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By Mark Ainsdale. Last Updated 6th September 2021. Welcome to our Cannock personal injury solicitors guide. If you have suffered an accident that wasn’t your fault, then wherever you are in the Cannock area, you may be entitled to make a No Win No Fee compensation claim. Our Cannock personal injury lawyers can help you pursue a compensation claim. So, they can get you the justice and the compensation you deserve.

Cannock work injuryOur personal injury solicitors for Cannock all have extensive experience in getting compensation for people who have been injured. And this includes you if you want to know how to claim. Our specialist solicitors will discuss your situation and give you clear and straightforward advice about your options and how we may be able to help you claim the personal injury compensation you are entitled to.

Cannock No Win No Fee

Taking out a claim with ourselves is done on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that you do not need to pay any legal fees should your claim be unsuccessful.

However, if you are awarded compensation, you will be required to pay a fee that will have been agreed upon before taking your claim out. This is all done with the greatest transparency and clarity, and you will know exactly where you are at all stages of the claim. Please contact our personal injury solicitors in the Cannock area today for more information about how to seek compensation via clinical negligence cases.

Accidents At Work In Cannock

Have you been injured in an industrial accident or an accident in the workplace? If so, and it was not your fault, you could be entitled to claim personal injury compensation. Whether it was an accident in a factory or a trip, slip or fall in an office, we can help get you the compensation and justice you deserve.

Building Site Injury Claims

Building site injuries can be some of the most common and the most serious personal injuries. If you have been hurt in a construction site accident in Cannock and it was not your fault, then get in touch to see if you can claim compensation for your injury.

Road Traffic Accident Claims in Cannock

Cars and other forms of transport may be getting safer but thanks to the dramatic increase in traffic on our roads in recent years there is still an awful number of road traffic accidents in Cannock and the rest of the UK. If you have been injured as a driver, passenger, or a pedestrian, then get in touch to claim compensation. Indeed, our personal injury solicitors covering Cannock will be able to handle your case for justice.

Motorcycle Injury Claims

Because motorbikes offer less protection than cars, injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents can often be more serious and, in some cases, can be life-changing or even fatal.

If you have been injured in a motorbike accident and it was not your fault, then get in touch to talk to one of our specialist personal injury solicitors. You could be owed thousands.

Public Transport Accident Claims

Thankfully, accidents on buses, trams, trains and other public transport are rare, but they do happen. If you have been unlucky enough to be injured in a public transport accident in Cannock or elsewhere, then you may be entitled to take out a No Win No Fee claim for compensation. Please speak to our specialist solicitors today for expert legal advice on how to claim.

Public Place Accidents (inc Slips, Trips & Falls)

If you have ever hurt yourself in a slip, trip, fall or other accident in the street, in a pub, restaurant, shop, or other public place and it was not your fault, then you may be able to take out a No Win No Fee claim for compensation. Please continue reading our guide about working with personal injury solicitors for Cannock for further information. As part of this, the table below will explain how much compensation you could receive for particular injuries.

InjurySeverityCompensation Notes
Brain injuryVery severe£264,650 to £379,100The award bracket is given as an estimate for victims who have suffered severe brain damage and are unresponsive. In what is referred to as a vegetable state.
Brain injuryModerately severe£205,580 to £264,650Losing feelings in limbs, mental disability, and or change in impersonality.
Brain injuryLess severe£14,380 to £40,410Head injuries that have not caused significant brain damage but still there maybe lasting effects.
Face Injury - ScarringVery severe£27,940 to £91,350Scarring and facial disfigurement could warrant this amount of compensation. The severity will determine how much.
Face Injury - ScarringLess severe£16,860 to £45,440These
compensation estimates cover brakes and fractures to the facial area such as the nose.
Face Injury - ScarringLess significant£3,710 to £12,900Compensation amounts for scarring. Please note women tend to receive larger payouts for scarring than men.
Eye InjuryTotal blindnessIn the region of £252,180Total blindness
Eye InjuryLoss of sight in one eye£46,240 to £51,460This amount of compensation is awarded with loss of sight in a single eye or very restricted vision in one eye.
Eye InjuryMinor£3,710 to £8,200Problems with vision, pain in the eye or temporary vision loss in an eye.
Back InjurySevere£36,390 to £151,070Severe back injuries to the upper or lower part of the back, maybe causing paralysis or any issues relating to the organs within the lower part of the body.
Back InjuryModerate£11,730 to £36,390This amount of compensation may cover ligament or soft tissue to the back, constant pain and /or discomfort.
Back InjuryMinorFrom around £2,300 to £11,730Soft tissue, slipped disc, muscle pain would gain this amount of compensation.
Neck InjurySevere£42,680 to in the region of £139,210Neck injuries can be very severe causing problems with movement in different areas of the body. An injury to the neck can cause pain in this area for a lengthy time.
Neck InjuryModerate£7,410 to £36,120Fractures to the neck, painful when moving, stiffness inability to use full movement of the neck will warrant this type of compensation.
Neck InjuryMinorFrom around £2,300 to £7,410These amounts of compensation are roughly the brackets for whiplash depending on how long it lasts, how painful it is and the long term prognosis.
Shoulder InjurySerious£11,980 to £18,020Restriction in movement, limb numbness or paralysis due to injury in the shoulder and neck.
Shoulder InjuryModerate£7,410 to £11,980Tissue damage to neck that may last for quite a while which restricts movement in the arm and elbow.
Shoulder InjuryMinorFrom around £2,300 to £11,730Soft tissue damage that will recover within the year or just over, that causes moderate pain.
Arm InjuryLoss of both arms£225,960 to £281,520Amputation of both full arms will receive the maximum award here. This compensation range also covers the amputation of one arm, or whether the amputation is to be the full or part of the arm. The restrictions this will have in the future are also taken into consideration.
Arm InjuryPermanent and substantial disablement£36,770 to £56,180If there is major restriction and disability in one or both arms and causes great pain and suffering.
Arm InjuryLess severe£18,020 to £36,770This amount is set at this criteria for those who have suffered restriction in movement and/or disability on the arms but will recover.
Elbow InjurySeverely disabling£36,770 to £51,460Complete restriction in movement of the elbow that has resulted in a disability or that has required surgery.
Elbow InjuryModerate or minorUp to £11,820Restriction in the movement of the arm due to injury of the elbow.
Hand InjuryLoss of both hands£132,040 to £189,110This amount of compensation will cover, both hands or one hand amputation or if the hand becomes completely useless.
Hand InjurySerious£27,220 to £58,100Likely to have seen a reduction in capacity by 50 per cent. Several fingers may have been amputated and re-joined, leaving a clawed or unsightly hand.
Hand InjuryMinorUp to £4,461Fractures, soft tissue damage, cuts and surgery warrants these amounts of compensation.
Wrist InjurySevere£44,690 to £56,180No wrist function at all.
Leg InjuryLoss of both legs£225,960 to £264,650Amputation of both or one leg will warrant this amount of compensation to be awarded. It will also be taken in to consideration if the leg is amputated above or below the knee.
Leg InjuryLess seriousUp to £11,110Fracture, brake or soft tissue damage to the leg that has affected the muscle causing great pain and discomfort.
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)Less severe£3,710 to £7,680Minor symptoms that resolve in full within a short space of time.
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)Severe£56,180 to £94,470Debilitating symptoms, impacting work life, social life, and relationships with family and friends. Prognosis for recovery is likely to be poor, with symptoms having some permanency.
Knee InjurySevere£24,580 to £90,290Disability due to injury to the knee, severe damage to muscle, soft tissue and also muscle wastage.
Knee InjuryModerateUp to £24,580Injury to the knee that is painful but will recover within time so the knee has a full normal working function.

Pet and Animal Injury Claims

Pets such as cats and dogs are very popular, but sometimes things go wrong. For example, an animal owner may not have control over their dog, and you may have been attacked by it and received a serious injury. If so, you may be entitled to claim damages and make a No Win No Fee claim.

Industrial Accident Claims

Despite the good work done through legislation like the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Health and Safety Executive, unfortunately, industrial accidents still happen, and many of these can be serious and life-changing.

If you have been injured in an industrial accident and it was not your fault, you could be entitled to start a personal injury claim.

Medical Negligence Claims

The UK has some of the best healthcare in the world, but even so, sometimes mistakes happen.

We can help represent you if you have been the victim of medical negligence, surgical negligence, medical misdiagnosis or a myriad of other medical claims. Call one of our specialist solicitors for Cannock and find out today if you can claim your injury.

Office Injury Claims

Compared to working on a construction site, an oil rig or in an industrial factory, you may think that working in an office is a fairly safe environment. The fact is, though, that many accidents do take place in offices in Cannock and elsewhere in the UK.

If you have been injured in an accident in an office and it was not your fault, then get in touch with our specialist Cannock accident solicitors to see if you can claim compensation.

Whiplash Claims

Whiplash injuries are common in a variety of road traffic accidents. If you think you suffer whiplash in an accident that was not your fault, you might be eligible to claim compensation on a No Win No Fee basis. Get in touch with our personal injury solicitors for Cannock, who can advise you on whether your claim is valid.

Ready To Make Your Claim For Compensation?

Get in touch with our Cannock legal team of personal injury specialists to take the first steps towards getting the money and justice you deserve.

Our specialist advisors will speak with you and ask a few relevant questions about your accident and injury. We’ll then answer any queries and questions you have. If you have a valid compensation claim, they’ll then explain the compensation claims process and talk you through the next steps.

Please take action today and start your personal injury claim by calling 0800 073 8804 or completing our contact form.

Cannock Personal Injury Solicitors FAQs

What is a personal injury claim?

This is a claim for any injuries you suffer in an accident that isn’t your fault.

Who is the defendant?

This is the person or organisation that you file your claim against.

How do I prove the defendant’s liability?

This is about confirming that they breach a duty of care that they owe you, causing an accident that injures you.

What checks do Legal Expert conduct before taking a claim on?

So, our advisors inspect the validity of your case to see if it is strong enough for us to represent.

And what if the claim does have sufficient evidence in my favour?

In that scenario, we may then take it on and represent you as you seek justice and compensation.

What happens if I turn down an offer?

If it’s the first time, then you will receive a follow-up. But you cannot try to accept the original offer later on.

What is a counter-offer?

This is where you make an offer of your own, suggesting a figure that you would be willing to accept.

When do I receive my compensation settlement?

After the agreement, the defendant has 28 days in which to make the compensation payment to you.

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