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My Finger Was Trapped In A Door, Can I Claim Compensation?

By Danielle Jordan. Last Updated 11th September 2023. If you have suffered a finger injury at work, in public or as a child that wasn’t your fault then you may be entitled to claim for compensation for your injury. An injury to your finger, from a finger caught in a door to an amputation, can leave you with life-long pain and it can even affect how well you can use your hand for the rest of your life.

Finger Crush

Injury claim when finger trapped in a door

One of the most common causes of finger injuries is having them trapped or crushed in a door or hinge. Crushing injuries can lead to broken bones, damaged joints and ligaments or potentially cause part or all of the finger to be severed.

Legal Expert can help you begin a no win, no fee finger injury claim so that you can claim monetary compensation if your hand has been damaged in an accident that was not your fault. Compensation can help to fund treatment and cope with any loss of earnings you may have suffered as a result of your injury.

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My Fingers Were Trapped In A Door, Can I Claim?

Having your fingers trapped in a door frame or hinge is a very painful experience. Once the finger has been freed you may have been left with lasting damage to the bones, joints or tendons on your finger and hand. In that case, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Your basis for a compensation claim must be that your accident was either not your fault or could have been prevented. If someone else shut a door on your finger or a door slammed shut on your finger due to the mechanisms keeping it open failing, then they are legally responsible for the injury you sustained. As the accident which caused your injury was not your fault, you have the foundations for a compensation claim for your finger injury.

Steps To Take If Your Fingers Were Trapped In A Door

If you trapped your fingers in a door and would like to claim, you will need to prove that a breach in a duty of care owed to you caused your injury. If duty of care is breached and an injury is caused, this is known as negligence. We look at different scenarios where you could be owed a duty of care later on in this guide.

As part of the claiming process, you must have evidence that shows third party negligence caused your trapped finger in a door and you suffered an injury as a result.

Examples of evidence that could help your claim include:

  • Photographs of the accident scene. For example, you could take a picture of the door that caused the injury.
  • Witness contact information. If anyone saw what happened, you could note their contact details so they can provide a statement later in legal proceedings.
  • Medical records. In addition to these, you might be asked to attend an independent medical exam as part of the claiming process. This can help establish the severity and the expected impact of your injury.
  • Accident footage. For example, you can request CCTV footage of yourself.

Call our advisors if negligence caused you to suffer injuries from a trapped finger. They can give you free advice about what evidence could support your claim.

How Long Do I Have To Make A Finger Injury Claim?

If you are eligible to make a personal injury claim, you must start the legal process within the time limit set out in the Limitation Act 1980. This is generally 3 years from the date that your finger was trapped in a door.

However, in some circumstances, there are exceptions to the time limit. These could apply to:

  • Those under the age of 18 at the time their trapped finger in a door caused an injury. The limitation period is paused until they turn 18, giving them 3 years from the date of their 18th birthday to file a claim, if one was not already made for them. Prior to turning 18, a court-appointed litigation friend can start legal proceedings on their behalf.
  • Those who lack the mental capacity to initiate proceedings themselves. The time limit is suspended unless their recover this capacity. During this time, a litigation friend can file a claim on their behalf. Should the injured party regain this capacity and if a litigation friend did not act for them, they will have 3 years from the date their capacity was regained to claim for their trapped finger.

If you have any questions about the time limit for personal injury claims, please get in touch with one of our advisors.

Fingers Got Trapped In A Door At Work, Could I Claim?

There are two types of claims you could be able to make if you suffered a crushed finger because of a colleague’s actions.

To make an accident at work claim, you would have to prove that your employer failed to provide a practically safe working environment. This is their responsibility under workplace health and safety law such as Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 – they have to take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure a safe working environment or they can be found liable for any injuries they cause.

A trapped finger in a door could be caused by hazards such as:

  • Faulty or broken doors
  • Lack of proper lighting

In cases such as these, where there was a hazard your employer should have addressed, you could be eligible to claim against your employer if a colleague crushed your finger.

If a colleague intentionally crushed your finger, you could be eligible to claim compensation through a criminal injury claim. If either of these situations happened to you, please reach out to one of our advisers to discuss eligibility and how to make a claim for a trapped finger injury.

Could I Claim If A Shop Door Crushed My Fingers?

If you have suffered an injury to your finger following them being caught or crushed in a shop door then you should be entitled to begin a claim for compensation. The shop and owner have a duty to ensure that their doors are safe for use by the public. They should have anti-slam mechanisms to ensure they do not shut unexpectedly and so if one of their doors have slammed shut on your fingers then you have the right to begin a claim for compensation.

All shops should have their own public liability insurance and that insurer will be the one who pays out any compensation you are awarded. Therefore, no matter how big or small the shop or franchise is, you can still make a claim in the knowledge that any compensation you are awarded will be paid out.

Potential Finger Injury Compensation Amounts

In this section, we’ll explain in more detail how finger injury compensation amounts are calculated.

When working out the value of finger injury claims, legal professionals will assess the available evidence and make use of the latest Judicial College Guidelines (JCG). The JCG provides compensation brackets for injuries. The figures provided in the JCG are based on previous successful claims but should not be taken as guaranteed, as every case is different.

In the table below, we’ve included compensation brackets based on the JCG for different injuries affecting the hand. This covers examples involving a finger crush injury or other types of injuries that affect the fingers and/or thumbs.

Injury Description Amount
Amputation – Index, ring, and/or middle fingers The hand will be rendered of little use and the person will suffer with a weak grip. £61,910 to £90,750

Severe Fractures to Fingers Grip impairment and reduced function with the fingers may needing to need partial amputation. Up to £36,740
Less Serious Hand Injury A serious crush injury that impairs the hands function with or without surgery. £14,450 to £29,000
Amputation of Little and Ring Fingers Both the little and ring fingers have been completely amputated. In the region of £21,810
Partial or Total Loss of Index Finger The higher end of the bracket is applicable where the finger has been completely lost. £12,170 to £18,740
Serious Injury to the Thumb Injuries could include partial amputation, a fracture or nerve damage in the thumb. £12,590 to £16,760

Serious Injury to Ring or Middle Fingers Fractures or injury to tendons leading to deformity and stiffness £10,320 to £16,340
Fracture of Index Finger The fracture quickly mends, but impaired grip persists. £9,110 to £12,240

Amputation of Little Finger The little finger has been completely amputated. £8,640 to £12,240
Serious Injury to Little Finger A fracture in the finger that requires surgery and time in plaster. In the region of £6,000

Those eligible to make finger injury claims can seek compensation for one or two types of damages. In successful claims, compensation will include general damages, which is meant to cover you for the physical and/or psychological harm you’ve experienced due to your accident.

You may also be able to claim for special damages. Special damages may be provided to reimburse you for financial expenses/losses that can be directly linked to your accident and injuries. You must be able to prove that any financial losses you claim for were caused by your injuries. Examples may include:

  • The cost of certain medical treatment or therapy
  • Travel costs
  • Loss of earnings
  • Loss of future earnings

You can contact our advisors today if you have any further questions about finger injury compensation amounts.

No Win No Fee Finger Injury Claims

Some people are put off trying to claim compensation for finger injuries as they are unsure of whether or not they have a case and the possibility of being left with a large legal bill should their claim be unsuccessful. The thought of any additional costs on top of costs incurred through their injury and the financial strain of any loss of earnings puts many people off even trying to gain the compensation which is so rightfully theirs.

Claiming compensation on a No Win No Fee basis means that there are no financial elements to worry about. Should your claim be unsuccessful then you won’t have to pay a penny. That’s it. There is nothing to pay if you do not receive any compensation for your accident.

If your claim is successful, then often your solicitor’s legal fees will be recovered from the defendant or from your compensation amount before you receive your final payout. The amount that your solicitor receives is usually agreed upon as a percentage before your claim is submitted so you are fully aware of how your solicitor will be paid.

Essentially this means that you have nothing to lose by submitting a claim for compensation. If you are not successful, then you walk away not out of pocket at all. If you are successful however, you could greatly ease the financial burden the injury has caused you. It’s a win-win situation.

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