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Runcorn Personal Injury Solicitors – No Win No Fee

By Mark Ainsdale. Last Updated 19th August 2021. Welcome to our guide on Runcorn personal injury solicitors. The Runcorn team of personal injury experts has been successfully claiming personal Runcorn personal injuryinjury compensation for people in Runcorn and the rest of the UK for many years. So successful have we been, year-on-year, thanks to our growing number of referrals from satisfied clients. We’re taking on more and more personal injury cases and getting more people the justice they deserve and the compensation they are entitled to under UK law.

Our hard-won reputation has been gained over many years, and we’re trusted as a law firm that gets results and cares about our clients. So speak to us if you want to know how to claim.

Why Choose Our Runcorn Injury Team?

  • A highly experienced and qualified team: All of our team members are highly trained and highly experienced. Our personal injury solicitors for Runcorn are recognisable specialists that you can trust to get you the compensation you deserve.
  • We care for our clients: We’re not just about recovering money in compensation claims. We know that you could be going through a tough time post-accident, and we do everything we can to ensure that you are treated with respect and know exactly what is going on with your case.
  • Our caseloads are sensible: Some personal injury firms are almost like conveyor belts, with solicitors not getting to understand nor appreciate the case before them fully. We take a different approach and make sure that all of our staff have acceptable caseloads to spend sufficient time on each personal injury case in Runcorn.
  • We’re successful: We get compensation for the vast majority of our clients, a testament to the talent, preparation and performance of our fantastic personal injury lawyers.
  • We can work on all types of cases: From small and minor trips and falls to major catastrophic injuries and fatalities, we have a personal injury solicitor that has the experience to help you.

What Sort of Accident Claims Can You Help With?

Our Runcorn personal injury team of solicitors can assist with the full range of personal injury cases, including:

  • Industrial accidents
  • Any industrial diseases
  • Falls, trips and slips
  • Car accidents
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Injuries sustained on Runcorn public transport
  • Accidents in public places
  • Any accidents abroad
  • Fatal accidents
  • Pedestrian injuries

This Is not an exhaustive list, and if your accident or personal injury is not above, call one of our specialist Runcorn advisors straight away, and they will be able to assess whether you have a good case for compensation or not. Furthermore, we also explain how to claim as well. So please speak to us for legal advice.

Potential payouts

This table provides a list of typical compensation payout figures for a variety of injuries.

InjurySeverityCompensation Notes
Brain injuryVery severe£282,010 to £403,990The award bracket is given as an estimate for victims who have suffered severe brain damage and are unresponsive. In what is referred to as a vegetable state.
Brain injuryModerately severe£219,070 to £282,010Losing feelings in limbs, mental disability, and or change in impersonality.
Brain injuryLess severe£15,320 to £43,060Head injuries that have not caused significant brain damage but still there maybe lasting effects.
Eye InjuryTotal blindnessIn the region of £268,720Total blindness
Eye InjuryLoss of sight in one eye£49,270 to £54,830This amount of compensation is awarded with loss of sight in a single eye or very restricted vision in one eye.
Eye InjuryMinor£3,950 to £8,730Problems with vision, pain in the eye or temporary vision loss in an eye.
Arm InjuryLoss of both arms£240,790 to £300,000Amputation of both full arms will receive the maximum award here. This compensation range also covers the amputation of one arm, or whether the amputation is to be the full or part of the arm. The restrictions this will have in the future are also taken into consideration.
Arm InjuryPermanent and substantial disablement£39,170 to £59,860If there is major restriction and disability in one or both arms and causes great pain and suffering.
Arm InjuryLess severe£19,200 to £39,170This amount is set at this criteria for those who have suffered restriction in movement and/or disability on the arms but will recover.
Leg InjuryLoss of both legs£240,790 to £282,010Amputation of both or one leg will warrant this amount of compensation to be awarded. It will also be taken in to consideration if the leg is amputated above or below the knee.
Leg InjuryLess seriousUp to £27,760Fracture, brake or soft tissue damage to the leg that has affected the muscle causing great pain and discomfort.
Neck InjurySevereUp to £148,330Neck injuries can be very severe causing problems with movement in different areas of the body. An injury to the neck can cause pain in this area for a lengthy time.
Neck InjuryModerateUp to £38,490Fractures to the neck, painful when moving, stiffness inability to use full movement of the neck will warrant this type of compensation.
Neck InjuryMinorUp to £7,890These amounts of compensation are roughly the brackets for whiplash depending on how long it lasts, how painful it is and the long term prognosis.
Hand InjuryLoss of both hands£140,660 to £201,490This amount of compensation will cover, both hands or one hand amputation or if the hand becomes completely useless.
Hand InjurySerious£29,000 to £61,910Likely to have seen a reduction in capacity by 50 per cent. Several fingers may have been amputated and re-joined, leaving a clawed or unsightly hand.
Elbow InjurySeverely disabling£39,170 to £54,830Complete restriction in movement of the elbow that has resulted in a disability or that has required surgery.
Elbow InjuryModerate or minorUp to £12,590Restriction in the movement of the arm due to injury of the elbow.
Wrist InjurySevere£47,620 to £59,860No wrist function at all.
Back InjurySevere£38,780 to £69,730Severe back injuries to the upper or lower part of the back, maybe causing paralysis or any issues relating to the organs within the lower part of the body.
Back InjuryMinorUp to £12,510Soft tissue, slipped disc, muscle pain would gain this amount of compensation.
Back InjuryModerate£12,510 to £27,760This amount of compensation may cover ligament or soft tissue to the back, constant pain and /or discomfort.
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)Severe£59,860 to £100,670Debilitating symptoms, impacting work life, social life, and relationships with family and friends. Prognosis for recovery is likely to be poor, with symptoms having some permanency.
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)Less severe£3,950 to £8,180Minor symptoms that resolve in full within a short space of time.
Face Injury - ScarringVery severe£29,780 to £97,330Scarring and facial disfigurement could warrant this amount of compensation. The severity will determine how much.
Face Injury - ScarringLess severe£17,960 to £48,420These
compensation estimates cover brakes and fractures to the facial area such as the nose.
Face Injury - ScarringLess significant£3,950 to £13,740Compensation amounts for scarring. Please note women tend to receive larger payouts for scarring than men.
Knee InjurySevere£26,190 to £43,460Disability due to injury to the knee, severe damage to muscle, soft tissue and also muscle wastage.
Knee InjuryModerateUp to £26,190Injury to the knee that is painful but will recover within time so the knee has a full normal working function.
Shoulder InjurySerious£12,770 to £19,200Restriction in movement, limb numbness or paralysis due to injury in the shoulder and neck.
Shoulder InjuryModerate£7,890 to £12,770Tissue damage to neck that may last for quite a while which restricts movement in the arm and elbow.
Shoulder InjuryMinorUp to £7,890Soft tissue damage that will recover within the year or just over, that causes moderate pain.

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Runcorn Personal Injury Services FAQs

Do all personal injury cases go to trial?

No, far from it. Most cases are settled out of court by negotiation, and all parties agree upon a settlement. Even if your case does go to court, there is no need to worry. Our personal injury solicitors covering Runcorn are expert advocates and will present your case strongly in front of the judge.

How long do I have to file my claim?

You have three years from the date of the accident. Don’t let that make you think you will do it sometime in the future though, three years comes around quick, and you don’t want to wake up one day and realise that you have missed your chance to claim thousands of pounds in compensation.

How much does a personal injury claim cost?

Our personal injury lawyers for Runcorn work on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that there are absolutely no upfront fees. If your case is successful, then we will take a pre-agreed percentage of your compensation claim. If you are not successful, then you owe us nothing. With our Runcorn No Win No Fee service, you really cannot find yourself losing out.

How much is my personal injury case worth?

Personal injury cases range from small amounts such as £1,000 for small, minor injuries up to millions of pounds for life-changing and fatal injuries. Every case is treated on its own individual merits, and only once we have studied it carefully can we give you a ballpark figure of how much it might be worth.

If I claim against my employer, can I be sacked?

Of course, this is a possibility that most employers would be silly to do because it would be classed as unfair dismissal, which would open them up for more costly legal action. Don’t let a worry like this put you off getting the compensation you deserve.

What is the process that you will have to follow?

The personal injury process is quite straightforward, if not a little drawn out. Once we’ve fully assessed your Runcorn case, we will submit a claim for compensation against the defendant, who will then have to respond within 3 months.

So, what happens if they do accept responsibility?

If they admit liability (which many do), we will obtain medical evidence, work out your loss of earnings and other expenses, and negotiate a full and fair settlement.

We will still gather medical and expenses evidence if the defendant does not admit liability, and then we will issue court proceedings and have your case heard in front of a judge.

What chance do I have of winning?

We can’t say for certain the exact chances of your Runcorn personal injury case being successful, but what we can say is that we are successful in the vast majority of our cases and have recovered a huge amount of compensation for our clients. When you use our Runcorn personal injury team, you really are in the hands of professionals.

Call our Runcorn Personal Injury Solicitors Team NOW

Don’t delay and make that call today about your No Win No Fee claim. Take the first steps to getting the justice you want and the money you deserve for your personal injury.

Chat with one of our experienced specialist advisors about your case, and they’ll be able to tell you whether you have a good claim or not and then how to take the case forward. It could be the most important and most financially lucrative phone call you ever make.

Thank you for reading our guide on Runcorn personal injury solicitors.

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