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Do you live in Castlereagh or the surrounding County Down area? Have you suffered a personal injury? If so, you could be entitled to make a compensation claim.

Our team of Castlereagh personal injury solicitors have been helping people for years to get the compensation they deserve for injuries sustained in accidents that weren’t their fault.


Maybe you have been involved in an accident at work, a road traffic accident or you have been injured in some other way.

Whichever way, it is vital that you get professional advice and guidance from a personal injury solicitor who really cares about your predicament.

That’s where our Castlereagh personal injury lawyers team come in. They can give your case the care and attention needed and ensure that you get the compensation that you are entitled to.

How Personal Injury Solicitors Castlereagh Can Help

It can be a little scary if you’ve never taken out a personal injury claim before, especially if you’re not sure what is involved. There really is no need to worry at all as if you do so with Castlereagh personal injury solicitors, they will take you through the entire process in a clear, transparent and easy way, ensuring that everything is explained to you fully at every stage.

Firstly, we’ll ensure that you have a valid claim. This will be done by talking to you about your accident and injury and asking you simple questions about it. There’s no need to worry, there are no right or wrong answers, it’s just to ensure we are aware of the full details of what happened.

Worried about cost? There’s no need to, this consultation is absolutely free of charge. Once the solicitor has all of this information, they’ll go away, assess it and then come back to you as to whether you have a good case or not and whether or not it is likely to succeed in a court of law.

We’ll also discuss how much you may expect to receive if successful in terms of things like:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Other costs
  • Compensation

The Types of Cases Castlereagh Personal Injury Solicitors Can Help You With

Our specialist Castlereagh personal injury solicitors team can help you with any type of personal injury claim and these can include:

  • Public injuries – These can include injuries sustained in public areas such as in the street, shops etc.
  • Sporting accidents – These can include injuries sustained as a competitor or spectator.
  • Road traffic accidents – Known as RTAs, these include accidents where you are a driver, passenger or a pedestrian.
  • Accidents at work – These are some of the most common personal injury claims and can include such things as falls from height, incidents in factories or construction sites, vibration white finger and repetitive strain industry.

These are just a small proportion of the types of personal injury Castlereagh solicitors can help you with. If you’re still not sure whether you have a claim for personal injury then get in touch today and we’ll have a chat about your case and whether you have a valid claim.

The Personal Injury Claim Process

Once it has been established by our specialist Castlereagh personal injury solicitors team that you have a valid compensation claim, your case then moves into the claim process.

This involves once again looking at your case again and all the details to build up a strong and convincing argument for your compensation claim. Depending upon your case, your injury and how it occurred, a range of evidence may be required include things such as:

  • Medical records – Details medical reports about your injury from your GP, hospital consultant and any other medical professionals that have treated you.
  • Police reports – For RTAs and other accidents where the police may have been called, the reports of the officers concerned can be vital sources of evidence.
  • Photographic evidence – Any photographs of the injury, accident or situation may be very useful pieces of evidence as part of your claim.
  • Eyewitness reports – Any evidence from the people who saw the accident or injury can be very useful pieces of evidence when used as part of a claim.

There may be other forms of evidence used depending upon your exact circumstances but once we are satisfied that there is enough evidence for a claim to be made, your solicitor will proceed to issue the claim.

The defendants have three months usually in which to respond. From here, they may choose to negotiate a settlement or they may choose not to accept responsibility and the case will proceed to court. Either way, your solicitor will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that you are fully informed and understand everything that is going on.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Claims

How Much Money Will I Get From My Compensation Claim?

As every personal injury case is different, it’s not possible to give an exact amount that you will receive However,thanks to our specialist personal injury solicitors’ experience, they should be able to give you a rough estimate of what sort of settlement you could be looking at.

How Long Will It Be Till I Receive My Money?

Like as to how much money you will receive for your compensation claim, it can be difficult to tell you exactly how long it will take for the entire process to come to a conclusion.

Understandably, the more complex personal injury claims do tend to take longer because of their complexity as do the claims that are contested and go to court.

However, what we can say is that Castlereagh personal injury solicitors will do everything they can to expedite your case and try to conclude it as quick as possible to your complete satisfaction.

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