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Liverpool Women’s Hospital Negligence Claims Guide – How Much Compensation Against Liverpool Women’s Hospital? – Payouts And Amounts

While many people receive excellent treatment from the NHS, it is possible for accidents to happen. When they do, if the patient suffers and the treatment is deemed negligent, then a compensation claim might be possible. In this guide we’re going to look at claims that could be made following Liverpool Women’s hospital negligence. We’ll also provide examples, by way of case studies, showing some of the more extreme examples of negligence which led to high compensation payments.

While those case studies show the most extreme cases, you could claim for any type of suffering caused by hospital negligence. Legal Expert could help you by connecting you with a no win no fee solicitor to help make your claim.

If you’d like to discuss your options today, please call on 0800 073 8804. Our team of specialist advisors can provide free legal advice. They’ll also assess your claim for free and help you work out whether you have a valid claim or not.

To find out more about making a hospital negligence claim, please carry on reading.

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A Guide To Liverpool Women’s Hospital Medical Negligence Claims

Liverpool women's hospital negligence compensation information

Liverpool women’s hospital negligence compensation information

There are a number of different types of hospital negligence claim you could make. We’ll provide some examples later in this guide, but they could include claims against Liverpool Women’s hospital doctors, a birth injury claim, a surgical error or negligence within Liverpool Women’s hospital A&E.

In this guide we’ll look at claims which caused the Liverpool Women’s hospital negligence bill to rise by examining some case studies. We’ll also explain what medical negligence is, when it could occur in a hospital and what you should do if you suffer because of it.

Because of the complex medical evidence that’s often needed to support claims of this type, we recommend using a specialist solicitor to support you. They should have experience in hospital claims and the legislation used to support them. But how do you choose the best medical negligence lawyer to help you?

Well, some people will ask colleagues for advice, read solicitor reviews or ask family members for a recommendation. Each of these could work for you but you should do a bit more work just going with the first recommendation you receive. After all, the right solicitor could mean the difference between winning or losing your claim.

Alternatively, you could save yourself the work and make use of Legal Expert. We have a panel of medical negligence solicitors with years of history dealing with claims. They’ll work on a no win no fee basis for claims they take on. Also, they’ll try as hard as possible to make sure you are compensated fully for your injuries.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss a Liverpool Women’s hospital negligence claim.

What Could Be Considered As Medical Malpractice Or Negligence?

To be able to make a medical negligence claim against a hospital you’ll need to be able to demonstrate that a medical professional within the hospital treated you in a negligent way. Then you’ll need to show that the negligence caused you to suffer. That could mean you were injured, made ill or an existing condition was made worse.

Furthermore, you’ll need to ensure you claim within the medical negligence claims time limit. This is currently 3 years from the date you were injured or the date your condition was diagnosed. Any claim outside of this period will probably be rejected but there are circumstances where it may be possible to still make a claim. Please check with us before dismissing your right to claim.

The complexity of some medical procedures means proving negligence could be tricky. That’s where a good personal injury solicitor can help. They’ll know what type of evidence is needed to prove your claim. With access to medical specialists and a good understanding of the law around negligence claims, they could help you get the compensation you might be entitled to.

A claim for negligence could be caused by any number of medical professionals including pharmacists, doctors, anaesthetists, nurses, midwives, surgeons, porters, physiotherapists and paediatricians.

When Could You Claim Compensation For Hospital Negligence?

In this section, we’re going to look at the types of hospital negligence which could lead to a claim. If you don’t see an example that’s similar to your own, don’t worry. We could still help. If your injury was caused by hospital staff negligence, then you could still contact us to find out whether you’re eligible to claim.

Examples of Hospital Negligence

Here are some examples of negligence within hospitals that could lead to a claim:

  • Birth Injuries
    If a mother or baby are injured during pregnancy, childbirth or post-birth then a claim might be possible. This could be because staff used the wrong delivery technique, failed to spot a problem or reacted to a problem incorrectly.
  • Misdiagnosis or Late Diagnosis
    Many illnesses, including a lot of cancers, have a better chance of being cured the sooner they are spotted. If there is a delay in treatment then a patient’s condition could worsen, they could suffer more or, in the most extreme cases, the illness might become untreatable. Therefore, a claim for misdiagnosis might be possible if that caused the delayed treatment.
  • Surgical Errors
    If you’re injured or suffer during surgery or while recovering, you might be able to seek compensation. This might be because the wrong equipment was used, the surgeon followed the wrong procedure, or an anaesthetist made an error. A claim could also be possible if a medical clip or suturing failed causing more treatment to be needed.
  • Super Bugs
    Low hygiene standards within a hospital can allow super bugs, such as MRSA to spread quickly. When they do, a patient’s immune system can suffer leaving them susceptible to illnesses like sepsis or pneumonia. If that happens, they could sue the hospital for any suffering.
  • Medication Errors
    If you suffer side effects because you’re prescribed the wrong medication or the pharmacy dispense the wrong dosage, you could be entitled to claim for your suffering. In the same way, if incorrect drugs are administered by injection or using a drip, you could also claim.

Case Study – Six Figure Payout For Childbirth Injuries Causing Paralysis

The first case study we’re going to look at shows how a Liverpool hospital paid undisclosed damages because they caused a baby’s arm nerves to be ripped from the spine during labour. This birth injury case had to be settled in the high court, but the hospital did admit full responsibility.

The girl is in constant daily pain and must take medication to manage the pain for the rest of her life. Her mother was also injured during the delivery and had to undergo surgery because of a large amount of blood loss. She recovered but now has stopped working to look after her daughter full time.

The NHS trust apologised to the girl and her family and paid the settlement in full. Although the amount was undisclosed it is believed to be in the region of a six-figure amount.

A spokesperson from Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust said, “There have been a number of organisational changes in the way in which obstetric services are provided in the Merseyside area [following the incident]”


£9.4m In Compensation Settlements Made By Liverpool Women’s Hospital

The next case study we’re going to cover again involves birth injury claims. In this case full details of what happened have not been made public. However, a group of parents successfully sued for Liverpool Women’s hospital negligence following a 16-year legal battle.

It was reported that this was the longest ever case against the hospital but resulted in a payment of over £7 million. The parents bought the legal action against the hospital because their babies were left injured or disabled during childbirth.

The total payment made in this claim was £7,350,000 and it took just over 16 years in total. Other long running cases for birth injury claims in the Liverpool area include a 10-year claim for £343,049, a 9-year battle for £2.75 million and a 14-year case for nearly £5 million.


Statistics – Liverpool Women’s Hospital NHS Trust Clinical Malpractice Payouts

To help demonstrate how much compensation is paid following Liverpool Women’s hospital negligence claims, we’ve provided the table below. It shows payments made and the number of claims made between 2016/17 and 2017/18.

Damages/YearValue of PaymentsName of Hospital or NHS TrustNo. successful claims made agains hospital/trust
2017/18£11,561,969Liverpool Women's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust30
2016/17£10,375,586Liverpool Women's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust42

As you can see, while the number of claims decreased year on year, the amount of compensation increased. To compare the amount Liverpool Women’s hospital paid out compared to others in the UK, you can view the full NHS report here.

Am I Eligible To Claim For Injuries Or Illness Caused By Liverpool Women’s Hospital?

When you begin to look at claiming for negligence by a hospital, you might wonder whether you’ll be eligible or not. In general, if you answer yes to these questions you could be able to claim:

  • Did the medical professional owe you a duty of care?
  • Were they negligent in any way?
  • Did that negligence cause you to suffer?

If you’ve answered yes, then you could start to look at beginning your claim. It’s important when making a claim that there is some form of evidence to support it. With Liverpool Women’s hospital negligence cases (and other hospital negligence cases), this can be tricky.

That’s why it’s best to have a specialist solicitor on your side. They’ll know what evidence is required and how to obtain it. Obviously medical records could be used to show what your condition was prior to the treatment and afterwards too. Then they could look at using medical experts to assess your treatment to see if negligence was to blame. Also, they’ll use an independent doctor to assess the impact of your injuries in the short and long-term.

As you can see, building a case can be complex so you should contact us as soon a possible to begin. The more time we have, the better the chance we have of obtaining the right evidence to help your claim.

No Win No Fee Negligence At A Hospital Compensation Claims

We realise that taking on a Liverpool Women’s hospital negligence claim could be expensive and that might stop people from claiming. If you’re worried about the cost of hiring a medical negligence lawyer, then we can help because our solicitors all work on a no win no fee basis.

No win no fee agreements are now known as Conditional Fee Agreements (or CFAs). They offer protection to claimants and help reduce the stress and financial risk involved with making a claim.

The key points you’ll find in a CFA are:

  • What success fee you’ll pay if the solicitor wins your case.
  • A statement showing that you don’t pay anything if the solicitor is unsuccessful.

Success fees are used to pay the solicitor for their work. They are a fixed percentage of your compensation that’s deducted automatically. This is good because it means that you don’t have to find any money to pay the solicitor yourself. The compensation is sent to the solicitor, they retain their success fee and the rest is sent straight to you.

Doctors We Work With In Liverpool

When you work with a medical negligence solicitor, to help prove how serious your injuries were, they’ll ask an independent doctor to medically assess you. The doctor will look at your injuries and ask a number of questions. They’ll then provide a report for your solicitor which will demonstrate what injuries you suffered, the immediate impact they caused and how you might be affected in the future.

The medical assessment is a vital part of any personal injury claim. Therefore, we have a panel of doctors across the UK who can perform them. In the Liverpool area we could use any of the following:

Vikesh Kashyap
47 Rodney Street,
Liverpool, L1 9EW.

Simon Briggs
Gateacre Medical Centre,
49 Belle Vale Road,
Liverpool, L25 2PA.

Jessica Spaulding
Horton House,
Exchange Flags,
Liverpool, L2 3PF.

Liverpool is one of the largest cities in the UK. Therefore, don’t worry if these doctors aren’t local enough, we could have one available who’s close to you.

Contact Us To Start Your Claim

If you’ve decided that you’d like to begin a Liverpool Women’s hospital negligence claim, then Legal Expert could help you begin today. We have a team of specialist advisors who are waiting to help. They will answer any questions you have, provide free legal advice and assess your claim for free.

To contact us, you can:

Once you contact us, if we believe you’ve got a strong case, we could connect you with a personal injury solicitor to help with your hospital negligence case. They’ll work on a no win no fee basis and will have up to 30 years’ experience handling all sorts of claims. They’re main focus will be on trying to make sure you receive a fair amount of compensation for your injuries.

Resources For Victims Of Medical Malpractice

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide about Liverpool Women’s hospital negligence claims. We hope you’ve found it informative and useful. In case you require further information, we’ve added some links to more guides and resources below.

Liverpool Women’s Hospital CQC – This is the report from the Care Quality Commission following the latest inspection in February 2018.

NHS England – Information on the long-term plans of the NHS, treatment options and services provided.

CQC Information – The CQC’s website which shows how they work, how they’re inspections are carried out and shows the most recent hospital inspections.

NHS Hospital Negligence – This guide takes a general look at NHS neglect and when you could seek compensation for any suffering caused.

Personal Injury Claims Calculator – A useful tool which shows how much compensation you could be paid for some physical injuries in a hospital negligence claim.

Medical Negligence Claims – This guide covers all aspects of medical negligence including negligence at a hospital and could help if you want to make an NHS negligence complaint.

If you need any more information or advice, please call one of our specialist advisors. We’ll happily answer any questions you may have.

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