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Our Guide To Making A Caerphilly Personal Injury Claim

On this page, you will find a guide to finding a good team of Caerphilly personal injury solicitors and claims specialists that cover the Caerphilly area to process an accident claim for you. If you have been injured due to the actions of a third party, then this guide should be of use to you. It contains information ranging from an explanation of eligibility to claim compensation, through a series of sections that cover typical accident claims, and an explanation of how the Legal Expert national claims service works.

Caerphilly personal injury solicitors

Caerphilly personal injury solicitors

If you are ready to begin your claim, and don’t need to read this guide, then give Legal Expert a call on 0800 073 8804 right now. One of our team is standing by to take your call, and talk you through our new claims service so that we can get started on your claim right away.

How Our Team Can Assist You

Legal Expert has a long and successful track record of winning significant compensation settlements for our clients. We always aim to get you the maximum level of compensation that relates to your specific injury or illness, yet will never take any action that could jeopardise your claim.

We use plain and simple English at all times. We won’t ever try and blind you with legal jargon. We work in a fully transparent manner, and are always available to answer any questions you have, or to update you on what we have been doing on your behalf. If you would like to learn more about the simple, effective and risk-free claims process we offer to all residents of the UK, including Caerphilly, call us on the number at the end of this guide today.

What Criteria Do Claimants Need To Meet?

In order to be able to make a personal injury claim, you will need to prove that a third party was the cause of the harm you came to. Generally, whenever you are harmed by the acts of another person, or of an organisation such as a business, hospital, or government organisation, you should be able to claim.

This also holds true for accidents that you partially caused yourself. If a third party was partially to blame for you coming to harm, you could pursue them for compensation, although at a reduced liability.

If you have any questions about your eligibility to make a claim in your own case, then please call Legal Expert on the number at the end of this page. One of our team will be available to clear up any confusion you may have.

How To Choose The Best Personal Injury Solicitor For Your Claim

In order to have the best chance of winning your claim, and also the best chance of receiving the maximum level of compensation possible, you will, of course, have to find the best personal injury lawyer to handle your claim. This can be quite a difficult task, especially if you have never dealt with a legal firm before. When you are speaking with any prospective solicitor to process your claim, ask them these three questions:

  • Can you offer me a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), based on you successfully winning my claim?
  • Have you successfully won a compensation settlement in a similar claim to mine in the last year?
  • Can you arrange for other local services? Such as getting me a free medical examination in Caerphilly to support my claim?

If the solicitor you are speaking to can’t answer yes to each of these questions, you may be better off trying another. If you don’t have time to go through what could be a lengthy, iterative process, give Legal Expert a call on the number at the end of the page. One of our team will spend some time talking over your legal options, and if you wish, arrange for us to start processing your claim straight away.

How Helpful Are Reviews Of Solicitors Services?

If you can manage to find a website that carries some comprehensive personal injury solicitor reviews, this is a good starting point for creating a shortlist of potential solicitors to handle your claim. When you are reading the reviews, compare and check information such as:

  • How old is the review, and is it still relevant?
  • Is the review talking about a similar claim to your own?
  • Did the solicitor offer a Conditional Fee Agreement? And if they did, how much did they charge as a percentage as their fee?
  • How was the experience? Did the reviewer say that it was a simple and easy process to deal with the solicitor?

Checking and comparing facts like this will ensure you are getting the most value from the reviews. If you don’t have time to go through what may be a long process of building a shortlist based on solicitor reviews, call Legal Expert on the number at the end of the page. One of our team will go over your situation with you, and recommend a course of action.

Do I Need To Use A Solicitor Or Lawyer In My Local Area?

You may believe that there is some kind of legal requirement for you to use a local Caerphilly solicitor to handle your claim. This would be an incorrect assumption. You are free to use any solicitor, regardless of where they are located.

This means that instead of choosing a lawyer based on their location, it makes a lot more sense to disregard where the legal firm is based, and go for the team of solicitors that will give you the best chance of winning your claim. For example, Legal Expert offers a nation accident claims service across the UK, including Caerphilly. We specialise in helping people to make personal injury claims with a very high success rate. Call us on the number at the bottom of this guide to learn how we can assist you.

Compensation Claims Legal Expert’s Team Conduct

Legal Expert can handle just about any type of personal injury or illness claim. We specialise in this kind of case, and have a proven track record of achieving excellent results for our clients. We can cover everything from minor injuries caused by a slip, trip or fall, up to major accident claims for serious injuries, or the loss of a loved one in a fatal accident.

Some kinds of claims we see far more often than others. We have covered each of these common types of claims in their own section below. However, if your accident doesn’t fit into any of these categories, don’t worry, we can still help you. Call us on the number at the end of the page, and explain how your accident happened, we will offer you some free legal advice on what you should do next.

Industrial Disease Claims

If you become ill due to your work, your employer may be liable to pay you compensation. This is because that by law, every company in the UK that employs staff, must provide them with a healthy working environment. If they don’t, and a member of staff becomes ill, then a personal injury solicitor might be able to process claim against them.

This is also true of previous employers. You have three years from the time your industrial disease or work-related illness is diagnosed to make your claim. This means if your medical condition was triggered from an event many years ago, such as being exposed to asbestos dust, you could pursue your previous employer for compensation.

Legal Expert can help you to make an industrial disease or workplace illness claim. Give us a call on the number at the bottom of this guide to begin. You might also like to look over this guide to industrial illness claims:

A guide to claiming for an industrial illness

Medical Negligence Claims

Caerphilly accident statistics

Caerphilly accident statistics

The graph above, shows the previous and projected figures for the number of elderly people that require care in Caerphilly. Every one of these elderly people who are being cared for, are at risk of being harmed by medical malpractice in some way.

Every medical professional, including care staff, owe a duty of care towards the people they are taking care of. When they fail in this duty in an avoidable way, causing harm to a person, then clinical negligence could be deemed to have occurred.

Legal Expert can offer medical negligence advice, and help you to get started with a compensation claim. Call us on the number at the end of this page to proceed. We have also produced this guide, which you might find useful:

A guide to clinical negligence claims

Work Accident Claims In Caerphilly

Employers in the UK are governed by legislation such as the Occupiers Liability Act, and all of the regulations laid out by the Health & Safety Executive, with regard to providing a safe workplace. If an employer fails to comply with all of these legal requirements, and a member of staff is injured because of it, they could be liable to pay compensation.

Legal Expert can help you to make a claim for a workplace accident. Give us a call on the number at the end of the guide, and one of our team will talk you through getting your claim started.

Caerphilly Accident At Work Statistics

Below, you will find workplace accident statistics for 2012 to 2124,

Caerphilly Accidents at Work201220132014
Not given342232
Machine accident131613
Explosive accident010
Manual lifting765251
Trips, falls and slips795674
Struck by a vehicle545
Struck by an object301218

Slip, Trip, And Fall Injury Claims

Slips, trips and falls are a very common type of personal injury case. These accidents can result in surprisingly serious injuries, especially in the elderly. They are caused by hazards such as:

  • A dirty or wet floor that has not had a hazard sign placed.
  • Uneven surfaces, broken paving slabs or potholes in the street.
  • Obstructions placed on a public footpath.
  • Damaged floors in a building, such as torn carpets or broken tiles.

No matter how your slip, trip or fall happened, Legal Expert should be able to help you claim for it. Call us on the number at the end of the page to learn how.

Serious Injury Claims Solicitors

Serious injury claims often attract very high compensation payments. For this reason, it is vital that you use the right personal injury lawyer to process your claim. The more proficient your solicitor is, the more compensation you could be awarded. Typical examples of serious injuries would include:

  • Loss of cognitive function due to brain damage.
  • Loss of motor control due to brain damage.
  • Amputation of an arm or a leg.
  • Paralysis of one or more limbs.
  • Loss or damage to an internal organ.
  • Severe, visible scarring.
  • Psychological damage preventing a person from living a normal life.

These are all medical conditions that will have a severe adverse effect on the life of the victim. Legal Expert can help you to get the maximum compensation possible for your serious injury claim. Call us on the number at the end of the page, and we can get started on your claim right away.

Caerphilly Road Traffic Accident Claims

Legal Expert is a team of very experienced road traffic accident claims solicitors. The most common of all claims we process on behalf of our clients, are road accident claims. We can help you to win the compensation you are entitled to if you are injured in an RTA that was not your fault, and also in certain types of non-fault claims. Everything from low-speed rear collisions to multi-vehicle pileups, we can tackle.

Call us on the number at the end of the page, and one of our team will help to get your claim in motion today, so that you receive the compensation you are eligible to as quickly as possible.

Statistics For Road Traffic Accidents In Caerphilly Area

The table below contains road traffic accident statistics from 2015 to 2017 for the Caerphilly area.


Are You Eligible To Make A No Win No Fee Claim?

Legal Expert can help most people, by acting as their No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors to process a claim for them. This is an entirely risk-free way for you to proceed with your claim from a financial viewpoint. As you really do pay nothing until we win you a compensation settlement. Call us on the number below to learn how we can process your claim for you, without you paying a thing up front.

Are Our Services Really No Win No Fee?

When we say we offer a No Win No Fee, we mean it. When we first begin handling your claim, we don’t charge a fee. While we are processing your claim, even if this takes months, we won’t charge a fee. And if we fail to win your claim, we still won’t charge you a fee. We will only expect to be paid when we have successfully received a compensation payment for you. At this stage, we will automatically deduct the pre-agreed percentage for our fee form the money we have received, and then send the remainder to you. As you can see, this really is a risk-free way to have your claim processed. Please call Legal Expert on the number below if you have any questions about our accident claims service, and one of our team will answer them for you.

Still Need More Information?

If you need to do a little more research before you begin the claims process, we have lots of guides on this site for you to read, for example:

A guide to claiming for injuries in prison

A guide to claiming for professional negligence

Additionally, the NHS website has plenty of information about the kind of injuries that could be a cause for a claim. You will also find lots of information about the laws regarding claims on the UK Government website.

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If you are ready to begin your personal injury claim, please call Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804 today. One of our team will be ready for you to explain your situation to them, so that they can understand your claim. Once they do, they will offer you some free legal advice on what you should do next to move your claim forward.

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