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Huddersfield Personal Injury Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims

Huddersfield personal injury solicitors

Huddersfield personal injury solicitors

By Mark Ainsdale. Last Updated 30th September 2021. Welcome to our Huddersfield personal injury solicitors guide. When you have an accident, whether on the road, in someone’s commercial premises, or wherever else, you could have cause to contact a personal injury solicitor. These personal injury solicitors can fight a claim on your behalf to bring you the maximum amount of compensation possible, but do you know how the process works?

In this Huddersfield personal injury solicitors guide, we attempt to explain situations that call for using a No Win No Fee lawyer, how the personal injury claim process works, and the types of accidents that could lead to a personal injury claim.

When can you make a compensation claim?

Simply put, if you are within the personal injury claim time limit, have some sort of evidence, and have the right personal injury solicitors in your corner, then you have a good chance of settling a personal injury case. There is legislation that covers personal injury, in a situation where another person has been at fault, and the Legal Expert team can advise you over the phone whether this is the case in your situation.

Whilst you might think that injuries caused by trips and falls, or via medical negligence would lead you to contact a personal injury solicitor, you may not be aware that long term chronic conditions caused by unsafe working practices or lack of PPE can also lead to successful claims. In addition to this, becoming the victim of an assault, suffering abuse, even historically, or injuring yourself on a badly manufactured electrical item may get you compensation, as long as you have the right No Win No Fee solicitor on your side.

To put it bluntly, if someone owed you a duty of care, then failed to adhere to this, and you suffered as a result, then Huddersfield personal injury solicitors could help you.

Why it is important to have the right solicitor for your case

When it comes to putting forth a personal injury case with No Win No Fee lawyers, it is essential that you choose the right one for your needs. Lawyers for serious injury claims need to have experience in this arena, as it would be dreadful for you to miss out on an element of compensation because of the inexperience of your chosen personal injury lawyer.

Whilst all medical negligence solicitors and personal injury solicitors are held to SRA regulations, knowing you have a No Win No Fee solicitor in your corner that has handled a claim like yours before will give you confidence they know the ins and outs of this type of case specifically, and this can ensure that you get as much compensation as possible for your suffering as well as any costs you might have incurred. Look at this table for estimates of what you could receive in compensation as per the Judicial College’s guidelines.

InjurySeverityCompensation Notes
Brain injuryVery severe£282,010 to £403,990The award bracket is given as an estimate for victims who have suffered severe brain damage and are unresponsive. In what is referred to as a vegetable state.
Brain injuryModerately severe£219,070 to £282,010Losing feelings in limbs, mental disability, and or change in impersonality.
Brain injuryLess severe£15,320 to £43,060Head injuries that have not caused significant brain damage but still there maybe lasting effects.
Eye InjuryTotal blindnessIn the region of £268,720Total blindness
Eye InjuryLoss of sight in one eye£49,270 to £54,830This amount of compensation is awarded with loss of sight in a single eye or very restricted vision in one eye.
Eye InjuryMinor£3,950 to £8,730Problems with vision, pain in the eye or temporary vision loss in an eye.
Arm InjuryLoss of both arms£240,790 to £300,000Amputation of both full arms will receive the maximum award here. This compensation range also covers the amputation of one arm, or whether the amputation is to be the full or part of the arm. The restrictions this will have in the future are also taken into consideration.
Arm InjuryPermanent and substantial disablement£39,170 to £59,860If there is major restriction and disability in one or both arms and causes great pain and suffering.
Arm InjuryLess severe£19,200 to £39,170This amount is set at this criteria for those who have suffered restriction in movement and/or disability on the arms but will recover.
Leg InjuryLoss of both legs£240,790 to £282,010Amputation of both or one leg will warrant this amount of compensation to be awarded. It will also be taken in to consideration if the leg is amputated above or below the knee.
Leg InjuryLess seriousUp to £27,760Fracture, brake or soft tissue damage to the leg that has affected the muscle causing great pain and discomfort.
Neck InjurySevereUp to £148,330Neck injuries can be very severe causing problems with movement in different areas of the body. An injury to the neck can cause pain in this area for a lengthy time.
Neck InjuryModerateUp to £38,490Fractures to the neck, painful when moving, stiffness inability to use full movement of the neck will warrant this type of compensation.
Neck InjuryMinorUp to £7,890These amounts of compensation are roughly the brackets for whiplash depending on how long it lasts, how painful it is and the long term prognosis.
Hand InjuryLoss of both hands£140,660 to £201,490This amount of compensation will cover, both hands or one hand amputation or if the hand becomes completely useless.
Hand InjurySerious£29,000 to £61,910Likely to have seen a reduction in capacity by 50 per cent. Several fingers may have been amputated and re-joined, leaving a clawed or unsightly hand.
Elbow InjurySeverely disabling£39,170 to £54,830Complete restriction in movement of the elbow that has resulted in a disability or that has required surgery.
Elbow InjuryModerate or minorUp to £12,590Restriction in the movement of the arm due to injury of the elbow.
Wrist InjurySevere£47,620 to £59,860No wrist function at all.
Back InjurySevere£38,780 to £69,730Severe back injuries to the upper or lower part of the back, maybe causing paralysis or any issues relating to the organs within the lower part of the body.
Back InjuryMinorUp to £12,510Soft tissue, slipped disc, muscle pain would gain this amount of compensation.
Back InjuryModerate£12,510 to £27,760This amount of compensation may cover ligament or soft tissue to the back, constant pain and /or discomfort.
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)Severe£59,860 to £100,670Debilitating symptoms, impacting work life, social life, and relationships with family and friends. Prognosis for recovery is likely to be poor, with symptoms having some permanency.
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)Less severe£3,950 to £8,180Minor symptoms that resolve in full within a short space of time.
Face Injury - ScarringVery severe£29,780 to £97,330Scarring and facial disfigurement could warrant this amount of compensation. The severity will determine how much.
Face Injury - ScarringLess severe£17,960 to £48,420These
compensation estimates cover brakes and fractures to the facial area such as the nose.
Face Injury - ScarringLess significant£3,950 to £13,740Compensation amounts for scarring. Please note women tend to receive larger payouts for scarring than men.
Knee InjurySevere£26,190 to £43,460Disability due to injury to the knee, severe damage to muscle, soft tissue and also muscle wastage.
Knee InjuryModerateUp to £26,190Injury to the knee that is painful but will recover within time so the knee has a full normal working function.
Shoulder InjurySerious£12,770 to £19,200Restriction in movement, limb numbness or paralysis due to injury in the shoulder and neck.
Shoulder InjuryModerate£7,890 to £12,770Tissue damage to neck that may last for quite a while which restricts movement in the arm and elbow.
Shoulder InjuryMinorUp to £7,890Soft tissue damage that will recover within the year or just over, that causes moderate pain.

Huddersfield solicitor reviews

As with anything important, reading reviews of solicitors is important. There are a number of injury solicitors helping claimants in Huddersfield that you will be able to choose from, but you should not make this decision without doing a little research. The level of experience may directly affect the amount of compensation you could expect to receive from your claim, which is why calling to speak to a Legal Expert team member would be a good way to go – all the provided solicitors from our panel are experienced in personal injuries, and our staff may be able to give you more information than you would find in a simple search engine query, allowing you to be better informed.

Does my solicitor need to be in the same area as me?

With the development of new technologies and the wider use of the internet, it is no longer required for you to have a personal injury solicitor just down the road from you. You can choose from personal injury solicitors that are based in the area, and those located across the country that also cover claims in Huddersfield. This is beneficial for you, because instead of having to settle for one close by, you can choose the Huddersfield personal injury solicitors that most appeal to you.

Whilst our offices are not located in this city, Legal Expert can provide a solicitor covering accidents in your area from our panel that will have experience on the specific type of claim that you are looking to launch.

Can I have a medical assessment close to Huddersfield?

In many cases, when it comes to personal injury claims or medical negligence claims, you will be required to go to a medical appointment where an independent medical expert will speak to you and examine you to assess your injuries, prognosis and more. Those experts in Huddersfield able to carry out an assessment may include;

Vikesh Kashyap
The Enterprise Centre,
Longbow Close,

Afshan Jahanzeb
Wellfield House,
33 New Hey Road,

This assessment will form a large part of the evidence required to build your claim. It is not always necessary for you to travel a long way for this. Your solicitor should be able to arrange this close by to where you live, as medical experts are spread across the country.

Personal injury claims we could conduct in your area

So many different instances lead to injury claims, and whether you are seeking to make a claim in Huddersfield for a case of medical negligence, or a road traffic accident, we’re sure to be able to assist. The most common cases we can help with are listed in the next few paragraphs, but it is vital you understand that any type of personal injury claim can be handled by our team.

Claims for industrial diseases

Injuries at work are sadly quite common, but not all personal injury claims for work related illnesses are due to accidents. There are a number of industrial diseases that exist, including:

  • Asthma
  • COPD
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Deafness
  • Vibration white finger
  • Mesothelioma
  • Asbestosis
  • Pleural thickening

This is not an exhaustive list, but if you have suffered any type of industrial disease, it would be well worth you calling us to find out how we can help you claim.

Claims for medical negligence

Sometimes in a clinical setting, doctors and healthcare staff get things wrong, and this can have a major impact on your health, both immediately and ongoing. Should you have suffered misdiagnosis, late diagnosis, surgical error or prescription errors, then medics may have failed in their duty towards you. This means you could use Huddersfield personal injury solicitors to help you claim compensation. We have produced a specific guide to medical negligence claims in this area, which you can view here.

Claims for accidents at work

Accidents that happen while you are at work are common in many industries and in many areas of the country. Whether you have fallen from a height, suffered a crush injury at work, or been caught in machinery, our specialist team should be able to help you.

Accident at work statistics in Huddersfield

In order to give you an idea of the numbers when it comes to accidents at work in the area, we have produced the following table, which should illustrate the statistics for the types of accidents:

Kirklees Local Authority Accidents Reported to HSE2011-122012-132013-14
Injury from Electric Shock/s130
Injury/ies related to Machinery422530
Injuries related to Explosion/s010
Fire exposure411
Person/s exposed to Harmful substances such as radiation1365
Scaffolding falls (from height)523032
Injury/ies related to animals related1224
Manual handling and lifting injuries20098118
Assaults (Physical)331326
Same level slip or trip or fall176156100
Something striking person/s222017
Moving vehicle strikes14911
Falling object strikes865148
Becoming trapped by collapse154

Claims for slips, falls, and trips

You can see from the table above that falls are a risk. Whether they’ve been caused by a wet floor spillage that should have been cleared, or broken pavement, or even a carpet that was not secured, it might be the case that you have cause for a claim.

Claims for serious injuries

Sadly, some injuries can be serious, even life changing, and if this has happened to you or somebody you care about, you will know only too well that there would likely be serious financial consequences. Serious injuries can range from complex spinal injuries, to brain injuries, to those that require amputation and more. If you have suffered a serious injury, you need accident claims solicitors that are experienced in serious injury claims and that know the complexities of these types of cases.

Claims for road traffic accidents

Whether you’re a pedestrian hit by a car, or have been rear ended by a car, or even if you’ve been hit by a foreign vehicle, it is essential you put forward a claim if you can to cover costs and compensate you for what you have suffered, whiplash being one possibility. Whether the driver is untraceable, or if you were a passenger in the car, if it were someone else’s fault then you will likely be able to push forward a claim with the help of a solicitor.

Road traffic accidents recorded in Huddersfield

Here you will see a table of the number of accidents causing death or serious injury that have been recorded in the area. The numbers might surprise you, but if you’ve been caught up in a road traffic accident yourself then it is important to know that you could have cause to claim.

 2011/ 122012/ 132013 / 14

Make a No Win No Fee claim

Have you suffered any type of financial hardship due to your injuries? It is important that you know this should not affect you being able to make a claim these days. There is a risk-free option for you to take when engaging the services of Huddersfield personal injury solicitors or lawyers and that is the No Win No Fee option.

How do your fees work?

Working in this way requires an agreement known as CFA. This agreement sets out not only the fact that the condition of payment would be a successful claim, whereby a pre-arranged percentage of your compensation would be settled with the solicitor, but also the condition that should the claim not end up with a successful compensation payment, there would not be a legal fee for you to pay so you would not be financially worse off.

It is important to note that this percentage we have mentioned is subject to capping, so you would not expect to pay most of your compensation towards legal fees after it was settled. Your solicitor will go through the intricacies of this type of arrangement with you so you fully understand all the circumstances behind it, and you know your rights and responsibilities and that of your lawyer.

How to begin your personal injury claim

If you are ready to start an injury claim, so are we. We are ready to take your call, listen to your story and give you the tools you need to get the best chance of compensation for your specific needs. There’s really no reason not to call – there’s no obligation to use our service after you’ve spoken to us, but thousands of people do – with great results.

Where can I learn more about personal injury claims?

You might not quite be ready to begin a claim yet and may require the answers to questions specific to your case. We understand this at Legal Expert, which is why all our operators are fully trained to answer queries as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. This is why we would guide anyone looking to begin a claim to get in touch. We can provide easy to understand guides on claiming on the website too if you’d prefer to browse around to gain more information before calling us.

No matter what your question, we believe there is no such thing as a ‘silly’ question. We don’t expect everyone looking to begin a claim to have deep legal knowledge. In fact, it’s likely, before your accident/injury that you would have no experience with personal injury law. We are here to help and inform and give people the information they need to make a decision that is right for them. All advice given is free and without any expectation, you’ll use our service. So, feel free to call and ask us questions about how to claim – it is what we’re here for.

Talk to our expert team today

Now you hopefully have the information you need, not just to begin a claim, but to get great advice on what has happened to you, then all you need to know is how to contact our personal injury solicitors for Huddersfield.

We have taken great pains to ensure you can get hold of us in more than one way, as we know that sometimes people work different hours than others, while other people prefer to have us call them rather than calling us. Below, we’ve broken down the different ways and times you can get in touch:

  • Phone: 0800 073 8804 – This line is manned each and every day of the week from 9 in the morning until 9 in the evening.
  • Claim online – Our claim online form can be completed here. That way, one of our team can ring you at a time to suit.
  • Live chat – There is, you will notice, a live chat feature on the site. Use this if you want to talk to us via typing straight away.

With all these options, there’s really no reason not to get in touch! Our team will be delighted to hear from you.

Useful Huddersfield Contacts

When you have suffered accidents in the local area, you might not know the best port of call for the information and assistance you’d require. If you have landed on this page immediately after an accident in the area, you might want to take a look at some or all of the links below to help you.

Huddersfield Road Safety – It’s vital you know what road safety policies are in effect in the area you travel in, so this link should give you some important information on that..

Huddersfield County Court and Family Court Hearing Centre
Queensgate House
Tel: 01484 421 043

Divisional Police Headquarters

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary
Acre St,
Tel: 01484 342000

Other Useful Guides

Huddersfield Personal Injury Solicitors FAQs

What injuries could I claim for?

You could claim for any injuries that cause any impact to your life, either physically or mentally.

Does the severity of the injury determine the validity of the claim?

No because even a minor injury could significantly hinder the victim’s life from that point onwards.

Do I require a personal injury solicitor to handle my claim?

It’s not a necessity, but we do recommend it because it will increase your chances of winning.

What evidence will help to support your claim?

This would be the likes of CCTV footage, photographs, eyewitness accounts and a medical report.

What is a medical report?

This is the evaluation that you receive from a medical professional to assess your injuries.

What is the purpose of the medical assessment?

This is to confirm your injuries and also to prove that the accident was responsible for your injuries.

What if I already received a medical evaluation at the time?

You still need an up-to-date medical assessment in case your condition is now different.

When could I speak to Legal Expert about filing a personal injury claim?

You can do this as soon as you want, as we’re available to talk 24/7.

Thank you for reading our Huddersfield personal injury solicitors guide.

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