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Vibration White Finger Claims – How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

When carrying out our duties at work, particularly when operating machinery, we expect that the company we are working for to have carried out risk assessments to ensure our safety and minimal chance of vibration white finger arising. If any potential problems are found, measures should be put in place to minimise the chances of them occurring. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case and sometimes vibration white finger can arise gradually over time that hadn’t initially been considered.

If you have vibration white finger due to work, you may be eligible to make a compensation claim. This is something we can assist you with, please read on for more information.

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A guide to vibration white finger (VWF) claims

The purpose of this guide is to give you the information you need about vibration white finger claims. You will learn what this injury is and how it can be caused, and what vibration white finger treatment is recommended. It will also answer your questions to do with the vibration white finger compensation scheme and any other questions you may have.

After reading all the information in this guide, if you still have unanswered questions regarding vibration white finger injury claims, or the white finger claims government scheme then feel free to give us a call and expert injury claims specialists will be able to help you.

What is vibration white finger? (Also referred to as hand vibration syndrome)

Vibration white finger is a common injury caused by the regular use of tools and machinery that vibrate. VWF can last for a long time and sometimes be debilitating in more serious cases. It affects the joints, blood vessels and nerves in the wrists and hands.

The most common symptoms of VWF are:

  • Pain, tingling or numbness in the fingers.
  • Sometimes there is a white or red colour in the fingers.
  • A significant loss of nimbleness in the hands and fingers making it hard to grip things.
  • A whiteness that starts from the tip of the fingers, continuing down the fingers towards the palm of the hand.

What is the cause of vibration white finger?

Vibration white finger is usually caused by prolonged use of tools and machinery that vibrate. Construction workers who use vibrating power tools such as chainsaws, hammer drills and sanding tools every day for a few hours at a time are more likely to suffer with this condition. In fact anyone who operates vibrating machinery can end up developing VWF. Symptoms are generally intermittent but if use of vibrating tools and machinery carries on, the symptoms could become continuous.

Vibration white finger

Vibration white finger

VWF occurs because the vibration encourages vasoconstriction through the smooth muscles hypertrophy and so damages the walls of the endothelial cells, causing damage to the nerve cells due to the release of thromboxane and serotonin together. The materialisation of this occurs because the finger’s blood vessels lack in blood supply and so turn them white. The fingers may actually even turn blue in advanced cases because of the oxygen in the blood being exhausted. More than one finger can be affected.

These symptoms are mostly prominent after using vibrating tools when it is cold. People affected by vibration sensation in fingers often suffer with reduced grip strength, cysts and osteoporosis of the bone in the elbow and wrist.

When looking at the vibration white finger symptoms checker and you recognise them as being the symptoms you are suffering, then please contact us. We specialise in personal injury cases and can help you obtain the maximum white finger compensation payouts you deserve.

What to do if you are diagnosed with vibration white finger (VWF)

If you are suffering from vibration white finger because of work, then you can make a claim.

There are a few things that you can do to help strengthen your claim.

  • Medical Professional – you need to visit a medical professional to first gain an official diagnosis Also a report will be made that states how physically and mentally debilitating the condition is, advised treatments, length of treatment and predicted duration of the condition. All of this information will be used when deciding your white finger settlements.
  • Proof of expenses – Keep any receipts or documents that show a record of expenses incurred as a direct result of your injury. These may include prescription fees, loss of income, costs of travelling to and from hospital, childcare costs and so on.
  • Report the condition to your employer – You should make your employer aware of the problem you are experiencing so they are aware of the fact that changes need to be made.
  • Make notes – Make a note of which machinery or tools you mainly operate whilst at work, how often and the duration of use. This can help to prove that the jobs carried out whilst at work are the cause of your injury.

How to begin your vibration white finger claim

Vibration feeling in the arm? Left hand vibration feeling? If you are suffering from any of the symptoms of vibration white finger, then you may want to make a vibration white finger compensation claim. We can help you to do so. All you need to do is give us a call and we can begin to launch your case. We have years of experience in the personal injury industry and have helped many claimants get the compensation payouts that they are entitled to.

When you call us, we will provide you with a free consultation session so that you can ask as many questions as you need to regarding making your claim and also this gives us the opportunity to gather some information from you in order to begin your claim. We will also offer to provide you with an appointment for a local medical at no cost to you.

Once we know all the facts, we will then proceed with making your compensation claim on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that you will have nothing to pay unless your claim is a success and so we require no financial commitment from you to work on your claim.

What can be claimed for after a diagnosis of vibration white finger (VWF)?

There are a variety of things that you can claim for when making vibration white finger claims including the following:

  • General Damages – This refers to the vibration white finger compensation you will receive for the pain and suffering it has caused you.
  • Care Claim – If you have had to have a carer to help you around the house whilst you are recovering your injury, then the person who has cared for you will be able to claim compensation.
  • Loss of Earnings – You can claim for any income you may have lost due to your injury and also any future potential earnings.
  • Travel Expenses – This relates to not only travelling to and fro the hospital, but also for any vehicle adaptions that have been needed or to cover alternative travel arrangements costs.
    Medical Expenses – This will cover such things as prescription fees, the cost of treatment and so on.

The most common jobs / tools that may increase the risks of developing vibration white finger

There are a number of jobs / tools that cause Vibration white finger and so it is important to know about them to hopefully put some hand arm vibration syndrome prevention in place.

Construction workers and others that use powered vibrating tools over the course of a day, every day, for a few hours at a time, are more likely to suffer with this condition. It varies from one person to another for the time it takes for the symptoms to become noticeable. It may take a few months to a few years for the first signs to become obvious. However, if you’re using vibration tools regularly and for a prolonged period of time, you have a higher chance of developing the condition. So for people that regularly use tools such as jackhammers, hammer drills and a variety of other vibrating tools, they are increasing their probability of suffering from the condition. The same can be said for anyone who uses any kind of vibrating machinery.

People that already suffer with conditions such as neurological and vascular disorders, carpel tunnel syndrome and Raynaud’s disease are advised to minimise exposure to too much vibration at work. This is because vibration promotes vasoconstriction through the smooth muscles hypertrophy and so damaging the walls of the endothelial cells which then release the chemicals serotonin and thromboxane, which together causes damage of the nerve cells.

Vibration white finger and hand / arm vibration syndrome facts, advice and prevention

It is your employer’s responsibility to protect you from developing Vibration white finger and hand / arm vibration syndrome. It is preventable but once it develops, it is permanent. The Control of Vibration at Work regulations 2005 came into force on the 25th July 2005, to better protect workers from the condition.

If you have started to notice some of the symptoms, you would need to see a medical professional such as the white finger NHS service and they would need to refer you for vibration white finger tests. Such tests involve standard methods such as:

  • Thermal Aesthesiometry Test – This measures the thermal receptors for cold and for heat.
  • Vibrotactile Threshold Test – This is carried out to measure how sensitive the mechanoreceptors are in the nerves of each hand to vibration, stretch and texture.
  • Cold Provocation Test – This shows visual proof of blanching.
  • Perdue Pegboard Test – to measure dexterity in each hand and to see if there is any loss of movement in either hand.

Raynaud’s disease should be ruled out also.

If the worker is found to have vibration white finger, then they may enquire about a vibration white finger pension if they are forced into giving up work due to their injury. There is an Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit that is available for people who are left disabled due to the job that they did. Vibration White Finger is covered by the Industrial Injuries Scheme and so workers that develop this condition may well be entitled to this benefit.

Hand vibration treatment may involve:

  • Encouragement to give up smoking as tobacco causes blood vessels to constrict and so reduces blood flow to the finger tips.
  • Reducing or even stopping the exposure to vibrating tools. However, symptoms such as right or left hand vibration feeling or vibration feeling in arm in advanced cases, may still be persistent after ceasing use of the tools or machinery.
  • The worker should be referred to a neurologist, rheumatologist or dermatologist for assessment and possible treatments such as pain management or calcium channel antagonists.

There are you tube channels that have information on hand vibration treatment in Hindi, English, Polish and many more which can be very helpful.

VBF Prevention

How can you protect yourself and lesson your chances of suffering from vibration white finger? Although it is the employer’s responsibility, there are steps you can personally take to reduce the risks:

  • Always use the right tool for the right job.
  • Ask if there are any low vibration tools that could be used instead.
  • Make sure that the tools you are using have been checked and properly maintained to avoid extra vibrations caused by general wear and tear or any faults.
  • Make sure that tools used for cutting are kept in good sharp condition so that they are efficient.
  • Avoid gripping a tool too tightly or forcing it more than you should need to.
  • Break up the time spent using a tool by doing other jobs in between.
  • Store tools so that when they are next used, the handles aren’t very cold.
  • Encourage good circulation.
  • Use anti-vibration gloves.

How much compensation will I get following my diagnosis of vibration white finger?

One question you may be asking is, what is the average compensation for white finger? In fact you may have come across a vibration white finger compensation calculator online. Well, although we cannot give you an exact answer as every vibration white finger injury claim is different, we can certainly give you a list of different average personal injury in the workplace compensation amounts so that you can get an idea of what may be owing to you. Of course, you can always ring us for advice on the matter too.

Reason for CompensationTypical Compensation AmountsComments
Mental anguish£3,550Fear of death and expectation of life.
Loss of anticipated earnings£10,000 - £400,000The payout amount is calculated by assessing future prospects and current pay grade. There is a potential for a higher payout than the maximum based upon the future earning potential of the claimant.
Loss of benefits£5,000 - £500,000The payout amount is based on the actual income lost, although again, there is the potential for a higher payout than the maximum based on the claimants pay grade.
Pain and suffering£1,000 - £200,000The level of pain and suffering experienced determines how much compensation the claimant will receive.
Finger injury : minor - severe£69,330 - £375,000Amputation of a single finger or additional fingers, to minor sprains that causes short term pain.
Wrist injury : minor - severe£2,550 - £44,500Total loss of use of both wrists, to small sprains that cause short term pain.
Hand injury - minor£700 - £22,300Fracture of a bone, tissue damage or temporary loss of function in both hands or one hand.
Hand injury - moderate£22,500 - £47,750Where the function of a single hand or both hands has been reduced.
Hand injury - severe£46,300 - £151,250Amputation or complete loff of function in one or both hands.
Arm injury - minor£4,500 - £30,250Short term restriction of an arm, or pain.
Arm injury - moderate£30,100 - £99,750Loss of function in one arm or both of the arms, or on-going long term pain.
Arm injury - severe£74,200 - £227,250Amputation of a single arm or both arms.
Minor injuries£1,050 - £1,860Recovery within three months.
Minor injuries£525 - £1,050Recovery within 28 days.
Minor injuriesA few hundred pounds - £525Recovery within 7 days.

No Win No Fee vibration white finger claims

All of our solicitors work on a No Win No Fee basis includind no win no fee vibration white finger claims. No Win No Fee means that there are no legal fees to pay until compensation is successfully claimed and paid. If the claim is unsuccessful, the claimant pays nothing. So there really is no need to worry about finances at all when you use our service and your case need not be abandoned because you cannot afford to proceed.

With No Win No Fee it is in our best interest to only work on cases that we believe have a genuine chance of being successful, and so we won’t waste your time or cause you any unnecessary stress if we feel that it is extremely unlikely to win your case, after all, our payment relies on a good outcome. But if you were to choose a solicitor who is paid by the hour however, the outcome doesn’t have an impact on their payment as win or lose, they get paid anyway and so could end up costing you thousands with no compensation at the end. Why take the risk? With a No Win No Fee service there is no financial risk at all.

Why choose us as your claims service for your vibration white finger claim?

We are a professional, friendly and highly experienced personal injury claims solicitors that treat all of our customers with the upmost importance. We strive to get the best compensation payouts that our clients deserve in the most efficient manner possible. We understand that you are having a rough time at the moment and will treat you with care and consideration and be discrete at all times.

We have been in the industry for many years and have had thousands of extremely successful compensation claims with maximum payouts, and with our expert solicitors help and guidance, your claim will be a success too.

We are honest and reliable and always put our clients first. Our reputation speaks for itself.

Call for free advice and to start a claim

All you need to do is call us on 0800 073 8804. Your call will be answered by a member of our team who will be more than happy to help you in any way that they can. They can talk you through the claiming process so you are fully aware of what’s involved so there are no surprises.

We are a friendly and professional team and will do our best to advise you appropriately for your situation and make sure you are in a good position to make a claim that gets you a good result. You can relax in the knowledge that we will fight your corner for you and get you the compensation you deserve.

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