your solicitor sets out what the solicitor will do on your behalf. It will also set out what fees the solicitor will be paid in the event of the case being won, or lost. These agreements are designed to protect those making claims. They remove the burden of meeting legal fees at the point of starting a claim. This form of agreement also means that victims of an injury will not have to pay anything unless their claim is successful. Before you sign the contract we will make sure that you do fully understand how the claims process works and how any payments due will be made.

Further reading – Making A Claim With A No Win No Fee Personal Injury Solicitor

Can we help you on a No Win No Fee basis?

We are often asked whether our services are really provided on a No Win No Fee basis, looking for the catch in what this might mean. People ask us questions such as “if I don’t win my case, who will pay my solicitor?” Well, don’t worry.

If your claim does not go as you had expected it to go (i.e. if you do not win your claim and are not awarded compensation), you will not be sent a bill for the solicitor’s services that have been provided. Our agreement really does mean what it says. No Win No Fee is just that.

Where can I find more information about personal injury cases?

No matter whether you are ready to begin your claim, or need further information about how our road traffic accident claims solicitors and other specialists can help you, you can find the answers on our site. We have included many different guides to different types of injuries or accidents. If you still require further information after reading our guides, you can speak to our team today.

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We hope that through this guide, we have demonstrated that you do not need to use Braintree personal injury solicitors, and can take advantage of our nationally available service. We have also shown that whilst our offices are not located here, we can still help you make a claim in this area. If you would like to discuss how we can help you, or are ready to start your claim, contact us via the channels below.

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Our lines are open from Monday to Sunday from 9am to 9pm

Helpful details and contact information

If you have been involved in an accident that was caused by someone else in the Braintree area, you may need help from the local police or need to have treatment at the local hospital, contact details for both of these, as well as where to find the local court are provided here.

Braintree police station
Blyth’s meadow,
Tel: 01376 551312

Braintree Community Hospital
Chadwick Drive,
Tel: 01376 555900

Chelmsford Crown Court
3-5 New Street,
CM1 1NT,
Tel: 01245 603000

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