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Holland Hotel Accident Claims Guide – How much compensation can i claim for a personal injury? – How To Claim In The Netherlands Guide

Hotel accident claims Holland

Hotel accident claims Holland

This guide will explain what to do if you become ill or are injured while staying in a hotel in Holland and what you need to do if you’re considering a personal injury claim as there are a number of things you can do, while still in Holland, to make claiming easier.

The guide is specifically for hotel accidents and illnesses, if you’ve had any other type of injury while in the Netherlands then take a look this separate guide.

If you’d like to begin a claim for your accident in Holland today, then please call Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804 but if you’d like to know more first then carry on reading and we’ll cover the types of accidents you may be involved in, how to claim using our no win no fee service and what you should if a hotel accident abroad should happen.

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A Guide To Claims For Hotel Accidents In Holland And The Netherlands

Britons have always loved visiting the Netherlands and in 2017 over 2.2 million of us made the relatively short trip by either flying or driving themselves and using the ferry or Eurotunnel. Holland is a very safe country for tourists in general but when accidents happen in hotels it can ruin the holiday for all of your party and can lead to hotel accident claims in Holland which can mean compensation for any injuries that were caused by somebody else.

The types of injuries and illnesses that might happen (and that this guide will cover) include: Food poisoning; Slips, trips and falls; Lifts and escalator accidents; Bed bug bites; Swimming pool illnesses; Burns and scalds and; Assault by another guest.

For any of these types of claims, or others not listed, Legal Expert can help you to make a hotel personal injury claim using our no win no fee service. This guide will provide you with all of the information you’ll need if you’re injured or become ill while staying in a hotel in Holland.

When and Who Can Make Compensation Claim Against Hotels In Holland?

When you stay at a hotel, the management, staff and any employees all have a duty of care to guests to prevent them from being injured or becoming ill. Hotel accident claims in the Netherlands can be made when any accident is the fault of hotel staff because they will have breached their duty of care.

The compensation claim will either be made against the hotel owners if you booked the hotel independently or against your package holiday provider if you booked the hotel as part of a holiday package (including your flights, hotels and other parts of the holiday). You can find out more about package holiday claims at this guide. Either way Legal Expert can help with the claim.

If you’re not sure if the hotel, or package holiday provider, has breached their duty of care when you’ve been injured then call one of our advisors who can listen to your side of the story and advise you on the best cause of action. It’s natural not to want to blame others for your injury but mistakes can happen and the hotel will have insurance to cover the costs of any claims, you won’t ever be claiming against an individual member of staff.

Holland Or Netherlands Hotel Slip And Fall Compensation Claims

Slips, trips or falls can often lead to some of the most painful injuries and hotel accident claims in Holland can often be made if the fall was due to staff negligence. A slip or fall is one of the most common types of hotel accidents and could happen anywhere in the hotel but particularly around a pool, in the lobby or in the room itself.

Reasons why a fall could be blamed on hotel staff include uneven flooring (due to damaged carpet, floor tiles or stairs), slippery floors where no warning signs have been used and also trip hazards that aren’t visible due to poor lighting.

The hotel should be aware of any problems and take action to prevent them causing accidents by either repairing the issue or ensuring the area becomes ‘out of bounds’ to highlight the risk to customers.

Food Poisoning At A Hotel In The Netherlands

Hotels have the same responsibility to guests as a restaurant has in regards to food hygiene. They need to ensure that food is stored, prepared, cooked or reheated correctly and have procedures in place to prevent guests from becoming ill.

The types of illness that can occur are: E. Coli, Noro Virus and Salmonella and it is possible for some of these to spread through the hotel because hygiene procedures are not in place.

Food poisoning can ruin your trip for a couple of days or the whole holiday and beyond, it can even lead to a delay in returning to the UK as you’re unable to travel.

Assault Or Damage To Your Personal Property At A Hotel

You may think that hotel accident claims in Holland can’t be made if your injury was caused by a member of staff assaulting you but, in fact, you can. Under no circumstance should a member of staff become violent with you or try to intimidate you in anyway.

Netherlands Hotel Bed Bug Bite Compensation Claims

Bedbugs aren’t something you’d normally worry about when travelling to the Netherlands and they are extremely rare but if hygiene standards aren’t properly maintained then an outbreak can happen and can lead to bites which can lead to further irritating conditions. Hotel accident claims in Holland can then be made against the hotel for not ensuring the room was cleaned properly prior to your stay.

Can I Claim For Escalator Or Lift Accidents?

Most hotels, in line with disability requirements, now have lifts to make getting around the hotel easier and some even have escalators. In general, there are no problems with using either of these forms of movement around the hotel but if a lift breaks down and you become trapped for any amount of time then you could seek compensation via a personal injury solicitor.

If you’ve had a fall when entering or exiting a lift, or because it has jolted while in motion, then, it may be possible to pursue a claim against the hotel if there is something they could’ve done to prevent the accident.

Hotel Swimming Pool Accident And Sickness Claims

A hotel pool area is a common place for an injury or illness to occur and can happen anywhere from the changing area, the pool itself, the poolside area, Jacuzzi’s and saunas. If you are injured because an area was excessively wet and no warning signs were used (such as in the changing room), or you cut yourself on damaged equipment or tiles you can pursue a personal injury claim. If you become ill due to a water borne illness due to the pool not being cleaned correctly then you can make a claim because such illnesses may have been preventable. If you are injured in anyway or become ill due to the negligence of another while at a hotel you may be able to claim.

Burns From Radiators, Showers, Or Food And Drinks

Another type of claim that can usually be prevented is burns or scalding injuries. These should be easy to prevent but can lead to hotel accident claims in Holland.

The types of claims can include:

  • Hot food or drink being spilled on to guests by hotel staff.
  • Food or drink being served too hot without any warning.
  • Radiators that have been set too high or are overheating because of a fault.
  • Scalds from showers or baths because the water temperature has been set too high.

Always seek instant medical treatment for any burns or scalds, as the sooner they are treated the better the outcome will be. Legal Expert can help with any personal injury claim sustained in a hotel in the Netherlands due to scalding or burning.

Accident In Your Hotel Room

Your hotel room should be the place to relax and recuperate at the end of each day, but claims can happen if you’re injured because of damaged furniture which can cause to falls or cuts (and lacerations), faulty fittings like railings on the balcony and also electric shock caused by poorly maintained equipment in your room.

All furniture, equipment, fixtures and fittings in hotels should all have been checked regularly and maintained or replaced to prevent injuries to guests. If this is not the case then let your rep know or report any accidents to the hotel staff.

If you’ve been injured in your hotel room because something was faulty, then you should consider lodging a personal injury claim against the hotel or package holiday operator (as they should ensure the hotel is adequate and work with hotel to identify any problems).

Netherlands Hotel Sickness And Illness Claims

If you become injured while on holiday there are a number of things you should do which can help when making hotel accident claims in Holland. The types of things you can do are:

  • Seek medical treatment where needed: By visiting a medical professional (doctor’s surgery, medical centre or hospital) you’ll ensure your injury is diagnosed correctly and treatment can be provided immediately. Also, Legal Expert can obtain copies of your medical records to use as evidence of the extent of your injury or illness.
  • Report the accident: You should report the accident to the hotel and also to your package holiday rep (if you have one) as they may be able to help resolve the issue quickly. If reporting to the Hotel ask them to log the accident in whatever reporting system they use and ask for a copy of the report if possible.
  • Photograph the scene of your accident: Try to capture the scene and include what you believe was the cause, i.e. if the floor was wet which caused you to slip but there were no warning signs then try to capture that in your photograph.
  • Get witness statements: Ask anybody who witnessed your accident for their contact details and, if possible, ask them to write a statement of what they saw while it’s still fresh in their mind.

As you can see, any evidence that you can gather at the time of the accident can really help when you return to the UK and begin your claim against the hotel or tour operator.

Hotel Accident Claim Time Limits In The Netherlands

As with all personal injury claims there are strict time limits on claims made against a hotel in the Netherlands.

The time normally begins from when you have the accident but can be later if you didn’t realise straight away that you’d become injured during the accident. The table below outlines the types of claims you can make and how long you have to do so.

Type of personal injury claimTime limit
An accident in a hotel in Holland booked through a UK package holiday3 years
An independently booked hotel in Holland accident5 years (can vary largely)
On a flight, that you booked yourself, to or from:

- Amsterdam Airport
- Einhoven Airport
- Rotterdam, The Hague airport
- Flamingo airport
2 years (can vary)

All time limits may vary.

If you’re not sure which type of claim you need to make then please get in touch and one of our personal injury solicitors will advise you which is the right claim for your case.

How Hotel Accident Claims Are Put Together

The team at Legal Expert put together compensation claims based on evidence, as you saw in a previous section, and that will include a number of medical reports (from abroad and doctors in the UK), witness statements, your statement and other relevant information that we can gather.

The types of things that you can claim for as part of hotel accident claims in the Netherlands include:

  • General damages: This is a term used to describe the compensation that you can receive for the pain and suffering caused by your accident. In general, the more painful or the more devastating the accident or the higher the impact on your life, the higher the payout amount can be.
  • Medical expenses: If you incur any medical costs while receiving treatment for your injuries then these can be claimed back. If you’re charged by the doctor or medical provider while abroad then this can be claimed back as can the costs of any medicines. Furthermore, when you’ve returned to the UK, if you require further treatment or therapy of any kind then the costs of this can be claimed back including the cost of travel and parking.
  • Travel costs: If you have to return to the UK early or your return is delayed because you’re too ill to travel then your likely to have to purchase a new flight ticket or train ticket in which case you can ask for the costs to be reimbursed.
  • Loss of earnings: If after you have returned to the UK you are unable to return to work immediately or require time off of work for treatment then you can claim loss of earnings from the hotel or tour operator. In extreme circumstances, if your injury is so severe that you are unable to continue working or have to change to a different type of work then you can make a claim for future loss of earnings.

As you’ll see in the next section, every injury is unique and incurs different costs depending on the severity of the injury. We know the way to put a claim together to ensure all of your losses are covered and claimed for as part of your personal injury claim.

How Much Can You Claim After Being Injured In A Hotel In The Netherlands

In our many years of experience, we have learnt that no two claims are the same and therefore it’s not possible to give you an exact prediction of what your claim is worth until we’ve been through our free consultation. However, we have got a table below which shows the range of payments different injuries can be awarded under the general damages section as mentioned above:

Injury TypeCompensation range More details
Neck injuries£2,700 to £12,000
Minor to severe injuries causing permanent damage

Nose £1,300 to £18,440Minor fracture to very severe causing permanent disfigurement
Knee injury£11,820 to £55,590Minor to very severe injuries causing permanent damage
Wrist injury £5,920 to £47,720Minor injuries to very severe resulting in permanent damage
Shoulder injury£6,290 to £38,280Minor injuries to very severe resulting in permanent damage
Elbow injury£12,480 to £48,080Minor injuries to very severe resulting in permanent damage
Arm injury£5,280 to £104,370Minor injuries to very severe resulting in permanent damage
Head injuries£1,500 to £275,000Minor injuries to very severe resulting in permanent damage
Back injuriesA few hundred pounds to £141,150Less severe injuries where recovery is achieved within 3 months to extremely severe injuries that result in damage to the spine
Loss of earnings£5,500 to £550,000
Care claimAmount awarded depends on the level of care needed

If your injury or illness is not listed, then don’t worry as there are so many different types that it’d be impossible to list them all. When you contact us, we’ll gather all of the information from you regarding your injury and work out what to claim for on your behalf.

No Win No Fee Holland Hotel Accident Claims

Our no win, no fee service is the easiest and most risk-free way to begin a compensation claim as it means that if we are unsuccessful you don’t pay a thing and if we do win, you’ll already know how much we will charge for our service (as a percentage of your compensation amount).

Some solicitors still charge their clients by the hour and even make them pay if they lose the case which, clients tell us, is very stressful and can leave them with a huge legal bill which is why we choose to offer no win no fee (also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement or CFA) for all cases we take on.

We start by offering a free consultation to understand your injuries and how they were sustained and then, if we agree that the accident was caused by negligence, we’ll provide you with a CFA agreement which will state exactly what percent you’ll pay if we win and, of course, state that if we don’t win then you don’t pay us anything at all.

We believe this is completely fair and risk-free and means you can begin your claim with no financial outlay and be relaxed while the claim is proceeding.

How We Help People Claim Compensation For Accidents At Hotels In Holland

Our team are a dedicated group of professional personal injury solicitors with many years’ experience between them. We have worked on multitudes of personal injury claims and have a vast array of knowledge surrounding what is needed, and what isn’t, when making a successful claim against hotels or package holiday providers.

We always try to get the amount of compensation you deserve and put a strong portfolio of evidence forward for every case we deal with. If you receive an offer from the hotel then we’ll always advise if we believe it is fair and should be accepted or not. In our experience, 99% of claims are resolved out of court but we will always consider court if we believe the offer we’ve received on your behalf isn’t fair.

Our team are professional and friendly and will work at a pace that suits you, don’t talk in legal jargon and are all based in the UK and they’re ready to talk to you today.

Speak to our team today

Hopefully, now you’ve read this guide on hotel accident claims in Holland you’re ready to begin your claim today. If so, there are a number of ways to get in touch with the Legal Expert team:

By telephone: 0800 073 8804

By email:

By live chat: available on any page of our website.

Or Online: Use this simple online claim form.

If you have any questions at all, no matter how small, then please make contact with our professional and friendly team who’ll be able to answer any questions you may have.

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