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How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Bladder Injury?

How To Make A Bladder Injury Compensation Claim

On this page, you will find a guide full of information and advice on the legal process of making a compensation claim for a bladder injury. This guide is intended to be used as educational material by people who have suffered an injury to the bladder, which was caused by a third-party.

If you would rather not read the whole guide and would prefer simply to get on with starting a compensation claim, then please call Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804 and we will do our best to help you.

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A Guide To Bladder Injury Compensation Claims

bladder injury claims

Bladder injury claims

This guide is intended to be read by people who have, through no fault of their own, suffered an injury to their bladder for which they wish to make a personal injury claim. As long as the claimant is starting their claim with the personal injury claims time limit, which is three years, it should be possible to make a claim. It covers all of the information a person will need to better understand the claims process that their solicitor will be following. It contains information such as:

  • A basic overview and definition of what bladder injuries are, and how they can be caused through accidents or medical negligence.
  • A list of some of the main symptoms that a bladder injury will manifest, and how these are used to diagnose the injury.
  • Information about the legal process of making a compensation claim for a bladder injury that was caused by clinical negligence.
  • Information about the legal process of making a compensation claim for a bladder injury that was the result of a caesarean section.
  • Information about the legal process of making a compensation claim for an accident that has resulted in a ruptured bladder.
  • Information about the legal process of making a compensation claim for a bladder that has become prolapsed.
  • Key data about an employee’s eligibility to claim compensation for a bladder injury that was caused by an accident in the workplace.
  • An overview of other types of accidents and injuries that can either directly or indirectly lead to an injured bladder.
  • A list of the main types of damages that a claim for a bladder injury could include. This covers both special and general damages.
  • A table containing details of historic compensation payments for bladder related injuries.
  • Full disclosure of the No Win No Fee claims service that Legal Expert offers to all residents of the UK, as well as an argument intended to support our opinion that this is the most effective way to make a bladder injury claim.

Once you have read and understood the contents of this guide, you might find that you need some additional information. If you do, then please call Legal Expert on the telephone number that you will find at the end of this guide.

What Are Bladder Injuries?

bladder injury statistics

Bladder injury statistics

As can be seen from the graph above, serious bladder conditions such as bladder cancer, are incredibly dangerous. The bladder is a very important organ. If your bladder is damaged in an accident that was not your fault, or it was damaged by a medical professional through some kind of clinical negligence, then making personal injury claims may be possible.

When it comes to accidents that can cause damage to the bladder, there are two main ways that damage is commonly caused. These are; blunt trauma, such as a heavy blow, for example, caused by a car accident and penetrating wounds, for example, being stabbed.

How much damage the bladder receives will depend on factors such as just how forceful the accident was, and how full the bladder was at the time of the accident.

If your bladder was injured in an accident that was not your fault, call Legal Expert today on the telephone number down at the bottom of this guide.

Bladder Injury Symptoms

There are several symptoms of a damaged bladder, that if are encountered in concert, could indicate that you have a serious medical problem. These symptoms include:

  • Very heavy bleeding from the urinal tract.
  • Severe and crippling pain in the pelvic region.
  • Extreme pain when passing water.
  • A measurable loss of body fluids.
  • Problems with water retention and the ability to urinate.
  • A thick, bloody discharge or blood in the urine.
  • General pain in the area of the lower stomach.

If you have suffered a damaged bladder with symptoms such as these, a personal injury lawyer may be able to help you claim compensation. Legal Expert is such a lawyer, contact us on the telephone number that can be found and the bottom of this guide, so we can help you start a claim.

Bladder Injuries Caused By Medical Negligence

Clinical negligence is a common cause of compensation claims that personal injury solicitor deal with regularly. Every medical professional is required to meet a duty of care to every patient. This means that they must never do anything that would harm the patient through accident, mistake, oversight or omission. When they do, and the patient is harmed, a reason to make a compensation claim will exist.

A Bladder Injury Clinical Negligence Case Study

A man was being operated on, and the surgeon in charge of the procedure failed to move the bladder out of harm’s way. This resulted in the surgeon accidentally cutting through the wall of the bladder. To further exacerbate the problem, the bladder was subsequently stapled to the inside of the stomach while the surgeon was stitching the wounds. This led to the patient suffering serious urinary problems, which although not severe, were permanent. Following a successful compensation claim, the patient received a damages settlement for the clinical negligence.

If you have suffered at the hands of a medical professional, and your bladder was injured, then Legal Expert can help you claim damages. Call us on the telephone number that is located at the bottom of this guide to learn how.

Bladder Injuries After A Cesarean Section

Another form of bladder injury that is the result of clinical negligence, is a bladder injury after c section. If you are a woman who underwent a botched caesarean section resulting in a bladder injury, then you should be able to make a bladder injury claim.

The process of performing a c section is usually quite safe. However, it does involve pushing the bladder downwards, to make room for the baby to be removed from the mother’s womb. In some cases, the pressure put on the bladder when it is pushed down into the pelvic cavity can damage it.

If you suffered a bladder injury due to a badly carried out c section, then you should contact Legal Expert on the telephone number down at the bottom of this guide, so that we can explain how we can help you claim damages for the clinical negligence.

Ruptured Bladder Compensation Claims

When it comes to bladder problems compensation claim statistics show that blunt trauma and penetrating accidents are the most common cause of bladder damage.

Blunt trauma is the more common of the two causes, primarily because they are often encountered in even low-speed road traffic accidents. When a person is involved in a car crash, the blunt trauma to the pelvis or lower abdomen can very easily damage the bladder.

If you have been involved in an accident such as a car or motorcycle crash, and the resulting blunt trauma damaged your bladder, then as long as the accident was not your fault, Legal Expert should be able to help you claim. Call us on the telephone number at the bottom of this guide to find out how.

Prolapsed Bladder Compensation Claims

One of the more common reasons that women need to make bladder injury compensation claims, is due to a prolapsed bladder. Again, this is a childbirth injury most usually. It is caused by stretched or strained pelvic floor muscles. This means the bladder is no longer supported properly, and it can shift downwards, pressing onto the vagina, causing in mild cases nothing more than a bulge, but in serious cases, severe pain and problems passing water.

If you have bladder injury symptoms related to strained or stretched pelvic floor muscles after childbirth, it could be that the medical staff who managed the birth made a mistake, injuring your pelvic floor muscles. In this case, if you can Legal Expert on the telephone number at the bottom of this guide, we can help you make a claim for damages.

Bladder Accidents At Work

Every UK company is required to comply fully with all Health & Safety regulations that apply to their main operations. For example, a construction firm must follow all of the H&S guideless for the construction industry.

Furthermore, there are a number of global regulations that every company has to adhere too, with regards to keeping the workplace safe for employees. When a company fails in its obligation to meet these H&S standards, and it leads to an accident injuring an employee, then a damages claim can be made.

In some industries such as construction, engineering, mining, manufacturing and other heavy injuries, blunt trauma accidents are a risk. As we have seen in previous sections of this guide, blunt trauma to the abdomen or pelvic region is a cause of bladder damage.

You will find a general indication of personal injury compensation levels in a section further down this page, and these amounts apply to workplace injuries as well. Legal Expert is experienced in helping employees to claim damages from their employer due to accidents in the workplace. Contact us at the telephone number found at the bottom of this guide to find out how we can help you.

Spinal And Other Back Injuries Leading To Bladder Problems

Serious spinal cord injuries can have additional complications, such as an injured bladder. An examination of spinal injury compensation payouts in the UK, shows that there are two main bladder injuries that often accompany a spinal injury. These are; a) a contractile bladder, the result of a lesion damage, which results in a leaking bladder and b) a reflex bladder, which can lead to a person losing control of their urinary function. Similarly, an examination of back injury compensation payouts UK statistics shows that serious lower lumber injuries can also cause these two types of bladder damage.

Other injuries that can cause damage to the bladder are; penetrative injuries in the pelvic region, such as being stabbed, and blunt trauma to the pelvic bone, severe enough to break the bone and force it into the bladder.

No matter what type of injury has led to your bladder being damaged, Legal Expert should be able to help you claim compensation. Use the telephone number in the last section of this guide to contact us.

What Can My Bladder Damage Claim Include?

If you have been affected by a bladder injury or some other medical condition such as bladder cancer, or if you have suffered clinical negligence, such as your bladder being damaged by a badly fitted urinary catheter, then you may be able to make a damages claim if it can be proven a third party caused the injury. There are a number of standard types of damages that a settlement is commonly made up of, including:

  • Special damages – all of the pain and suffering of the initial injury and any ongoing negative health effects:
    • Immediate pain and suffering – if an accident caused the bladder injury, then you can claim to the pain and suffering of the accident, and also the treatment of your injury.
    • Mental anguish – that was caused by either the actual accident or during the initial treatment of the injury.
    • Psychological damage – this would cover longer-lasting problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder or depression that arose due to the injury.
    • Disabilities and permanent damage – for all long-term effects of the injury that will have a negative effect on a person’s life.
  • General damages – all of the financial and other losses that are the result of the physical injury:
    • Loss of income – this will cover the loss of current earnings if you have had to miss time off work due to the injury, and it will also cover any effect that your injury will have on your ability to work in the future.
    • Travel costs – to pay you for any out of pocket expenses to get to the hospital, or for outpatient treatment, and also for travel related to the compensation claim itself.
    • Medical fees – everything from out of pocket experiences such as prescription charges, all the way through to specialised private medical care.
    • Loss of life quality – if your life will be negatively affected either for the long-term or permanently, then you can claim damages for this.
    • If you would like to find out exactly the types of damages that your own claim could consist of, all you need to do it call Legal Expert using the telephone number at the bottom of this guide.

Bladder Injury Compensation Claims Calculator

On this page, we have not provided any time of automated multiple injury compensation calculator. These are gimmicks used by less reputable sites to give claimants an inflated idea of how much they might be able to claim in compensation. Instead, we have published this table below, which is based on factual amounts of compensation paid to people with a bladder injury.

BladderSevereComplete loss of function of the bowel, as well as loss of control of urinary function, with ongoing suffering and additional complications.Up to £161,520
BladderSeriousComplete loss of function of the bowel, as well as loss of control of the urinary function.Up to £123,310
BladderModerateSome loss of function of the bowel, combined with some level of incontinence and possibly permanent pain.£56,100 to £70,090
BladderMinorFor injuries that have, after some time, healed fully but will leave the person in danger of bowel problems in the future.£20,530 to £27,450

Instead of using an online personal injury claims calculator, you can use the telephone number in the last section of this guide to contact Legal Expert and get a much more accurate estimate of the damages you might be able to claim.

No Win No Fee Bladder Damage Claims

If you need to make a claim for an injured bladder, you could finance the legal proceedings yourself. If you do this, and you lose your claim, you will be out of pocket to the tune of your total legal fees and costs. Legal Expert has a much better option. We offer all residents of the UK access to our No Win No Fee claims service.

Under this agreement, we don’t ask you to pay a single penny to begin your claim. No matter if it takes months or even years to make your claim, we won’t ask for any fees. If, however unlikely we believe it to be, we actually fail to make a successful claim on your behalf, then you pay us a big fat zero.

However, if we do win your claim for you, and you receive a compensation payment, we would then expect you to pay our fees. This makes our claims service an entirely risk-free way to make a claim, you really cannot lose out by using it.

How We Can Help With Bladder Injury Claims

Legal Expert can answer all of your questions regarding your bladder injury claim, questions such as how much injury compensation amounts UK do solicitors usually claim for victims of a bladder injury?

We always keep our clients’ needs at the top of our list, as we know that without our clients, we don’t have a business. We always do everything we can to make sure we win you the most damages we can, and we do this without ever risking your claim.

We have thousands of satisfied customers, call us at the number below so that we can begin the process of turning you into one also.

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Are you ready to make a claim for damages after a bladder injury? If you are, please contact Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804 at the first chance you have, so that we can help you begin to make your claim as soon as possible.

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