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How Much Compensation For A Finger Amputation Following An Accident?

By Marianne Pynch. Last Updated 25th March 2022. Losing a finger is something we rarely think about, but the effects of losing just one small digit can have far-reaching effects on what we can do, especially if it is our dominant hand that is affected. If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault and suffered a finger amputation, whether through the accident itself or because the finger was so badly damaged it was medically necessary to amputate, you may be wondering how much is a finger worth in compensation?

In this guide, we’ll explain what a finger amputation is and how it may happen. We’ll also advise on how you may be able to claim if you have a finger amputated due to an accident that wasn’t your fault. For advice and potential support in making a claim for a finger injury (which potentially led to amputation), you can contact the Legal Expert advisors today. You can reach us online through our contact form or 24/7 live chat service. Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 073 8804

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A Guide to Finger Amputation Injury Claims

Finger amputation can be devastating. For those who have previously had a full range of movement and all digits, it can be hard to get used to this loss of part of your body. Losing any part of your body in an accident can have long-lasting effects on how you go about your day to day activities, as well as on your psyche.

If you have suffered a finger amputation following an accident that is not your fault, you will no doubt be struggling to get to grips with this. Aside from the pain the injury has caused you, you may also be struggling financially due to loss of income from the time you have had to take off work due to your injuries. If this is the case, then you may well be interested in reading this guide, which takes you through all the information you need to know about finger amputation compensation, how it is calculated and how much you could potentially receive by making a No Win No Fee compensation claim through our service.

What Is a Finger Amputation?

Simply put, a finger amputation involves the severing of a finger or thumb. This usually happens as a result of trauma to the area, often in a car accident or an accident at work, often involving machinery. Depending on the trauma to the area, the finger or thumb may be instantly severed, or there may be an infection that requires medical amputation if the thumb or finger cannot heal or can not be saved.

Finger amputation

Finger amputation claims guide

Amputations of any part of the body can have a severe impact on your ability to carry out your usual day to day tasks, and a finger or thumb amputation is no different. You may no longer be able to carry out your usual job and may have to look for something that does not require the same level of dexterity. In severe cases, you may be unable to work at all whether for a specific period of time, or at all in the future.

It is not only the physical symptoms of an amputation that can have an effect on a person. You may also suffer mental health problems as a result of the trauma you have experienced as well as the physical pain and loss of dexterity. These psychological effects can warrant further medical intervention and more time away from the workplace, leading to a loss in salary.

Amputation of a finger or thumb can, therefore, severely affect your finances, both immediately after the injury and well into the future. However, there is something you can do in an attempt to redress the balance. You can, if an accident causing amputation is not your fault, make a claim for compensation for your injuries and the financial loss you’ve suffered as a result.

Does losing a finger make you an amputee?

According to the NHS guide on amputation, an amputation is the surgical removal of some part of the body.

If your finger is cut off, either surgically or traumatically, you could be an amputee.

Is losing a finger a disability?

According to the Equality Act 2010, a disability is some form of mental or physical impairment that has caused long-term and significant negative effects on daily life and activities.

If your finger amputation or thumb amputation has led to long term effects on your quality of life, it could be considered a disability.

What To Do If You Are Involved In An Accident Causing Finger Amputation

If you are involved in an accident that has caused the amputation of your finger, you may be wondering what it is best to do. Whether you are thinking of making a finger amputation claim, or simply want to ensure you have any evidence you may need to prove what has happened in the future, it is a good idea to ensure you do the following:

Note down the events that led to the accident – Often, as time goes on after an accident, memories tend to fade a little, and what has seemed crystal clear initially may become a little blurred later on. It is therefore important to note down the events that led to your finger amputation should your memory fail you if you come to recount them later on.

Take photographs where possible – Photographic evidence can become pivotal in some cases, although it is not always necessary. The best thing would be to record in photographs your injury, and the scene of the accident.

Keep receipts of any costs you’ve incurred – If you have had to pay out of pocket for medical bills, prescription costs, or even travel to get to medical appointments, it is good to keep documentary proof of this.

Witness details – Speak to anyone who has witnessed the accident and ask them for their details, including their phone number, full name and address. They may be able to provide a statement that will help to confirm the events that occurred.

Driver details – If your finger has been amputated as a result of a road accident, then you need to get the details of the driver, including their car make, model and registration. If the vehicle involved was a commercial one, then the company details may prove useful too.

If you require any more clarification on steps you should take after an accident involving a finger amputation, then we will be happy to assist you. Simply call our team and we will take you through the necessary details.

How To Begin a Finger Amputation Injury Claim

Generally, you have 3 years from the date of your finger amputation to make a claim for compensation. However, many people prefer to do this shortly after the accident. It is not difficult to begin your claim; all you have to do is call our team and we will take it from there. The process usually goes as follows:

  1. One of our advisors will take you through a no-obligation consultation, taking down all the details of the accident, and asking questions to find out all the facts we need to know. We will also, at this point, give you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have, such as how much is a finger worth in compensation, or how long is the fingertip amputation healing process likely to take. You will not have to pay for this consultation at this point, as we work on a No Win No Fee basis, which we will explain fully to you before you sign our agreement.
  2. Once the agreement is signed, it is likely that we will send you for a local medical. A medical professional will fully assess your injuries, whether it is partial finger amputation compensation or finger amputation compensation you’re looking for and determine your prognosis, taking down any other relevant medical information.
  3. We will match you with one of our professional solicitors, depending on which one we feel has the most experience of dealing with cases similar to yours. Whilst no two cases are exactly alike, a solicitor with experience in the same type of cases will be best placed to secure you the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.

If, during any part of this process you have any questions about your case, how it is progressing, or whether you need to do anything else, we will be happy to give you the answers you need.

Claiming For a Minor For a Finger Amputation

Sadly, children are also subject to amputations in some cases, especially when it comes to car accidents. If your child, or a child you are responsible for, is injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, then it may be possible for you to make a claim on their behalf.

To claim loss of finger compensation on the behalf of a minor, a litigation friend is needed. this can be any court-approved adult that can be trusted to make decisions in the child’s best interests.

If you choose not to make a claim at this time, the law currently states that a child may pursue a claim up to three years after they turn 18. Therefore, a child currently has until their twenty-first birthday to submit a claim should you not wish to do so right now.

Finger Amputation Accident at Work Claims

Whether you have trapped your hand or finger in machinery that was not properly maintained, or did not have the correct protective equipment, or whether you have slipped and fallen on loose wiring at work, leading to your finger amputation, this will likely lead to some loss of income, or perhaps mean you having to leave your current role, making you financially worse off.

If you have lost a finger or your thumb as a result of an accident at work, then you may not be aware that, should your employer be found to be negligent in their duty of care to you, you could make a claim for finger cut off at work compensation against them. It is even possible to claim lost tip of finger compensation.

Most businesses have insurance that covers the compensation, so you do not have to worry about negatively affecting your employers finances. You are also protected from being treated differently because of your claim. Your employer cannot discriminate against you or treat you differently than they did before your accident by law.

If you need more clarification about your rights at work to seek compensation from an employer for a finger injury at work, we will be happy to talk you through this.

Finger Amputation Road Traffic Accident Claims

Finger amputation and cases of seeking partial finger amputation compensation are possible following road accidents. Any collision runs the risk of trauma to parts of the body, and, as extremities, the fingers are at risk of harm during an accident. Whether someone has trapped your finger in the car door, or a collision has caused the amputation of your finger, if it is not your fault, then you may have cause to make a claim.

Finger Amputation Slip, Trip or Fall Claims

Finger amputations caused by slips trips or falls often happen when a person has fallen on something sharp. Whether this is the case, or the reason your slip, trip or fall has caused your amputation or cut off end of finger injury is more complex, we will be able to assess your case and offer you advice on what to do next.

Our advice comes with years of experience behind it, and you are not obligated to act upon it should you feel you are not ready to do so. Alternatively, if you are ready to start a claim, we will be happy to take you through the steps necessary to begin your claim. Remember, we work on a No Win No Fee basis, so you will not be required to pay anything upfront to start your claim.

What Can Be Claimed For After An Accident Causing a Finger Amputation?

Finger amputation compensation can be complex, and no two cases are identical. However, there are a number of different types of damages that can be claimed in most finger amputation compensation cases:

  • General Damages – This part of the claim is meant to compensate you for your injuries themselves and the suffering and pain they have caused you.
  • Special Damages, which may include:
  • Care Claims – If you have required assistance with day to day tasks during the recovery process, the person who has provided this assistance can submit a claim for care costs.
  • Travel/Medical Expenses – Whatever costs you have incurred in terms of travel to appointments after your accident, prescription costs or counselling bills, you may be able to claim back as part of your compensation case.
  • Loss of Earnings – You may have had to take time off work because of your accident and injuries, and it may be that you are unable to return. A loss of earnings award is calculated based on your current salary, prospects for a return to work and your future earning potential.

There are also other costs that could be claimed back as part of special damages. For example, you could be eligible to claim for future financial losses such as continued loss of earnings whilst you recover.

If you are not sure whether certain costs can be recovered as part of your claim, we will be happy to clarify this for you if you want to give us a call.

The Most Common Types of Finger Amputation Accidents

The most common types of finger amputation accidents happen when people are injured at work as a result of machinery issues. Road accidents can also often cause trauma to extremities, leading to road users and passengers losing a finger. Slips, trips and falls also carry a risk of finger injury, but there are other cases that may also lead to this type of injury, including violent crime.

Whatever incident has caused your amputation, if someone else is at fault, there is a good chance you will be able to make amputated finger claims. Simply call us to talk through your options, and we will offer simple, free, effective advice on what to do next.

How Much Compensation Will I Get After An Accident Causing a Finger Amputation?

Whilst compensation claims for amputated fingers can seem fairly straightforward, in reality, they can differ wildly in terms of how much hand injury compensation amounts you are likely to receive.

Whether you have lost a finger on your dominant hand, or are looking for partial finger amputation compensation, whether you are able to continue with the same job you did before the injury, how much of an effect the injury has had on your mental state – these are all factors that affect the amount of compensation that is likely to be awarded to you.

How much is a finger worth in compensation?

There are no specific set amounts for how much a finger could be worth in compensation. What we can do, however, is show some compensation brackets that are based on compensation payouts handed out in past finger injury claims. This could provide at least some insight, whether you are still embroiled in the finger amputation recovery process, or whether you are already healed.

The compensation brackets for different kinds of finger injuries are shown in the table just below. It is essential to remember that these are not a guarantee of any specific award amount, since every claim is assessed on its own merits. The brackets are based on figures found in the Judicial College Guidelines, and solicitors may use these guidelines when to help calculate the value of your own injuries. If you require any clarification on this, or any other matter pertaining to fingertip injury classification, or your claim, we will happy to assist should you call us to ask.

Finger(I)£11,420 to £17,590The total and partial loss of the index finger.
Finger(L)£3,710 to £7,390Loss of the ring or middle fingers or the teminal phalanx.
Finger(M)£8,110 to £11,490Amputation of the little finger.
Finger(N)£3,710 to £5,500Loss of part of the little finger. The remaining tip may be sensitive.
Finger(O)In the region of £20,480Amputation of the little fingers and ring fingers.
Finger(P)In the region of £23,460Amputation of the terminal phalanges of the middle and index fingers.
Thumb(Q)£33,330 to £51,460The loss of the thumb.

No Win No Fee Finger Injury Claims

We know how traumatic a finger amputation can be, and we will not seek to pursue any claims we do not feel have a good chance of success – after all, that would be putting you through a pointless exercise and wasting your time. However, should a case we felt would be successful, for some reason come to an unsatisfactory conclusion, and you are not awarded compensation, we will not seek to recover legal fees from you.

No Win No Fee means we will strive to work as hard as we can to gain you the maximum amount of finger amputation compensation for you, and you will not be expected to pay legal fees should your case not be won. This means there is no risk to you from pursuing a claim as you will not have to pay a penny in legal fees should your case not result in compensation.

Why Choose Us As Your Claims Service For a Finger Injury Claim?

We believe in putting our clients first, as many of our previous clients will testify. You will always be at the forefront of everything we do, and we will ensure that you are well-informed and looked after at every stage of the claims process. We don’t want you to have to be put out by making a claim, which is why we will strive to arrange a medical local to you, in order that you should not be inconvenienced more than you need be in the claims process. We will also ensure that we carefully listen to everything you tell us. Our attention to detail whilst pursuing compensation claims puts us in the position of being able to leverage every bit of information in order to prove your claim.

We also are happy to have some of the best solicitors to handle your claim. These hard working, consummate processionals take their duty extremely seriously, and will do all that they can to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Call For Free Advice and to Start a Claim

Whether you require free, no-obligation advice on what to do after you’ve suffered a finger amputation, including what to do if the accident happened at work or on the road, how long a severed fingertip healing process is likely to take, or simply want to begin a claim, just call 0800 073 8804 and one of our highly-trained members of staff will tell you what you need to know. Even if you’re not ready to start a claim yet, and simply want more information about your eligibility, we will be happy to answer your query without obligation to use our service.

If you do want to start a claim, however, then a simple phone call to us is all it takes to get started. Whatever the reason for your call, we promise to treat you with compassion and be transparent with the information we offer you.

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For more advice on making a full or partial finger amputation compensation claim, you can contact our advisors by phone or online.

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