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Mopping Accident Claims Guide – Slipped On Wet Floor Injury Claims No Wet Floor Sign After Mopping

By Daniel Archer. Last Updated On 6th April 2022. Welcome to our guide to mopping accident claims.

If you sustained an injury at work, or in a public place like a shop or cafe, because of a mopping accident, such as slipping on a wet floor, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Legal Expert can provide you with an excellent personal injury solicitor to handle your claim for a slip on a wet floor. Legal Expert’s No Win, No Fee solicitors have up decades of experience handling claims for slips, trips and falls and will always push to win you the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries as possible. What’s more, each one of our claimants can claim on a No Win, No Fee basis, thereby reducing your financial risk.

mopping accident claims

mopping accident claims

If you experienced a wet floor accident because of negligence on the part of a restaurant, shop, supermarket, or an accident at work, we can help you to claim. If you are thinking, “I slipped and fell what should I do?”, call Legal Expert today for your free accident claims consultation. If our advisors can see that you have the right to make a compensation claim, we will provide you with an excellent personal injury lawyer to handle your claim.

Call Legal Expert today on 0800 073 8804 or use our enquiry form. If you have suffered a slip and fall injury because there was, for instance, no wet floor sign warning you of the hazard and you have suffered an injury as a result, you could be entitled to claim compensation. Call us today to begin your mopping accident claims. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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A Guide To Mopping Accident Claims

Welcome to our mopping accident claims guide.

Whether you had an accident at work, or in a public place like a shop or a restaurant, that organisation has a duty of care to ensure that their environment or workplace is free of health and safety risks and hazards. If the business acts negligently, meaning that they fail to fix a health and safety hazard and this results in an accident, they could be held liable for your slip, trip or fall injury.

If you have been injured in a mopping accident because of negligence on the part of your workplace, a shop, cafe or any other sort of business or organisation, you could be entitled to claim compensation. In this guide to making a mopping accident claim, we will define what a mopping accident is, and look at examples of when mopping accidents can happen.

We will also advise you on wet floor accident reporting and how to find the right solicitor to handle your wet floor accident claim. A slip and fall compensation calculator has been included to help you estimate what slip and fall compensation amount you could be entitled to claim.

What Is A Mopping Accident?

Before we look at mopping accident claims, let’s look at what these types of accidents are.

A mopping accident is an incident where incorrect use of a mop results in an individual slipping on a wet floor. 33% of non-fatal injuries reported under RIDDOR 2020/21 were slip, trip or fall injuries. So employers and business owners alike must ensure that cleaning is carried out in a way that is safe for employees and customers alike.

Here are some examples of the sorts of injuries that can be caused by slip and fall accidents:

  • Back injuries: If the injured person falls backwards they can injure their back as they hit the floor.
  • Fractured and broken bones: Slipping on a wet floor can cause bone fractures or breaks. Sometimes the injured person fractures their hand or wrist if they put out their hand to protect themselves.
  • Cuts and bruises: Cuts and bruises from minor injuries from slipping and falling can be minor and heal on their own, or can cause more serious injuries.
  • Head trauma: If the person hits their head on the floor, they can suffer head trauma.
  • Soft tissue injury: Soft tissue injuries can include strains or sprains where muscles or ligaments have become overstretched.

As well as slip and fall accidents, mopping can also cause other accidents. For example, a faulty mop handle could break in someone’s hand, potentially inflicting cuts.

How Should Floors Be Mopped Correctly?

At this point in our mopping accident claims guide, let’s look at how floors should be mopped.

Walkways, aisles and corridors in the likes of offices, factories and supermarkets could see a lot of footfall throughout the day. If there is a slip, trip or fall hazard on the floor, such as a spillage, or an area that has been mopped and not signposted, this can put staff and members of the public in danger.

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 states that floors should not be slippy. If a floor has been mopped and poses the risk of slipping, signage should be put up to warn passers-by not to walk on that floor.

Preventing Slips And Falls Caused By Cleaning

Next in our mopping accident claims, let’s look at how these types of accidents could be prevented.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) also provide these guidelines for mopping floors safely:

  • Do not use excessive water on the mop.
  • Go over the freshly mopped floor with a dry mop or squeegee to reduce drying time. However, keep in mind that even a thin layer of water on the floor is still a slip hazard.
  • If possible, do not mop the floor during busy times and ensure that there is an alternative route for people to walk.
  • Where possible, spot clean.
  • Take extra care cleaning greasy floors. They take a little more work to remove the grease, so it’s important to ensure they are properly cleaned. Allow enough time to let detergents properly clean the floor.
  • Check cleaning equipment for faults regularly.

Mopping often occurs after an item is spilt on the floor. Whilst mopping the hazard is the right thing to do, cleaning staff, waiters or other employees should take care not to create a further hazard by not mopping the floor correctly. It is the responsibility of employers to train their staff correctly, so they know how to mop safely.

Remember, if you have been injured because of a mopping accident, you could make mopping accident claims for compensation. Call Legal Expert today and if you have the right to claim, we will provide you with an excellent No Win, No Fee solicitor to handle your case.

We will now look at examples of how people are injured because of slip, trip and fall injuries.

Mopping Accidents At Work

Many of our clients ask us, “I fell at work, what should I do?” When you are at work, your employer has a duty of care to ensure the workplace is free of risks and health and safety hazards. If such issues exist, steps ought to be taken to reduce them to the lowest level possible. 

If you are injured because of negligence on the part of your employer, they could be held liable for your injuries. If work were injured because of a mopping accident at work while pregnant that was not your fault, which injured you or your unborn child, you could also be entitled to claim. Even though the accident may appear to be the fault of one of your colleagues, if they were not properly trained by your employer, they could still be held accountable for your injuries.

Mopping accidents do not just involve wet floors. They could, for instance, involve a mop handle. Mop handles can be made of plastic as well as wood. Both materials are liable to break, exposing sharp edges and potentially causing cuts and lacerations. In such circumstances, an employer could be held liable if they had not made the required safety inspections of work equipment, or failed to replace equipment that had been reported as faulty. 

Legal Expert can provide you with an excellent no win no fee solicitor to handle your mopping accident claims. Call us today for your free slip, trip and fall injury consultation, to see if you can claim.

Mopping Accidents In A Restaurant

Restaurants can be busy places, where staff often have to rush to complete tasks. Sometimes they do not have the capacity to clean spillages right away, or in some venues, dim and atmospheric lighting may prevent customers from seeing potential hazards on the floor.

If possible, staff should avoid mopping the floor during opening times when guests are being served. If it is unavoidable, for example, there is a large spillage that could endanger guests and staff, the restaurant staff should ensure that correct health and safety measures are taken, such as signposting the area, or roping it off, and cleaning it up so far as possible.

If, for instance, you fell on a restaurant on a wet floor hazard that had not been properly signposted, if it could be shown that the restaurant did not take correct steps to either clean up the hazard or train staff appropriately, you could be entitled to make mopping accident claims.

Mopping Accidents In Shops And Supermarkets

Unsafe mopping practices can also cause accidents in shops and supermarkets. It is common for items in a supermarket to be spilt or dropped, for example, if a customer accidentally knocks a jar of pickles off a shelf, or drops an egg. This creates slipping hazards. If the supermarket staff do not mop it up or signpost the resulting wet floor, this could lead to slipping accidents in which customers or members of staff are injured.

As we have mentioned, if the mopping is not carried out in a way that minimises risk, or the resulting wet floor is not signposted, a slip, trip or fall accident can occur and you could have grounds to make mopping accident claims.

Mopping Accidents In A Hotel

Hotels often have high-end floorings, such as marble or granite floors. If these surfaces become wet, a slippery floor can be extremely hazardous. Such establishments may have bar and restaurant areas where drinks can be spilt. Water can also pool in lobby areas if it’s raining outside and the hotel lacks any safety mats upon entry to dry your feet and gather moisture. Similarly, if mopping isn’t carried out properly, this can cause mopping accidents in hotels. 

If you have suffered a wet floor mopping accident, or slip and fall where no wet floor sign was present in a hotel, you could be entitled to make mopping accident claims.

What Damages Could I Claim If Injured In A Mopping Accident?

If you make a successful claim for a slip and fall accident, your compensation package may include two heads of claim: general damages and special damages. General damages are designed to compensate you for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity you have experienced because of your injury. We will consider general damages in more detail below.

As part of mopping accident claims, special damages can be awarded to reimburse the injured person for any expenses or financial losses they have incurred as a result of their injuries.  Some examples of the types of special damages you may be able to claim for a wet floor accident include:

  • Medical expenses such as the cost of any medication, physiotherapy, operations or any other medical treatment you may have needed because of your injuries.
  • Travel expenses, which can include the cost of taking taxis to the hospital or the cost of travelling to and from doctors appointments.
  • Mobility equipment or home adaptation expenses, which you may need if your injuries cause you to become disabled.
  • At home care expenses, such as the need to pay for a carer to help you with cooking and cleaning. It’s also possible to claim an hourly wage for a family member who may have assisted you.
  • If you had to take time off work following your injuries and missed out on pay or bonuses, it’s also possible to recover this loss of earnings costs too.

For more information on mopping accident claims, please read on.

Mopping Accident Compensation Claims Calculator

Our clients often ask us, “how much compensation do you get for slipping on a wet floor?” You can use our slip and fall compensation calculator to estimate how much compensation you could receive in general damages. The figures contained in the compensation calculator table below have been taken from the Judicial College Guidelines, a legal publication used by solicitors and the courts to value claims. 

InjurySeverityNotes on injuryPotential compensation
HandMinorThis will include fractures which generally have recovered in six months. Also injuries such as scarring, tenderness, and reaction to the cold where there is full recovery.Up to £4,461
HandModerateCrush injuries, penetrating wounds, soft tissue type and deep lacerations. The top of the bracket would be appropriate where surgery has failed and permanent disability remains. The bottom of the bracket would be appropriate for permanent but non-intrusive symptoms.£5,260 to £12,460
HandSerious Included would be cases where several fingers have been amputated but rejoined to the hand leaving it clawed, clumsy, and unsightly, or amputation of some fingers together with part of the palm resulting in gross diminution of grip and dexterity and gross cosmetic disfigurement.£27,220 to £58,100
WristMinorVery minor undisplaced or minimally displaced fractures and soft tissue injuries necessitating application of plaster or bandage for a matter of weeks and a full or virtual recovery within up to 12 months or so.£3,310 to £4,450
LegLess SeriousSimple fractures to tibia or fibula or soft tissue injuriesUp to £11,110
NeckMinorWhere a full recovery takes place between three months and a year. This bracket will also apply to very short-term acceleration and/or exacerbation injuries, usually less than one year.£2,300 to £4,080
ShoulderMinorSoft tissue injury to shoulder with considerable pain but almost complete recovery within 2 years.£4,080 to £7,410
BackModerateMany frequently encountered injuries to the back such as disturbance of ligaments and muscles giving rise to backache, soft tissue injuries resulting in a prolonged acceleration and/or exacerbation of a pre-existing back condition.£11,730 to £26,050
ChestMinorFractures of ribs or soft tissue injuries causing serious pain and disability over a period of weeks only.Up to £3,710
HeadMinor Head or Brain InjuryIf there is any brain damage, this will be quite minimal at this level. £2,070 to £11,980

Legal Expert can offer you an estimate more relevant to your unique circumstances. To take advantage of this, simply call us today on the number at the top of this page.

No Win, No Fee Mopping Accident Claims

If you have legitimate grounds to make mopping accident claims, we can give you the option of pursuing a claim under a No Win No Fee agreement, also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA).  A CFA gives claimants financial security and the confidence to pursue justice. You will not have to pay an upfront solicitors fee when you make your compensation claim, nor will you have to pay any fees while the claim is ongoing.

And if your case is unsuccessful, you will not have to pay any of the fees your solicitor has incurred in pursuing your claim. 

If your claim does succeed, your solicitor may seek a small contribution toward their costs. This contribution is known as a success fee and forms a nominal percentage of your compensation. Don’t worry, success fees are legally capped and will be set out in clear terms within the CFA.  Therefore, for many of our clients making a No Win, No Fee claim is the least stressful option.

To learn more about how making a No Win, No Fee claim for slipping on a wet floor can benefit you, call Legal Expert today to talk about your options. If you have legitimate grounds to claim compensation, we can provide you with an excellent No Win, No Fee solicitor to handle your claim.

Why Claim With Legal Expert?

Interested in making mopping accident claims? Looking for legal help?

Legal Expert is a well-respected personal injury solicitors firm. Our specialist solicitors are dedicated to their clients and will battle to ensure they recover the maximum amount of compensation possible. With decades of experience under their belts, they are well-versed in the claims process and will guide you through its complexities with ease. They will keep you updated every step of the way and if at any time you have a query, they’ll be on hand to take your call.

How To Contact Us And Start A Claim

If you’d like a free consultation about making mopping accident claims, please call us today on 0800 073 8804 or use our enquiry form.

One of our knowledgeable advisors will speak to you in detail about your ordeal and if you are entitled to claim compensation, we will provide you with an excellent personal injury lawyer to work on your case.  So call Legal Expert now to begin your claim. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Mopping Accident Claims FAQs

What are mopping accidents?

There are many ways that mopping accidents can happen. Some examples include:

  • Lack of appropriate hazard signage after a floor is left wet from mopping
  • Failing to mop-up a spillage on a floor
  • Unsafe mopping practices as a result of inadequate training (e.g. using too much solution leaving the floor slippery)

Can you claim for slipping on a wet floor?

Yes, if you can claim that your injuries were caused by a breach of a duty of care.

For example, if your injury was caused by falling on a freshly mopped floor at work, then your employer must have taken all reasonable steps to reduce the risk of this happening.

To illustrate, they may have been aware of the slip hazard but did nothing to correct it. Alternatively, they may not have had any wet floor signs on-site to warn employees of the risk of slipping. If so, then this is negligence. So, you may be able to claim.

How much compensation do you get for slipping on a wet floor?

Personal injury claims, including mopping accident claims, are valued on the basis of how much damage has been caused to each claimant. Claimants can be compensated for damages like physical injury, psychological trauma and financial loss. For a free consultation about your unique case, please get in touch today and see how much you could be entitled to.

What happens if you fall on a wet floor?

If the floor is wet, then this means it is also likely to be slippery. This could increase your chances of falling. If this were to happen, you could be injured in a number of ways. Although it’s possible that your injuries may be minor (such as bruises), it’s also possible that a bad enough fall could course more serious injuries.

For example, broken bones could occur, as well as neck injuries or back injuries. Depending on the circumstances, the injuries that you sustain could even have a lasting impact on your life. However, some less serious injuries could completely heal over a relatively short period of time.

How much compensation for a slip on a wet floor will I receive?

This all depends on a few different factors. For example, the severity of your injuries can affect how much you are awarded. Additionally, the length of your recovery period may also have an impact.

Each claim is calculated on a case-by-case basis. So, there is no singular example we can give that would be accurate for everyone. For a better idea, get in touch with us today. Or, you can use our compensation calculator.

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