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Chippenham Personal Injury Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims

By Stephen Frost. Last Updated 15th September 2021. Choosing a Chippenham personal injury solicitor or indeed one that covers Chippenham via Legal Expert’s panel of professional No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors on 0800 073 8804 can be your first step onto a winning path that leads you to the destination of winning a successful compensation claim.

Personal Injury compensation specialist solicitors are solicitors who specialise in winning compensation for clients who have been unfortunate to suffer a personal injury usually in one of the following scenarios:-

You really do have nothing to lose when you are undertaking this journey with a No Win No Fee agreement in place. This is where your personal injury solicitor takes the monetary hit should your claim not go in your favour meaning there is absolutely no personal risk to your finances. Chippenham personal injury solicitors and those that cover the area at Legal Expert are driven to win your personal injury claim as it’s a win for them too.

Whether you are located in Chippenham or another part of the UK you can speak to a No Win No Fee personal injury specialist at Legal Expert who will be able to confirm what are probably your most pressing question – is No Win No Fee really free and how do No Win No Fee solicitors work?! Well firstly – yes it is! No Win No Fee is free to you personally because not only do Chippenham covering personal injury solicitors take the financial risk on your behalf. And secondly – the solicitors work by being paid (if your claim is successful) directly from the compensation awarded. Absolutely nothing has to be paid up front by you or comes personally out of your own pocket if you win your claim.

What are the benefits of using a personal injury solicitor?

Making a decision to begin this journey can be a confusing time with many clients mistakenly believing that it will be a long and stressful process with obstacles, delays and frustrations BUT if you have the right solicitor by your side to guide and advise you through the legal framework; making a compensation claim can be a surprisingly simple process.

Chippenham personal injury solicitors

Chippenham personal injury solicitors

The process begins therefore with your personal injury solicitor confirming the eligibility of your case. In most instances this can be done in the space of a simple phone call to Legal Expert so if you are wondering whether you have a personal injury case, are looking for road traffic accident claims solicitors or in need of medical negligence advice then although you can spend time looking for personal injury solicitor reviews; it really is quicker, easier and simpler to pick up the phone and speak direct to a personal injury lawyer on our panel. Legal Expert will be proud to offer you the best personal injury lawyer panel who can advise you on the eligibility of your claim and begin to discuss the compensation figure your individual personal injury claim could hope to achieve.

With regard to compensation, you may be awarded 2 types of compensation which can be referred to as general damages and special damages. General damages relate to the compensation awarded specifically to the injury or work sickness such as pain, suffering and potential loss of future earnings. Special damages refer to actual financial loss that has been incurred by the accident/work sickness up to the point of the court hearing. Legal Expert will be able to advise you on the types of damage you are eligible to claim.

How the Legal Expert team can help you

The legal system supports those who have suffered a personal injury that was not their fault. Over 3 million accidents happen every year and many of these meet the legislation requirements for personal injury claims.

There are many Chippenham personal injury solicitors amongst the personal injury compensation specialist solicitors within the UK but quality standards can vary greatly. You will want a solicitor who offers best working practices and is experienced enough to know how to fight your corner in the most efficient way possible. For example; not many clients realise that a substantial amount of claims are settled without even going to court. Whether it’s a personal injury case due to a car crash claim, medical malpractice or clinical negligence etc often a settlement is reached between a Legal Expert personal injury lawyer and the defendant and this will obviously cut down on stress, time and money. Such negotiation requires not only experience but also honest and forthright communication and the ability to respect a client’s individual needs as well as knowing what can be realistically achieved within current legislation. A personal injury solicitor at Legal Expert has the experience to be able to take all these factors into account to direct your No Win No Fee claim through to a successful outcome.

Legal Expert is a company of experienced and professional No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors that cover any location within the UK.

As explained earlier the first step is to verify the eligibility of your claim. It is well worth giving Legal Expert a call even if your personal injury or work sickness happened years ago and this is because the law supports a 3 year window of claims made from diagnosis which can be a substantially more recent time than when the injury or sickness took place. If you have received a medical diagnosis within the last 3 years then please call us to speak to a No Win No Fee compensation specialist to discuss the eligibility of your claim.

Am I eligible to make a compensation claim?

As described; this is the first step of your injury claim journey.

In order to achieve a successful outcome to your claim; your Legal Expert solicitor must be able to determine:-

  • That you were owed a duty to care for your health/wellbeing by the Defendant of the claim
  • That they did not live up to this
  • That this failure caused your injury/injuries or work sickness

Legal Expert advises clients to begin the claim process as soon as possible in order for your solicitor to begin gathering evidence at the earliest opportunity in order to support your claim.

One of the main reasons for this is the fact that there is usually a time limit in place for starting a personal injury claim. Under the Limitation Act 1980, the standard time limit for starting a claim is three years from when your accident took place. This time limit may be put on hold (at least temporarily), but only when the injured party is under the age of 18 or lacks the mental capacity to make decisions independently.

Do I need to use a personal injury solicitor to make a claim?

Many people may be initially tempted to use a personal injury compensation calculator online to try to calculate the potential award of their claim but this is a generic service and can only approximate what your compensation claim may be. The best way to proceed is to have your questions answered by Legal Expert who will discuss the specifics of your individual claim in order to provide you with much more accurate information and ballpark figures. This is because there could be additional factors that could decrease or increase your financial award such as the severity of your injuries/work sickness, time spent off work, future prospects etc.

There is no comparison for talking to Legal Expert and your initial phone call to us can take less time than using the kind of calculator talked about above. Please be reassured that the panel of solicitors we use are regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) so that you know you are in safe, professional hands from the very outset of your claim. They work within the framework of legislation set down by this governing body and combine this with best working practices and high service standards to offer you a consistent personal service from the very first telephone conversation through to the successful outcome of your claim.

Reading reviews helps to find the best solicitor for your

You can read personal injury solicitor reviews online or receive various recommendations from family and friends but you also need to do a little of your own homework on factors such as legal fees etc that may not be covered within these recommendations. Many clients are guilty as charged for forgetting that the fee charged by their solicitor can quite dramatically reduce the amount of the final compensation award they will achieve! Financial fees are therefore an important factor in your choice of best personal injury lawyer.

The discrepancy in fees charged by other solicitors is perhaps best illustrated by the example below:-

Legal Expert’s panel solicitors are proud to offer a transparent fee structure so you will know exactly where you stand and there will be no nasty surprises after your claim is settled!

Your solicitor can be based anywhere across the country

You can choose any solicitor you wish to represent your claim. Your solicitor with Legal Expert is not dependent on your location as we are a firm that provides full UK coverage. A medical examination is the only part of the claim process that would need to be carried out locally to you. This can be arranged with no problem by Legal Expert’s panel lawyers as they work with medical experts across the whole of the UK for your convenience.

What personal injury solicitors can Legal Expert help you with?

In short, any personal injury claim can be dealt with via our service. We can provide solicitors dealing with all types of personal injury cases, but here are a few of the most common that we deal with.

Make an industrial disease claim

We act as Industrial disease claim assistance for those who have been newly diagnosed or diagnosed within the last 3 years even if they are suffering the effect of working conditions that took place outside of this timescale. Many people are aware of claims being made for conditions relating to asbestos exposure and hand-arm vibration damage but Legal Expert can discuss any Industrial disease/work related sickness including but not limited to such things as respiratory and skin conditions, allergic conditions and hearing damage.

Personal injury and medical negligence claims

Legal Expert can offer medical negligence advice if your claim relates to a breach of duty of care in a medical or clinical setting such as a dentist, osteopath clinic etc. We understand that harm caused by the medical profession is extremely distressing when you have entrusted them with your personal care and wellbeing whilst feeling at your most vulnerable. Your personal claim may involve harm caused by a surgical operation or it may have been caused by your own GP in the form of a wrong diagnosis or inappropriate prescription that has led to injury or a worsening of your condition.

Workplace accident compensation claims

Unfortunately, workplace accidents happen in Chippenham as they do all over the UK. If you have been unfortunate to suffer a workplace accident then injuries received vary from minor cuts and bruises to severe burns, fractures and blood loss and even loss of life. Severe injuries can have repercussions that last for years beyond the accident and have far reaching effects into life areas such as family, finances, employment etc. It is important to seek professional advice via Legal Expert to help you claim the compensation you are entitled to.

Workplace accident and injury statistics for Chippenham

Work accidents in Wiltshire Local Authority (RIDAGGR)2011/122012/132013/14
Not Referenced989174
To do with Electricity452
To do with Machinery293015
Toxic/Harmful Substances1384
Height fall/s624863
To do with animal/s232122
Manual carrying and lifting222140141
Fall or slip on a level207173144
Claimant hit by vehicle on the move11714
Object striking claimant744160
Becoming trapped213

Make a trip & fall compensation claim

Slip and falls happen all the time in the street due to potholes etc, in public areas such as restaurants and swimming pools etc causing personal injuries and inconvenience that are often eligible to be compensated by those at fault. Legal Expert can advise you regarding your slip or fall claim to help win you the maximum amount of compensation.

Make a serious injury compensation claim

The court understands that serious injuries can have a life altering impact upon those who have been unlucky enough to have received them. Serious injuries are usually defined as injuries that necessitated in patient treatment at a hospital although the amount of financial compensation will depend more often on the impact these injuries have had on the victim and their family. Legal Expert can advise and represent your claim in order to achieve the maximum compensation for you to make life easier and achieve closure after a very difficult and distressing time.

Chippenham road traffic accident claims

Unfortunately, road traffic accidents happen in the Chippenham area as they do all over the UK leaving innocent victims with injuries ranging from mild whiplash to life altering injuries including loss of limbs. Legal Expert along with the courts believe that people should be compensated for such injuries so please give our panel of solicitors a call if you are looking for advice on a road traffic accident claim as we can help you achieve the compensation you deserve.

Road traffic accident deaths and injuries in Wiltshire

For insight into how often road traffic deaths and injuries occur across the UK, we can look to statistics which are regularly published by the Department for Transport (DfT). In their provisional results report for 2020, the DfT made numerous findings including the following:

  • There were 115,333 road casualties in total recorded on UK roads in 2020. This figure includes all different levels of severity used by the DfT when recording road casualties – fatalities, killed or seriously injured (KSI), serious and slight.
  • The total number of road casualties for 2020 represents a 25% decrease when compared to 2019.
  • Out of all the road casualties reported on UK roads during 2020, 1,472 of them were reported as road deaths. 23,486 of the casualties are categorised as killed or seriously injured.
  • 22,014 of the road casualties were recorded as serious. 91,847 were marked down as slight road casualties.

No Win No Fee accident claims explained

Legal Expert offers you the opportunity to be represented by experts to win you the maximum compensation at No Win No Fee. We will be able to confirm the eligibility of your claim, confirm there will be no upfront fees to pay and confirm that any legal fees will only be deducted from the compensation awarded if your claim is successful.

How does our 100% No Win No Fee claims service work?

As explained above this type of claim really is free! You will only have to pay legal fees IF your claim is successful and only out of your awarded compensation so there is no financial risk to you. Please contact a representative of our team for more information.

How will my compensation claim progress?

Legal Expert provides information online or over the telephone concerning all parts of the claim process. It is important that you have all of the relevant information needed so that you can decide whether to proceed with your claim. Legal Expert will provide this information by answering every question you have as well as answering those you may not have even thought of!

Contact our team now

Nothing beats speaking to a Legal Expert team member about your claim today. You can ring 0800 073 8804 and talk to one of our team or request a call back at a time that is convenient for you.

Useful local services additional resources

In addition to contacting a personal injury solicitor you may wish to also contact the following organisations in the event of a road traffic accident or personal injury:-

Local Police Station

Monkton Park,



SN15 1ER

Tel: 101


Local Crown Court

Salisbury Law Courts
Wilton Road

Local Hospital

Rowden Hill,



SN15 2AJ

Tel; 01249 447100


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