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£249,000 Compensation For A Broken Pelvis

At Legal Expert, we work with a panel of specialist no win no fee solicitors across the country who work hard to deliver high-quality legal services to claimants in personal injury cases, such as securing compensation for a broken pelvis. No matter the nature or severity of your injury, if you have been injured, contracted an illness or had a condition made worse as a result of an accident broken pelviswhich was not your fault, talk to our specialist team today and start making your personal injury claim.

In this case study, we are looking at an example of compensation for a broken pelvis. The claimant was a female passenger in a car accident. The claim was made against the driver of the car she was a passenger in. Solicitors alleged that the defendant was responsible for the high-speed car accident, and thus the claimants’ broken pelvis injury. The case was settled at London’s High Court and the claimant was awarded a total of £249,000 in compensation.

At Legal Expert the specialist legal solicitors who make up our panel of expert have helped people across the country to recover the damages they are owed in cases such as this broken pelvis car accident compensation claim. To learn more about how this case progressed, read below.

Pelvis Fracture Injuries

The claimant, in this case, suffered what is called a ‘comminuted fracture’ of the pelvis. A comminuted fracture is a type of bone break or splintering of the bone. They are considered to be more serious than hairline pelvic fracture or other similar breaks. The broken bone (a pelvis fracture in this case) is fractured into several fragments. Typically comminuted fractures are caused by high-speed impacts, such as those caused by car accidents.

The pelvis is made up of several separate bones which form a ring at hip level. When a person has a fractured or broken pelvis, the injury could be to any one of these bones. Some pelvis fracture injuries can involve breaks or fracture in several of the pelvic bones at once. These can be very serious and could result in the bones slipping out of line with each other. The severity of a broken pelvis injury depends on how many and which bones were broken. In the most serious of cases, a pelvis fracture can even be life-threatening. You can read more about broken pelvis injuries in this broken pelvis NHS guide.

As well as the broken pelvis, the claimant also suffered a fracture to the upper part of her thigh bone and part of the pubic bone. At the time of the accident, the claimant ran a pharmacy and her day-to-day activities involved long periods of standing which she was not able to do after the accident. In addition to the pelvic fracture and other injuries indicated, the claimant also sustained a knee injury which prevented her from standing for long periods of time.

After sustaining the pelvis fracture, the claimant took the decision to sell her business as it would not have been financially worthwhile employing additional staff to cover the duties that she had performed. Subsequently, the claimant was not able to find work which paid as well as her pharmacy had.

How Did The Case Progress?

In this case, the defendants’ insurers admitted the driver’s liability for the accident. However, they did dispute the cause of the broken pelvis injury as well as the amount of broken pelvis compensation which the claimant was owed. As such, the case had to progress to the High Court to resolve the dispute between the parties.

The Settlement

Initially, the two parties did enter into negotiation to try and reach a settlement out of court. However, these negotiations broke down and in order to recover the broken pelvis car accident compensation the claimant ordered her solicitors to take the case to court. The claim eventually reaches the court four years after the car accident.

As well as claiming general damages for the injury, including pain and suffering as well as loss of amenity, the compensation claim also included special damages. These were for income the claimant had lost, claiming for the difference between the claimants previous and new income. The case reached the High Court and the judge awarded the claimant a total of £30,000 in general damages for the injuries sustained and their results. The rest of the award, raising it to a total of £249,000 was awarded in special damages, partly covering lost income.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims

Legal Expert works with a panel of highly professional specialist no win no fee solicitors across the country, helping people with injuries, such as a broken pelvis, to get the damages they deserve. We specialise in recovering compensation for people who were involved in an accident which was not their fault. No win no fee is a special type of contract sometimes called a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), which is often used by personal injury solicitors. The CFA will set out the services the solicitor will provide to the claimant as well as information on how the fees and charges will work. It should specify that the claimant won’t have to pay any fees or costs at the outset of the claim and that they are not liable for any costs if the claim is not successful. It will also set out how the solicitor will be paid if compensation is awarded. Typically, the agreement will set out that the solicitor will be paid a percentage of the total award, up to 25% of the final award.

Across the country, the solicitors we work with have helped people to secure the compensation they deserve in cases similar to this case study. Offering a no win no fee service, we have been able to help those who may not ordinarily be able to access solicitors services. To start your no win no fee claim, talk to Legal Expert today.

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Begin your broken pelvis compensation claim today and get the compensation and damages that you could be owed by speaking to the experts at Legal Expert. We have helped people up and down the country to recover the compensation they were owed.

Legal Expert works hard to make sure that we provide our clients with all the information and advice that they need to make informed legal choices throughout their case. Our panel of specialist legal solicitors have decades of experience in securing damages for clients. You can find out more about how to make a successful claim by calling us today on 0800 073 8804 or by sending us an email at You can also contact us by using the online chat feature on our website.

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