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Huddersfield Car Accident Claims Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Guide

By Mary Hightown. Last Updated 25th July 2022. On this page, you will find a guide to selecting the most suitable firm of car accident claims solicitors who can cover the Huddersfield area, to process a personal injury claim for you, if you have been injured in a road traffic accident. You should find all you need to know about starting a car accident compensation claim below.

Huddersfield Car Accident Claims Solicitors

Huddersfield Car Accident Claims Solicitors

Rather than include a personal injury claims calculator in this guide, we recommend that you call us on 0800 073 8804 so that we can give an accurate estimate of how much you might be able to claim. Additionally, you will need to be within the three-year personal injury claims time limit for us to process a claim for you. This guide includes:

  • An explanation of why, in our opinion, it is advisable for a claimant to undergo a medical examination to prove the extent of their injuries before they claim for them.
  • The reason why it is recommended that you use the best legal team possible to process your claim, and how this will have a direct effect on the likelihood of your claim being successful.
  • A number of informational sections, each of which covers one of the more common types of road traffic accidents that Legal Expert processes claims. There are also several sections covering the frequent type of injuries these accidents can cause.
  • Several simplified tables, which relate to the main road traffic accident statistics that apply to the Huddersfield area. Also, you will find a map of central Huddersfield, showing the locations where road traffic accidents occur most often.
  • In the last few sections of this guide, you will find an overview of the Legal Expert national claims service. This operates under a No Win No Fee style of agreement, and we believe it is the best way for residents of Huddersfield to have their claim processed.

If you need any extra information or have any questions that need to be answered, just give Legal Expert a call. One of our team will be ready and waiting to provide any information you need.

Be Assessed in The Huddersfield Area by Our Expert Medical Practitioner

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident Huddersfield residents can undergo a medical examination, to prove how serious their injuries are. This will improve the chance of their solicitor being able to process a successful claim. Legal Expert, as part of our national claims service, can arrange for you to have a free medical examination in the Huddersfield area, from the following doctor:

Dr Rehana Rehman

Thornton Lodge Surgery

60 Thornton Lodge Road



Huddersfield Solicitors – How To Choose The Best Solicitors For Your Claim

You may have grounds to claim if you’ve been involved in a Huddersfield road accident and sustained injuries due to someone else’s negligence. You could choose Huddersfield solicitors to represent you during your claim, however you should know that you are under no obligation to hire solicitors near you. Choosing solicitors should be done carefully as the solicitors you choose may have an impact on the success of your claim. You may improve your chances of making a successful claim if you consider these factors while choosing a solicitor:

  • The experience they have making road traffic accident claims.
  • Check that the solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). This could also potentially show you the recent successful cases that solicitor has handled.
  • Ask if they work on a No Win No Fee basis, which is explained in further detail later in this guide.

To find out more, get in touch with us today. Our advisors can put you in touch with personal injury solicitors for Huddersfield accidents if they think your claim has a good chance of success.

Reviews of Huddersfield Car Accident Solicitors

If you were injured in a Huddersfield road traffic accident, and need to find a good solicitor to process a claim for you, then review sites can be a great place to start. Sites that allow members of the community to post their own reviews. These reviews written by members of the public, are a good source of information. Make sure the review you are reading is quite recent, and also that it is covering the same type of claim as your own. Take on board the comments, and any positive or negative points the reviewer has written. You will also need to take note of the fee structure offered by the solicitor, specifically, the percentage they will charge in fees if they are successful in processing your claim.

Should I Use Huddersfield Lawyers for My Claim?

Once the police have completed their road traffic accident report, you can begin looking for a solicitor to process your claim for you. You may be under the assumption that you need to use a local legal firm in Huddersfield. In truth, it doesn’t matter at all where your solicitor is located. More important than location is how proficient your solicitor will be in processing your claim. As an example of this, Legal Expert offers a national claims service, available to all people across the UK. We can process claims for Huddersfield residents, even though we might not necessarily have local solicitors in that area.

Road Traffic Accidents in Huddersfield Our Solicitors Could Process for You

Legal Expert processes many road traffic accident claims every year. We can generally help you to claim for injuries received in any type of road traffic accident. There are though, certain types of accidents that we claim for very frequently. We have covered some of these common types of RTA in the sections below.

Claims for Car Accidents

Of all the types of people who are injured in a road accident, it is car drivers and their passengers that we process claims for much more often than anyone else. National statistics for road traffic accidents show that cars are the most likely vehicle to be involved in a collision. If you check the tables a little further down this page, you will see how this national trend compares with Huddersfield. We can help you to make a claim for an accident that was not your fault, and we can also assist with no-fault claims in some case.

Car Accident Injuries to Passengers

If a passenger is injured in a road traffic accident, they have the same rights as drivers with regard to claiming compensation for their injuries. As it is very unlikely that a passenger would be the cause of a road traffic accident, proving liability should be pretty simple. If you are riding in a car that is owned by a friend or a family member, Legal Expert can help you to claim against the insurance company that provides their motor policy. This means that we won’t be pursuing them personally for compensation.

Car Accident Injuries to Passengers in A Taxi

Passengers in a taxi or minicab, as well as other types of private hire vehicles such as an airport limo service or a minibus, can use a personal injury lawyer to process a claim, if they are injured in an accident. Before they are allowed to take on passengers, the drivers of private hire vehicles must have a public liability policy in place. In these cases, Legal Expert would approach the insurance firm, to claim compensation on your behalf.

Claims Against A Bus, Coach or Against Public Transport in Huddersfield

The final type of passenger-related accident we need to cover, are those that involve some form of public transport. This could be a local bus in Huddersfield, a coach service, or even a tram. When a passenger is injured due to the actions of the driver of a public transport vehicle, then Legal Expert would attempt to claim compensation from the company operating the service for you.

Pedestrian Accidents

A surprising number of pedestrians in Huddersfield are injured each year in road traffic accidents. Those that are injured, should be able to make a personal injury claim. Besides car drivers and their passengers, pedestrians are the most likely type of people to be killed in a road traffic accident. This is because even a low-speed accident, will generally cause severe injuries to an unprotected pedestrian. In these cases, when Legal Expert processes a claim, we know that we may need to seek additional types of damages to compensate the claimant for the severity of their injuries. This could include claiming for the victim no longer being able to work, for having a permanent disability, etc.

Accidents at a Roundabout

Check the road traffic accident hotspot map for the centre of Huddersfield, a little lower down this page. Note how many accidents take place on either roundabouts or major road junctions. A busy roundabout in rush hour can be a confusing challenge to an inexperienced driver. Negligent drivers who have become distracted, also present a high risk of roundabout accidents. Legal Expert can help you to find out who was to blame in such accidents, and then process a claim on your behalf.

Injuries Which Can Be Suffered in A Road Traffic Accident

The sections above, covered many of the common types of RTA that Huddersfield lawyers will process claims for each year. The sections below, cover some of the frequently seen types of injuries that can be caused by these accidents. Legal Expert, can, of course, help you to claim for any type of injury. However, these below are typically the most common we process claims for.


According to statistics published by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), whiplash is by far the most frequent injury that people make road traffic accident claims for. Whiplash claims alone, total more than £2 billion every year in the UK. In the past, whiplash has often been used as a basis to try and make fraudulent claims. Therefore, whiplash claims are scrutinised very closely now. In order to prove you had whiplash, and also how bad it was, Legal Expert can arrange for you to have a free medical examination in Huddersfield.

Back Pain

Back and neck injuries are almost as prolific as whiplash, when it comes to injuries most often caused by a road traffic accident. Despite being protected by an airbag, the upper back and neck can easily be damaged, when the head moves rapidly backwards and forwards or side to side. Very similar to the way whiplash is caused, only with much more serious symptoms. Just as with whiplash, we recommend that people who have injured their back in a road accident, have a medical examination to prove the severity of their injuries. Legal Expert can organise a free medical examination for you in Huddersfield.

Serious Injuries

Serious injuries are those that will have a long-term or permanent effect on the life of the claimant. Brain damage, amputation, paralysis, severe facial scarring and damage to internal organs are all examples of these kinds of injuries. When Legal Expert processes a claim for injuries such as these, we know that we need to claim additional damages to compensate the claimant for the negative effect the injuries will have, on the claimant’s life in the future.

Huddersfield RTA Statistics

Looking at the road traffic accident map of Huddersfield below, we find that the three most dangerous roads to drive on in Huddersfield are, Westgate, the A640 and Market Street

Street or LocationNumber of RTA
Market Street13

Further Statistical Information

This road traffic accident map for Huddersfield covers the period between the start of 2013 and the end of 2017.

Huddersfield road accident hot spots

Where are the Huddersfield road accident hot spots?

Huddersfield Reported Road Traffic Casualties and Fatalities

When we separate the data for Huddersfield road traffic accidents into the type of transport involved, we see the following:


Huddersfield Reported Fatal Casualties on The Road

Filtering the same dataset to only show road traffic accidents in Huddersfield that resulted in one or more fatalities, we find the following:


No Win, No Fee Road Traffic Accident Solicitors Covering Huddersfield

Legal Expert offers the national No Win No Fee claims service we operate, to residents of Huddersfield as the simplest, most effective and risk-free way to process a claim. You really have nothing to lose by letting us process your claim, as you don’t have to pay anything until such time as we win you a compensation payment.

What Will I Have to Pay My Solicitor and When?

When Legal Expert processes car accident claims, we don’t charge anything at all when we first take on a claim. Although most claims are settled pretty quickly occasionally it might take many months to resolve a serious car accident claim where multiple vehicles have been involved, and still we won’t charge anything, no matter how long the claim takes. If we fail to win a compensation settlement, then we don’t expect our clients to pay anything at all. However, when we do receive a compensation payment on behalf of a client, it is at this stage that we will deduct our fees.

How to Get Started Making A Claim

If you have been injured in a Huddersfield road traffic accident, and you are ready to have a solicitor process your claim, then call Legal Expert on the number below. One of our team will spend some time, walking you through our claims process, so that we can start seeking compensation on your behalf as soon as possible.

Where Can I Discover More Information?

If you need to speak to a personal injury solicitor, to have questions about the claims process answered, Legal Expert is happy to help. Just call us on the number below, and we will answer any questions you might have, as simply as we can, without using legal jargon at all.

Contact Legal Expert and Start Your Claim Today

Are you ready to begin a compensation claim for injuries that you suffered in a road traffic accident? Do you believe you may be eligible for some form of damages due to your injuries? If so, call Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804 now. We can start processing your claim today.

Helpful Links

For some basic road traffic safety information, you can check the Highway Code here:

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To find the local court that covers Huddersfield, you can check this link:

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To contact the Huddersfield police to report an RTA, try this link:

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To find a Huddersfield hospital to have your RTA injuries treated, try this link:

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At this link, you will find a page with a guide to claiming compensation for whiplash:

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At this link, you will find a page with a guide to claiming compensation for back injuries:

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Thanks for reading this guide to Huddersfield car accident claims solicitors.

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