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Ibiza Car Accident Claims Guide – How To Claim Injury Compensation For A Car Crash In Ibiza

Ibiza has always been a popular destination for British tourists, especially the younger generation because of it’s very popular nightlife. Over the years though, it has become more and more popular as a relaxing holiday destination and many of us choose to drive ourselves around to see the sights of Ibiza rather than booking excursions.

For most, the holiday passes without incident and a good time is had by all but if you’re involved in a car accident in Ibiza it can leave you feeling like you’ve not had a holiday at all.

This guide will explain what you should do in the event of an accident and how Legal Expert, a specialist personal injury solicitor, can help you make your claim.

If you’d like to begin your claim right away, then please call us today on 0800 073 8804. If however you’d like to know more, then please continue reading this very useful guide.

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A Guide On How To Claim Compensation For A Car Accident In Ibiza

Ibiza continues to be a popular holiday destination for British holidaymakers and, in 2017, nearly 900,000 of us travelled to the white island. While many tourists choose to let their tour operator book their trips around the island, usually on coaches, it has become more and more popular to hire a car to drive around independently.

Car accident claims Ibiza

Car accident claims Ibiza

As part of Spain and Europe, driving rules are quite similar to the UK but you can still be involved in a car accident in Ibiza which isn’t your fault. If it can be proven that somebody else was to blame for your car crash, then you can claim for holiday accident compensation – which is where Legal Expert can help.

We are a specialist personal injury solicitor who can help with car accident claims in any European country have done so for many years. We only take cases on using our no win no fee service as we think it is fair and makes claiming much more stress free.

As with the rest of Europe, Ibiza (actually Spain, which is the governing country of Ibiza) have strict time limits for making a road accident claim. The table below outlines the current limits:

Ibiza Holiday typeClaiming time limit
If the holiday was booked by a UK Tour provider, Example on the travel coach from airport.3 years ( can very )
If the trip was booked privately1 year but this can vary so please contact us first to discuss in more detail

As well as knowing what to do in the event of an accident, which this guide will outline, it’s important to know that when driving in Spain and Ibiza there are a number of regulations that you must adhere to:

  • You should carry a driver’s licence (UK), V5 document, insurance documents and passport (for ID).
  • It is a legal requirement to have warning triangles and a reflective jacket to use in the event of an accident.
  • A way of deflecting headlight beams (either stickers or a car that you can manually adjust the headlight beam).
  • A GB sticker on the rear of your car or euro number plates.

These won’t help with compensation claims in the event of a car accident in Ibiza, but they will help you to avoid a on the spot fine from the local authorities or police.

Essential Ibiza Emergency Service Numbers

If you’re involved in a car accident in Ibiza and anybody requires treatment, is trapped in their vehicle or you suspect a crime has taken place (such as drink driving, dangerous driving etc) then you should call the emergency services for assistance.

As with the UK, Ibiza has a single number for all of the emergency services. To contact the emergency operator, dial 112 from any phone or mobile.

In urgent cases where a serious injury or fatality has occurred, the British Embassy can help any UK tourist. We’ve included their contact details at the end of this guide for reference.

Medical Care For Victims Of A Car Accident In Ibiza

If you need to attend an Emergency Department or doctors following a car accident in Ibiza, you may worry about what it’ll cost you to attend.

If, prior to travelling, you apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) then, while the UK still has arrangements with Europe, you are entitled to the same free medical treatment as a resident of Ibiza.

The EHIC card will not however cover you for private healthcare and other costs such as the cost of any travel back to the UK (if you have to return early or later than planned for instance) so we’d recommend that you consider taking out travel insurance with medical cover included.

Whether you use EHIC, travel insurance or both, it is essential that you carry all relevant paperwork with you to prevent you having to pay for treatment.

You Have Been Involved In A Road Accident In Ibiza, What Do You Need To Do?

Following any car accident in Ibiza there are a number of steps you should make to ensure you comply with local rules:

  • Firstly, if it is safe to do so, photograph the car crash while it is in situ.
  • You should move the car to side of the road if possible as you could be fined for obstructing the road.
  • Use hazard warning lights and a warning triangle if you have one.
  • Depending on the severity of the accident or injuries you may need to call the police or ambulance service. Remember to dial 112 and the operator will connect you.
  • Anybody who leaves the car must, by law, where a reflective jacket so, if it is safe to, we’d advise that any passengers remain in the vehicles while the driver’s exchange details.
  • Exchange personal and insurance details with the other driver. If they have a European car accident report form (or similar) then don’t let them pre-fill any of your section and only state facts without admitting liability (more details on accident report forms to follow).

You Have Had An Accident Abroad, Take These Steps

With any type of personal injury sustained in an accident abroad there are a number of things you can do at the time which could help to make your compensation claim easier. You may not feel like spending time gathering evidence, but any claim has a much higher chance of success:

  • Report the accident: This could be to the police, a doctor or building owner who logs it in their accident report book. Any report can then be obtained by your personal injury solicitor to back up your claims that the accident occurred. If you’re involved in an accident on a package holiday in Ibiza, then remember to let your holiday rep know as this will give them the opportunity to help you and it will also mean a log is created.
  • Photograph the scene: Try to capture as much detail as possible such as the position of the injured parties, number plates (in the case of road accident claims), debris and, importantly, the cause of the accident.
  • Gather witness details: Speak with any witnesses and ask them for their name, phone number, address and email address. If possible, ask them to write a brief statement about what they saw.
  • Other evidence: Specifically, if you’re involved in a car accident and your car (or witness vehicles) are fitted with a dashcam then ask your hire company to email you a copy of the video footage as this can make very compelling evidence. Wait for them to send it and confirm you’ve received it before leaving as obtaining it later can prove tricky.

Essentially, gathering evidence at the time of any accident on holiday will give your compensation claim a much higher chance of being successful. Another thing to note would be the exact location as it’s often difficult to remember and pinpoint when you’ve returned home to the UK.

How To Fill In A Car Accident Report In Spain

Most accidents in Ibiza are settled amicably and the police don’t need to complete an investigation. A reason for that is that there is a form (the European Accident Report Form) which both parties fill in and hopefully agree with. If the other driver involved in your accident asks you to fill in the form you should complete your section (don’t let them fill in any part on your behalf). The details you’ll need to provide are:

  • The location details
  • Vehicle details including registration numbers
  • Information about each of the drivers
  • If there are any witnesses present, then their details can be recorded
  • The damage to vehicles that has been caused
  • The extent of any injuries to either drivers, passengers or pedestrians.
  • Insurance policy provider names and policy numbers
  • The cause of the accident
  • Information about the road conditions, weather conditions and speeds involved.

This document, when signed by both parties will be sent to insurers. It is important to not write anything that implies you were at fault or guilty if you believe the other driver caused the accident.

If the other driver refuses to provide any details then write down as much of the above information, photograph the scene and ensure you photograph the number plate of the other vehicle involved.

Whiplash Injury From A Car Accident On Holiday

One of the most common injuries caused by car accidents that personal injury lawyers deal with are whiplash injuries.

Whiplash is caused by a sudden movement of the head in any direction, with force, which usually happens because the rest of the body is restrained by a seat belt.

If you suspect you’ve suffered whiplash you should see a doctor, as claiming compensation is much more difficult without any medical evidence. You might not realise immediately that you have whiplash as it can take up to 12 hours to present itself after a car crash.

The symptoms of whiplash, which can get worse over the following few days, include:

  • Headaches
  • Difficulty moving the head
  • Stiffness and tenderness of the neck and shoulders
  • Bruising

EHIC card holders will be covered to see a doctor for whiplash assessment.

5 Common Types Of Damages Your Overseas Accident Claim Can Include

When you claim for holiday accident compensation there are a number of different elements that your solicitor will assess and may make a claim for:

  • General damages: This is the compensation payment made for the actual injury caused by the accident as well as the pain and suffering. There is a list of defined injuries and compensation ranges. Each injury is defined by its severity and the compensation adjusted accordingly which is why it is important that a solicitor gains enough evidence to prove how bad your injury was.
  • Loss of earnings: If, after you’ve returned to the UK, you have to take time off from work and you lose salary because of it then you can claim for the financial loss to be reimbursed. If your injuries have a long term effect and you require ongoing treatment or even if you have to change jobs because you can’t complete the tasks in your old role then you can also claim for future loss of earnings.
  • Damage to personal property: When your car accident occurs, if any of your personal property was damaged (such as clothing, watches, jewellery, mobile phone or glasses) then you can claim the cost of repairing or replacing them.
  • Travel costs: If you need to travel to and from medical treatment, assessment or therapy then you can claim the cost of travel back. Also, if you have to change your flight ticket because of your accident then this could be included too.
  • Medical costs: Although you may have received free treatment under the EHIC agreement, if you have to pay any prescription costs (both in Ibiza and back in the UK), then the costs can be added to your claim.

As you may be claiming for financial losses, we’d recommend you keep any receipts and give them to your personal injury solicitor so that they can use them as evidence in your claim.

Car Accident In Ibiza Compensation Calculator

Following an injury in Ibiza you may be wondering what amount of compensation you can claim. While it’s difficult to put an exact figure on any claim, without first assessing it, we can show you the table below which lists the ranges of compensation available for some injuries (under the general damages element of a claim):

Injury TypeSeverityInformationCompensation
Hand injuryMinor to severeAll injuries can start with cuts, bruises and other soft tissue injuries, through to breaks and sprains and ultimately to amputation of one of both hands.Up to £54,311
Arm injuryModerate to seriousRange includes cuts, burns and bruising, through to dislocation, nerve and muscle damage, and complete breaks and even the amputation of the arm above or below the elbow.Up to £114,841
Finger injuryMinor to severeThe injuries will range upwards from cuts and lacerations, through dislocation and fractures, to entire amputation of one or more of the fingers.Up to £21,951
Thumb injuryMinor to severeThe injuries can start from cuts and lacerations and move up to dislocation and fractures, to entire amputation.Up to £48,051
Back injuryMinor to severeThe range of injuries can include soft tissue damage including burns, bruising and cuts, damage to the vertebrae, as well as the nerves of muscles of the back and ultimately total paralysis.Up to £141,181
Neck injuryMinor to severeThe injuries will range upwards from soft tissue damage including burns, bruising and cuts, through damage to the vertebrae, as well as the nerves of muscles of the neck, to total paralysis.Up to £130,091
Ankle injuryMinor to severeInjuries including lacerations and burns, through sprains, nerve damage and fractures.Up to £61,151
Foot injuryMinor to very severeThe injuries will range upwards from cuts, bruises and other soft tissue injuries, through fractures and sprains, to the entire amputation of one of both feet.Up to £96,151
Leg injuryMinor to severeThese injuries can begin with cuts, burns and bruising, to dislocation, nerve and muscle damage, and fractures, up to entire amputation of the leg above or below the knee.Up to £119,251

Don’t worry if you can’t see your injury listed as this table is just a sample. Call one of our advisors who’ll be able to advise you once they’ve heard more about your injuries. Every injury claim is unique so the amount of compensation will vary from person to person.

No Win No Fee Ibizan Car Accident Claims

When making a personal injury claim following an accident on holiday in Ibiza some claimants are very worried about the potential costs involved. That’s why we only deal with claims on a no win, no fee basis.

When using no win, no fee solicitors you still get the same level of service that a pay-by-the-hour solicitor provides. Your solicitor will still have to assess your claim, gather evidence, seek medical and legal advice, compile your claim, request compensation and deal with any objections from the other party involved.

The good thing is though that you never actually have to send any money to a no win no fee solicitor. If they don’t win compensation for you then you don’t have to pay them anything for their service. If they do win your case, then they simply retain an agreed percentage of your compensation and then send the rest directly to you.

No win no fee removes the financial barrier from claiming compensation and is the most stress-free way to claim

How Our Holiday Car Accident Claim Specialists Can Help You

Legal Expert have dealt with holiday accident compensation claims for many years. We only deal with personal injury claims and our specialist board of solicitors are all fully trained, professional and friendly. They’re also available to answer any questions during your claim and will only work on a no win no fee basis.

Largest Resorts In Ibiza
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Ibiza Town
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Contacting Us

Now that you’ve read this guide about how to claim for a car accident in Ibiza, we hope you’d like to use Legal Expert to make your claim. If that’s the case, then there are a number of ways you can get in touch with us:

Once you contact us we’ll begin by offering a free initial assessment of your claim and give you an indication of what chance of success we believe your claim has.

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