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Salisbury Personal Injury Solicitors No Win No Fee

Salisbury Personal Injury Solicitors No Win No Fee

At Legal Expert, our Salisbury personal injury solicitors are able to help claimants who have been involved in an accident which was not their fault, to claim the compensation they deserve and to recover. Wherever you are based in the UK, you can take advantage of the highly professional no win no fee solicitors. They will be able to work with you, collect the evidence necessary and organise medical assessments. We are here seven days a week to support you through your claim.

Making Claims With Salisbury Personal Injury Solicitors

There are several criteria which you need to satisfy and demonstrate in order to make a successfully make a claim. As well as meeting these criteria, there are also several factors which could be pertinent to the success of your personal injury compensation claim. The basic criteria you must satisfy are as follows. Firstly, you need to clearly show that the defendant did have a duty of care towards you under law. This could be as an employer under the Health And Safety At Work Act of 1974. Secondly, you need to show that the defendant (such as an employer) have breached this duty of care in some fashion, such as not providing training or equipment. Finally, you also need to clearly show that this breach (like not having the correct equipment) was the cause of your accident, and thus the cause of your injuries or illness.

Other factors which can affect the veracity of your claim include when the accident occurred, or alternatively when the symptoms of the injuries were discovered. Following an accident which was not your fault, there is a standard three year period after the initial accident in which to make your claim. This three year period can also be started from the date of the occurrence of symptoms or diagnosis if your injury or illness did not arise straight away. The earlier you see a solicitor and start your claim, the sooner they will be able to begin your case.

How To Find The Right Personal Injury Solicitors In Salisbury

After an accident which is not your fault, one of the most critical steps, in order to get the compensation which you deserve and getting back to normal life, is choosing the right personal injury solicitor. So, how do you get the right personal injury solicitor for your case? Getting the compensation you deserve can be crucial in your recovery, providing funds to help you get back on your feet, make adaptations to your home or car and recovering lost earnings.

As you may well spend a lot of time consulting and working with the solicitor, as well as needing to trust them with your claim, it is vital to have a great relationship with them. Claims cases can vary a lot in complexity as well as the time to be processed. Personal injury claims can take several months or years to carry out. More complex accident cases or injuries have taken longer to complete. The SRA, or Solicitors Regulation Authority regulates all personal injury solicitors in Salisbury. However, within this different solicitors will offer customers different levels of services and can charge different fees.

Read Online Reviews To Find Out More

When you need to hire a personal injury solicitor in Salisbury, there are several things which you should think about. Read online reviews to see how other people found the level of service and experience they had with a solicitors firm. What is their effective success rate? What level of fees might they charge when successful? Do the solicitors offer a no win no fee service, with no hidden fees? Reading reviews can be a good way to compare and contrast different professional service providers, such as solicitors. After reading reviews, calling through to solicitors or experts, such as the team at Legal expert, can help you get a much better feel.

Does The Location Of Your Solicitor Matter?

Like many different types of modern, digital, professional services, you do not need to work with or hire a solicitors, lawyer or legal firm which is based in your area. The only part of your claims process which may need to be carried out on a local level could be any medical examinations which are needed to establish evidence. The solicitor’s you work with will determine whether you need an examination and will organise it a doctor to carry it out. Most Salisbury personal injury solicitors will organise a local medical expert to carry any medical examinations, collecting the evidence the solicitors require.

The value of your claim award and what you could receive will be set by two factors. These are the Judicial College guidelines document which sets compensation award ranges for each type of injury. The other part of your claim can include any out of pocket expenses that you have incurred. These could be transport or medical expenses, or losses of earnings. Different solicitors could have differing levels of success and some may be better at securing higher awards for the same injury.

Can Salisbury Personal Injury Solicitors Handle My Claims Case?

Salisbury personal injury solicitors can help you to get the compensation you deserve for a wide range of injuries.

Claims For Serious Personal Injuries

At Legal Expert, we work with solicitors across the UK, such as no win no fee solicitors in Salisbury to get the compensation they deserve. Serious injuries can have a very big impact on people’s lives, with lasting consequences. The compensation you receive can help you to relieve financial pressures. Getting the compensation you deserve can help claimants, dependents, and families.

Salisbury Medical Negligence Personal Injury Claims

Medical and clinical negligence is a legal term. It refers to breaches in the duty of care that a doctor, medical practitioner, hospitals of surgery has had towards you. This could have led to a serious injury or illness. Our Salisbury personal injury solicitors also help people who have suffered some form of medical negligence at the Salisbury District Hospital, Salisbury.

Slips, Trips And Falls In Salisbury

Figures produced by the Health and Safety Executive show that the most common form of accident in the UK is slips, trips, and falls. This is true both in and out of the workplace. They can happen whether you are walking down the street, where claims can be made against the council, or walking alongside a swimming pool, resulting in a secondary injury. The dedicated Salisbury personal injury solicitors we work with have a wealth of experience and knowledge in dealing with slip, trip, and fall claims.

Road Traffic Accidents In Salisbury

The expert personal injury solicitors we work with at Legal Expert have helped people across the UK who have been involved in a road traffic accident which was not their fault through a no win no fee service. These solicitors have a great track record of getting clients the maximum amount of compensation that they could be awarded. Road traffic accidents are very common across the UK, and Salisbury is no exception. There were a total of 1474 accidents, of which 17 were fatal, 174 were serious and the remaining 1283 were slight accidents in 2013. In 2014 the total number of RTA’s increased to 1607, following a trend was seen across the UK. Accident hotspots include the A30/ A36 roundabout and the A345 roadway.

Workplace Accident Compensation Claims In Salisbury

At Legal Expert, the solicitors we work with have helped people secure the compensation they deserve after a workplace accident. This is true across a wide variety of different professions and job roles. Below, we have included statistics about the number and type of different workplace accidents which have occurred in Salisbury. The statistics are based on information from the Health and Safety Executive.

Workplace accidents in Wider Salisbury AreaDecember 1, 20112012/132013/14 
Electricity related Injuries 452
Machinery related injuries 293015
Injuries related to explosions (e.g. gas)020
Exposure to fires205
Injuries caused by a harmful substance1384
Falling from a height 624863
Animal related injuries. 232122
General lifting and handling injuries222140141
Physical assaults301624
Slip, trip and fall injuries207173144
Being struck against262218
Being struck by a moving vehicle11714
Being struck by a object744160
Trapped underneath something213

Industrial Disease Personal Injury Claims In Salisbury

Salisbury personal injury solicitors that partner with Legal Expert help claimants get the compensation that they are entitled to after contracting an industrial disease, such as asbestosis. Industrial diseases can include a range of respiratory conditions and other industrial diseases.

No Win No Fee Solicitors In Salisbury

The agreement that is drawn up between the solicitors we work with at Legal Expert and the claimants are called Conditional Fee Agreements, or no win no fee agreements. These contracts outline the legal services which will be provided and what fees they will be charged. The agreement will protect people from having to pay if the claim is unsuccessful, as well as protecting people from hidden fees and small print. Our services are always offered on a no win no fee basis, guaranteeing that you won’t have to pay a penny if you don’t win any compensation. For more information, you can read our guide to no win no fee claims.

Taking The Next Steps

After reading this guide, your next step should be to reach out to the personal injury experts at Legal Expert. Our team can start by reviewing your case and giving you the information and knowledge to help start your case.

Get The Answers You Need And Starting Your Claim

Before you make your final choice and begin working with a solicitors firm, you should ensure you are armed with all the information you can get about the claims process in general and your type of claim in particular. This helps you to make a much more informed decision. Before calling us, look at our compensation claims guides section.

Once you have chosen to work with the dedicated team at Legal Expert, we will be on hand seven days a week to take your call. You can talk to us by calling 0800 073 8804. You can also reach out to Legal Expert using the contact form on our site or our online chat feature. You can also detail your claim and request a call back by emailing us. Contact us today to speak with the professional experts.

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