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Whiston Hospital Negligence Claims Guide – How Much Compensation Against Whiston Hospital? – Payouts And Amounts

Whiston Hospital Compensation Amounts

Have you suffered Whiston hospital negligence or Whiston hospital neglect? Are you looking into Whiston hospital negligence compensation payouts to see what kinds of Whiston hospital negligence compensation amounts you might be entitled to? Whether you’ve been the victim of doctor misdiagnosis, or an incorrect prescription from Whiston hospital pharmacy has made you ill, or you suffered neglect by Whiston hospital A&E department that made your medical condition worse, if you’ve suffered negligence leading to worsening health, you could look into making an NHS medical negligence claim. Within the guide below, you could find information about how to make a hospital negligence complaint, including information about what to do if you’ve suffered due to negligence at A&E hospital, or Whiston hospital Liverpool birth injuries. We’ll also take you through the steps you need to take to gather evidence for an NHS hospital negligence claim. If you have further queries after reading this guide, we’d be only too glad to assist, Just call the number you’ll find at the bottom of this guide.

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A Guide To Hospital Negligence Claims Against Whiston Hospital

Whiston hospital negligence compensation information

Whiston hospital negligence compensation information

Considering making claims for Whiston hospital negligence compensation? Have you thought about using the services of a medical negligence lawyer to do so? Here, we talk you through how to go about making a medical negligence claim for hospital negligence payouts, as well as talking you through NHS medical negligence compensation amounts for the trust over the last few years. But firstly, let’s take a look at what would constitute an NHS medical negligence claim.

Basically, as doctors and healthcare staff have a duty of care towards you, if they, by their negligence make your medical condition worse, could be liable for your suffering because of this negligence. In terms of Whiston hospital negligence compensation amounts, an approximation could be taken from a personal injury claims calculator, but a personal injury solicitor could offer an estimate based on the guidelines from the Judicial College.

What Does Clinical Negligence Mean?

Clinical negligence, by definition, is negligence in a clinical setting. When it comes to defining hospital negligence compensation amounts, your payout would depend on where, how and what damage was done by the negligence. And there are certainly many different ways in which negligence could happen, including midwife negligence, consultant negligence, surgeon negligence, dentist negligence, care home negligence, GP negligence and more.

When Could You Sue A Hospital For Negligence?

Obviously, care home negligence would not come under hospital negligence, but many of the aforementioned types of negligence could occur within a hospital setting. These include:

Surgical negligence – Failed anaesthesia, retained instruments, incorrect operation carried out and more could all cause pain, suffering and further treatment.

Birth injury – Whether midwife negligence led to injury to mother or baby, or consultant negligence led to injuries, if you’ve suffered a birth injury because of negligence, you could look into Whiston hospital negligence compensation payouts.

Misdiagnoses – If you were misdiagnosed in the hospital and your prognosis worsened because of this, then this could lead to you suing a hospital for negligence.

Infection – If lack of care to hygiene or infection control protocol leads to you picking up an infection, you could look into claiming Whiston hospital negligence compensation payouts.

These are just a few examples of how you could potentially take action against a hospital. Call our team to discuss your case and we’ll let you know if you could make a personal injury claim.

Compensation Case Study – £175,000 Payout For Surgical Negligence

In 2016, it was reported here www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/rugby-players-175000-payout-botched-11266611 that there was a £175,000 Whiston hospital negligence compensation amount paid to a rugby player, who suffered because of negligence when treating an ankle injury.

The player in question had to undergo three surgeries in total, with his legal representative claiming that:

  • The initial operation caused calf damage to the nerves within the calf
  • The screw put in to hold bones together so that they could heal was inserted inappropriately
  • The screw put in to hold bones together so that they could heal was too long
  • No x-ray was completed before removal of the replacement screw
  • The screw to replace the original was taken out prematurely

This left the claimant, according to his legal representative:

  • With arthritis
  • With anxiety
  • Unable to stand for long periods
  • Unable to walk for long periods
  • Requiring painkillers
  • Unable to play rugby

While the trust claimed only to be partially responsible for the claimant’s condition, they paid £175,000 in settlement.

£7.2m Compensation Paid By St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust In 2017/ 18

According to an NHS report, in 2017/18 £7,265,000 was the payout amount by the St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust in 2017/18. This clearly shows that Whiston hospital negligence compensation payouts are possible. If you think you might have cause to make a claim, then you could call our experts for instant assistance.

Whiston Hospital And St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Compensation Statistics

In the below table, we show the statistics relating to Whiston hospital’s NHS medical negligence payouts.

Accounting yearValue of compensation paidNHS Trust or hospitalHow many claims were made?
2017/18£9,888,267.89 St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust69
2016/17£4.951.702.86St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust86

How To Start A Claim For Hospital Negligence?

If you’re looking to claim Whiston hospital negligence compensation payouts, then you might wish to know how best to go about making a claim for compensation.

Here, we list a few steps you might wish to take.

  1. Take a look at whether your claim would be within the medical negligence time limit ( (children have up to the age of 21) . This also be could be three years from:
    1. The date of the negligence
    2. The date of discovery of the negligence
    3. The date you regained the capacity to claim
    4. Another date depending on exceptional circumstances (call us to check if you are unsure)
  2. Review the outcome of a personal injury claims calculator. While these really only offer a rough guide, you could use this as a reference amount to give some clue of how much you might expect to receive. Calling a medical injury solicitor might give you a more accurate estimate but it would still only be an estimate.
  3. Take down notes about what’s happened. Negligence could in some cases be difficult to prove, whether it’s neglect by Whiston hospital or a birth injury, and you may be asked questions about your case time and time again. Writing a report to yourself regarding times, dates, events etc could really help to jog your memory later down the line if you are asked for a specific detail of what has happened to you.
  4. Collect details from witnesses to the negligence that has taken place. It might also be a good idea to collect details for all staff involved in the negligence event or your treatment afterwards. Having names and job titles written down could help your solicitor see not only who was involved but also who could provide witness statements if required.
  5. Take some photographs of your injury/the scene of the negligence, or any other visible details pertaining to your case.
  6. Collect financial information. Whether you have incurred costs for care while you recovered from your injury/illness or you needed to pay for a prescription, or a mobility aid, or adaptations to your home, you could claim these costs back as Whiston hospital negligence compensation payouts.
  7. Find a good solicitor to help you make your claim against Whiston hospital. If you prefer to have all the stress and hard work associated with your claim taken on by someone else, and would like an experienced legal professional on your side to offer guidance and support on building your claim and also helping you decide whether to take a settlement offer, then you could look for an experienced medical negligence lawyer to help you. Not only could we at Legal Expert provide such a legal expert, but we could also provide you one that works on a no win no fee basis, which is explained in the next section for you.

No Win No Fee Whiston Hospital Medical Negligence Claims

If you’re considering seeking hospital negligence compensation claim, whether for a doctor’s misdiagnosis or a surgical injury, then you might wish to consider using a no win no fee medical negligence solicitor to help you. The reason we would advise you to use a medical negligence lawyer working on a no win no fee basis is threefold.

Firstly, you would not need to pay upfront for the services of your personal injury solicitor. Secondly, you would reduce financial risk of your claim being unsuccessful, and finally, your lawyer’s fees would be affected by the hospital negligence compensation amounts so you could be sure they’d be doing all that they could to maximise your Whiston hospital negligence compensation payouts.

If you would like to know more about how to go about claiming in this manner, or you would like to be provided with an expert medical negligence lawyer for your claim, then we can help. Simply call our team and we’ll aim to help you as quickly and efficiently as we can.

Our Local Panel Of Medical Experts

It could be vital that you see an independent medic in order to ascertain the full extent of the effects of the medical negligence you’ve suffered. An independent medical expert would review your notes, then examine/speak to you about what has happened. They may order some scans and/or x-rays or other tests that could help you prove your medical state. The independent medic could then go ahead and compile a report which could be used as evidence within your claim. This could either be used in court (which many claims do not reach) or could be used in the argument against the trust so that they could work out hospital negligence compensation amounts for your claim. You might not have to take a long journey to see a medical expert near Whiston. Experts might include:

Andrew Hubbert

41 Woolfall Heath Avenue



L36 3TH

Contact A Legal Expert

It could not be easier to get information and advice about Whiston hospital negligence claims. Whether you wish to start a personal injury claim of your own, are looking into claiming Whiston hospital negligence for a loved one, or simply want to know more about hospital negligence compensation amounts, there is someone on our helpline who could assist. Simply call 0800 073 8804 and you’ll soon be speaking to a helpful and compassionate member of the Legal Expert team. Not only could we assess your specific case to see if you could claim compensation against St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, we could also provide you with a personal injury solicitor with extensive experience and knowledge who could help you maximise Whiston hospital negligence compensation for the medical negligence you may have suffered.

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