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Hotel Accident Claims In Belgium – How To Claim Personal Injury Compensation For A Belgium Hotel Injury?

Hotel accident claims Belgium

Hotel accident claims Belgium

This guide is designed to answer questions about accidents in hotels in Belgium, such as how much compensation can I claim, can I sue for an elevator accident and how do I claim hotel injury compensation?

Most people who travel to Belgium have an enjoyable stay and return to the UK without having had any problems but if you were injured in a hotel while staying in Belgium and would like to make a personal injury claim then give Legal Expert a call today on 0800 073 8804. Or, if you would like to know more, we’ll cover the types of accident you can claim for, what to do in the event of an accident, and how to make your claim easier when you return to the UK.

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A Guide To Belgium Hotel Injury Compensation Claims

Over a million British tourists visit Belgium each year because, while it is a small country, there are plenty of sights to see, such as the European Union parliament, and there’s the chocolate and beer tours that are always popular.

This guide will cover the types of claims you can make for injuries such as: swimming pool accidents, hotel room accidents, assaults by staff or guests, accidents in an elevator, bed bug bites, burns & scalds, and slips, trips or falls amongst others.

It will also explain why you should use Legal Expert to make your no win no fee personal injury claim and explain the time limits involved in making a claim. If, after reading this guide, you still have questions or queries then please get in touch and we’ll try our best to answer them.

At the end of this guide there is a further section containing useful links and hotel accident articles and guides.

How To Claim Compensation From A Hotel In Belgium

When you stay at any hotel in Belgium, and anywhere else around the world, the hotel has a duty of care to ensure your safety. This means that they should complete regular risk assessments, follow safety procedures and ensure, as much as possible, that guests do not become injured while staying at the hotel.

All of the staff in the hotel, the management and the owner are all responsible for your safety and if any of them breach the duty of care, are careless or deliberately negligent then you could claim compensation against the hotel.

It’s worth noting that even if the accident you’re involved in was caused by an individual member of staff then your claim would still be against the hotel rather than the member of staff or, in the case of a package holiday booked in the UK, your claim would be against the package holiday provider as the hotel was provided by them. Hotels and package holiday providers have insurance to cover them in the event of a personal injury claim which means you shouldn’t worry that the individual involved wouldn’t be able to cover any compensation.

I Slipped And Fell At A Hotel In Belgium, Can I Claim Compensation?

Often a slip, trip or fall can look like an innocuous little accident and people often get up and have a laugh about it afterwards but in some cases, hotel accident claims in Belgium need to be raised as the injury has caused a lot of pain and can require multiple surgeries to be corrected. In some cases, a simple fall can result in injuries that can’t ever be fully repaired and can cause the claimant to have to change jobs.

Of course, if the accident was caused because you weren’t paying attention or were messing around then you won’t be able to claim against the hotel but there are cases where the hotel could be liable such as:

  • Slippery floors where warning signs aren’t used or where spillages haven’t been cleaned up in a timely manner.
  • Faulty handrails on stairs or escalators causing you to lose your balance and fall.
  • Trip hazards that aren’t visible due to poor lighting.
  • Uneven flooring which can be caused by damaged floor boards, damaged carpets, broken or missing kerbstones (in the car park) or potholes and road damage (also in the car park)

The types of injuries that you can sustain from a slip, trip or fall can include: head injuries, spinal injuries, soft tissue damage, broken bones and muscle tears which should all be treated as soon as possible and at the very least assessed by medical staff as sometimes, especially in the case of head injuries, the problem isn’t always visible.

In any of these cases, it would be advisable to try and photograph the defect that you believe caused your trip and also to report the accident and cause to the hotel staff and your holiday rep. If it can be proven that there was a negligent action, then a hotel personal injury claim can be pursued

Food Poisoning Caused By Hotels In Belgium

Hotels in Belgium have the same duty of care to their guests as a restaurant in that they must ensure food hygiene standards are met at all times to ensure that guests do not become ill. They also have to mitigate against the spread of any infection by ensuring that hygiene policies around the hotel, especially around food areas, are followed by all guest (by ensuring all guests use hand sanitiser before entering for instance).

If food is under-cooked, re-heated incorrectly, stored incorrectly or prepared in an unhygienic kitchen then it can lead to conditions like Salmonella, E. Coli and Noro-virus which can at best mean a couple of days in bed or at worst can cause life-threatening injuries.

Claims For Property Damage Or Assaults

There are times where guests, or even members of staff, over react to a situation and end up assaulting other guests (especially when intoxicated). If you are assaulted by a member of staff then you may have a case for compensation against the hotel as, under no circumstances, should staff be assaulting guests.

Can You Claim Compensation For Bed Bugs In My Hotel Room?

The problem with bed bugs, according to the NHS, is that they’re very difficult to get rid of without professional assistance but a hotel should ensure that rooms are free from them to prevent guests from being bitten.

The other problem is that you could be contaminated with them and carry them back to your own home in the UK in your clothing which means you’d need to pay to have your home cleared professionally. If this has happened to you then you can include this in any claim you make against the hotel.

Can You Claim Compensation For Elevator Accidents In A hotel?

Depending on the size of your hotel, it may be easier to move around using the elevators or escalators which, if maintained properly, are safe, quick and save a lot of time climbing the stairs but claims can be made for accidents including:

  • Being trapped in a lift for any length of time due to a problem that could’ve been prevented with better maintenance.
  • Falling in a lift because it jolted or fell too fast.
  • Falling on an escalator because of damage to a step or jolting.

If any injury sustained in a lift or escalator could’ve been prevented, then you could make a hotel accident abroad compensation claim.

Can You Claim Compensation Against Hotels For Accidents Or Illnesses From A Swimming Pool?

The pool area of a hotel is where many people flock to for fun or relaxation, depending on the type of hotel, but can end up injured due to an accident which could’ve been prevented:

  • Slips and falls in areas like the changing room where the floor is very wet and hasn’t been mopped up or no warning signs are in place.
  • Water-borne illness from a swimming pool or jacuzzi where the water hasn’t been cleaned properly.
  • Burns or scalds when using a sauna or hot tub that is too hot.
  • Drowning or injuries in the pool where the lifeguard wasn’t present or did not spot the problem occurring.

Claims in a hotel for swimming pool injuries can be anywhere around the pool, not just in the water, including the poolside, jacuzzi, sauna, changing rooms and showers.

Can You Claim Compensation Against A Hotel For Burn Injuries?

If you are burned in a hotel or scalded where there are clear warning signs that something is hot then you probably won’t seek a hotel injury settlement but if a member of staff spills a hot drink or food over you (such as hot coffee or hot tea), or you’re scalded by a shower that is too hot, or even if you’re burned by food or drink which was served too hot and without warning, then you could claim compensation as the hotel could be liable for the injury.

Compensation Claims For Accidents In A Hotel Room

An accident in a hotel room can happen in budget hotels but the same is true in the 5-star hotels as well. Things in the hotel room that can cause an accident and lead to a personal injury claim can include:

  • Old or damaged furniture that can injure you by breaking while in use causing you to injure yourself, or cut you if there are sharp edges.
  • Electrical items can cause electrical shocks if not maintained properly or damaged.
  • Loose or broken fixtures or fittings such as handrails or balcony fences can cause trips or falls.

How To Make A Successful Claim Against A Hotel In Belgium

There are a number of steps you can take, if you’re involved in an accident and want to make a hotel accident claim in Belgium which will make the claim easier when you return to the UK:

  • Firstly, ensure you receive medical treatment if you need it. You’ll probably need a further check-up when you return to the UK, but immediate assistance can make all the difference with your recovery.
  • Report the injury to the hotel and your package holiday rep and ask for a copy of the log. If the member of staff you report it to can provide you with a copy of what they’ve logged then accept it but, if not, make sure you take the name of the member of staff.
  • Photograph the scene of the accident and ensure the photograph includes the cause of the accident. So, if you tripped down some stairs because of a faulty or broken handrail, ensure the handrail is in the picture and then take close ups of the defects.
  • Ask any witnesses for their contact details and, if they’ve got time, ask them to write down what they saw in the form of a witness statement.

All of these things, if compiled at the time of your accident, will make the claim much easier to process when you return to the UK.

What Can Your Hotel Accident Claim Include?

When a personal injury solicitor begins a hotel accident claim in Belgium, there are a number of different elements that can be claimed for. These elements, added together, make up the total claim. The elements you can claim for are:

  • General damages which cover the pain and suffering caused by the injury. These amounts are defined in legal documents and the evidence provided will show how severe the injury is (usually by medical records) to help determine the amount of compensation.
  • Medical expenses can be claimed if you had to pay for them yourself. The cost of doctors, treatment and prescriptions can all be included.
  • Travel expenses can also be added to the claim. These could cover the cost of travelling for treatment and also, if you have to get new tickets to return to the UK, the cost of travel.
  • Loss of earnings are possible to claim when, because of your injuries, you have to have time off from work because you need further treatment. In the most severe cases, if you can no longer do the job you used to do because of your injuries, you can claim for future loss of earnings.
  • Care costs can include the cost of having someone help you, if you need it, following your accident. For instance, if you can’t complete the work you’d normally do around the house while you’re recovering then you can add the cost of getting somebody to do it to the claim.
  • Damage to personal property during your accident can be added as well to cover repair or replacement. Items such as damaged clothing, watches, phones and cameras could all be claimed for if they were damaged during your accident.

Essentially, other than general damages, the compensation claim can be for any expense you have incurred because of the accident.

How Long Do You Have To Make A Hotel Accident Claim In Belgium?

It is important to understand that all personal injury claims in Belgium, and most countries, are time-limited. This means that you must file the claim within these timescales otherwise it will be rejected.

The time limit begins from when the accident happened or from the time you realised you had been injured if that happened later on.

Type of personal injury claimTime limit
An accident in a hotel in Belgium that you have booked through a UK package holiday3 years
An independently booked hotel in Belgium accident5 years (may vary)
On a flight, that you booked yourself, to or from:

- Brussels Airport
- Brussels South Airport
- Liege airport
- Ostend airport
- Antwerp airport
2 years (may vary please contact us for further advice).

All time limits may vary.

If you’re unsure regarding time limits give us a call and we’ll explain where your accident fits into the time limits.

How Much Could I Claim For An Accident Or Injury At A Hotel In Belgium?

You may have seen adverts on the Internet suggesting that there is a Belgian hotel accident compensation calculator but unfortunately these may not always give a realistic view and every claim that we deal with is unique. What we can do, at this stage, is show you a table that lists the different types of injuries and the ranges of compensation you could get for general damages, depending on the severity of the injury:

Injury typeSpecific information Possible range of compensation
Minor injuriesInjuries where there is a full recovery within a few months.£1,200 to £2,150
Minor injuriesInjuries where there is a full recovery within a week.A few hundred pounds to £600
Cheekbone fracturesThis payout is for simple cheekbone fractures. There will be a full recovery from reconstructive surgery, with minor or no cosmetic effects.£3,810 to £5,660
Severe Leg InjuriesThe most serious type of leg injury falling short of an amputation.£84,400 to £119,210
Above-knee Amputation of One Leg£91,910 to £120,530
Below-knee Amputation of Both Legs£176,660 to £236,840
Loss of Both Legs£211,150 to £247,280
Back InjuriesThe most severe back injuries whereby there is damage to the nerve roots and the spinal cord.£79,890 to £141,150
Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderFull recovery within a matter of two years.£3,460 to £7,170
Very Severe Brain DamageThe person will require nursing care on a full-time basis. There will be little to no response to the environment.£247,280 to £354,260

Your injury may not be listed so don’t worry as this is just a sample. When you call our team we’ll discuss what your injury claim amount could be.

No Win No Fee Claims For Belgian Hotel Injury Settlements

You may worry that making a claim, especially for a holiday in a foreign country, may result in massive legal fees. While this is true in the case of solicitors who charge by the hour and even if they lose the case, it’s not true at Legal Expert.

We work through a ‘Conditional Fee Agreement’ (also known as a CFA or no win no fee agreement) which means that, once we’ve discussed your case and agreed to take it on, we will provide you with a CFA which details how much you’ll pay if we win compensation for you (a percentage of the compensation) and also that if we don’t win then you don’t have to pay a penny for our services.

This, we believe, is the fairest way to make a personal injury claim and guarantees that you won’t end up with any legal fees if we don’t manage to secure compensation for your injuries and is a good reason to use Legal Expert for hotel accident claims in Belgium.

Why Use Legal Expert For Your Belgian Hotel Accident Claim?

So, you now know that Legal Expert offer a no win no fee service but why else should you use us to make your personal injury claim? Well, for starters, we’re friendly professional personal injury solicitors, based in the UK and we won’t baffle you with technical legal jargon. We’ll take you through each step, explain how things work and keep you informed throughout your claim in plain English!

The other main reason to use us is that we’ve got years of experience in making personal injury claims for hotel accidents abroad and we know how to put a good claim together. We understand what’s needed, and what’s not, and will gather evidence properly before submitting your claim.

Talk To Us Today

Now that you’ve read this guide regarding hotel accident claims in Belgium, you know about all the different types of accidents you can claim for and you know that we offer a risk-free no win no fee service, we hope you are ready to begin your claim with us at Legal Expert. If so, there are a number of ways to get in touch:

  • By telephone: Give us a call on 0800 073 8804
  • By email: Send an email to
  • By live chat: Live chat is available on every page of our website and gets you straight through to one of specialist advisors

The team will happily answer any queries you may have and begin you’re claim with you when you’re ready.

Helpful Links

If you require any more information regarding hotel accident claims in Belgium, then here are some links which you may find useful:

Belgium Travel Advice – A guide from the UK government

Package Holiday Claims – Our guide with more information regarding injuries and claims when on a package holiday

Bed Bugs Guide – A guide from the NHS on how to spot bed bugs

If you require any more information, then please feel free to call the team today and we’ll happily answer any queries you may have.


Edited by Melissa.

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