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Blackpool Personal Injury Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims

By Stephen Taylor. Last Updated 17th September 2021. Welcome to our guide about claiming compensation with the help of Blackpool personal injury solicitors. If you’ve been injured in an accident in Blackpool that was somebody else’s fault, then you may have a claim for compensation.

Cases such as accidents at work, car accidents, medical malpractice and clinical negligence can all be claimed for if they were caused by somebody else’s error and Legal Expert, a personal injury and accident claims solicitors, have the expertise to help with any claims. This guide will explain what to do in the event of an accident, if you’re eligible to make a claim and the most common types of accidents that lead to a personal injury claim.

Why use a personal injury lawyer or solicitor?

Blackpool personal injury solicitors

Blackpool personal injury solicitors

There is plenty of legislation in place for people who are considering seeking compensation for an accident or injury and Legal Expert have been offering advice to clients on the likelihood of success for many years. One thing that many people don’t realise is that they can commence a personal injury claim many years after the cause of the injury or illness. If, for instance, you’ve suffered for many years with a problem, but a doctor has only just diagnosed the injury then the date the doctor tells you of the injury is the date from which the three-year time limit, in these cases, commences.

This guide will offer advice on how to choose the right solicitor to make your claim and the types of claims you may want to make.

Do I have grounds to make a personal injury claim?

Clients are often worried about their eligibility to actually make a claim and it is the job of any personal injury solicitor or lawyer to gather evidence to prove such a case has merit.

To win a Blackpool personal injury case there are a number of things that need to be proven to make a successful claim:

  • Firstly, that the defendant owed you a duty of care i.e. an employer has a duty of care to ensure the safety of its staff while at work and a shop has a duty of care to protect staff, customers and visitors while in the shop
  • Secondly, that the defendant breached their duty of care to you i.e. if they failed to provide adequate safety equipment or was something damaged (and not repaired) that caused your accident to happen?
  • Finally, was the breach of the duty of care the reason you were injured i.e. if items fell on you while working in a warehouse and the fall was caused by damaged shelving or racking (meaning the injury caused by the items falling but the root cause was the damaged shelving which the employer should have repaired.

The best advice here is to begin your claim as soon as possible because your personal injury solicitor will have more time to gather supporting evidence of your claim.

How to choose the right solicitor for your claim

All England and Wales based solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority which means they have to adhere to certain standards and practices, but service levels can vary between different companies which means it is essential to choose the correct personal injury solicitor, especially when you consider the impact the solicitor can have on your recovery and life going forwards.

Some compensation claims can take months to settle and in the more severe cases can take years which means you need to ensure you choose a solicitor who you can work with and has a good history of working well with its clients.

How do reviews help me choose a good solicitor?

When researching Blackpool personal injury solicitors, calling them and talking about your case is an important step but before you do it is always worth seeking our real reviews of the solicitor from previous clients (our reviews can be read online here).

When speaking to different solicitors it is often surprising to realise that there can be a massive difference in compensation that actually gets retained by the client after the solicitors take their success fees and insurance premiums.

Does it matter if my solicitor is based outside of Blackpool?

You can use a solicitor based anywhere in the country to make your personal injury claim which means you have a greater choice of companies to use and you can choose one based on any factor you deem important including their reviews or the amount they charge as a success fee. If a medical is needed, then that would usually be completed as locally as possible.

Kinds of personal injury cases we can handle

Legal Expert can deal with any type of personal injury claim, so long as it was somebody else’s fault, no matter how obscure it was. In the next few sections we list a few of the more common accident claims we deal with:

Industrial disease claims

Under health and safety regulations, employers have a responsibility to protect their staff against many industrial diseases and conditions such as:

Blackpool personal injury solicitors can claim for these and any other industrial related conditions. Please call Legal Expert if you require any further information or to begin your claim.

Industrial disease claims can be caused by damaged equipment, poor training and poor conditions. If you believe your employer could’ve done something differently that would’ve prevented your accident from happening then there may be a case to be made against them and compensation to be claimed on your behalf.

Medical malpractice and negligence claims

Medical malpractice (sometimes called clinical negligence) means that your injury or illness has been caused by negligence by medical staff. We have helped many clients claim for negligence such as infections, dental negligence and defective medical products. We have a full article on medical malpractice with more information included.

Accident at work compensation claims

All employers in the UK have a duty of care to protect staff from injuring themselves while at work. This can mean while completing their job, using the staff kitchen or even in the company car park – the employer needs to ensure areas are safe. If you’ve been injured while at work, and it was the fault of your employer, then you could make a claim using Blackpool personal injury solicitors.

Work injury statistics in the Blackpool local authority area

The table listed below shows all of the workplace based injuries reported to the HSE, under health and safety regulations, for the Blackpool area:

Accidents report at work in the Blackpool local authority area2011/122012/132013/14
General accidents222420
Injuries caused by machinery1074
Harmful substance exposure1306
Falling from heights181213
Animal-related injuries, such as dog bites200
Manual handling related injuries665534
Physical assault331023
Slip, trip or fall accidents836159
Struck against an object211
Trapped by something102
Hit by a falling object201616

Fall & slip injury claims

Slips, trips and falls can lead to some very complex injuries and result in many trips to the operating theatre to try and repair broken bones. If you are involved in a slip or fall then it could make you eligible to make a claim if it was caused by somebody else’s negligence. Reasons that your slip or fall could be somebody else’s fault include:

  • Wet or slippery floors with no warning signs.
  • Uneven surfaces (such as broken wooden flooring, potholes or damaged kerbstones).
  • Poorly lit areas making trip hazards hard to see.

Serious injury claims

Choosing the right Blackpool personal injury solicitors is essential if you’ve been involved in an accident that led to a serious injury. Some of the more serious injuries include brain damage, spinal damage (including paralysis) and amputations. No matter how serious your injury is we can help to commence a claim if the accident that caused it was somebody else’s fault.

Road traffic accident, car & other vehicle crash claims

If you’re looking to make a road traffic accident claim, then Legal Expert can help you. We’ve dealt with many claims involving accidents where the client was a driver, passenger and also pedestrians involved in road traffic accidents that were caused by somebody else.

Reported RTA casualties in the Blackpool area

How often do road traffic casualties occur within the Blackpool area? For insight into this topic, we can turn to statistics published by the Lancashire County Council. According to the council’s report on local road traffic collisions in 2020, there were 308 road traffic accident casualties within the Blackpool area during this particular year. 51 of the RTA casualties in Blackpool were either killed or seriously injured (KSI).

Across the wider Lancashire area, there were a total of 3,213 road traffic collisions which police dealt with. There were 2,525 road casualties reported from these collisions and 785 were killed or seriously injured (these totals include the figures from Blackpool alone).

Can you make a No Win No Fee claim?

Any Blackpool personal injury solicitors offering No Win No Fee does so based on the fact they are confident that they can win compensation for their client, otherwise they don’t get paid. No Win No Fee actually means the solicitor is taking most of the risk away from the client and believes the case is strong enough to be awarded compensation.

The solicitor’s services included in No Win No Fee include:

  • An initial consultation with the client: This is where the solicitor begins to understand the case, the injuries and the impact on the client. They work out if a third party was responsible (negligent) and if the case is likely to be awarded compensation.
  • Formal agreement drafted: If the solicitor, after analysing your claim, believes they can win your case then they will draft the No Win No Fee agreement (or Conditional Fee Agreement).
  • Checking the facts: The solicitor will confirm the facts of the case and cross-check them with relevant experts to ensure the case is sound and there isn’t a technicality that will cause the case to fail.
  • Contact the defendant: Next, personal injury solicitors would make contact with the insurer or solicitor representing the defendant and outline why you are seeking compensation.
  • Assess the response: Once the solicitor hears back from the third party then they will assess it and advise their client of what the next step should be (whether to accept any offer of compensation, counter it, refuse it or take the matter to court).
  • Gather further evidence: If an offer needs to be countered or taken to court then the personal injury lawyer would gather further evidence from specialists to provide further evidence to support the claim.
  • Court: If the case goes to court, and in our experience, this does not happen very often, then the solicitor becomes the legal representative of their client in court and will deal with all enquiries from the third party and the presiding judge in the matter.

Finally, the solicitor deals with the compensation payment to their client by first taking their success fee (as agreed in the conditional fee agreement) before paying out the compensation to the client.

This is a brief outline of what services a solicitor provides when offering a No Win No Fee service for personal injury claims.

What damages could be claimed?

When making a personal injury claim, there are two kinds of damages which you could potentially receive compensation for if your case is successful. These are known as general damages and special damages.

Compensation for general damages is what you may receive as cover for the injuries you suffered due to your accident. The amount of compensation you could receive for general damages can vary a lot. It depends on what specific injuries you are claiming for and how severe these injuries are deemed to be. Any solicitors involved in your claim may use the Judicial College guidelines to assist with working out the value of your injuries. Special damages is compensation designed to make up for any financial losses which were directly caused by your accident and subsequent injuries. You need to be eligible to receive compensation for general damages in order to qualify for receiving special damages compensation.

What does No Win No Fee actually mean?

No Win No Fee actually means that if the solicitor is unsuccessful then the client doesn’t have to pay their success fee (or any fee for their services during the case). This makes claiming risk-free for the client and ensures they don’t end up with a massive legal bill when they haven’t actually won any compensation.

When a solicitor is successful, and compensation is awarded, then they retain a portion of the compensation (a percentage that was agreed in the No Win No Fee agreement) and pay the rest of the compensation to the client.

Where could I find more information?

It is essential that when choosing Blackpool personal injury solicitors that you choose the correct one. This is only really done by reading reviews and actually speaking with the solicitor prior to beginning your claim. Our personal injury claims services cover the Blackpool area and can give free legal advice today.

If you’ve got further questions, having read this guide, then please give our experts a call and we will answer any questions that you may have to help you decide if you want to begin your claim

Speak to our team today

Once you’ve decided that you want to begin your personal injury claim using the Legal Expert No Win No Fee service then there are a number of ways to begin your claim. To instruct us today you can get in touch by:

  • Telephone: Call us now, for free, on 0800 073 8804
  • Online Claim: Fill in our simple online form
  • Live Chat: Speak to our advisors on live chat from any page on our website.
  • Request a call back: Ask one of our experts to call you at a convenient time when you have the time to discuss your accident.

Whichever way you choose to contact us, one of the team will be able to answer any questions or queries you may have and happily advise if your claim is suitable to be taken forward using our No Win No Fee service.

Helpful details and contact information

If you’ve been involved in an accident in Blackpool, then as well as seeking help from a personal injury solicitor there are a number of other services that you may need to make use of. Some of these services are:

Blackpool Police Station
Blackpool Council Municipal Building
Talbot Road
Telephone: 101
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm, Saturday: 9am to 6pm, Sunday: Closed

Blackpool Magistrates Court
PO Box 27
Civic Centre
Chapel Street
Blackpool, FY1 5RH
Telephone: 01253 757000

Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Whinney Heys Road
Telephone: 01253 300000

You may find these guides useful when choosing Blackpool personal injury solicitors. If you need any more information, then please give our expert team a call today.

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Claim Time Limits – This guide covers the time limits involved in all personal injury claims and when they begin.

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Thank you for reading our guide about making a personal injury claim with the help of Blackpool personal injury solicitors.

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