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Dewsbury Personal Injury Solicitors

By Mark Ainsdale. Last Updated 19th August 2021. Welcome to our guide on Dewsbury personal injury solicitors. If you live in the Dewsbury area of West Yorkshire and have been injured in an accident and it wasn’t your fault, then you may be able to claim compensation. Why not call our specialist Dewsbury personal injury team today?

Some of the types of injury and accident that our Dewsbury legal team have helped our clients get money and justice for:

  • Accidents in the workplace
  • Any accidents in a foreign country
  • Industrial incidents and diseases
  • Medical negligence
  • Slips
  • Falls
  • Trips
  • Sporting injuries
  • Dangerous predicts
  • Road traffic accidents

With our Dewsbury personal injury team, you can rest assured that our No Win No Fee service is simple, straightforward, and transparent, unlike some other personal injury companies. You can be confident that there are no hidden charges in the service that we offer. Please get in touch with us today to start working with a personal injury lawyer covering Dewsbury.

What Our Dewsbury Personal Injury Solicitors Team Can Do For You

  • We handle personal injury claims in Dewsbury, Yorkshire and the wider UK. And we’re experts in getting our clients the redress, justice and compensation they require and deserve.
  • Now, we have a track record for delivering their clients the maximum amount of compensation, fighting tooth and nail to get the best possible deal for our clients.
  • We are as thorough as possible when preparing your case and leave nothing to chance.
  • So, we investigate every aspect of your claim and also look at what could be the long term implications of your injuries. It’s this sort of attention to detail that explains our longstanding and continuing success in the personal injury realm.
  • Our personal injury lawyers covering Dewsbury offer No Win No Fee on all cases that we take on. This means you are never exposed to unwanted upfront costs. The money you will pay is if we are successful in getting you compensation, and only then do you pay us a pre-agreed percentage of your claim.
  • Only highly qualified and experienced professionals will work on your claim, ensuring that you get the best possible representation and advice.
  • We Will keep everything you say to us completely confidential, and we’ll always be upfront, honest and transparent with everything we do.
  • We’re proud of our hard-won reputation as personal injury experts, and we’ll work hard on your case to enable us to keep this excellent sense of value.

Expert and Friendly Personal Injury Advice When You Need it Most

Dewsbury injury solicitorsOur Dewsbury personal injury team understand that if you have been in an accident and have suffered an injury that was not your fault, it can be a stressful time that may also see you experiencing anxiety and depression. Rest assured that we will treat you with the greatest of care and dignity, making sure you are never upset or stressed. And we will explain how to claim on a No Win No Fee basis as the process progresses.

When first looking at your case, we’ll do so with the utmost respect and walk you through all of the facts, being careful not to bring up too many raw emotions that may be connected with the accident. We will listen, weigh up and then give you the benefit of our years of experience when advising you whether you have a strong case or not.

At every stage of the case, our expert personal injury solicitors for Dewsbury will give you clear and transparent advice to make sure that you know exactly how your case is progressing and where it is up to. From the initial claim letter to compensation negotiations or even subsequent court action, you’ll find our solicitors excellent in the clarity of the advice and information they give you about your claim. So feel free to speak to one of our personal injury lawyers covering the area of Dewsbury today.


If you check out the table below, you can find out potential payouts for various injuries.

Brain DamageVery severeThe person might be able to follow some basic commands. However, they will need full-time care and show little meaningful response to their environment.£282,010 to £403,990
Neck InjurySevereA neck injury that is associated with incomplete paraplegia or results in permanent spastic quadriparesis.In the region of £148,330
Knee InjurySevere (ii)Constant pain and limited movement caused by a leg fracture that has extended into the knee joint.£52,120 to £69,730
Arm InjuryLess severeThe person will have suffered with significant disabilities. However a substantial recovery has taken place or is expected to.£19,200 to £39,170
Back InjuryModerate (ii)Frequently encountered back injuries, that disturb the ligaments and muscles and cause backache.£12,510 to £27,760
Shoulder InjurySeriousA dislocated shoulder with damage to the lower part of the brachial plexus that causes shoulder and neck pain.£12,770 to £19,200
Elbow InjuryModerate or minorElbow injuries such as lacerations, simple fractures or tennis elbow syndrome. The recovery rate will affect how much is awarded.Up to £12,590
Leg InjuryLess serious (iii)Simple tibia or fibula fractures, or soft-tissue injuries, with minor ongoing symptoms.Up to £11,840
Whiplash Injuries With Psychological InjuriesOne or more Lasting for 18-24 months£4,345
Whiplash Injuries One or moreLasting for 18-24 months£4,215

Personal Injury Services FAQs

Can I claim for any accident?

No. If you’ve injured yourself and there was no one else to blame, then there is no one to sue for compensation! The general rule of thumb is that if someone else’s carelessness or negligence caused you to suffer an injury, then there is a good chance that you can claim compensation for your injury. Call us anyway if you are unsure about a No Win No Fee agreement; calls and advice are free.

Can I claim compensation for an injury at work?

Yes. If you were injured at work and it was not your fault, then you may well be entitled to take out a compensation claim. Some people worry about being sacked for taking out such a claim, but this would be a case of constructive dismissal opening them up for more legal action. So don’t worry about that and talk to one of our experts if you have been injured at work.

It was a genuine accident. Should I still claim personal injury compensation?

Yes. If the accident was not your fault and caused by someone else’s carelessness or negligence, then you are perfectly entitled under UK law to claim compensation. You may have had to take time off work, losing out on pay, you may have had your capacity to earn in the future, affected all of which can result in significant financial consequences. For these reasons, you should always claim compensation and see it through.

When could I begin my claim?

You can initiate legal proceedings at any time that you feel ready to do so after your accident.

Is there a time limit for personal injury claims?

Yes, so you have to state your intention to claim within 3 years of the accident.

How long does the claims process take?

Now, this can vary, but claims usually wrap up within 12-18 months.

Do I accept the first compensation offer?

We recommend that you don’t, and that’s because the first offer is very rarely the only offer.

And when do I receive my compensation?

Well, once there is an agreement on a settlement, you should receive your compensation payout within 28 days.

Please Don’t Delay and Call Our Dewsbury Personal Injury Solicitors Team Today

Whatever the injury and whatever the accident, you may be able to claim compensation and get justice.

With our No Win No Fee service for Dewsbury, you have nothing to lose and no need to worry about hidden or upfront fees.

Take the first step for learning how to claim and call our Dewsbury legal team today.

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