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How Much Compensation Are Housing Association Disrepair Claims Worth? – Use Our Compensation Calculator To View Amounts

If you are a Housing Association tenant and you feel the home you live in has fallen into disrepair causing you to develop an illness or suffer an injury, you could be entitled to file a housing association disrepair claim against the Housing Association landlord.

Housing Associations must maintain their properties to an acceptable standard and they must carry out necessary repairs when needed in a timely manner. UK law requires them to ensure that properties are fit for tenants to live in and if a Housing Association Landlord fails in their duty towards you and you are injured or fall ill as a consequence, you could be entitled to file a housing association disrepair claim against them for your pain, suffering and any damages you sustained.

To find out more about housing disrepair claims against Housing Association landlords and the procedure that goes into filing a claim, please click on the Select a Section below:

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A Guide To Housing Association Disrepair Claims

housing association disrepair claim

Mould on ceiling in rented property

Housing Associations offer low cost accommodation much like local councils and they operate throughout the UK. Housing Associations landlords have a duty of care towards their tenants and there are laws that requires them to maintain their properties to an acceptable standard. Should a Housing Association fail in their duty and properties fall into disrepair or needed repairs are not carried out in a timely manner, it puts tenants at greater risk of falling ill or suffering an injury due to defects in properties.

If you live in a Housing Association property and feel that a landlord is not adhering to the law by letting your home fall into disrepair and you have fallen ill or suffered some form of injury as a direct result, you could be entitled to file a housing disrepair compensation claim against the Housing Association landlord.

Landlords must be informed of any defects in a Housing Association property before any sort of legal action can be taken out against them. Landlords must be given the chance to put right any defects and if they fail to do so, you can then start proceedings against them.

This type of claim can be complex with Housing Associations being known to fight against negligence claims lodged against them. This is why many people choose to work with a specialist personal injury solicitor who can represent them on a No Win No Fee basis. Not only does this take the financial pressure of having to pay any upfront fees for legal advice and representation but it also means that your case can be thoroughly assessed before gathering all the necessary information required in this type of personal injury claim.

At Legal Expert, our team of personal injury lawyers have years of experience in handling housing disrepair compensation claims and know exactly how to negotiate the process of filing a case against a Housing Association landlord all the while making sure that the Pre-Action Claims Protocol has been set in place before any action is carried out against a negligent landlord.

This procedure is necessary because Housing Association landlords must be made aware of a housing defect and be given a sufficient amount of time to carry out any necessary repairs or replacements before you can file any sort of court action against them.

To discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer today and to find out more about a housing disrepair compensation claim, please contact us today.

What Are Housing Associations?

Housing Associations in the UK offer tenants properties much like those provided by a local council. Very often, the tenants are on low incomes or they require more in the way of support than other tenants. You can apply directly to a Housing Association or you can apply through a local council and it is perfectly okay to apply for a tenancy to several associations at any one time.

They are not-for-profit organisations and they rent properties whether it’s houses or flats throughout the country with an end goal being to provide tenants with low cost accommodation. Housing Associations are run by volunteers who are elected by tenants and the committees of volunteers employ managers to run the properties.

The majority of Housing Associations are registered social landlords or RSLs although there are many kinds of organisations that offer various sorts of accommodation to all sorts of tenants.

Am I Eligible To Make A Housing Association Disrepair Claim?

Anyone who was injured or suffered ill health in the last 3 years (longer if children are injured) because of an accident that occurred in a Housing Association property could be entitled to file a housing disrepair compensation claim against their landlords.

If your injury occurred through no fault of your own because the property was ill-maintained and the Housing Association landlords failed to put right a defect in an acceptable time-frame having been notified in writing of the problem, a Legal Expert personal injury lawyer would discuss your case with you before offering valuable advice on how best to proceed in filing your claim.

We provide an initial, no obligation consultation free of charge which allows you to ask questions about a claim and it provides us with the information needed to assess whether you have a strong case against a Housing Association landlord.

To find out how a Legal Expert personal injury lawyer can help you file a housing disrepair claim against a negligent Housing Association landlord, please contact us today.

What Responsibilities Do Housing Associations Owe Tenants?

It is a legal obligation for Housing Association landlords to maintain their properties to an acceptable standard. The law clearly states that landlords are responsible for the following:

  • To ensure that boilers are serviced regularly and in good working order
  • To ensure that the plumbing, electrics and heating is kept in good working order
  • To ensure that walls, plasterwork and roofs are inspected and well maintained ensuring the property is watertight
  • To fix leaking pipes, mend guttering and any other apparent water problems
  • To put right damp and mould

When it comes to outside areas and whose responsibility it is to maintain gardens and other communal areas, this depends on the terms stated in your rental agreement. To talk to a personal injury lawyer about your housing disrepair claim, please contact Legal Expert today.

My Housing Association Is Not Maintaining My Property, What Risks Could Occur?

If you live in a Housing Association property that you feel places your health and safety at risk, you should voice your concerns by writing to the Housing Association detailing the defects which could include the following:

  • Leaking pipes/basins/sinks and sanitation
  • Damp and mould
  • Condensation caused by poorly maintained window and door frames

Damp conditions in a living space can lead to you suffering from all sorts of health issues including the following:

  • Asthma
  • Sinusitis
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Lung disease

Broken steps, handrails and other structural defects around the property can lead to you slipping, tripping and falling which could leave you seriously injured. Should the wiring in the property be faulty, you could suffer severe injuries and it poses a very severe fire risk.

Poorly maintained or badly fitted boilers can put you at risk of inhaling toxic and life threatening fumes with carbon monoxide being a serious concern that could prove fatal.

If you feel your Housing Association is failing in their duty of care towards your health and safety, please contact a Legal Expert personal injury solicitor today and we will offer you essential advice on your rights as a Housing Association tenant and how to go about filing a housing disrepair claim.

A Guide To Claiming Compensation From A Housing Association For Disrepair

The owners of Housing Associations are not always aware of defects on their properties because they do not live onsite. As such, as a tenant you must establish the following for your claim to succeed:

  • You informed the housing association of the defect prior to being injured
  • The housing association were given enough time to carry out the needed repairs prior to your injury occurring

All Housing Associations are legally obliged to respond to any complaints they receive within a reasonable time which is within 20 working days. However, when it comes to interpreting what is a “reasonable amount of time” depends on a complaint that’s lodged with them. In short, if a defect is deemed dangerous and therefore life-threatening, their response time should be sooner.

Should the Housing Association fail in their duty to make sure a living space and communal area is safe by not carrying out necessary repairs within a “reasonable time-frame” and you suffer an injury or illness as a direct result, you could be entitled to file a claim against the Housing Association owners.

Housing Association claims are complex proceedings because their legal defence is often harsh. In short, it’s best to seek the professional and expert advice of a specialist personal injury lawyer who would be able to handle this type of claim on your behalf, bearing in mind that Housing Associations are known to offer strong defences when you file a claim against them.

Can I Sue For Poor Maintenance?

It is the responsibility of the Housing Association owners to maintain and carry out repairs when necessary on all their properties. This includes residences and all communal areas which are detailed below:

  • Stairwells
  • Reception areas
  • Hallways
  • Gardens
  • Car parks

The Defective Premises Act 1972 makes very clear that all landlords must maintain their properties which includes all communal areas. However, when the weather is extremely cold, the legislation is not that clear and as such clearing snow and ice from communal areas becomes a contentious problem. Should you suffer an injury because you slipped on ice in a communal area of a housing association property, you should seek the advice of a specialist legal professional.

If you were injured due to a broken handrail or broken step, you could be entitled to file a claim against the housing associations owners. A Legal Expert personal injury lawyer would be able to offer legal advice on claiming against your landlord in this instance.

Example Case Of Claiming Compensation From A Housing Association

A case involving a 38 year old postman whose injury left him totally paralysed following an incident in his garden resulted in a High Court in London awarding him £2.5 million in compensation. His catastrophic injuries occurred when he was hit on the head by a falling branch of a tree in his garden. The injuries he suffered were catastrophic.

The amount he was awarded took into account that the injured postman and his family insisted that he be cared for in his own home which meant adapting the property as needed.

The case was taken to court by the postman’s father who cited Sovereign Housing Association as being negligent for not having maintained the tree as they should have done and that the Housing Association failed to inspect the tree as regularly as they should hae done to reduce the risks of branches falling to the ground.

It is worth noting that a Housing Association has a duty of care to ensure that all living areas are kept free from any sort of risk that could cause tenants to suffer an injury and this typically includes all communal areas. The court ruled that Sovereign had failed in their duty towards the postman and as such, he was awarded £2.5 million compensation for the severe, life changing injuries he sustained.

Can You Make Housing Association Disrepair Claims For Problems In Communal Areas?

All common and communal areas in housing association properties must be maintained by the management of housing associations. This includes the following areas:

  • Hallways
  • Stairs
  • Lifts

When it comes to outside spaces which includes gardens that are shared with other tenants, the housing association is responsible for maintaining them unless it is stipulated in a tenancy agreement that all tenants would share the responsibility of maintaining a garden area.

If you suffered an injury in a communal area in a housing association property through no fault of your own and it can be proved that the accident happened due to negligence on the part of the housing association, you could be entitled to claim negligence against housing association owners.

To find out how a Legal Expert personal injury lawyer can assess your claim to establish liability, please contact us today. Using our housing disrepair compensation calculator, we would offer a ballpark figure of how much you may be awarded in a successful claim.

What Can I Include In My Compensation Claim?

There are several things that can be included in a housing association disrepair claim which are out of pocket expenses incurred due to the negligence of a third party. Personal injury claims are complex which makes it hard to understand the process. A Legal Expert personal injury solicitor has years of experience when it comes to filing successful claims for clients in the past. Out of pocket expenses you can include in a claim are detailed below:

  • General damages
  • Travel Expenses
  • Medical expenses which includes any treatments that are not available on the NHS and which are needed
  • Loss of earnings
  • Loss of anticipated earnings
  • Care claim

To find out more about the sort of expenses you can include in your claim, please contact us today and a Legal Expert personal injury lawyer will advise you how to proceed in filing a housing disrepair claim for compensation.

Housing Association Disrepair Compensation Calculator

The amounts below are based on Judicial College guidelines, but as every personal injury claim is unique you may find that you are awarded slightly more or a little less than the amounts shown in the personal injury claim calculator below:

Health issueNotesAverage amounts paid out
AsthmaMild to very severeA few hundred pounds to £57,620
Lung diseaseMild to very severe life changing conditions£1,760 to £108,370
Minor health issuesSlight to mild conditions where recovery is achieved in a number of weeksA few hundred pounds to £2,150
General inconvenienceDiscount on rentUp to 50%

No Win No Fee Housing Association Disrepair Claims

Working with a personal injury solicitor on a No Win No Fee basis means you don’t have to pay any upfront fees for legal representation because once a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) is signed, a firm of solicitors can immediately start work on your case taking into account a housing association compensation policy should one be in place.

At Legal Expert, we make it our mission to explain how claiming compensation from housing association must be done to ensure the process runs smoothly. We also find you the best social housing solicitors so that a personal injury claims time limit is always respected.

A No Win No Fee structure means you only pay the personal injury lawyer once your case is settled favourably whether in court by a judge or out of court by a defendants insurers. There would be nothing to pay for legal representation you received should your case be unsuccessful.

To find out more about our No Win No Fee structure, please contact a Legal Expert personal injury solicitor today.

How Our Team Can Help You Claim Compensation

If you are thinking about filing a housing association disrepair claim and are not sure how to proceed, a Legal Expert personal injury solicitor with years of experience successfully dealing with this type of claim, can walk you through the process. We provide a free, no obligation, initial consultation which allows us the time to correctly assess your claim and to offer essential legal advice on how best to proceed.

We cover all categories of personal injury cases which includes housing association accident claims. We are very respectful of a personal injury claims time limit that may be associated with this type of case and we work hard to ensure you receive the correct amount of compensation you any damages, inconvenience, pain and suffering you have endured through the negligence of a third party.

We would work with you on a No Win No Fee basis, taking all the financial strain off the table. A Conditional Fee Agreement allows a Legal Expert personal injury solicitor to begin work on your case straight away without having to ask for any upfront fees.

We are recognised nationwide as being reliable, trustworthy and effective when it comes to filing personal injury claims. We are also recognised by The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and The Law Society.

Speak To Our Team Today

Our team of personal injury solicitors are waiting to take your call on 0800 073 8804 to discuss a housing association disrepair claim.

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