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It’s not nice to suffer from an accident that wasn’t your fault and if you’re in Corby, Northamptonshire and in that position, have you considered whether you might be entitled to personal injury compensation? Our team of Corby personal injury solicitors specialise in helping people like you get the compensation that they deserve.

Utilising the services of Corby injury claim experts can help you get the justice and the compensation that you are entitled to. It doesn’t cost you anything to make a claim as we work on a No Win No Fee basis and you’ll only pay a fee to us out of your compensation once your case has been settled to a satisfactory conclusion.

Claims Corby Personal Injury Solicitors Handle

If you’ve been injured and it wasn’t your fault, you may very well be entitled to make a claim for compensation. You may have been injured in one of a number of ways:

An Accident at Work in Corby

More and more people are being injured at work. This can be down to a number of reasons such as your employer not taking the time to establish proficient health and safety procedures or not investing in the proper maintenance and repair of equipment.

From malfunctioning machinery, repetitive strain injuries to falls from height and trips over hazards such as computer wire, our experienced personal injury solicitors Corby team can help you get the compensation that you and your injury are entitled to. We’ve even dealt with less common injuries such as carbon monoxide poisoning, asbestosis and other more less common work related diseases.

If you have been injured in any way at work, we can help you with your claim to get deserved financial compensation.

An Accident on the Road

Traffic accidents are becoming more and more common in the UK, especially as we are experiencing more cars on the roads than ever before.

If you have been unfortunate to suffer an injury in a road accident whether it was as a passenger, as a driver, or as a pedestrian then you might well be entitled to some form of compensation. If in doubt, contact us today and we’ll be able to advise you further.

An Injury Due to Medical Negligence

Whilst our hospitals and other medical centres in Northamptonshire do a wonderful job most of the time looking after the inhabitants of Corbys health, sometimes things do go wrong and this can lead to some unfortunate patients being left with long lasting injuries or conditions.

If you suspect that you have been the victim of medical negligence then you may have a strong case for compensation from the hospital or other medical provider concerned.

An Accident in a Public Place in Corby

These can include accidents at a sporting event, shop, restaurant, bar or even in the street.

If you’ve been injured in any of these situations and the accident and injury was not your fault, then give our Corby personal injury solicitors team a call today and they will help to assess your case and tell you whether you have a chance to get the justice you deserve and make a successful claim for compensation.

The Effects of Your Corby Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured and it wasn’t due to anything that you were responsible for, you may think that it is not worth claiming for compensation because you didn’t really find yourself inconvenienced or out of pocket. However, consider the following and you might just realise how the injury may have affected you more than you thought.

Did you have any medical expenses?

After your accident, did you have to pay any medical expenses? This could have been for a range of things due to your accident and when you look back at them they can often add up to a considerable amount of money. Why shouldn’t you claim it back, you’re fully entitled to under the law. Corby personal injury solicitors can help you with that.

Did you have to take time off work?

If your injury meant that you had to take time off work, then you could be due a loss of earnings claim.

If your injury has affected your ability to earn (such as restricting your ability to work and earn money) you may be entitled to claim for future loss of earnings.

Has Your Quality of Life in Corby Deteriorated?

Some injuries have effects that may be long-term and can hamper your quality of life to varying degrees. Sometimes, what can be thought of at first as a minor injury can over time become a more serious problems which can cause considerable pain and suffering. It’s not right that you should have to suffer like this when the accident that caused it was not your fault. It’s for this reason that personal injury solicitors will do everything they can to ensure you get the justice and compensation owed to you.

The Claim Process

Firstly, we’ll talk to you to ascertain the full details of your accident and injury and en we’re happy that you have a good claim, we will begin the claim process on your behalf. We’ll need details of:

  • Where your accident was (Corby or elsewhere)
  • Were you with anyone else when the accident happened?
  • What happened after your accident? What injuries did you suffer?

We’ll then ask you to provide evidence of certain things, This can include:

  • Your medical records
  • Documentation that shows any financial expenses that you may have accrued to your injury
  • Proof of any loss of earnings

Our experienced No Win No Fee solicitors will then send a letter of claim to the party responsible for your accident and they are expected to reply within 12 weeks. They may accept responsibility and then we will negotiate with them a suitable financial settlement.

If they do not admit liability, then the case will go to court and we will present your case in front of the judge who will decide the case and any compensation owed. At every step of the process, you can rest assured that our personal injury solicitors Corby team are on your side and they will explain everything to you to ensure you know exactly what is going on.

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