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£5,900 Compensation for a Broken Finger

broken finger If you have been harmed in an accident that was not your fault, contact the personal injury specialists at Legal Expert now on our free phone number to see if you can make a personal injury compensation claim. Whether you suffered from signs of a broken finger, a broken bone, or any other injury, we could help you claim the compensation you are legally entitled to. Have you suffered a broken finger as a result of an accident that was not your fault and which was caused by someone else’s negligence? If you can prove that your injury was caused by negligent actions on the part of another party, you are legally entitled to make a claim for personal injury compensation. This could be compensation for a broken finger at work or in a public place such as a shop or restaurant.

In this personal injury case study, we are going to look at a case that happened in 2014, when a claimant was awarded £5,900 for a broken finger in a pub. Mr. A, a 64-year-old man suffered a broken finger when he was in a pub. He was drinking coffee in the said pub operated by the defendant. He pulled his chair inwards towards the table and found his little finger became caught between the seat and the chair frame.

What Injuries Were Sustained in this Case?

After the accident took place, Mr. A was suffering from many common broken finger symptoms. He attended hospital for X rays and treatment. He was diagnosed as having a fracture of the distal phalanx. As a result, Mr. A was absent from work for one week. He also had to undergo four physiotherapy sessions and regular hospital visits to change his dressing as part of his treatment. The claimant also had to undergo surgery to correct the damage to his fingernail and nail bed.

How long did the broken little finger take to heal?

After seven weeks most of the signs of a broken finger seemed to have disappeared, except for a tingling and stiffness in his fingertip. 15 months after the accident, the finger was completely healed.

What Did The Broken Finger Compensation Settlement Include?

Mr. A made a claim for compensation against the owners of the pub where his broken little finger injury took place. The allegation stated that the pub owners failed in their duty of care towards Mr. A, their customer. The negligence and failure to keep Mr. A safe on the premises were identified as the unsafe design of the chair as well as poor maintenance. Neither of these fulfilled required regulations, breaching their statutory duty under the Occupiers’ Liability Act of 1957, which applies to owners of public houses.

How Was This Broken Finger Case Concluded?

The owners of the pub admitted liability. Instead of proceeding to court, Mr. A accepted personal injury compensation in an out of court settlement. How much is a broken finger worth in compensation? Mr. A was awarded £5,900 in compensation. the bulk of the damages were awarded for “pain, suffering, and loss of amenity”. These are commonly called general damages. A further special damages award was made for “expenses and loss of income”.

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims

Legal Expert can match you with a personal injury solicitor, who offers a no win no fee service, formally known as a Conditional Fee Arrangement (CFA). This type of service means that you will not have to pay any upfront solicitor’s fees or charges. Instead, you will only pay your solicitor’s costs if your claim for personal injury compensation is successful. If your case is not successful, you won’t face any legal costs or expenses removing any potential financial risk that you may otherwise have faced.

If you were involved in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence that left you with a broken finger, broken little finger, or signs of a broken finger, you could be entitled to make a no win no fee compensation claim. Call Legal Expert today to find out more about how to make a No Win No Fee compensation claim.

To Claim Compensation for a Broken Finger, Contact Legal Expert Today

We are Legal Expert, a trusted legal advisor. We work with some of the best Personal Injury Solicitors in the country, some of which have over 30 years’ experience. We will match you with a personal injury solicitor with the right expertise to win your case, at no extra cost to you. If you have experienced a broken finger in the workplace, you can claim compensation for a broken finger at work, if you can prove that the accident was due to negligent actions on the part of your employer. If you experienced an accident in a public place, like a shop or restaurant, then you can claim compensation for a broken finger, or broken little finger, if you are able to prove that the accident where you suffered your injury, was due to negligence on the part of the establishment.

How much compensation is a broken finger worth? It really depends on the circumstances and severity of your injury. But there are many examples of claimants being paid hundreds or even in some cases thousands of pounds in damages. Call Legal Expert today on 0800 073 8804 to speak to a friendly advisor, who can determine whether or not you have a valid case and how much you could potentially be paid.

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