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£70,000 Compensation For Broken Femur And Other Injuries

broken femurAt Legal Expert the panel of specialist legal solicitors we work with have helped people from across the country to secure the personal injury compensation they are entitled to on a ‘no win no fee’ basis for a variety of injury types, such as compensation for a broken femur. The solicitors we work with have a wealth of experience, some even decades worth, of helping people to claim the compensation they are entitled to.

In this personal injury case study, we are looking at a broken femur claim made by a motorcyclist. The claimant was riding their motorbike at the time of the accident when they were struck by another vehicle at speed from the side. As a direct result, the claimant suffered several different injuries, including a broken femur bone. The claimant was also left in hospital unconscious for several days after the initial accident. The injuries sustained in this case affected the claimants quality of life and their ability to work in the future.

Legal Expert have helped people who have suffered from broken femur injuries to claim the compensation they deserve. To learn more about this case study, read below.

What Injuries Did The Claimant Sustain?

In this case we are looking at a broken femur injury sustained by the claimant who was seeking compensation for a broken femur as a result of being struck by a car on the motorway. The claimants broken femur injury was quite severe. The claimant was riding a motorbike on a motorway slip road entrance. A driver on the motorway quickly swerved across three lanes of traffic in an attempt to exit the motorway. As they pulled across the slip road, the car struck the motorbike at speed. The claimant was left with several injuries, including a broken femur. No win no fee solicitors acting on behalf of the claimant took up the fractured femur compensation case.

Broken Femur NHS Information

Broken femur NHS guides show us that there are several types of fractured or broken femur injury types, all of which are considered to be serious injuries. Fractures to the neck of the femur are also known as a hip fracture (find out more about hip injuries in our guide)These are the most serious type of broken femur injury and their effects can range from life changing to even being life threatening. The other types of broken femur injuries are intracapsular and extracapsular fractures. These types of broken femur injuries affect different parts of the femur bone. In these cases the broken femur recovery time can vary, depending on the nature of the break, and the level of surgery or treatment required.

How Did The Broken Femur Compensation Case Proceed?

In this case the claimant had sustained a variety of injuries which included the broken femur. At the time of the accident the claimant worked for the UK’s Ministry of Defence. The severity of the injury sustained and the extended broken femur recovery time, coupled with the claimants age forced the claimant to take early retirement. This factor was weighed in her claim and broken femur compensation amount awarded.

No win no fee solicitors acting on the claimants behalf secured a rehabilitation program for the claim and which included a variety of treatment options as well as securing an award for future medical care.

No Win No Fee Solicitors For Fractured Femur Compensation Claims

The specialist no win no fee solicitors we work with at Legal Expert can help claimants to make a broken femur compensation claim after accidents and injuries which were not their fault. No win no fee is a special type of legal contract which is also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement. They work by setting out the work that a solicitor will do for the claimant, and what services the claimant can expect the solicitor to provide through their claims case. It will also detail the fee structure that the solicitor will charge the claimant. Typically a no win no fee agreement will mean that the solicitor will not charge any upfront charges or fees. The claimants legal costs will be deducted from the final award, meaning that a claimant will never be out of pocket due to making a personal injury compensation claim. Across the country, no win no fee solicitors have helped many people who would not otherwise have been able to seek compensation to get the award they are entitled to.

The broken femur compensation amount a solicitor can secure for you will depend on the severity of your injuries as well as whether or not other financial costs should be taken into account in your case. To start your broken femur compensation case, talk to the specialists at Legal Expert today.

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To start your broken femur compensation claim and recover the compensation that you could be entitled to, contact the specialist legal solicitors at Legal Expert today. We have helped people across the country to recover the damages they are entitled to.

At Legal Expert we can provide claimants with all the information and advice that they need to make a successful compensation claim. The solicitors on our expert panel have as many as 30 years worth of experience in personal injury law and in claiming compensation for accidents which were not people’s fault. For more information please call us today on 0800 073 8804. You can also email us at or use the chat feature on our website. Start your broken femur compensation claim today.

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