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By Stephen Frost. Last Updated 8th September 2021. Welcome to our guide on East Kilbride personal injury solicitors. We are a leading personal injury law firm when it comes to retrieving compensation for accidents on the road, in the workplace, on public footpaths, on private premises and more. If you’ve been injured in any way whatsoever and it wasn’t your fault and you’re in the East Kilbride area – give our personal injury solicitors a call today. We will offer you the very best legal representation you can find.

Quality Personal Injury Client Service For East Kilbride

We do our utmost to remove all the complications and confusing elements of personal injury claims so that you can understand all the information surrounding your specific case.

We provide comprehensive consultations and top quality legal advice completely free of charge, with all our staff trained to provide the very best in customer service.

We have been operating in the personal claims industry for several years, and boast a team of superb solicitors all capable of supporting you or any family member who has fallen victim to an accident – regardless of how it might have occurred.

We pride ourselves on putting the client first and offering a tailored service that caters specifically for each individual client. There is simply no other legal firm quite like us, as we strive to make the personal injury claims process a straightforward one at every single turn.

Personal Injury Claims East Kilbride

Our local team of East Kilbride personal injury solicitors are capable of covering a wide variety of claim types. If you do not happen to see your case in the list below, feel free to give us a call and explain what happened during your accident. If we believe your injuries were caused by another party, there is a strong chance that we will be able to claim back financial compensation for you – no matter how the injuries were sustained.

Some of the types of claims we have previously claimed money for include:

Time limits for starting a personal injury claim

Do you intend to look into the possibility of starting a claim with the help of East Kilbride personal injury solicitors? If so, we recommend you take action to get proceedings underway as soon as you can. That’s because there’s normally a time limit applied to starting a personal injury claim following an accident.

Under the Limitation Act 1980, the standard time limit for starting a claim is three years from when your accident took place. If circumstances mean that your injuries could not be immediately identified, then the starting point for the time limit may be the day your injuries were diagnosed. This day is sometimes referred to as the ‘date of knowledge’.

The time limit for starting personal injury claims can be put on hold in certain scenarios. For instance, if the injured party is a child, then the time limit will not start until the day they reach their 18th birthday, when they become old enough to start a claim on their own behalf. Also, if an injured party lacks the mental capacity to make decisions independently, then the time limit for starting a claim will remain frozen for as long as this factor applies. In either scenario, a claim could potentially be started on the injured party’s behalf by a representative called a litigation friend.

A No Win No Fee Service – Putting The Client First

We offer a No Win No Fee personal claims service for most cases. We assess and evaluate each individual claim on its own merits in order to determine whether there is an argument for a financial compensation settlement.

Once you’ve got in touch and we’ve discussed what happened during your accident, we will inform you whether we believe you have a case. If you do and you agree for us to represent you from this point onwards, the claim remains in our hands and we will take care of everything – from the paperwork to the negotiations – allowing you to continue with your life as normal and giving you the opportunity to recover from any injuries that you may have sustained as a result of the accident.

Making A East Kilbride Personal Injury Claim

Making a claim with us couldn’t be easier. Once we have established the full facts surrounding Personal injury East Kilbrideyour accident in East Kilbride or elsewhere and determined that you have a viable claim, we will proceed to write a claims letter to the party who we believe is responsible for causing your injuries. This could be a driver who has crashed into your vehicle, an employer who has failed to supply safe work equipment for you to use on the job, or an organisation who has behaved in negligent manner by failing to provide secure footing on private premises. We will also contact a series of medical professionals to fully determine the extent of your injuries.

In most cases, the defendant will have three months to respond to our letter, although in the majority of circumstances they will reply long before the final deadline. If the defendant admits liability for causing the accident, we will proceed to discuss with them an appropriate compensation amount. If they deny responsibility or any wrongdoing, the matter could be taken to court, where our professional solicitors for East Kilbride will eloquently argue your case in the presence of a judge. Court settlements are rare, but we are prepared for their eventuality and will offer you the very best legal representation in the event they should occur.

Making An Offer

Once we have examined your personal injury claim, we’ll be able to provide you with an estimate of the amount of compensation you’re likely to receive. This may vary if the nature of the case changes in any way, but our East Kilbride personal injury solicitors are very experienced in this field and know the kind of fees you can expect to receive for specific types of accidents.

Taking Action Against an Employer

Many people who have suffered an injury at work feel uneasy about making a claim against their employer as they feel it may place their job in jeopardy or force their employer to look at them in a bad light. Rest assured that you cannot experience any fallout from making a claim following an accident in the workplace.

The law forbids organisations from discriminating against employees who have launched a personal injury claim against them for injuries they have suffered on site. It is your right to claim back money for any injuries you might have received if your employer has behaved in a negligent manner, and you should never feel concerned or apprehensive about making a claim.

Types of damages you could claim for

Through personal injury claims, there are potentially two kinds of damages which you may be able to receive compensation for. They include the following:

General Damages

Compensation for general damages is designed to cover you for physical and psychological harm which you’ve experienced due to negligence caused by another party. There are many different types of injuries which you could potentially seek compensation for under general damages. Which injuries you have and how severe they are deemed to be will play a large part in deciding how much money you could receive in general damages.

It’s tricky for legal experts to determine how much you could receive in general damages without knowing the specific details of your case. However, any solicitors supporting your claim may use the Judicial College guidelines to help them determine the value of your injuries.

Special Damages

If it proves possible for you to claim compensation for general damages, then you may be able to gain extra compensation for ‘special damages’. Compensation of this nature is provided to cover you for financial losses which have been directly caused by the accident and subsequent injuries which are the focus of your case. For instance, your accident and injuries may have caused you to lose earnings from work because you’ve had to take unpaid time off. Through your claim, you may be compensated for this loss of earnings under special damages.

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You shouldn’t have to cope with your injuries all alone. You deserve the kind of compensation that is able to get you back on your feet and begin your life once again. Contact us today and we can help to put things right by getting you the compensation and justice you are entitled to and deserve.

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