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How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Permanent Scar Injury?

By Stephen Hicks. Last Updated 22nd February 2022. Welcome to our guide to permanent scar injury compensation. According to the charity Changing Faces, over half a million people in the United Kingdom have significant facial disfigurements. Many of these are scars. From surgery scars to car accidents to burns, the range of different scars that can affect the human body is huge. Often, these scars can cause damage in ways you might never have expected. As a result, you may wish to make a claim for facial scar compensation or permanent scar compensation for injuries on other parts of the body.

Scar settlements can potentially be very high compensation amounts. If you want to make a personal injury claim for a permanent scar, then this guide can provide you with a lot of information. If you need advice on how to begin your claim, guidance on how you should proceed or the different challenges that could arise from your claim, this guide will prove invaluable to you.

Have further questions or want to further investigate your potential claim? You are welcome to contact our advisors by calling 0800 073 8804. Or you can reach us online by using our contact page or the live web messenger featured on our website.

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A Guide to Permanent Scar Injury Claims

Facial Scar Compensation

Facial Scar Compensation

This guide has been provided by our company in order to give you the information that you need before starting your scar injury compensation claim. This includes information such as the different issues that could arise from your claim, the process that you will need to take if you want to make your claim and the general information surrounding permanent scar injuries which could prove helpful during your claim. For example, if you are interested in face injury compensation due to your scars, this guide can introduce you to a number of key factors that you will need to consider.

We also explain in this guide how you could potentially claim permanent scar compensation for injuries caused by other factors such as burns and accidents at work. We’ll also talk about cases where your scar injuries are caused by medical negligence or accidents in public places.

Also within this guide, we’ll talk about how the severity of permanent scars is determined. We’ll also look at what sort of long-term effects such injuries may bring. We will also explain what steps to follow if you pick up a permanent scar injury and decide to pursue a scar injury compensation claim for this. We’ll also explain the types of damages you may be able to receive compensation for when making a claim for a permanent scar. This guide also highlights how you may be able to start your claim on a No Win No Fee basis.

After you have read all the information in this guide, you may want to make a scar injury compensation claim. If so, you can call our company and we can provide further support and consultation to help you throughout the process.

What is a Permanent Scar Injury?

Scars are a common injury which can occur to any person for any number of different reasons. They exist as a result of the body’s healing process; tissue damage resulting from an injury causes scar tissue to form in place of the original tissue. These can potentially be dangerous (especially if internal scars form on your vital organs) but most scars simply create emotional or mental stress and damage.

Types of Scars that Could Lead to Compensation or Facial Scar Compensation.

However, there are a number of different types of scars, which do vary in both aesthetic effect and damage to your body. These include:

  • Flat pale scars – these tend to be small in the area of effect and lack any pronounced nature. They create little permanent damage to your body but often have a permanent aesthetic effect, which can impact on your emotional state or self-confidence.
  • Keloid scars – these are much more pronounced than flat pale scars and often painful and raised from the skin. They can easily cause damage to your body if formed on a joint or sensitive area of your body and can be a cause of long-term pain problems.
  • Scar contractures – these have a heavy aesthetic effect on the body. These scars are created through a contraction of the skin and can have a negative effect on your mobility and quality of life as well as pain problems.

If you’d like to discuss bodily or facial scar compensation claims at greater length or start your own claim, please get in touch with our team today;

Claiming for Permanent Scar Injuries caused by Accidental Injury and Accidents At Work

The most common cause of permanent scar injuries is an accidental injury. This includes accidents that are your own fault, such as accidentally cutting yourself with a kitchen knife; accidents which are the fault of your employer, such as an accident at work; or accidents which are the fault of the local council, such as a burn suffered at a public swimming pool. In the case of accidental injuries, making a permanent scar injury compensation claim may depend on proving that one party acted in a negligent manner.

Claiming for Permanent Scar Injuries caused by Burns

Burns injuries are another common cause of permanent scar injuries, particularly injuries that cause problems with mobility. Burn injuries commonly cause scar contractures (unlike typical scarring) and can occur as the result of either direct contact with fire or simply contact with any material that has been overheated such as water or metal.

Scars that result from these injuries may have a more damaging aesthetic effect. Therefore, the scar injury compensation which may be awarded, particularly in facial scar compensation claims, will reflect this.

Claiming for Permanent Scar Injuries caused by Medical Negligence

Another common cause of permanent scar injuries is medical negligence. Scars typically develop as a result of any medical surgery but are not normally debilitating to your mental or physical health.

However, if your scar injury was caused as the result of clinical medical negligence then your doctor (or, more likely, the healthcare organisation the doctor works for) could be held responsible and thereby be liable to pay scar injury compensation. Clinical negligence typically occurs as the result of a surgeon making a mistake in surgery, a lack of informed consent from you regarding the procedure or if the particular risks of the procedure were not fully explained to you.

2019/20 statistics

The graph below based on information provided in the NHS Resolution Annual Report 2019/20 shows the number of clinical negligence claims reported to the NHS by speciality. Although this data doesn’t give us any insight into scar injuries, we can assume that some of these medical negligence cases resulted in permanent scarring to the injured person.

Permanent scar injury compensation statistics graph

Permanent scar injury compensation statistics graph

2020/21 statistics

More recent statistics from the NHS Resolution Annual Report 2020/21 reveal that a total of 10,816 medical negligence claims were reported within this particular time period. The specialties which these clinical negligence claims focused on are broken down as follows:

  • 12% related to orthopaedic surgery
  • 11% emergency medicine
  • 11% obstetrics
  • 9% gynaecology
  • 8% general surgery
  • 4% general medicine
  • 4% radiology
  • 3% psychiatry/mental health
  • 3% urology
  • 2% gastroenterology
  • 35% covered other types of specialities different to the ones mentioned above

Again, these stats do not reveal the specific number of scar injuries which were claimed for. However, it is plausible that some of the clinical negligence claims reported involved during the covered time period featured permanent scar injuries.

A permanent scar caused by medical negligence can potentially occur within a NHS or private hospital when receiving any form of medical surgery. This includes not just surgical procedures given for emergencies or other health benefits. Scar injury claims may also apply to cosmetic surgery. Procedures such as hair transplants, breast surgery and facelifts could also potentially lead to a permanent scar injury if medical negligence occurs. A scar injury compensation claim in response may be possible.

To read about more injuries that may lead to a scar injury claim, please read on. Or if you’d like to chat with someone about the facial scar compensation claims process, please read on.

Other Common Causes of Permanent Scar Injuries

However, no list of causes of permanent scar injuries could ever be absolutely comprehensive. There are an almost infinite number of different causes, which can include (but is not limited to):

  • Bites/scratches – can cause severe and permanent scar injuries to you, especially if the animal that bites/scratches you is a predator, such as a badger or a dog.
  • Consensual body piercing/modification – can be easily caused, especially as a result of extreme body modification such as tattooing or the surgical altering of your body.
  • Medical condition – can be extremely common (particularly as a result of a rash) and is often exacerbated by incorrect treatment.
  • Head injuries– head injuries can be extremely dangerous and carry a risk of brain damage. But head injuries might also result in a visible, permanent scar.

To find out more about making a permanent scar or facial scar compensation claim from your employer, read on. 

Claiming for a Permanent Scar Injury at Work

If you have suffered a scar injury at work that’s permanent (such as a facial scar), your claim will have issues unique to this particular situation which you will need to consider before committing to your facial scar claim:

  • You will have to make a work accident claim against your employer rather than a personal injury claim against an individual or group responsible for your scar injury. This means that personal responsibility will be removed from your claim and the compensation that you receive, as your facial injury compensation will be paid from Employer’s Liability Insurance rather than any individual’s personal finances.
  • Your claim will depend on whether your employer has acted in a negligent manner in order to cause your accident and subsequent scarring. This means that being responsible for the accident is not enough to justify a claim against your employer; they must have acted negligently in their duty of care before legal responsibility can be assumed.

As such, there are aspects unique to making a work accident claim that you need to consider before beginning the process, especially the fact that facial scar compensation amounts may be deducted from Employer’s Liability Insurance.

However, these aspects are made much easier to deal with through the support of a Claims Service, which can provide support to you in gathering evidence and other elements of the case.

If you’d like to know more about facial scar compensation claims made against a public place, our next section will tell you all you need to know.

Claiming for a Permanent Scar Injury in a Public Place

As with claiming for an injury at work, claiming for an injury in a public place has many unique issues that can have a major impact on the success of your claim.

The most prominent of these issues is responsibility. When in a public place, regardless of who owns it, the owner has a duty of care to all people who use said space. This remains the case whether the public place is a supermarket or a library. This means that accidents that happen in these places can often be found to be the responsibility of the owner, such as the local council or a business.

For example, if you suffered from a burn as a result of the temperature of a public swimming pool being overheated, that could be the responsibility of the local council due to their duty of care. If you wished to make a scar injury claim, it would be made against the Council as a legal entity rather than any individual who may have been directly responsible for the accident.

However, making a claim for facial scar compensation, or any other kind of scar claim, against such an entity or individual has no marked difference from making a general personal injury claim.

Assessing the Severity of Permanent Scar Injuries

When you are considering your permanent scar injury compensation claim – and especially if you are unsure about making your claim in the first place – one of the aspects that are likely to be most important to you is the level of compensation that you could receive. The most important factor in this regard is the severity of the injury. Trying to determine facial scar settlement amounts and other scar-related injuries will likely depend on categorising the severity of the injury as one of the following:

  • Minor severity – injuries with minimal effect on you and claims involving this severity typically affect the face. This includes minimal scarring (though still permanent) which does not impact on your movement but has an effect on your emotional well-being. Injuries of this severity may have a minimal amount of compensation for a scar on face awarded.
  • Moderate severity – injuries with some significant effect on you. This includes moderate permanent scarring which may have minimal impact on your movement and a significant effect on your emotional well-being. Injuries of this severity have a moderate amount of compensation awarded.
  • Severe – injuries with an extreme effect on you. This includes severe permanent scarring, particularly surrounding the face and other visible areas of the body, with a significant impact on your movements and an extremely negative effect on your emotional well-being. Injuries of this severity have the largest amount of compensation awarded.

It is still incredibly important to receive a medical assessment from a professional. These general guidelines cannot replace the evaluation of a medical professional. For an insight into why facial scar compensation claims are necessary and the long term effects that a facial scar might have, please read on.

The Long-Term Effects of Permanent Scar Injuries

While many people consider scars to be distinctly minor injuries, the physical and mental long-term effects (particularly permanent scar injuries) can be significant. These long-term effects have a great impact on your permanent scar injury compensation claim and generally affect how much compensation or facial scar compensation you could receive:

  • The long-term physical effects of permanent scars are varied and can be quite extreme, typically varying with type. Keloid scars can result in long-term pain problems, as can scar contractures, while both can result in movement problems as they can affect your joints.
  • The long-term mental effects of permanent scars can also be quite varied. Particularly concerning scars on the face and other exposed areas of the body; you could develop issues surrounding your self-image, leading to social anxiety and isolation. These can cause significant psychological impact or even trauma, especially if the scar injury affects a child.
  • Permanent scars can also have a long-term effect on your life separate to the direct physical or mental effects. In a professional sense(especially if you deal with people face-to-face), scars can result in a loss of employment. If your career depends largely on your aesthetic qualities (for example, when working as a model), scars could directly lead to a loss of future earnings.

What Does This Mean for Your General or Facial Scar Compensation?

The extent and severity of these effects can largely determine the amount of compensation that you could receive as a result of your claim, particularly physical trauma that can be easily assessed. Emotional trauma is more difficult to quantify, leading to varying amounts of compensation being awarded, but professional effects tend to be more easily measured and therefore considered fully.

What to Do if You Have Suffered a Permanent Scar Injury

If you have suffered from scarring due to an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be wondering exactly what you need to do to claim scar injury compensation. As scar injuries often occur alongside other injuries, you should initially focus on receiving a medical assessment of your injuries to ensure that you are in no immediate danger and, to an extent, assess the severity of the injury.

After this, you should begin gathering evidence in order to support any compensation claim you are likely to make in the future. This evidence can be organised into three main categories:

  • Evidence in support of the accident – could include evidence such as witness statements or an official accident report. This evidence is intended to confirm that the accident you are claiming compensation for actually occurred and that it occurred in the way that you are claiming. For example, if you suffered a permanent scar and are seeking facial scar compensation as the result of medical negligence, the operative report that details the accident could be used in this regard.
  • Evidence in support of negligence – could include many similar elements to the first category of evidence. This evidence is needed in order to confirm that an individual acted negligently in order to cause the accident. To return to the previous example, the operative report could detail how the scarring was caused by a surgeon making a serious mistake during the procedure.
  • Evidence in support of severity – could include a general medical report or assessment made by a medical professional, specifically evaluating severity. This is needed in order to confirm the severity of your injury, as the amount of compensation you could receive largely depends upon this.

What Can Be Claimed for After a Permanent Scar Injury

When claiming for facial scar compensation, or for any other kind of scarring, many individuals vastly underestimate the number of different costs and damages that they are legally entitled to claim. It is by no means limited to direct financial damages. Instead, a settlement claim can cover a vast array of different costs that could result from a scar injury. These include:

  • General damages – these damages are important for scar injury claims as they cover damages difficult to quantify – such as emotional damage and damage to professional reputation – that are particularly relevant to compensation claims related to scarring.
  • Special damages – includes damages such as loss of earnings or damage to property stemming from the injury. While this is less relevant to permanent scar injuries, the loss of earnings is particularly relevant to all compensation claims.
  • Medical costs – includes costs such as private medical costs, particularly if plastic surgery is used to attempt to minimise the scar or foreign medical care if treatment is sought overseas.

Clearly, you can claim for many different costs and damages resulting from your permanent scar. Determining the exact damages in your claim can be made much easier with professional assistance.

How Much Can I Claim For a Permanent Scar Injury

As stated previously in this guide, one of the most important aspects of your claim is the question of “how much is a scar worth in terms of compensation?” Some potential claimants may also search for a scarring compensation calculator. When determining how much compensation per stitch UK courts will award, the answer can be complicated.

While each case must be taken on its individual merits and can vary as the result of the type and severity of the injury, we can provide you with a general guideline of average compensation amounts.

Body and Facial Scar Compensation Guidelines

The table below is based on the Judicial College Guidelines, a document used by lawyers to value injuries.

Facial ScarringTrivialUp to £3,310Minor scarring, only visible close up.
Facial ScarringLess Significant£3,710 to £12,900Permanent scarring, visible on close inspection.
Facial ScarringSignificant£8,550 to £28,240Permanent scarring visible to another person when speaking face to face.
Facial ScarringLess Severe£16,860 to £45,440Permanent scarring, visible to somebody across a room.
Facial ScarringVery Severe£27,940 to £91,350
Permanent scarring visible at long distance.
Body scarringSevere£7,350 to £21,330Noticeable laceration scars, or a single disfiguring scar.
Body scarringModerateIn the region of £8,110Exploratory laparotomy has been performed but no significant internal injury found.
Body scarringMinorUp to to £7,350A single noticeable scar, or several superficial scars.
Scarring from burns Severe Likely to exceed £98,380Award amount will be influenced by factors such as the percentage of the body affected by burns, the cosmetic and psychological impact and any resulting disability
Psychiatric damageSevere£51,460 to £108,620the injured person will have marked problems with respect to their ability to work, interpersonal relationships and the extent to which treatment would be successful.
Psychiatric damageModerately Severe£17,900 to £51,460As above, but where the prognosis for recovery is more optimistic.
Psychiatric damageModerate£5,500 to £17,900Where there may have been some of the problems associated with higher brackets, but there will have been marked improvement and a good prognosis
Psychiatric damageLess Severe £1,440 to £5,500This level of award will take into consideration the extent to which daily activities and sleep were affected, and how long the period of disability lasted

As you can see, the amount of compensation you could receive typically varies depending on the type and severity of your injury. Facial scar compensation could be awarded highly, for example.

However, you should not take this as anything more than estimation and avoid using an online compensation calculator to value your claim. If you would like a more accurate number, you should contact our company for a free consultation session.

Case Study

If you are still uncertain about your permanent scar compensation claim, you might benefit from this account of a comparable case to get a better understanding of what you may go through.

The claimant, in this case, suffered from a serious animal bite after being attacked by a dog whilst attempting to deliver the post. They suffered an abdominal abrasion and severe mental trauma, alongside long-term pain problems as the result of abdominal scarring.

With the help of a Claims Service, the claimant was able to successfully receive compensation for loss of earnings and emotional trauma suffered due to the injury.

You can take this as a potential indication of how general and facial scar compensation claims typically proceed but be advised that your claim needs to be considered on an individual basis and, as such, could vary from the particular situation described here.

No Win No Fee Permanent Scar Injury Claims

Another aspect of your claim of which you should be aware before making any decision is the potential legal fees that you could incur.

Permanent Scar Injury

Scar Injury

When using the services provided by a Claims Service, legal fees could be charged before the end of your claim and regardless of whether your claim is actually successful in receiving compensation. These fees can be extremely damaging to you, especially at a time when you may be dealing with the trauma associated with any kind of injury.

This is why, if you choose our company as your Claims Service, we will not charge you legal fees unless your permanent scar compensation claim successfully results in compensation being awarded to you.

Our ‘No Win No Fee’ policy (known in legal parlance as a Conditional Fee Agreement) ensures that we will not charge you any legal fees prior to the end of your facial scar compensation claims process and, even then, only on the condition that your claim is successful. This highlights our care towards you as our client and our commitment to ensuring individuals receive the compensation that they deserve after an accident or injury.

How to Start a Permanent Scar Injury Claim

However, you may still be wondering how exactly you should start your permanent scar claim. As previously mentioned, you will need to gather evidence to support the claim that you are making, regardless of who the claim may be against.

Once you have collected this evidence, you will need the assistance of a Claims Service in order to receive the help you need. You can contact our company through the contact form provided below or by calling us. Then we will provide you with a free consultation regarding your claim and advise as to whether or not you should proceed.

General or Facial Scar Compensation Consultation

In this consultation session, we will provide you with our honest assessment of your claim, including the chance we believe it to have of success and an estimation of the amount of compensation that you could receive.

If you choose us as your Claims Service, we can then provide further services to support your claim, such as arranging a medical assessment if you are unable to do so yourself and we can conduct further investigation into the situation of your claim if it is required. Once you agree to work with our team, we can handle most of the claim on your behalf.

Why Choose us as your Claims Service for a Permanent Scar Injury Claim

If you are considering making a claim for facial scar compensation, you should choose us as your Claims Service. Our company can provide you with the stability you need to properly deal with your claim, through the advice given by our team of legal experts in dealing with these kinds of claims.

Years of experience perfectly place us in a position to assist you and ensure that you receive any and all compensation that you deserve for your permanent scar. We’re also authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Our commitment to ethical and fair business practices is also highlighted through our ‘No Win No Fee’ policy, which ensures our treatment of your claim is fair whilst highlighting our care for the justice that you receive. If you would like to find out more about scar compensation claims, our free legal consultation is available at any time. Ring now to discover what we can do for you.

Call for Free Advice and To Start a Claim

Contact us now by calling 0800 073 8804 or by filling out the contact form below. Whatever the circumstances of your permanent scar injury compensation claim, getting advice from an expert Claims Service can only help you with your understanding of the process. Let us help you get the compensation that you deserve.

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Permanent Scar Injury FAQs

In this final section of our permanent scar compensation claims guides, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions on this topic:

How much is a scar on your face worth?

The amount of money which may be offered as facial scar compensation can vary substantially. It depends on how severe the scar injury is and whether it has led to any mental harm which can be diagnosed as well. Also, if treatment or recovery from a facial scar has directly led to financial losses, these could potentially be covered by your compensation under special damages.

Can you sue for a scar?

If you’ve got a scar as the result of an accident caused by a third party’s negligence, you could make a personal injury claim. 

How much money can you sue for pain and suffering?

The value of pain and suffering is dependent on many factors including where the injury is on your body, how serious it is and what effect it’s had on your mental health and amenity. Speak to our advisors for an educated estimation.

What is a good settlement offer?

A good settlement offer is one that you, and your potential solicitor, feel compensates you for your pain, suffering and financial loss. If you’re concerned about under-settling, speak to our team of advisors who can offer free legal advice.

How long after an injury can you claim compensation?

The personal injury claims time limit is three years. However, the sooner you claim after the accident occurred the more straightforward the claims process will be.

How can I treat a scar?

There are various treatment options available for scars, including laser therapy, dermal fillers and steroid injections. If you have to pay yourself for any treatment, this can be included in the special damages head of your claim. Be sure to keep a record of any costs incurred.

Can I claim for scarring sustained in a road traffic accident?

Yes. If the accident was not your fault and was caused by third party negligence, you can claim compensation for your injuries, including scarring.

Can I claim for a scar I got during an assault?

Yes. You can apply for compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) if you have been the victim of a violent crime, such as assault. Read our guide on assault claims for more information.

Feel free to contact our advisors today if you still have any questions about permanent scar compensation claims.

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