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A Guide To Train Station Accident Claims

By Olivia Fitzpatrick. Last Updated 24th June 2024. Welcome to our train station accident claims guide. Have you suffered an accident in a train station? Do you believe that third-party negligence was responsible for your suffering? If so, you could be able to make a compensation claim.

A train station accident can happen in several different ways. Statistics reveal that over 6,000 passengers in the United Kingdom are victims of train station-related accidents every year. Accidents can occur due to slipping on the platform while dismounting or boarding a train; as the result of tripping over a loose floor tile; or as the result of an object falling from a height.

Injuries as a result of these accidents can be severe. In many cases, people who have been involved in a train station accident that has resulted in an injury may be owed compensation. This guide aims to provide information about train station accident compensation and how best to succeed in a claim. If you would like to find out more about this subject, please contact our offices and discuss the matter with a legal expert.

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Can I Claim Compensation For An Accident At A Train Station?

If you were injured in a train station through no fault of your own and you can prove that a third party was to blame for your suffering, you could be entitled to make train station accident claims. However, did you know that all personal injury claims have a time limit within which claimants can make them?

In most cases, this time limit is 3 years. In other words, most claimants will have 3 years from the date of their accident or the date that they realised they suffered damage as a result of their accident, to begin making legal proceedings for it.

If you wait too long before beginning legal proceedings, you could risk losing your eligibility to claim compensation. Therefore, it’s important that if you think you could have a valid claim, you get in touch with our team today for a free consultation about what to do next.

Please note that there are some exceptions to this time limit. For instance, if you’re yet to reach your 18th birthday but you have grounds to make a claim, you won’t legally be able to do so until you come of age. However, you could nominate a litigation friend, such as a parent or guardian, to claim on your behalf. This way, you can secure the compensation you deserve to cover any necessary costs related to your accident, such as medical bills or loss of earnings.

Claiming For A Slip Trip Or Fall At A Train Station

Slips, trips, and falls are the most common accidents which occur in British train stations and claiming for an accident in a train station is often done as a result of them. Accidents such as these can happen for many different reasons. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Spillages left uncleaned or freshly mopped floors without a hazard sign.
  • Slippery and wet floors or platforms caused by rainfall.
  • Tripping over baggage left by either staff or passengers.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) outline the common causes of a slip, trip and fall, which includes design and maintenance, walkways and housekeeping. While these accidents are common in train stations, it is essential to note that under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957, the railway station operators and train companies must ensure that passengers are safe from any harm in a train station and, as such, are liable for any accidents which take place in the station.

Therefore, you may be within your rights to claim compensation following an injury sustained due to a slip, trip, or fall at the train station. For more advice regarding slip, trip, or fall-related claims, you can contact us for free advice.

Claiming For An Accident On The Stairs Or Escalator At A Train Station

Stairs or escalators at train stations are also a common cause of accidents, mainly due to a combination of overcrowded platforms and escalators. Problems can also be caused by slippery stairs, broken stairs, or times when there is a mechanical problem with the escalators. Any of these issues can lead to an accident, which can lead to an injury.

As mentioned above, in situations such as these, the liability typically belongs to the train station operators or the maintenance service providers. They are required to ensure that the stairs and escalators are well-maintained and safe for users.

You may be able to claim train station injury compensation if you sustain an injury due to the stairs and escalators in a train station. The payout you receive for claiming for an accident in a train station will depend on the severity of the damage. Contact us for free advice on how to go about claiming compensation due to any injury caused while using the stairs or escalators in any train station in the UK.

Claiming For A Train Station Accident As An Employee

In situations where you are an employee of the train station (or are contracted to work inside a train station), an accident that leads to an injury will likely involve making a claim against your employer.

According to the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, and as overseen by the Health and Safety Executive, every employer has to provide a safe working environment for employees. When this is not the case, the employee may have a right to claim compensation.

This means that the employer is expected to provide the right work equipment, the correct health and safety training, and follow several other measures to safeguard workers from injury. If there is negligence on the part of the employers or a breach of safety procedures, you can make a train station injury claim as an employee and get compensated. If you are an employee, you may wish to seek out legal representation before claiming for an accident in a train station.

How To Prove A Train Station Accident Claim

If you have suffered a personal injury due to a train station accident, several recommended steps can help a future compensation claim. After you have sought medical help, we recommend that you:

  • Collect Evidence: This means you have to record everything that might help your case. It would be best to take photographs of the injury, the accident scene, and anything else that might be considered relevant to the claim. You may also have to gather contact information from any passengers who may have witnessed your accident, as they may be useful when pursuing the case.
  • Get a Medical Opinion: This can help to determine the severity of the injury sustained. We can arrange for a local medical examination for our clients if needed.
  • Record Losses: The number of losses sustained as a result of the injury will indicate what can be claimed. Losses could be general, such as travel expenses and medical expenses. It is important to document all losses.

Once you have carried out the above steps, you should be in a good position to take your case forward. However, you may have some questions about how to prove your case when claiming for an accident in a train station, and if so, we can answer them. Simply call us on the number at the top of this page.

How Much Compensation Could I Get In My Train Station Accident Claim?

When you make a successful train station accident claim, your compensation can contain up to two heads. The first head, general damages, is awarded to every successful claimant. Compensation under this heading covers the pain and suffering caused by both your physical and mental injuries.

When this head of your claim is calculated, the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG) can be used to help. The JCG contains a variety of injuries and illnesses alongside corresponding guideline compensation amounts.

In the table below, you can see some examples of these guidelines that could be relevant to train station accidents. Please be aware that these aren’t guaranteed amounts, and the first entry in this table hasn’t been taken from the JCG.

Multiple Serious Injuries And Special DamagesUp to £500,000+
Moderately Severe Brain Damage (b)£267,340 to £344,150
Minor Brain Injury (e)£2,690 to £15,580
Severe Back Injuries (a) (i)£111,150 to £196,480
Moderate Back Injuries (b) (ii)£15,260 to £47,320
Severe Hip And Pelvis Injuries (a) (i)£95,680 to £159,770
Moderate Neck Injuries (b) (i)£30,500 to £46,970
Simple Fractures Of The Forearm (d)£8,060 to £23,430
Moderate Hand Injuries (h)£6,910 to £16,200
Less Serious Leg Injuries (c) (iii)Up to £14,450

You might also be eligible for special damages, which is the second head of claim that you could pursue. 

Under special damages, you can recoup the financial losses that were caused by your injuries. For example, if your injuries left you unable to work, special damages could cover your lost earnings, as well as the cost of:

  • Mobility aids.
  • Home adjustments. 
  • Childcare.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Prescriptions. 
  • Travel.

Providing evidence of these losses with documents such as payslips and invoices could support your chances of receiving special damages.

Get more information on how much compensation you could receive for an accident at a train station by contacting our team today.

No Win No Fee Train Station Accident Claims

One of the most pressing issues facing people considering a claim can be the need to fund the process. We have recognised that those who are suffering from an injury may not be in the best possible place to make a claim, financially speaking, especially if they have been forced to take time away from work. That’s why we offer our No Win No Fee agreement.

What is this ‘No Win No Fee’ deal? Simply put, the ‘No Win No Fee’ arrangement is a Conditional Fee Arrangement (or ‘CFA’) in which legal representation is provided to our clients at no charge, until such as time as the case is successful. As a result, you don’t initially pay us any fees when we are working on your case.

Once your case is won, we will take our legal fees as a success free; a small percentage of your final compensation amount. If your case is unsuccessful, we won’t take a penny for our services. This can be a far easier way in which to arrange for legal assistance when making a claim for train station injury compensation.

Call for Free Advice and To Start a Claim

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Hopefully, we’ve made it easy for anyone involved in a train station accident to start a claim. All it takes is one phone call. When you call us, you get free advice on what next to do and how to begin your claim.

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When you need the very best help with a train station accident compensation claim, we are the law firm for you.

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Thank you for reading our guide to train station accident claims and train station injury compensation claims.

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