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County Durham Personal Injury Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims

County Durham personal injury-solicitors

County Durham personal injury-solicitors

If you’re here looking for County Durham personal injury solicitors because you’ve been involved in an accident, then look no further. Legal Expert are specialist personal injury solicitors that can deal with any type of accident claim so long as it was caused by somebody else’s negligence.

When considering making a compensation claim it’s important that you get a high quality injury lawyer to help with your claim. This guide will show you how to choose the right solicitor, what types of claims can be made and how to make use of our no win no fee service.

How our solicitors can help you claim compensation

You may feel quite nervous about making a personal injury claim especially if it’s against your current employer, but you shouldn’t worry as, due to the expanse of supporting legislation, claimants are protected and there are systems in place which are there to support you making a claim.

Legal Expert can help to make your claim and team of solicitors are experts in personal injury legislation who can help to identify if somebody else was to blame for your injuries.

We’ve been offering advice on the claims for many years and know what is required to make a successful claim.

Do I have a compensation claim?

There are a number of things that have to be proven to win a claim for an accident in County Durham which are:

  • That the person you are claiming against (the defendant) had a duty of care to you.
  • That the duty of care was somehow breached by the defendant (or their staff).
  • That, because of the breach, you were injured or became ill.

We advise that you begin your claim as soon as possible so that your solicitor or lawyer has as much time as possible to gather and collate evidence to support your claim. The longer your solicitor has available to them then the better their chances of success.

How to find the right solicitor for your claim

Choosing the right solicitor is essential and could mean the difference between winning or losing your case (or affect the amount of compensation you actually receive).

A competent personal injury solicitor will advise you of what legal action should be taken (and what shouldn’t be done), will know the best legal and medical experts to use to support your claim and will be able to offer advice to you, even with complex and difficult cases.

Legal Expert have a panel of experienced personal injury solicitors who have been involved in compensation claims for many years. They know what is required, and what isn’t, to make a successful claim for damages.

Personal injury solicitor reviews

Many solicitors will provide examples of reviews from previous clients and these can be essential reading when choosing the correct solicitor for your claim. There are things you can look for that may be relevant to your claim and can be good indicators of a solicitor’s ability to win cases, such as:

  • How many reviews are positive and enthusiastic about the solicitor?
  • How many cases has the solicitor won recently?
  • Are the clients happy with the compensation amounts they received?
  • Do the solicitors tend to win larger amounts that other solicitors?

It is always worth noting any individual names of particular solicitors that have dealt with cases similar to yours or who often receive high praise from their clients.

All of these can be used to assess the quality of the potential solicitor. Some of our reviews can be read here.

Your solicitor can be based anywhere

Just because you’ve had an accident in County Durham doesn’t mean that the solicitor who makes your claim needs to be based there. A UK solicitor will communicate with clients over the phone, postal service and emails which means the location of the office is irrelevant to the claim process.

That said, to avoid our clients from having to travel excessively, we’ll always arrange any medical assessments or appointments in the County Durham area.

What compensation claims can our personal injury solicitors can help you make

The next few sections will show the common types of injuries and accidents that personal injury solicitors deal with regularly. Legal Expert can deal with any type of claim from the most severe and complex injuries to more minor, but still painful, accidents. The common injuries that are claimed for include:

Advice about industrial disease claims

Industrial illnesses or diseases can be hidden from claimants for many years and slowly get worse. You may not find out about them until visiting a doctor many years after the root cause began.

Some industrial illnesses that we deal with include: Acoustic shock, Mesothelioma, Repetitive strain injury (RSI), Industrial asthma and Vibration white finger.

To be eligible to make a compensation claim against your employer for these illnesses it would need to be proven that the employer was negligent in some way, for instance: if they didn’t provide adequate training, adequate equipment or if they failed to make changes when a concern was highlighted to them.

Advice about medical negligence claims

Medical negligence occurs when you become injured or an illness is made worse when attending a GP surgery, hospital, dentist or undergoing surgery. Medical negligence can be claimed when undergoing medical or cosmetic surgery.

Causes of medical negligence can include:

  • Misdiagnosis of an illness or condition.
  • Incorrect prescribing of medicines.
  • Delayed referral to specialist or for an operation.
  • Delayed response to test results.
  • Surgical negligence.

All of these can be reasons to make a claim against the County Durham and Darlington NHS foundation trust (in the case of claims against an NHS establishment). We have written a more thorough guide to medical negligence which can be found here.

Medical negligence claims can be particularly complex and can take time to resolve so it is always worth beginning your claim as soon as possible. If you are unsure if you’ve got a valid claim for medical negligence then please call our team today for an assessment of your case.

Accident at work claims in County Durham

If you’ve been injured while at your workplace (or elsewhere but completing work tasks), then your employer may be liable for your injuries if it can be shown that they’ve breached their duty of care to you.

Under the Health and Safety at Work act there are requirements for an employer to ensure the safety of their staff while at work and expectations that they provide adequate training for any tasks, proper safety equipment and a general safe working environment.

If you believe your employer could’ve prevented your accident at work in County Durham, then please get in touch with one of our team.

Advice about slip and fall claims

Slips and falls are one of the most common type of personal injury case because they can happen in just about any scenario. The key thing, when claiming for a slip or fall, is that the accident must’ve been preventable and caused by someone else’s negligence.

There are a number of things that could be proven to be negligent and the cause of a fall including: Uneven or damaged flooring (potholes, broken kerbs, damaged paving slabs etc), slippery or wet floors with no warning signs and invisible trip hazards due to poor or broken lighting.

Our panel of experts can seek personal injury compensation for a slip or fall on your behalf so, if you believe your accident was caused by somebody else, please get in touch today.

Advice about serious injury claims

Defining how serious an accident is can be tricky because it may impact different people in a number of ways but essentially anything which is said to be life-changing can be deemed serious.

If a claimant has to make changes to the way they live their life or has to give up doing a job they’re skilled to do then this could also be a serious personal injury claim.

Injuries that can lead to a serious designation include paralysis, brain damage and amputations.

County Durham road traffic accident claims

Road traffic accidents in County Durham can lead to compensation claims when somebody else was to blame. If you’ve been involved in a car crash or collision where somebody else caused the accident and you were driving, a passenger or a pedestrian then we can help with a claim on your behalf against the driver’s insurance company.

This page details what is being done to reduce road traffic accidents in the County Durham area.

How many people have suffered a serious or fatal injury in County Durham

Under health and safety reporting regulations all local authorities have to report serious accidents and fatalities. The table below shows these statistics for the County Durham area for the past 3 years:


What are no win no fee or contingency fee agreements

No win no fee claims are a safe way of claiming compensation and you do not have to stump up any cash to begin the case.

A no win no fee solicitor will usually start with a free consultation where they’ll ask questions of the client to determine what happened in the case, what injuries were sustained and determine if somebody else was to blame.

Following this they’ll prepare a no win no fee agreement, check the case is sound legally and then begin gathering evidence to support the claim.

When the claim has been prepared, they’ll send it to the defendant explaining how much compensation the injuries are worth and why they believe the defendant is to blame.

When the defendant, or their solicitor, replies the solicitor will liaise with their client and recommend the next course of action: to accept an offer, reject it, ask for more compensation or to take the matter to court (which is very rare in our experience).

Finally, the solicitor will make a payment to their client after deducting their agreed fee from the compensation payment.

Make a claim with our 100% no win no fee service

The beauty of a no win no fee agreement, for the client, is that if the solicitor is unsuccessful and doesn’t receive any compensation then they don’t have to make any payment for the solicitor’s services.

If compensation is awarded the solicitor simply retains their agreed percentage (success fee) and sends the rest to the client to compensate them for their injuries.

Many clients wouldn’t be able to make a claim if the no win no fee process wasn’t available due to the hourly rate that some solicitors charge. No win no fee takes away the risk of ending up with a legal bill even if you don’t win compensation.

This guide gives full details of how no win no fee works.

What else might I need to know before making a claim?

We understand that you may still not be ready to begin your claim today and still require further information. If that’s the case, then don’t worry as this website has plenty of useful guides which may have more specific information about the type of injury you sustained in County Durham.

If you still need advice, then please call our team of specialists (contact details are below) who can offer you advice about what steps you should take next to prepare for making your claim.

Contact our team now

Now that you’ve finished reading this guide and you know about our no win no fee service, then hopefully you’re ready to begin your claim today. If so, there are a number of ways to get in touch with us:

  • Telephone: Give our team a call on 0800 073 8804 today.
  • Email: Send a message to
  • Online: Fill in this online form with the details of your accident and we’ll call you back at a time that’s convenient for you.
  • Live Chat: Our advisors are available from any page of our website.

Whichever method you choose our panel of experts will be able to offer advice and begin your claim with a free consultation where we can gather information from you about how your accident happened.

Resources for claimants in this area

If you’ve had an accident in County Durham then, as well as making contact with us at Legal Expert, you may need to contact these organisations as well (police, courts and hospitals). We’ve listed their contact details for you:

Local Police Station
Durham City Police Station
New Elvet

Local Crown Court
Durham County Court
Green Lane
Old Elvet
Tel: 0191 375 1840

Local Hospital
University Hospital of North Durham
North Road
County Durham
Tel:0191 333 2333

Here are some more guides from our site which may be relevant to your specific injury or accident:

Personal Injury Claims – a detailed, step by step, guide which explains exactly how the claims process works.

Slipping on wet floor claims – a guide that shows how much compensation you may receive when slipping on wet floors.

Whiplash claims – our guide that shows the injuries and amount of compensation involved in whiplash claims.

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