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Ticketmaster Data Breach Compensation Claims Guide – How Much Compensation Can I Claim? – Amounts For Ticketmaster Data Breach

By Meg Sosa. Last updated 14th March 2022. This guide is going to explain when you could be entitled to compensation following a Ticketmaster data breach, what harm a breach could cause and how much compensation might be payable.

Since we’ve moved into the digital era that we now live in, buying things online has become more and more common. One of the first industries to benefit from online sales was the music industry because of the ease of selling tickets via websites and apps. While the process is a lot easier now, it does mean that you need to divulge a lot of personal information to the ticket selling website.

Ticketmaster data breach claims guide

Ticketmaster data breach claims guide

To help protect us all, the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) was enacted into UK law by the Data Protection Act 2018, to provide individuals (or data subjects) with a level of control over how their information is used.

However, after the UK left the European Union, data protection laws were updated. Now, the UK GDPR sits alongside the Data Protection Act 2018 as a regime for monitoring how organisations use personal data.

Additionally, companies who use your information (data controllers) have to tell you why they want it and must ask for your permission. They also have an obligation to keep your data safe.

Later on, in this guide, we’ll look at a Ticketmaster data breach that led to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) issuing a fine of over £1m. Anybody who has been harmed by such a breach could start their own legal action too—provided you can evidence the breach and the harm caused.

Legal Expert is here to support you if you decide to make a claim. We provide free legal advice and will assess any claim on a no-obligation basis. If the claim is strong enough, you could be paired with one of our specialist solicitors who’ll act on a No Win No Fee basis if your case is accepted.

To start a claim right away, please contact our team of friendly advisers on 0800 073 8804 today. Alternatively, read on to learn more about why the ICO took action following the Ticketmaster data breach.

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A Guide To Data Protection Breach Claims Against Ticketmaster

When you use any website these days, you’ll usually notice pop-up boxes asking you to agree to your personal data being used. There will also be statements about how your data is used as well.

Those pieces of information are there so that the website owner can meet their GDPR obligations. For instance, they must make it clear why your personal information is needed, who it will be shared with and how it will be stored.

Additionally, you have to give permission before your data is processed. Any personal information that is processed must be stored securely for as long as it is needed to try and prevent it from being exposed to unauthorised parties.

The ICO can investigate any organisation that has lost information in a personal data breach and have the legal power to hand out massive fines. However, they don’t get involved in compensation claims for those affected by such a breach. If you believe you’ve suffered harm after a breach has happened, you have the right to begin your own legal proceedings.

When starting data breach claims, you’ll need to be aware of the time limits involved. In the main, claims have a 6-year limitation period. However, in certain cases where the breach involves a public organisation, such as the police or council, the limitation period is one year.

Our team of data breach solicitors advise claimants to begin their case as soon as they can. By doing so, you will probably have an easier time remembering the effects of the breach. Also, if your solicitor needs to gather evidence to back up your claims, they’ll have more time to do so.

Providing evidence of the breach and harm caused is crucial to any claim’s success. If you have such evidence, please get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss how we could help you make a Ticketmaster data breach claim.

What Is A Ticketmaster Customer Information Data Breach?

As Ticketmaster operate mainly through a website, they should have taken preventative measures to mitigate the risks of spyware, ransomware, keyloggers, phishing emails, viruses and other cybersecurity threats. However, the GDPR isn’t just about digital data – it also covers hard copies of documentation too.

That means that steps may need to be taken to secure physical documents as well if they contain personal information. For instance, filing cabinets should be kept locked and documents that contain personal data should be destroyed securely rather than thrown away with the normal rubbish.

As per the ICO definition, a personal data breach is where a security problem causes personally identifiable information about a data subject to be altered, accessed, destroyed, lost or disclosed in an unauthorised manner.

When any type of data breach has been identified, the data controller must let the ICO know about it regardless of whether it resulted from a deliberate, accidental or illegal act. Moreover, steps must be taken to contact any data subject who may be at risk because of the breach. They should be informed about what happened, when the breach occurred, and what information was disclosed.

How often do cybersecurity threats affect businesses?

To get an idea of how often businesses that operate online are affected by cyberattacks, we can look to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021. In this Government-published survey, 1,419 UK businesses revealed their experiences with cyber-attacks and data breaches in the period between March 2020 and March 2021.

654 of the businesses surveyed experienced at least one cyber attack or data breach during this period. 27% of the businesses which confirmed experiencing cyber attacks revealed that they experienced attacks of this nature at least once a week.

In regards to what types of cyber attacks occurred, phishing attempts were by far the most frequent. As many as 83% of the businesses which confirmed experiencing cyber attacks said that this method was attempted against their company.

If you believe that you have suffered as the result of a data breach, please get in touch and let one of our specialists review your case for free.

What Is A GDPR Data Breach?

There are several roles and responsibilities listed in the GDPR that make it easier for organisations to understand their obligations. For example, any company that is a data controller has to be able to demonstrate that they fully comply with the following principles:

  • They must always tell data subjects about why personal information is required.
  • Processing must be carried out within the law and be obvious as well as fair.
  • There must be a method for stored personal information to be kept up to date.
  • Data processors are only allowed to gather the data required to meet the stated objectives and nothing more.
  • Personal information is not to be kept for any longer than necessary.
  • When processing personal information, the methods used should be confidential and secure.

If you have suffered following a personal data breach and believe the rules have not been adhered to, please let us know by calling the number at the top of the page.

Data Protection Breaches Which Have Affected Ticketmaster

As mentioned at the start of this article, Ticketmaster has been investigated and fined by the ICO following a personal data breach that put their customer’s payment details at risk.

While the events which led to the breach was caused by hackers who spotted a vulnerability in a 3rd party chatbot application, the ICO issued a fine of £1.25m because “Ticketmaster should have done more to prevent the risk of the cyber-attack.” They went on to say that up to 1.5 million UK customers had been put at risk by the breach.

According to a news report, many banks and credit card companies had warned Ticketmaster of fraudulent activity, but the ICO said that they took 9 weeks to begin checking payment activities. One bank reported that they had to replace 6,000 bank cards while another said 60,000 of its customers had become victims of fraud.

Ticketmaster, who cooperated fully with the ICO, have said that they intend to appeal the fine and the ICO’s decision.

Article: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-54931873

How A Private Company Could Be In Breach Of Data Protection Regulations

In this section, we’re going to look at some ways in which your personal information could be exposed by a company (not just Ticketmaster). Here are some examples:

  • Where a letter or email containing your personal information is sent to the wrong address.
  • When a member of staff searches the company database for your details with no business reason to do so.
  • If the IT infrastructure is hacked by cybercriminals because the company failed to update their security.
  • Where documents containing personally identifiable details, such as credit card details, are disposed of with normal rubbish rather than being shredded.
  • If a computer screen is in view of the public (a shop window for instance) and your details are visible.

As you can see, there are several accidental ways in which breaches can occur as well as deliberate acts. If you suspect you have been the victim of a personal data breach, please get in touch with Legal Expert today for free advice on how to proceed.

Could The Information Commissioner’s Office Help With My Claim?

The ICO has the power to investigate any data protection breach. You are therefore able to report your suspicions to them. However, you will need to follow their procedures before contacting them.

In the first instance, you should complain to the company you suspect has leaked your personal information first. When they have investigated, you will receive a reply. If it is their final response, you should be told how you can escalate your complaint if you are not happy with the outcome. If you’re still not happy, and 3-months have passed since your last meaningful contact with the company, you can ask the ICO to start an investigation.

An ICO investigation won’t result in you being awarded any data breach compensation, but their report could be used as evidence if you decide to start your own legal proceedings.

How Could The Victims Of A Breach In Data Protection Rules  Be Compensated?

When you make a personal data breach claim, you’ll start by calculating any material damages. This is the part of your claim which will attempt to reimburse any financial losses incurred as a direct result of the breach.

For example, if your credit card details are stolen, this could put you at risk for future instances of credit card fraud which could affect your credit score. In these instances, the future impact a personal data breach could have on your financial situation may be taken into consideration.

Your claim can also account for non-material damages. This Ticketmaster data breach compensation is claimed if you have suffered any injuries because of the breach. Injuries can range from short-term anxiety and stress to long-term Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

As well as considering any specific injuries which have already been diagnosed, an independent medical specialist might carry out an assessment to determine the long-term impact of any psychological damage. For instance, PTSD symptoms could make it difficult for you to return to work or deal with day-to-day life. These factors will need to be considered when submitting your claim.

The complexity of getting your claim right is one of the main reasons we suggest you have legal representation. If you work with Legal Expert, and your case is accepted, we’ll provide a solicitor who will use their experience to make sure all aspects of your suffering are covered in your claim.

Please feel free to call our advice centre today if you’d like more information on how we could help with your Ticketmaster data breach claim.

How Much Compensation Could You Be Awarded For A Data Breach By Ticketmaster?

Now it is time to take a look at what compensation could be paid for the harm caused by a Ticketmaster data breach. In the table that follows, we have listed some compensation figures for psychological injuries. The data has been taken from the Judicial College Guidelines which are often used to help value claims.

It is important that we point out that you are able to seek compensation for psychological injuries that have resulted from a personal data breach even if you didn’t lose any money. That right was granted by the Court of Appeal in the case of Vidal-Hall and others v Google Inc [2015]. Furthermore, the court stated that compensation amounts for psychological injuries can be set at the same level as in personal injury cases.

Updated February 2022.

Injury TypeLevel of SeverityExample Compensation RangeAdditional Details
Psychiatric InjurySevere£51,460 - £108,620Due to the severity of the injury, a very poor prognosis will result. Treatment is unlikely to make things better and the claimant will struggle to cope with everyday life, work and relationships.
Psychiatric InjuryModerately Severe£17,900 to £51,460The symptoms in this category will start off very similar to above. However, a more optimistic prognosis will be given.
Psychiatric InjuryLess SevereUp to £5,500Minor symptoms that resolve in full within a short space of time.
PTSDModerately Severe£21,730 to £56,180 In this category, the victim is going to suffer very serious problems for the foreseeable future. However, with the help of a professional, things will start to improve.
PTSDModerate£7,680 to £21,730In this case, the most severe symptoms will have been resolved. Any that continue will be less serious and not too disabling.

You’ll need to demonstrate your exact level of suffering to achieve the correct level of Ticketmaster data breach compensation. To do this, during the claims process, you will need to have a local medical assessment. It is nothing to worry about though. An independent specialist will review your medical notes, ask you several questions and prepare a report for your solicitor. Due to the importance of the specialist’s report, medical assessments must be carried out for all claims.

When To Take Action If Affected By A Breach In Your Data Rights?

So, to reiterate, if you are considering making a Ticketmaster data breach claim, you will need to complain to them in the first instance. As explained, you should follow all escalation routes where possible. If 3-months have passed since you last heard from the company, you have the right to start your own legal proceedings.

Our advice would be to contact Legal Expert and speak to a specialist for a free assessment of your case. If the case is taken on, your solicitor will look at the evidence and help you decide whether you can begin the claim right away or if it would be best to ask the ICO to investigate first.

How Specialist Data Protection Solicitors Could Help You

If you have decided that after reading this guide about claiming for the Ticketmaster data breach that you would like to start a claim, where do you turn to find a solicitor to help? You could search through online reviews, scour the high street for a lawyer or ask your friends, family and colleagues to recommend a solicitor. Each of those steps could work but you may find that it is much easier to call Legal Expert.

The advisors on our helpline can review your case and supply legal advice for free. If they believe your case has good grounds, you could be partnered with one of our specialist solicitors. If they take your case on, you’ll benefit from regular updates and expert advice throughout your case. Your solicitor will answer any questions you might have, and they will certainly try their hardest to make sure you are compensated fairly for your suffering.

For more information on how Legal Expert could help you with a Ticketmaster data breach claim, please call our team today. As long as you can evidence your claim, we may be able to help.

No Win No Fee Data Protection Breach Claims Against Ticketmaster

There is no doubt that the main thing that puts people off making data breach claims is the worry that they will lose money. We try to alleviate that worry by offering a No Win No Fee service for any claims that are accepted by our solicitors. That means you could get access to justice with a much lower financial risk. In turn, you’re likely to find the whole process of claiming less stressful.

At the start of your case, a solicitor will review everything to check that your claim is strong enough. If they are happy to continue, you’ll be given a Conditional Fee Agreement (or CFA) to review (also known as a No Win No Fee agreement). This contract is used to fund your claim and it explains that:

  • No payment is required before the claim can commence.
  • You won’t be billed for ongoing fees while your case progresses, such as medical costs.
  • In the event that your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t have to pay your solicitor’s fees at all.

When a solicitor wins the claim, they will keep a small portion of your Ticketmaster data breach compensation to cover the cost of their work. This ‘success fee’ is listed in the CFA as a percentage of your award. So that you know how much you’ll pay prior to signing, the success fee (which is capped legally) is clearly indicated within the pages of the CFA.

Why not check if you’re able to claim using our No Win No Fee service by speaking to an advisor today?

Talk To An Expert

We are approaching the end of this guide about claiming for the Ticketmaster data breach. We do hope that the details we have supplied have helped you understand whether you’re eligible to begin a claim. If you are considering claiming, and would like Legal Expert’s support, you can get in touch by:

  • Calling our free advice line on 0800 073 8804 to speak with a specialist.
  • Asking our online advisors for advice via live chat.
  • Using our online claims form to start your case so that we can call you back.
  • Sending us details of your case in an email to info@legalexpert.co.uk.

We would never want to get your hopes up or waste your time. That’s why we’ll be completely open about your chances of being compensated.

When you call for your no-obligation consultation, an advisor will review everything with you. If they are happy that your case appears feasible, they could pass it on to one of our solicitors. If they agree to work on your claim, they’ll do so using our No Win No Fee service.

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Data Breach FAQ’s

The following sections will explore answers to some frequently asked questions about data breach claims.

How much compensation for a Ticketmaster data breach could I receive?

The compensation you receive following a Ticketmaster data breach will vary depending on different factors unique to your case. For instance, when valuing your claim it may be considered whether you experienced any psychological harm. If you did sustain a psychological injury, it may be considered to what extent the harm has impacted your quality of life.

Also, the financial damage someone might experience following a data breach will vary depending on the specific situation.

For that reason, it’s difficult to give a definitive figure of how much compensation you’ll receive for a Ticketmaster data breach.

What can I do if there’s a data breach?

There are several steps you could take following a data breach. For instance, you could contact the organisation directly. Any correspondence between you and the organisation could be used as evidence if you put forward a data breach claim. Additionally, you could contact the ICO about the data breach.

For more information about the steps you could take following a breach of your personal data, call our team on the number above.

What is data breach compensation?

Data breach compensation may be awarded in successful claims. The settlement awarded may vary but generally, each data breach claim may comprise material and non-material damages. Material damages compensate for any financial losses. Non-material damages compensate for any psychological harm you experienced as a result of the data breach.

For more information, call our team. They could provide a free valuation of your claim and give an estimate of how much data breach compensation you could be awarded.

Thank you for reading our guide to making a claim for a Ticketmaster data breach.

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